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  1. I'm also wondering on how many of the blocklists in the original BaFo my name was appearing xD I was even toxier and saltier back then coz I insulted everyone for being a p2w noob lele
  2. BurningWorld

    A problem

    Hi mate thanks for reporting your bug, I'm sure the team appreciate it. But it'd be a little bit more helpful if you go the official bug reporting way I guess :-) Check out this: In this topic is everything explained how to report a bug properly :-)
  3. BurningWorld

    How do I get BFP?

    Only got a brothren, does that count?
  4. BurningWorld

    How do I get BFP?

    How can I get gf? I mean srsly how?
  5. BurningWorld

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

  6. BurningWorld

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    TL;DR. But I still want to answer on this. I'm playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Legends lately, which is a card game aswell and you got some legendary cards there which are PRETTY OP. Like you can win a whole match by just having 1 legendary card. and I think that is pretty much normal for Card games. To get the relation to your post: I think it's the same with Battleforge. Some cards are maybe way to OP in Battleforge but they're also rarer (is that a word?) more rare? than other cards... because I mean ofc Battleforge is an RTS which needs balancing, but also don't forget the fact it's a TCG which literally exist on trading and collecting BETTER cards, you know what I'm trying to say? :-) I think op / stronger cards are meant to exist since u usually need much time to collect them :-) Sorry if I missed your post as I said I only read the title, a few lines of the post and commented lmao. Nonetheless I know you're a great BaFo player and got much experience so I trust you on the changes you suggest. So yeah the staff will probably do the right thing as usual and either fix the cards you mentioned or not
  7. BurningWorld

    Can I Donate To Get Us a Better Server?

    Hearthstone? Show 'em Elder Scrolls Legends, it's pretty much Hearthstone but in cool , and it contains Dragons! But yeah back to topic I sadly never saw your streams / videos in the time of the original BaFo, but when I found this project I watched like at least 3 videos of you every night (sounds wrong ) Your PVP commentations are awesome and very entertaining, hope you can do that again in Skylords :-) Oh yeah and welcome back ^.^
  8. #ReleaseOpenForumChatBox :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nephilim



      hunger strike until CHATBOX!!

    3. steezy


      but even with it gone you still farm rep nani?!

    4. BurningWorld


      Yeah I don't even know how, all I do is insulting people that annoy me and up goes my rep :thinking:

  9. BurningWorld

    idea as an option to have in interface

    Lol got a 4k Set-Up and takes screenshots with mobile phone... Gg wp although i'm kinda fascinated about the alignment of the Photo, for a phone photo it's kinda good lmao! When I try to take a screenshot with phone be like:
  10. BurningWorld

    New ingame Chat idea

    This is a very great Idea joker! It reminds me of the "Chat System" in Guild Wars 2, where you have different tabs and you can set your own filters for those tabs. For Example: Tab "general" (Filter: Global chat, Region chat) Tab "trade" (Filter: trade chat) Tab "thisismytab" (Filter: Global Chat AND Trade chat) etc. etc. Probably the only good thing about this piece of dog-poo game... Also the idea about pulling them out and dragging around is GOLD! But I think this is kinda difficult to code.
  11. BurningWorld

    servers ....

    Well you're about 150% right and correct, but if I could handle my rage it wouldn't be rage I suppose
  12. BurningWorld

    servers ....

    I can't chill when people first annoy devs and staff to hell for not relaising (yes relaising) the game and then start to q.q about it not working.. maybe my last 2 posts attacked the wrong person.. but alone for those douchebags today in the morning on discord my rage is more than logical...
  13. BurningWorld

    servers ....

    I canut chill a niot or use brian becuase brian alreayd fleed-ed wihle reaingd ur massage... so....
  14. BurningWorld

    the game is not working

    The servers are busy coz too many people trying to log in rn, and also this is one of the many reasons why the Open Beta was delayed several times while everyone cried about delaying the relaize, so deal with it
  15. BurningWorld

    servers ....

    People like you 1 day ago "Give Botox Open Relese now plox" "plis kan't watu for open botox, needi gami toda" "Pls no bugs I not carrying" People like you 1 day later when Open Stresstest has started "CAN'T CONNECTINGERU TO SERVIA, WHY NO LOADI? WHY RELAISE UNFINFISHED GAMU?" Ignore me just some tilted Forum Horse here

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