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  1. Hey, just wanted to say, that I finally saw the open beta is on. Already played my first game today. Lvl 5, 4 player rpve alone but I couldn't finish it, was close though. I will look in more often, maybe even most of the days. It was great to play it again, I have to say. Ty developers.
  2. Buddelmuddel

    rPVE frost deck help needed

    Hi, not sure why the topic was locked. Treim did forget the worldbreaker gun, dear Treim na na (joking). Oh na i have nothing to add, personally I only played blue with world breaker gun and the cobold construction thing, but i believe I could`t afford all the blue cards, they were pretty expensive.
  3. Ah, I will probably join in during mid of february, just if someone wonders.
  4. Buddelmuddel

    Split rpve lvl 10 into 3 difficulty-levels

    Nicuu. Maybe even a combination of both. Any part of this will help to make lvl 10 more playable.
  5. Buddelmuddel

    Split rpve lvl 10 into 3 difficulty-levels

    Any more thoughts on this, then just from the one person who hasn't played PvE?
  6. Buddelmuddel

    Split rpve lvl 10 into 3 difficulty-levels

    Na, everything is fine then. Just had the impression, you haven't had played it. Because if you had, your impression would change. There is nothing more i can help you with, you would have to play it, to understand my position better. Sure, if there is a different suggestion what would solve the lvl 9, lvl10 difficutly gap, i would be happy. Just make bring them closer together so that I don't have to wait 30mins for players, who often even then can't do it.
  7. Buddelmuddel

    Split rpve lvl 10 into 3 difficulty-levels

    hmm, Mr. anonyme0273. Did you have a different name in the game? I believe I have played with all who were able to play rpve lvl 10, and i don't renember your name. But I do believe anonyme isn't the real name either. See for the last 3 month of battleforge I usually opened a lvl 10 map, every night, and then waited for about 30 mins till we found 4 players. And during this time a lot of people wanted to join and claimed that they can do it, and sometimes when they were very persistend I started a game with them and watched them do the t2, which hardly worked. Most of the players how thought they can do it, had played it a few times, and then they had one lvl 10 bandit map which was quite duable, then they thought they can do it all. I also teached people how to do it, when they had enough lvl 9 experience, for example when they could do lvl 9 with 2 players, and when they had enough cards for a good deck. But even when we played I often took position 4 or 2 to get the team through the map. Position 2 for the hard carry, and position 4 to support and because noone wanted it. Generally I believe a more adjustable difficulty level will make it easier to find players who can do it, and then to favour general the joy of the players. But i kind of believe you haven't played lvl 10 very often. And for a super hard map, there would still be lvl 12 for you. Actually even lvl 12 would now be easier, because you can adjust the deck to the difficulty. Maybe make a lvl 13 which is true random. I kind of like the idea. The only problem with it is, the same way as with my lostsouls-map checkbox. Is that there would be a lot of different opened up games, and people would have to wait longer till they find their players
  8. So, what I would like to happen is that the difficutly lvl 10 rpve should be split into 3 difficutly levels. I did play a ton of prve, probably one of the most games in rpve out there. But still i disliked a little bit that the lvl 10 was so volatile and also that the gap from 9 to 10 was huge. Therefore it was really hard to find players to play regularly games in this diffcutly where on the otherhand lvl 9 was played by everyone. In my opinion there are 3 different types of lvl 10 maps, and with not much effort it could be a more welcoming experience for players, so that it is easier to find players to play it with. Sort the lvl 10 maps in 3 different types and name then then into lvl 10 to lvl 12. The new lvl 10 would be a double enemy base start at t2, no spwan camps at t3, so that no extra units will arrive while the t2 is conquered. Lvl 11 would be double camp start at t2, and additionally spawn camps at t3, who will spawn units when the t2 is attacked Lvl 12 would be, the same as lvl 11, but additionally a boss at t4. Addtionally I would suggest, that it is possible to choose, through checking a box, if you want to have lost souls included in your random map generator. Just because it seems to be one difficulty lvl harder then the other maps.
  9. Awe, ty. I will be around, i think. Although I think I won't play too much. In the end I mostly played and enjoyed the most just to play rpve lvl 10. The same way we played lvl 9, just to relax, but for lvl 10 an experienced group was needed. But all in all in the end I kind of thought I had solved it, so it started to become less fun. But still I will try to join once in a while and invite. Additionally I think I will suggest that they split the lvl 10 in 1-3 difficulty-lvls. Like one lvl where there is a double camp start, and another one where there is a t3 boss. Not sure if they will make, but I would like it. I`m sure he will come^^ By the way the youtuberguy, his name was gweddry
  10. Na, its just basically just 100 people played the game, so it easy to remember. Well I' m a little shocked too. But it was the first game that I actually played in an online community. And I only play one game at a time. So again, I guess it helped the memory.
  11. Hey, will the guys I mentioned in the title will be there when open beta starts again? Couldn't forget your dang names, so I thought I had to write them here to get a taste if you are still alive.
  12. Buddelmuddel

    Orb upgrade after time

    Yes, think this is true. And I think that it is a valuable part for pro pvp players - especially after you mastered it is a very important part of the game. Just for me it reduces the fun, cause you have to patient until the orb is upgraded, and plan ahead when is the right time to do it. Could be that the game would be to casual without the mechanic. Its just personally I would prefer a fast paced game - which still would be trategic due to the wells on the map and to decide which one to conquer, and from which one you want to lure the opponent away, and it still would be complicated and variable due to the every game is different deck building. Just a suggestion (-:
  13. Buddelmuddel

    Orb upgrade after time

    Hi, first I have to admit, since battleforge closed I have played another game, and to get 2 not negative replies to a suggested change is now very unusal for me, ty for that. @Mephisto: Think, I would go for that orbs are no longer on the map. Maybe a starting orb, which upgrades, but more likley there would be no orbs in my opinion. The game would be about wells. (would go to time the time of a orb change due to the average game time and to have an equal amount of time for each phase, 20 to get to t3 sounds like a long game for me, but dont know) @ Czechmate23 True, then each T from each colour would have to be balanced with each t of the other colours (t1,t2). Restrictions are generally not such a good thing, and usually favour unexperienced players, the experienced one like an open world. For me it just sounds fun to concentrate all on fighting and spells, and not have to worry when the right time is to upgrade my orb. Think the upraging of the main building come like from age of empires (or before) like 20 years ago, and even back then it was the part I liked least about that game (aoe)
  14. Buddelmuddel

    Orb upgrade after time

    Well, this game will be done as it originally was after the last update. I used to think how it would be, if the orbs would upgrade after a certain time, and not through payment. So that there is a certain time for t1,t2,t3 and finally t4. Dont know any thoughts to that?

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