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  1. HiyaMC

    MA Spam or not

    Thanks for your comment as usual. Yes Ice Guardians beat up on Scavengers, but they do have some other problems. (Also I don't play imperials despite my avatar for multiple other reasons.) 1) They natural do not start with a shield, so they cost 65 power each to be fully useful (+ 20 for ice barrier at least once). 2) they can be kited (scavy slow) 3) They are often less useful after the fight. (and a minor point, upgrades are expensive, but that is solved over time) So that is why I want to know the outcome of the MA scavy fight if played correctly by both. If and if then how many Ice guardians(etc.) do I need to close the gap. My problem right now is the attack against an extra well. I already mainly win vs scavy rushes if i take the first well. For that I use the Radicalx solution which workes really well for me. I did train alot with Maran in 2013 , he showed me how to handle thugs with forstbite. But I don't know if he is back on the game yet. But yeah my question remains unsolved. Maybe I will ask radicalx or mac, etc. Yeah, it's a skill in itself. If the lag would be the same always it would be easier to predict, but there is a random figure which sometime would leave units at 5hp. Also the main issue are lost packages. sometimes I have to click multiple times or it's like I didn't even send the command. And if I do that I have the opposition costs of other actions, even if i had 400apm. But yeah it's somewhat possible to do, better than at starcraft, although the lag feels harder , bf has lots of slow animations which gives me more time.
  2. HiyaMC

    MA Spam or not

    So, I played a few matches vs Neosid and lost all in the first T1 fight (on 3 diffrent Maps) I spamed MA and Neosid mainly scavies (only once a firesworn but that was fucused down quickly and so didn't matter to the equasion). 2 times he started with a well plus early and I focused on the scavengers. And the other one was an equal energy fight. The 2 fights where I had the plus energy even went worse for me than equal energy one. The fights took place around the 90 seconds mark I think (about 7 spread out MA vs 4 scav). So here is the Question: Do MA lose even with BEST focus micro over scavengers? Also should I move back hit units although slowed or not? (I suppose I should not while they are still a full squad, and move them back as soon they are 5 or less, to get dmg tank for each bitten rest. P.S: I do not claim the I have perfect micro skills (I'm not that extremly bad either). One problem is my high latency from Japan (next focus takes usually 800+ ms to happen, and damage is spread for that split second), so it's very hard for me to solve this question if I had the perfect micro needed. Seems Neosid was slightly annoyed sparring me, and telling me to not ONLY spam MA while I also discussing about the latency influence. But I want to try to make the best out of one situaion before I try to adjust with units. I am really just trying to learn how to deal with it, so need to know wheater is a technical issue only, or a microable issue. Because I would like to be able to compete somewhat on a high level anyhow (I'm trying to be at least best 50). Anyways I was happy to play Neosid, and want to thank him for his patience.
  3. HiyaMC

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    I'd love, too. But the time, no chance... I need a tournement on weekdays around 2pm starting european time :) But good to see something is going on :)
  4. HiyaMC

    Fire vs Frost Tier 1 Rush counterplay

    Sure, but t2 unfortunatly.
  5. HiyaMC

    Fire vs Frost Tier 1 Rush counterplay

    Ah you mean taunt one, bite another, run with blade and kill with guardians? Sounds like fun, and wristinjury haha, but might give it a try as soon I acuired the cards and have that situation again( Sadly, not very likely though).
  6. Since most players have not many cards yet, many players do play Nomads PvP. So, I know how to hold a Scavenger rush with Lightblade, Archer body block etc., but agianst Nomads it seems impossible to me to grap a "greedy" well. Since these are M counters, Lightblade would be just dead in an instant. Ice Guardians won't help much either, so another choice would be Imperials, and try body blocking hard, but that is too expensive and firesworn messes you up. if you use the 30 energy to stand ground you are even slower to defend the 2 bases. So I suppose there is no way? What do you think?
  7. HiyaMC

    Critical Error without message

    Critical error without any messgae in the box after attempting to rematch a sparring pvp with same group.
  8. HiyaMC

    "Noob" Question

    A few months ago, I have written a guide for newer players, it's a little long, but you do not need to remember everything right away Generally, I recommend to take a look at a lot of good guides in the forum. And welcome to PvP
  9. HiyaMC

    What is your latency?

    Did someone of the closed beta testers already test with high latency? I hope there want be any synchronization errors, like i get when i play Magic Duells online.
  10. HiyaMC

    Booster same card x2

    I think the draw is random, the display is not. As far as I understand it, after opening some boosters, it is like the following. 1st card ensured high rarity. 2nd random from the 3rd card decreased rarity. Now the point: Among the same rarity (so mainly common cards) the cards will be displayed in alphabetical order. When there are 2 cards drawn with the same name they will be displayed next to each other.
  11. HiyaMC

    BFP after having all cards

    by the way what i am referring to is this: My question was made after reading through this, too. And I didn't mention anything about the game devlopers should do anything (I rather hope they take a holiday soon), nor about not having fun. Just fancying cases And want to know the opinion of the community. Especially of those who want to spend a lot of time into it (of course there are a lot of people with jobs, you can estimate that reading my age threat), but that doesn't mean that there are no core games(as you can see in the quoted threat about bfp time ratio). And I will definitly have fun anyways, don't worry.
  12. HiyaMC

    BFP after having all cards

    I was wondering because: In other topics in this forum, peopled argued it would be not good for the game if people get cards to quick. Or did I misunderstand?
  13. HiyaMC

    BFP after having all cards

    While I do understand and agree what you mean, i meant something diffrent. Let me try rephrase then. Will it be against the terms of use, to use BfP other than for trading cards or buying boosters? And is giving away BfP to new players etc. wanted?
  14. HiyaMC

    BFP after having all cards

    agreed, however that also might come to an end. And then? Just one example (still a rather positive one): One might make a post in this Forum: Big tournement: Pricepool 5000 BfP. Do "we" want that or not? If I worry now, I don't need to in 3 years
  15. HiyaMC

    BFP after having all cards

    (Not sure if that was discussed already, didn't find it using the search and reading through many topics) So this is my question: Won't it be a problem when after having all cards one gets more and more BF Points? Those people might give them away for free or not planned use, accelerating other peoples battleforge experience, etc. (This is somewhat related to the much discussed topic of how many bfp one should be able to grind each day)

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