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    Strategy Games, Anthropology, Programming
  1. Who is around my age or older?

    Sure :), but although I am old and have 300ms ping. I am going to win muhahaha
  2. Who is around my age or older?

    True. I hope they compete with me in PvP
  3. Who is around my age or older?

    Ok, at least a few out there I started to feel very old lol.
  4. Who is around my age or older?

    I'm 38. Am I the oldest already? Seems so many are around 20 here.
  5. English Grammar Test

  6. Old name in Battleforge

  7. Where are you from?

    I'm a German, but living in Japan for quite a while.
  8. Games you play while waiting

    Chess, Go, Shogi, League of Legends, Starcraft Broodwar, Minesweeper
  9. 32 bit people

    Is your processor not supporting 64-bit or only your OS? Since you are not intressted in a high tech gaming pc. It should be possible to get some 2nd hand pc from 2015, eh? Sorry to be sarcastic, but it sounds bit for me like you cannot go outside anymore because your shoes got old.
  10. Favorite Element

    Definitly Frost and Fire Mix. Looks awesome together.
  11. What is your latency?

    Healing on time against a nasty will be somewhat impossbile, the rest one might get used to. So if one wants to play PVP with 250ms+ don't play spells where timing is of essence. Need to compensate that with strategical decison making. I hope we could get a server in the uswest one day, we east asians, southamericans and australians would then have a latency around 120 as well as europeans. (But probably worse for Africans?) Not exactly sure why the data is sent via the states to europe anyhow.
  12. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    I understand what you say to some extent, however it sounds exaggerated to me and only valid if you only care for a top rank. Why don't you just play some other high skill level RTS to train for SR PvP? That can give you micro skills not many of those playing in the closed beta have, so you can be on the top from the start. I also wonder why you mention t3 to be of so much importance. I didn't even have t3 in my main deck PvP
  13. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    @sanyavok9 Paying did help obviously, but it was enjoyable without it. I didn't spend money, but was gifted some cards, mainly commons. Played t1 frost always, and for long time without cards like homesoil and ice guardian, so I had fun playing imperials etc.
  14. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    I do somewhat understand when people mention that they didn't like to go into PvP because of not having the cards or upgrades yet. BUT I DID play PvP also to get those. And I enjoyed playing the tutorial deck (learning to micro the heck out of 3 firestalkers) in ranked PvP . Sure it makes a difference, but I was like only 5 ranks worse (and there are 33) with the tutorial deck than with my main deck . So it was fun nevertheless.
  15. Tutorial

    I recall me traiding cards until I had enough BF points to get a teacher (who wasn't really good at explaining) Then coming across the FarrockBf Channel changed my PvP life forever.