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  1. Due to an yet unsolved bug I stated in the threat "rPVE Map throws an ERROR and crashed the game", I cannot get rid of one quest for pve random which is already rerolled. What can I do to get rid of that, since my game always crashes when i would try to load an RPVE. I already set to PVP quests only, but that one doesn't vanish.
  2. This is the error message. Thanks for checking out.
  3. I have a similar problem, where the critical message states that the stack is empty and crahses at the second part of the loading screen. If I delete the GeneratedMap.map it still won't work. I have Windows 10, and crontrolled folder access is off. I can play autogenerated PVP, and any kind of "normal" PVP and PVE map.
  4. HiyaMC

    MA Spam or not

    Thanks for your comment as usual. Yes Ice Guardians beat up on Scavengers, but they do have some other problems. (Also I don't play imperials despite my avatar for multiple other reasons.) 1) They natural do not start with a shield, so they cost 65 power each to be fully useful (+ 20 for ice barrier at least once). 2) they can be kited (scavy slow) 3) They are often less useful after the fight. (and a minor point, upgrades are expensive, but that is solved over time) So that is why I want to know the outcome of the MA scavy fight if played correctly by bot
  5. HiyaMC

    MA Spam or not

    So, I played a few matches vs Neosid and lost all in the first T1 fight (on 3 diffrent Maps) I spamed MA and Neosid mainly scavies (only once a firesworn but that was fucused down quickly and so didn't matter to the equasion). 2 times he started with a well plus early and I focused on the scavengers. And the other one was an equal energy fight. The 2 fights where I had the plus energy even went worse for me than equal energy one. The fights took place around the 90 seconds mark I think (about 7 spread out MA vs 4 scav). So here is the Question: Do MA lose even with BE
  6. I'd love, too. But the time, no chance... I need a tournement on weekdays around 2pm starting european time :) But good to see something is going on :)
  7. Ah you mean taunt one, bite another, run with blade and kill with guardians? Sounds like fun, and wristinjury haha, but might give it a try as soon I acuired the cards and have that situation again( Sadly, not very likely though).
  8. Since most players have not many cards yet, many players do play Nomads PvP. So, I know how to hold a Scavenger rush with Lightblade, Archer body block etc., but agianst Nomads it seems impossible to me to grap a "greedy" well. Since these are M counters, Lightblade would be just dead in an instant. Ice Guardians won't help much either, so another choice would be Imperials, and try body blocking hard, but that is too expensive and firesworn messes you up. if you use the 30 energy to stand ground you are even slower to defend the 2 bases. So I suppose there is no way? What do you thin
  9. Critical error without any messgae in the box after attempting to rematch a sparring pvp with same group.
  10. Elemantary PvP Knowledge This Guide is mainly for beginners and less experienced players of PvP. I want to share basic knowledge more experienced players have over starters, so that they can try to have fun playing PvP even if they get stomped. Then they can look at this, helping them to analyze their games. So obviously, this is not a guide beginners just read and suddenly be strong, it just should give them ways to think how to get better. There are a lot of guides out there already, written down or recorded as videos. This guide here will be my personal opinion
  11. Sure :), but although I am old and have 300ms ping. I am going to win muhahaha
  12. True. I hope they compete with me in PvP
  13. Ok, at least a few out there I started to feel very old lol.
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