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  1. BurningWorld

    Real Life Card game

    Will I get a copy for free, since I upvoted your post?
  2. BurningWorld

    Open Beta Information

    Lol yeah bro your wordening was misleading a bit I guess let me grammatically investigate your sentence: So in german grammar the Main sentence is sepperated from the relative sentences by a comma. So your main sentence would be "I cannot fathom how some people believe this whole project". Which clearly is a complaint and implifiying that you don't believe this project. simply. but if you take the relative sentence at the end in addition. which belongs to the main sentence due to grammar rules afaik. "I cannot fathom how some peope believe this whole project is a scam and will never work again." Is also clearly a statement of your trust in the project and your support, which is kewl Tbh when I first read your post, I already started my answer to try to explain you WHY the people don't believe into the project, but didn't send it coz I thought it'd be useless at all. I'm just wondering why I seem to be the only one that understood you the first time bruh ;( I don't even know why I'm writing this right now, probably because it's fucking early in the morning rn and my coffee ain't working yet Also about the whole commata thing. In germany an old "joke" about comma usage is this one: "Komm, wir essen Opa!" != "Komm wir essen, Opa!" The first sentence would mean, Yo Let's go bois, let's eat grandpa. The second sentence would mean, Hey yo Grandfather let's go eat something very yummy! So now after I tought y'all a very important & useful lesson I can stop writing this roman I should go to sleep again
  3. BurningWorld

    The legendary forum game "count"

    make it 2790 NOW!
  4. BurningWorld

    Free Steam games [Humble Bundle + Steam]

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/365450/Hacknet/ Hacknet free, need steam account and a Mouse to click the link
  5. BurningWorld

    hello and greetings!

    Are you real or one of those bots that appeared lately very often in the forum to spread scam links? By scam I mean real scam not scam like Skylords Reborn project Looking suspiciousfully (Kiwi don't correct my superior english again pls) at your Sign or Subscribal, or however you call that thing. The Thing I got the "Nirvana" picture etc. EDIT: Even if it's not a scam link in your thingie below your msg, but I'm not 100% sure if it's allowed to advertise E-Coin mining sites in the SR forum, gonna check the forum rules again. Becoz if you not a bot and actually a very lovely and nice person I don't want you to get banned because of violating rules
  6. BurningWorld

    Open Beta Information

    It's no repfarm if you asholes never upvote my very funny and entertaining posts
  7. BurningWorld

    Open Beta Information

    "Take MY money and take MY soul and take MY GF, also take MY Happines, and make it happen. I don't have any of the listed things tho. " If you say take my GF do you mean me? your forum bae, or do you have a gf I don't know about TRIGGERED THINKING
  8. you are back where you deserve to be my lord <3 


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    2. BionicReaper
    3. BurningWorld



    4. anonyme0273


      If this is how y'all farm rep now, then yes, @ThomasMann definitely deserves a place on top. Long live the shitpost king

  9. Your turn to reach yearly contributors now honey! :D 



    1. batorfly


      Daaaaaaaaaaamn Guuuuuurl. Yea i'm going to turn on tryhard farming mode. But on the other hand i don't wan't to kick our Lord :watermelon: From that list </3

      I'm on top of Monthly Tab so that's enough for now :D

    2. steezy


      guis why u aint helpin me out :'(


      big thanks to steezy and batorlfy that literally press upvote as soon as its a post from Burning Dad


    3. BurningWorld


      I KANT :( 


  10. BurningWorld


    You guys can literally buy Weed in stores but prefer to drink german beer?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU
  11. BurningWorld


    At least 43 people here are dutch, which makes the dutch playerbase the 2nd biggest in this community
  12. BurningWorld

    Peoples we need 1 mod form poland.

    @batorfly for president! Nah but srsly I think this won't happen, there are about 80% Krauts (aka germans, me included) in this forum, and we haven't got an own mod that translates anything towards us, either I mean your idea isn't bad at all and it could be very useful, but afai remember I heard in a dev-stream or something similar once, the only english in forum etc. rule is meant to keep the community together as one part and not split it between the countries (which I highly appreciate coz I don't want to play with other germans xD)
  13. Hey BurningWorld i just want to tell you real quick, nothing important.


    So you probably know i am bisexual and stuff, but only you and my parents knew. I told you because you weren't really in any state to tell anyone i know. :P

    I officially came out of the closet yesterday and the response was supportive! :D :hype:

    I'm so happy for that! Anyways, just letting you know friend. :P

    1. BurningWorld


      Ohhh nice I'm very glad to hear that your friends etc. support you :) 

      If there's any people who don't accept you the way you are just screw them, even if they were close friends til the day the learned about it. You usually can't change the way how people think neither the way you are so just leave them in their closed minds :P

      You're a nice person and that's all that matters ;) 

      Much love and peace! <3 

  14. BurningWorld

    Game download

    Listen, the community horse is here to help you. First of all You can NOT play the game yet, unless you're participating in the Closed Beta, which you can't right now. Wait until the devs/staff announce new givaways for Closed Beta Access. As Tazermarks already mentioned the current status of the beta is closed, it is in Closed Beta. The Open Beta has NOT got a release date yet. Open Beta means everyone who owns a Forum Account can play / test the game. To sum it up you have to wait a little bit longer until you can play. Because there are no current giveaways and the applications for Closed Beta are over right now afaik BUT you can already pre-download the game Client here: https://mega.nz/#!YBIxWRqZ!8PRFy-juUyIufkoV_hY80C4QL_eud-AU2j7msvF4a5k Keep in mind that you can NOT start the BattleForge.exe without the Launcher, which you only get with Open Beta, Full Release or Closed Beta Access. And for the end, don't worry about your english. You speak good and we can understand you! About 80% of the Forum Users are Krauts (Germans, me included) so the least people here actually speak proper english. Just look at my poor english skillz and lack of grammar etc. I hope I haven't forgotten anything, if you got any questions left feel free to ask but I'd highly recommend you to read all of the Posts in the Announcement section for more information! TOO LONG DIDN'T READ; Just read the Orange marked words if you don't wanna read my whole roman I wrote.
  15. "Yes, I'd kill him with my Bible" Steppenwolf - The Pusher

    I just heard that verse / strophe in one of my faverioute songs and had to think about you.
    Thought that'd fit your new Christianity "joke" thingie... :D 

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    2. steezy


      @BurningWorld you think you are so cool with your guitars and worshiping the devil  :kappa:

    3. BurningWorld


      I am cool, not just thinking it! :D 

    4. Kazayrian


      Don't you ever dare to call it a joke again!


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