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  1. So first of all, it is a well written response, and it is an opinion, where i cant disagree with all of it. Lets see: I do not think, that it makes good decks more accessible. I think it just slows down the speed you get good decks. Because most good cards are rare, or ultra rare, you would get those cards faster, and you wouldn't have to cope with a bad rare cards. Commens and uncommens would abscially stay the same. For some special ones it would be needed to look into it, to see if the raritiy is right or another is needed, like shaman. Maybe even just clear up the rare cards w
  2. Hi, so as suggested, I did sort, the 4p battleground lvl 10 maps. It took me about 5-6 hours to get 100 maps sorted. I did use 2 pcs to do it. Generally I would suggest to use the listed 100 maps, as the new lvl 10, and the current lvl 10 as lvl 11, or delete lvl 3, and keep 10 difficulties in total. The maps will make it easier for expierenced lvl 9 players to get a grasp of lvl 10. All difficulties that are hidden in lvl 10 are hinted at, but in their eaisest forms. There are more bandit maps then usual, and less lost souls maps then usual. On lost souls there are no vi
  3. So i did delete my battleforge folder, and reinstalled it from the rar. It still wont load the maps, but it also showed the same settings that i used last time, so i guess the pluginbaseeditor, has somewhere a save place, outside the battleforge folder I would just put in the 3 hours, and then see what people want to do with offered input. Generally it would help the game, for expirienced lvl 9 players i believe. The amount of used maps, can be exceeded, ofc, but i think 100 would be a start, to see if people like it. And I dont think i would have to sort them all on my own, if the
  4. To create a new lvl 10 4p difficulty, which is eaiser to access then the current one. The current one will stay, maybe as lvl 11, or take out lvl 3 if you want to keep the 10 difficulties.
  5. I will only look up 100 suitable maps, for a start. It takes about 3 hours i believe. If they please, more can be sorted. I did have a problem. Instead of closing the map and then opening a new one, i just tried to open the next one directly. Now the editor is stuck in loading everytime i try to open a map, even after the restart of the editor, and also after a restart of the pc. I can still open a black new map, and maps in the history that i had already opened, any ideas?
  6. Works well, got it now. Did start with the sorting, Will upload an excel sheet, with the sorted random lvl 10 4p maps in about a week
  7. Ok, ty. I did download the dragonunpaker and it is able to open the pak files Kubik said, there are 170000 random battleground maps. In the the base foulder there are listed 80 of them, and i could not find a map. file in them. Where would i have to look?
  8. Hello, so i would like to look through all the random battleground maps, 4p. I was able to open the editor. I do find the battleground maps in my battelground folder. But the editor can not open them. Do I need to download, something that the editor can open the pak files?
  9. The more that play lvl 10 the better. I will be back in about 2 weeks
  10. I believe you missread me. Generally the decks should not be shown. But you could enable it to have your deck shown, if you want to. Sometime you played a lvl 10 map, without batariel, lost spirit ships or phoenixes vs stoneskin, or you used the starter deck, then it would be nice to show it. In the way it would be possible to play a lvl 10 map, with a random lvl 10 deck, and people could have a look at it, without that they have to write me or ask me.
