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  1. I have to admit, I did think it is a bug, because in the old battleforge, ignored people could not join the game. Well I would like that the person is unable to join the matchmaking until he is removed from the ignore list of the matchmaker.
  2. Sadly even when you put someone on ignore they are still able to enter the game, which lead in case of a very persistent player, to need to kick him for 5 mins straight, or stop the game for this day. Would be nice if they could not join the game fter they are on ignore
  3. So, right now, there started to be a reasonable amount of lvl 10 players, which is good. I would give some tips for advanced lvl 10 gameplay, I know its the beginner guide, but I think its also good to keep it together: To keep a healthy mental in lvl 10: - you probably wont win every match except when you have a very experienced team, with decks which are build to win - not every fraction has the same difficutly, and not every map in each fraction has the same diffcutly: so there are maps with air units at the start, with towers, without them and camps at the
  4. So first of all, it is a well written response, and it is an opinion, where i cant disagree with all of it. Lets see: I do not think, that it makes good decks more accessible. I think it just slows down the speed you get good decks. Because most good cards are rare, or ultra rare, you would get those cards faster, and you wouldn't have to cope with a bad rare cards. Commens and uncommens would abscially stay the same. For some special ones it would be needed to look into it, to see if the raritiy is right or another is needed, like shaman. Maybe even just clear up the rare cards w
  5. Hi, so as suggested, I did sort, the 4p battleground lvl 10 maps. It took me about 5-6 hours to get 100 maps sorted. I did use 2 pcs to do it. Generally I would suggest to use the listed 100 maps, as the new lvl 10, and the current lvl 10 as lvl 11, or delete lvl 3, and keep 10 difficulties in total. The maps will make it easier for expierenced lvl 9 players to get a grasp of lvl 10. All difficulties that are hidden in lvl 10 are hinted at, but in their eaisest forms. There are more bandit maps then usual, and less lost souls maps then usual. On lost souls there are no vi
  6. So i did delete my battleforge folder, and reinstalled it from the rar. It still wont load the maps, but it also showed the same settings that i used last time, so i guess the pluginbaseeditor, has somewhere a save place, outside the battleforge folder I would just put in the 3 hours, and then see what people want to do with offered input. Generally it would help the game, for expirienced lvl 9 players i believe. The amount of used maps, can be exceeded, ofc, but i think 100 would be a start, to see if people like it. And I dont think i would have to sort them all on my own, if the
  7. To create a new lvl 10 4p difficulty, which is eaiser to access then the current one. The current one will stay, maybe as lvl 11, or take out lvl 3 if you want to keep the 10 difficulties.
  8. I will only look up 100 suitable maps, for a start. It takes about 3 hours i believe. If they please, more can be sorted. I did have a problem. Instead of closing the map and then opening a new one, i just tried to open the next one directly. Now the editor is stuck in loading everytime i try to open a map, even after the restart of the editor, and also after a restart of the pc. I can still open a black new map, and maps in the history that i had already opened, any ideas?
  9. Works well, got it now. Did start with the sorting, Will upload an excel sheet, with the sorted random lvl 10 4p maps in about a week
  10. Ok, ty. I did download the dragonunpaker and it is able to open the pak files Kubik said, there are 170000 random battleground maps. In the the base foulder there are listed 80 of them, and i could not find a map. file in them. Where would i have to look?
  11. Hello, so i would like to look through all the random battleground maps, 4p. I was able to open the editor. I do find the battleground maps in my battelground folder. But the editor can not open them. Do I need to download, something that the editor can open the pak files?
  12. The more that play lvl 10 the better. I will be back in about 2 weeks
  13. I believe you missread me. Generally the decks should not be shown. But you could enable it to have your deck shown, if you want to. Sometime you played a lvl 10 map, without batariel, lost spirit ships or phoenixes vs stoneskin, or you used the starter deck, then it would be nice to show it. In the way it would be possible to play a lvl 10 map, with a random lvl 10 deck, and people could have a look at it, without that they have to write me or ask me.
  14. 5. Change amii monument and enlightment to 4 orbs cards 6. Offer the possibility to pay bfps to have your deck shown in the speedruns 7. Show if someone is looking for opponents in ranked pvp 8. Offer 2 different kinds Tome decks, for Pve and Pvp: 1. Random preprepared decks 2. Totally random cards: PvE: 2 colours, 5 cards, from each orb lvl PVP: 2 colours, 6 cards from t1,t2,t3,
  15. If you first time lvl 10, you want to play with me and you are not sure what to take, i suggest the following: master archer, frost mage, home soil, ice barrier It is very strong, fast, and save Additionally it would be nice, when you are planning to build a building, that you could show it in the deck preview. I usually have all buildings in my decks, but in lvl 10, every slot that is available is welcome
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