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  1. Due to an yet unsolved bug I stated in the threat "rPVE Map throws an ERROR and crashed the game", I cannot get rid of one quest for pve random which is already rerolled. What can I do to get rid of that, since my game always crashes when i would try to load an RPVE. I already set to PVP quests only, but that one doesn't vanish.
  2. This is the error message. Thanks for checking out.
  3. I have a similar problem, where the critical message states that the stack is empty and crahses at the second part of the loading screen. If I delete the GeneratedMap.map it still won't work. I have Windows 10, and crontrolled folder access is off. I can play autogenerated PVP, and any kind of "normal" PVP and PVE map.
  4. HiyaMC

    MA Spam or not

    Thanks for your comment as usual. Yes Ice Guardians beat up on Scavengers, but they do have some other problems. (Also I don't play imperials despite my avatar for multiple other reasons.) 1) They natural do not start with a shield, so they cost 65 power each to be fully useful (+ 20 for ice barrier at least once). 2) they can be kited (scavy slow) 3) They are often less useful after the fight. (and a minor point, upgrades are expensive, but that is solved over time) So that is why I want to know the outcome of the MA scavy fight if played correctly by both. If and if then how many Ice guardians(etc.) do I need to close the gap. My problem right now is the attack against an extra well. I already mainly win vs scavy rushes if i take the first well. For that I use the Radicalx solution which workes really well for me. I did train alot with Maran in 2013 , he showed me how to handle thugs with forstbite. But I don't know if he is back on the game yet. But yeah my question remains unsolved. Maybe I will ask radicalx or mac, etc. Yeah, it's a skill in itself. If the lag would be the same always it would be easier to predict, but there is a random figure which sometime would leave units at 5hp. Also the main issue are lost packages. sometimes I have to click multiple times or it's like I didn't even send the command. And if I do that I have the opposition costs of other actions, even if i had 400apm. But yeah it's somewhat possible to do, better than at starcraft, although the lag feels harder , bf has lots of slow animations which gives me more time.
  5. HiyaMC

    MA Spam or not

    So, I played a few matches vs Neosid and lost all in the first T1 fight (on 3 diffrent Maps) I spamed MA and Neosid mainly scavies (only once a firesworn but that was fucused down quickly and so didn't matter to the equasion). 2 times he started with a well plus early and I focused on the scavengers. And the other one was an equal energy fight. The 2 fights where I had the plus energy even went worse for me than equal energy one. The fights took place around the 90 seconds mark I think (about 7 spread out MA vs 4 scav). So here is the Question: Do MA lose even with BEST focus micro over scavengers? Also should I move back hit units although slowed or not? (I suppose I should not while they are still a full squad, and move them back as soon they are 5 or less, to get dmg tank for each bitten rest. P.S: I do not claim the I have perfect micro skills (I'm not that extremly bad either). One problem is my high latency from Japan (next focus takes usually 800+ ms to happen, and damage is spread for that split second), so it's very hard for me to solve this question if I had the perfect micro needed. Seems Neosid was slightly annoyed sparring me, and telling me to not ONLY spam MA while I also discussing about the latency influence. But I want to try to make the best out of one situaion before I try to adjust with units. I am really just trying to learn how to deal with it, so need to know wheater is a technical issue only, or a microable issue. Because I would like to be able to compete somewhat on a high level anyhow (I'm trying to be at least best 50). Anyways I was happy to play Neosid, and want to thank him for his patience.
  6. I'd love, too. But the time, no chance... I need a tournement on weekdays around 2pm starting european time :) But good to see something is going on :)
  7. Ah you mean taunt one, bite another, run with blade and kill with guardians? Sounds like fun, and wristinjury haha, but might give it a try as soon I acuired the cards and have that situation again( Sadly, not very likely though).
  8. Since most players have not many cards yet, many players do play Nomads PvP. So, I know how to hold a Scavenger rush with Lightblade, Archer body block etc., but agianst Nomads it seems impossible to me to grap a "greedy" well. Since these are M counters, Lightblade would be just dead in an instant. Ice Guardians won't help much either, so another choice would be Imperials, and try body blocking hard, but that is too expensive and firesworn messes you up. if you use the 30 energy to stand ground you are even slower to defend the 2 bases. So I suppose there is no way? What do you think?
