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  1. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    So, there are a bunch of new players who are eager to play it, which is good. They genereally make it to t2, sometimes a little help is needed, but it seems promising. Added you
  2. Ok, so rpve lvl 10 is basically the only thing in syklords reborn that i play. And i when i play with players who know what they are doing i enjoy myself the most. But there are only a few, maybe 10. So if any of you is interested in playing rpve lvl 10, write me an ingame messsage. We then start a game together and i may say a word or 2, so that you can get into lvl 10. This would be helpful to people who have problems to get to lvl 2, but also genreally for people who have played it a few times, but would like to win it more often. The more players i have to play with the better. If you sometimes take a word of advice, even better (-:
  3. So if I sneek up on them over a mountain, and camp 1 hasn't been activated yet; and for camp 2,3 there is no direct pass to my base, 2,3 will still go for it. Little bastards, no guerilla in this one^^
  4. So in your first picture. When you manage to attack camp 4, without that the camps 1,2,3 and 5 noticed you. Will 2,3 and 5 then start spawning and move towards your base?
  5. So i was wondering what he does? I think he places an aura of corruption with his first shot. But how long does it last, how do i see it where it is placed.
  6. Buddelmuddel

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    I enjoy the idea, that decks cannot be seen, nor replays. It was so antifun, when you came up with a new cool idea, and you knew, it would be just copied if you finish the map (best way was to never finish the map till the end of the month, and then finish it on the last day, but still kind weird)
  7. Buddelmuddel

    About dat repair costs

    So, when I repair a well or monument 100% gets refunded into the void? When I loose a unit or building 90% of its energy costs gets refunded into the void, right? And when I repair a normal building, nothing gets refunded into the void, not sure about that one. Need some hint of the day for these^^
  8. Buddelmuddel

    Ironclad bug

    Ty, for the reply. Will try this again. Therefore this would only happen with ground ranged units. Still a little weird when 10 ironclads just stay there and do nothing. But they do attack in the forge so this might be it, will try it again.
  9. Buddelmuddel

    Ironclad bug

    Does anyone know, if the ironclad bug did get fixed, so that they keep on attacking against lost dragons when the yellow mo is on?
  10. Buddelmuddel

    3 - Card bugs (collection of bugs)

    NAME: Ironclads wont use ranged abilities with yellow mo on, on Ls SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: rpve Lost souls map REPRODUCIBILITY: 4/4 DESCRIPTION: Everytime ironclads fight against lost dragons on the lost souls map. They get affected by the lost dragons bug, although the yellow mo is on, which should prevent this. Other ranged units like rageflames are not affected. This way they wont fight, and i can't play with them, cause a lost souls map will lead to a loss then, cause they dont attack.
  11. Buddelmuddel

    3 - Card bugs (collection of bugs)

    1. Ironclad get still affected by lost dragons on the lost souls map, even with yellow mo activated 2. Green peace does not prolong its effect on the unit after the unit left the area (even if it was in the area for the whole duration)
  12. I was wondering: is there a limit of how many spawn you can kill before the whole camp starts to attack you? Soometimes I have the impression: like on lvl 9, the t4 is close to the next camp. You kill the spawn multiple times, and after like 3 spawnkills the whole camp attacks?
  13. Buddelmuddel

    Possibility to mute someone

    It would be nice, if it would be possible to mute someone, and still to be able to play the game with the person. Sometimes you just want to get a break from someone, although just plaing the game with the person is fine; the talking is the problem.
  14. Buddelmuddel

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    For me its too slow. I now played like 50-60 games all with the same deck. And to get a new deck it will take like a month or more. I mean I had all the cards before, and I was kind of starting to get bored back then, because I had played everything, and now to play one deck over and over... Mostly what is discouraging for me is that, there is no income after each game. You play one game get the booster, maybe 2 to achieve a quest, and then i would be the best to wait for the next day. If you keep on playing it will only get more boring because you cant acieve more and it stays the same.

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