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  1. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    message deleted
  2. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    Meanwhile questions that arised or that i was asked: - the orb is always from position 4 to position 3 - if there is a tower or flying the general map difficulty will be higher - position 1 and 4 will get incomings on some maps, pls play green or blue here - map difficulty: bandit - twilight -stoneskin - lost souls - position 4 will often not get their second orb, if you are a new player this is the position with the least impact, start here and look how the other play the map - try to build all building as a team that affect all players: start with fountains of rebirth, incredible mo, shrine of war, wheels, healing gardens - for lost souls map generally 2 fire start decks are good - put in a t2 and a t3 unit. Cave: tortuguns at t2 - i did adapt the card suggestions, one bracket ( means kind of playable, maybe even good when you are experienced with it, two brackets (( means decent, but if all 4 of you have a deck like this you wont make it EDIT: Motm is bandit this month again, so i heard - good for practice and starting out
  3. Buddelmuddel

    Boring for beginners

    changed my mind, pls delete my post
  4. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    So, again if you want to try rpve lvl 10 this month motm is very good again. It's a little bit harder then the last one. There are incoomings for the outside positions and also the t3 will be attacked. But if you made it to t4 the rest of the map is easier then a lvl 9 map. It is a very good practice for the start of a lvl 10 map. It is still easier then the other fractions. Be sure to start with blue or green on the outside positions (pos 1 and 4) to be able to take on the incoming. Then you are good to go, gl hf
  5. Buddelmuddel

    About dat repair costs

    Ty, for your reply. Now i was wondering. The amount of energy wells produce is +1 every 2 secs, right? So if you build a well you get the 100 energy back in 3mins 20 secs?
  6. Maybe it would be nice if there would be a button to collect everything from all mails. Personally I like to click at the cards that have been sold, and for me its visible enough which mail holds the sold cards. But to click through every mail that has not been sold, is kind of boring. But shouldn't be the highest priority.
  7. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    The following is only recommended for experienced players, because red just isn't as consistend and when you make a fault you wont make t2. Blacks T1 is just generally hard to play on lvl 10. Red T1: nomads, g, mine, eruption, blaster cannon r (suppression, sunstriders, thugs) black T1: forsaken, motivate, soul splicer g, snapjaws r (nox trooper)
  8. Buddelmuddel

    Show if the offered map is motm

    It would be nice to see if the suggested map is motm. Sometimes you don't wanna play a speedrun, and at the moment the offered map in the lobby is seen as random althought it is the motm. If it is easy to do, it would be nice if the random could be changed to motm.
  9. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    Maybe i write some general notes, basically stuff that i like to tell everyone that i play with. It will also answer your question dhrwafel, and it will be short (-: 1. Make sure one of you has a shrine of war in the deck. Preferably one on each side. The first who gets t3 builds it right away. 2. The best decks to start with are blue and green. With them it is easy to play consistent. 3. If you have a bunch of not so experienced players, make sure one has fountains of rebirth, it will make the start so much easier for everyone. By the way i give them away for free, just pm me Blue deck T1: frost mage; master archer; ice barrier; homesoil (glyphe) Green deck T1: windweaver; surge of light; hurrican (roots, dryad b, fountain of rebirth) ((shamans, mark of the keeper)) T2: black: shadow phoenix (Shadow mage, virydia) blue: mountaineer, stormsinger g, coldsnap, home soil, ice barrier green, blue: matter mastery green: oink, breeding grounds (burrower, surge of light) green, green: ((deep one, creeping paralyses)) green, red: ((vileblood)) red,red: ((firedacner)) T3: black: ashbone pyromane green, red: creeper r black, blue: (lost horror) black,red: (slavehunter) T4: lost spirit ships or batariel or bloodhorns ((grinder, thunderwaggons, abominations, ironclads)) now you are good to go
  10. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    For all who would like to get into lvl 10, at the moment the map of the month (motm) lvl 10 for 4 players, is probably the easiest lvl 10 map there is. Just play it a bit, you can still experience how the start works and how to get to t2, which is the first and one of the biggest difficutlies on lvl 10 maps. EDIT: Also the 1 player motm map this month is very easy and good for beginners, but its a little harder then the 4 player map EDIT2: did solo it by the way, although it cannot be seen anymore, since now so many played it (-:
  11. Buddelmuddel

    Offering help for rpve lvl 10

    So, there are a bunch of new players who are eager to play it, which is good. They genereally make it to t2, sometimes a little help is needed, but it seems promising. Added you
  12. Ok, so rpve lvl 10 is basically the only thing in syklords reborn that i play. And i when i play with players who know what they are doing i enjoy myself the most. But there are only a few, maybe 10. So if any of you is interested in playing rpve lvl 10, write me an ingame messsage. We then start a game together and i may say a word or 2, so that you can get into lvl 10. This would be helpful to people who have problems to get to lvl 2, but also genreally for people who have played it a few times, but would like to win it more often. The more players i have to play with the better. If you sometimes take a word of advice, even better (-:
  13. Buddelmuddel

    Treim's Battleground/rPVE Speedrun Guide

    So if I sneek up on them over a mountain, and camp 1 hasn't been activated yet; and for camp 2,3 there is no direct pass to my base, 2,3 will still go for it. Little bastards, no guerilla in this one^^
  14. Buddelmuddel

    Treim's Battleground/rPVE Speedrun Guide

    So in your first picture. When you manage to attack camp 4, without that the camps 1,2,3 and 5 noticed you. Will 2,3 and 5 then start spawning and move towards your base?
  15. So i was wondering what he does? I think he places an aura of corruption with his first shot. But how long does it last, how do i see it where it is placed.

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