  9. Critical error without any messgae in the box after attempting to rematch a sparring pvp with same group.
  10. Elemantary PvP Knowledge This Guide is mainly for beginners and less experienced players of PvP. I want to share basic knowledge more experienced players have over starters, so that they can try to have fun playing PvP even if they get stomped. Then they can look at this, helping them to analyze their games. So obviously, this is not a guide beginners just read and suddenly be strong, it just should give them ways to think how to get better. There are a lot of guides out there already, written down or recorded as videos. This guide here will be my personal opinion on what is basic, and if one wants to improve further I recommend watching game commentaries of top players or guides like from Cicada etc. Anyone who likes to add thoughts or critics to this, I would like to encourage to do so! So what do experienced players usually know? It is knowledge about: 0) How do I get started and better? 1) Energy 2) Summoned cards do different special damage. 3) Do I summon units dazed or better not? 4) Moving and placing units more efficiently 5) Focus Fire 6) When do I focus my damage on a well, when on an orb and when on a unit? 7) Split attacks 8) Don’t forget about your units 9) Watching the animations caused by the opponent player 10) Keep an eye on the mini map. 11) Estimation of a fights outcome 12) How powerful are additional orbs, when should I grab one? 13) Wide knowledge of existing cards, often played in PvP 0) How do I get started and better? Honestly speaking: Put some cards into a deck and play. Be brave to lose a LOT! But you’ll definitely need: Ground units (I use the plural here and mean it. It’s possible to play with only 1 T1 unit, but you want to learn how to play right?) in T1 of ONE color (better T2, too) Everything else is optional, you will find out quickly enough what works well and what not so. Lose your first 100 games as quickly as possible and try to understand your mistakes and maybe those of your opponents. 1) Energy So, I would like to spare you from the very details. But what is important to know right away? There are generally 2 ways of energy income. a) from wells from void When you start a map you get 2 wells, and a base of 400 void energy. Beside that you get 100 energy for free at the start of a game. Every second you constantly gain about half of the amount of what the 2 arrows show you in the top right into the power you can actually use. The top arrow shows income from void, the second one the number of wells you have up. Whenever a unit dies, a spell is casted or an activated ability is used 90% of the used energy will recycle into the void power. So you only lose 10% of its energy in the long run completely (mainly over about 2:30 minutes, I know this is very gross: there are much more detailed lectures about this topic), but be careful that you have a temporary loss of power. However! If you lose a well or an orb you won’t get your energy back. So try to not lose those without getting clear compensation (getting a temporary advantage that you can use to counter attack: e.g. a larger army on the field and or more temporary energy available to use). Repairing is refunded 100%, but is temporary very costly. When to repair a well etc. or not is not an easy decision even for very good players, so I recommend to get your own experience (it’s very situational). Being able to grab wells earlier is a big deal because you will also be able to take the 2nd earlier if nothing happens. But does that mean you should take one as quickly as possible? If you think you can do so without losing it to a rush being 100 (decreasing on time) down, yes. Here also: Get experience! Usually being bold and greedy might look dumb at first, but that’s a way to learn. At last if you cannot figure out how to hold, it was probably unreasonable to be greedy. This is then valuable information you can use when your opponent goes well first in the same situation next time. Lot of times you can keep fighting, even if you lose a well before you gained its 100 power, there are a lot of things important other than just being ahead or behind in energy. Also: Be careful not to cast anything not clearly helping you to win or stall a battle, your opponent might be able to ignore or run from (e.g.: a Life Weaving-75 energy-, spells and buffs are good but you need to get its value played out) and put you into a temporary power disadvantage, so your opponent could take a well etc. for same or similar cost. And of course if you kill a unit with more costs then your own unit or spell, you get a power advantage. Whenever you end up with having less energy, that’s mainly due to decisions in game. You can always improve with any new knowledge. 2) Summoned cards do different special damage. Units casted have 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra large referred to as S, M, L, XL Units. If on the bottom left of a card there is a sword (melee attacker) or a bow (ranged attacker) then right of that symbol is S, M, L or XL written. That means that it does an additional 50%! damage against that size of unit. For example: We call a unit that does 50% more damage against S-Units an S-Counter (M-Counter etc. likewise). Obviously often (of course you have to find out the exceptions by experience) it is efficient to attack an S-Unit with an S-Counter etc. If the symbol is a star the text on the card will explain what special damage it does (e.g. multishot, siege damage etc.) Letting the right units fight the opponents ones is one part of what is called micromanagement (like unit movements such as spreading, kiting, body blocking or focus fire, explained later on) 3) Do I summon units dazed or better not? Dazed units do less damage and have only half health. But when you are attacking far away from a spawning point, where your units are cast undazed you don’t have much of an option. But be careful with low health units which might die before they even get out of daze (especially against fire or shadow). So if you run an offense spawn some units before you reach the opponents units. Often in higher level play you see a T1 fight with some units “pre”spawned, so that they are able to fight with full force. 4) Moving and placing units more efficiently Micromanagement is fairly important, and because movements are quite slow in this game it is in my opinion not as hard to get ok-ish at as in faster games like starcraft etc. Let me explain some techniques you should be aware of and maybe try for yourself. Spread your units! That avoids splash damage to hit all your units at once. But try to spread them only as far as needed (yes you need to gain experience here again: vs. nasty surprise, lava field etc.), so that they still fight efficiently. Often it is good to spread units in a circle or to attack from different angles. When you cast new units also try to place them so they are spread efficiently. Kite! Hit and run if you have faster against slower units. (scavenger, frost bite and so on are also very helpful) If you have a slower unit or your attack is “muted” by some special abilities. You can run with that unit and attack the attacker with another unit. Block! Many units get slowed down when enemy units are in the way. You might use that to your advantage! Stampede! Some units can trample others down and hinder their attack. 5) Focus Fire Especially with ranged units focus fire is important. Means: Attacking the same target with a bunch of your attackers or with all of your attackers. Let’s explain it with an overly simplified model(the units are not as simple, but it still applies often enough): Two armies A and B are fighting each others. All of A’s and B’s units do one damage per attack and have 4 hitpoints. Round 0: A(4) B(4) A(4) B(4) A(4) B(4) A(4) B(4) A uses focus fire and B not. Round 1: A(3) A(3) B(4) A(3) B(4) A(3) B(4) Round 2: A(3) A(2) A(2) B(4) A(2) B(4) Round 3: A(3) A(2) A(1) A(1) B(4) Round 3: A(3) A(2) A(1) Well, I hope you got the point. Similar models you can make for pincer attacks (sandwiching) etc. 6) When do I focus my damage on a well, when on an orb and when on a unit? You do want to get down something which is not getting recycled into the void (wells, orbs), but we aware! When you shoot on a building you are not doing damage to something which may attack you back. Wells and orbs can serve as static tanks. So I cannot answer this question in a simple fashion. But the higher your DPS (damage output per second) is the likelier is an lesser punished focus on a well or orb. Also with siege units you might prefer targeting structures. As for targeting wells and orbs: Wells have more function in the earlier stages of the game (in later stages why would you want to invest 100 energy when the game almost ends and the void income is huge) and lesser health than orbs. So you usually you want to target down wells over orbs early and the other way round in the late game. 7) Split attacks Often it is easier to defend one place than two. For example: Try sending 2 siege units to attack a well on one point of the map and if possible at the same time with the rest of your army somewhere else, your opponent will have a tough time trying to handle this problem. 8) Don’t forget about your units Use your units you have cast. Try not to forget about any of them. They are bound power (not even void income) if they do nothing. If they are too far away to do anything helpful, consider sacrificing them. Same goes for towers if they have lost their strategic value. 9) Watching the animations caused by the opponent player There is no fog of war. You need to collect all information you can get. So carefully observe what your opponent is casting. 10) Keep an eye on the mini map. Well same as point 9) 11) Estimation of a fights outcome That needs a lot of experience and/or good judgment, but… At least: Do not sentence your units to death walking into obviously lost battles. I have seen beginners run with one t1 unit into an army of t1/t2 units without a special idea to handle that (at least I couldn’t come up with one). You might do that if your one unit is much stronger and/or you have the energy and supporting spells prepared (e.g. nasty surprise, lava field, corpse explosion, life weaving) 12) How powerful are additional orbs, when should I grab one? I personally like to stay lower tier and grab a well or the map presence instead, if I think I can defend. But an additional orb, especially t3 is a huge power (not in the meaning of energy besides void manipulation cards) boost. Here also, I do not really have THE beginner tip. But the more defensive your deck is build the more you might want to stay lower tier and collect more energy etc. instead. 13) Wide knowledge of existing cards, often played in PvP The more cards you know in detail the better your judgment will become and the more likely you are to make the right decisions. Usually (also depending on buffs and nerfs of cards) there will be a so called meta game (cards you find in most top players decks). Work on knowing those cards and how their animations look like in the game. Ok, I hope I did tell as less nonsense as possible, and I know this is not even half of what one can learn and many of you might have diffrent opinions about what is important or basic. But I hope it will help especially those, who find themselves at a huge loss at what to do and think about in PvP, HiyaMC
  11. Sure :), but although I am old and have 300ms ping. I am going to win muhahaha
  12. True. I hope they compete with me in PvP
  13. Ok, at least a few out there I started to feel very old lol.
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