  11. 5. Change amii monument and enlightment to 4 orbs cards 6. Offer the possibility to pay bfps to have your deck shown in the speedruns 7. Show if someone is looking for opponents in ranked pvp 8. Offer 2 different kinds Tome decks, for Pve and Pvp: 1. Random preprepared decks 2. Totally random cards: PvE: 2 colours, 5 cards, from each orb lvl PVP: 2 colours, 6 cards from t1,t2,t3,
  12. If you first time lvl 10, you want to play with me and you are not sure what to take, i suggest the following: master archer, frost mage, home soil, ice barrier It is very strong, fast, and save Additionally it would be nice, when you are planning to build a building, that you could show it in the deck preview. I usually have all buildings in my decks, but in lvl 10, every slot that is available is welcome
  13. In short again: T1: all devensive spells that a colour has to offer (hurrican, roots, homesoil, glyphe of frost, motivate, soul splicer, mine, eruption) T2: shadow phoenix, additional anti air card: gladiatrix, amii phantom, stormsinger T3: 1 t3 Unit T4: Batariel, Lost Spirit Ships, Bloodhorns Ask me ingame to look at an rpve 10 deck. Write me additionally the colour you would like to start with. Blue and green are the easist colours to start with. Just join me ingame, I will help you get through the map
  14. I do think blood healing needs to be changed. It is just inconveniend, and too little used. I'm not sure if i have seen it, and i have used it only a little. Would go for a wider range as written, and something like 1000 heal each second for all units in range, for 4 seconds. And the damage should be something like 250 for each second, and as an t4 card. I dont know so changes to martyr shrine, but i would go with a spell over a building, its just more fun, although a building would fit within the blue fraction. And cards like ice age could be used too, although they will probably work
  15. Ok, 2 more replies in a reasonable manner. There might come some more which is, good, i might no reply to all of them any more cause, i think they start to get a little bit more similar, and maybe I'm not needed to explain it anymore. Lets start: True. I did focus on pve i think, and therefore the t4 focus. Standing next to building and wait seems a bit too boring for pve, or at least for rpve although its possible. And yes the healing is there for every fraction already, as i had mentioned, i just wanted ti strengthen it, so taht it would be comprable to green. Atm, 95% and more have
  16. Ok, so again some constructive reply, i glady answer to this: This is true. Thing when i started out i played like 3 times lvl 5, 2 times lvl 7, and then about 500 games of lvl 9. For lvl 9 only 2 players are needed, so 2 can get carried, expecially with the multi wheeling back in the time. So for me lvl 9 is done, and it was about 4 month beofre the original battleforge closed. Then i started to play lvl 10 regularly. It take about 15 mins to get a game, and it is very helpful to have some people around you who regularly play it like: kybaka, sirtegethof, tinuvien, and now ponni
  17. Well i only categorize the 4 player maps, and onlylvl 10 maps except when there is a strong demand for 1 or 2 player maps. But i think 4 player map would be enjoyable to play for a lot of players. And are there really 196695 maps? I would believe this is the number for all rpve maps. On 4p lvl 10, after you played like 100 maps they seem very similar, maybe some with some slight changes, but generally the same. I have not used the editor: So when i sort them, this would be an idea you would consider to use? Well this comment does not seem to be so constructive anymor
  18. So, first of all, ty that somebody looked through it, and posted their opinion in valuable manner. Had this in the meantime a little different too. Lets look into it: I dont believe that, for me its very frustrating to open a booster and get oracle mask or earthen strength or plague. With the idea I offered you would get a valuable card for sure, even 2 actually. Tho only card i can think of that would go up in price is shaman, because for an umcommen card, he is really expensive. True, wasn't sure when i wrote it, if 8 or 10, doesn't matter i believe
  19. Hi, so now my suggestions for the game. I usually dont like to make suggestions, because then they get implemetnted and i dont get payed, like the honer ranked system in league of legends. But this game is free so lets see: Economy suggestion: 1. Card value: For a while get rid of the rare, uncommen commen restriction. In a booster you get 8 random cards. Then you list for which prices cards are on average traded. Then you have a price list. Then you make top 20% rare, 20-50% uncommen, and lower 50% commen. In each booster you put: 2 rare, 3 uncommen, and 5 co
  20. Hi, today afternoon there was an update. Before the update it worked, now i get the following: base/ pak-test /directory not found
  21. A bunch of people want to start black. Black is the hardest to play, and you might need some help. If you play with me I will build fountains of rebirth, and help you with fire support, so that you should be fine. A general black lvl 10 random deck, would look like this: T1: Nox trooper, Dreadcharger, Snapjaws red, motivate, soulsplicer green, embalmer maybe: life weaving T2: resource booster, phoenix, shadow mage, army of the dead, nether warp green
  22. Your deck lvl should be at least lvl 80 And the two most important advice pieces: - take your time at the start - try to attack the spawn buildings
  23. You don't, but you can get t2 with just snapjaws, but still its challenging
  24. - Generally try to have half your deck to be t1 and t2 cards - when you play with me you dont need any buildings, i will build shrine of war, fountain of rebirth, healing gardens, incredible mo, wheels; just focus all cards, to make it through the map And some deck examples for the first two orbs: green -green: t1: windweaver, dryade blue, surge of light, fountains of rebirth, roots, hurrican,mark of the keeper, maybe shamans t2: deep one, burrower, curse of oink, creeping paralysis 10 cards, just t1,t2, you can`t go wrong with that in lvl 10 blue green: t1: ma
  25. If you are ingame and want to try lvl 10, feel free to ask me to join you. Also, if you need an idea for a lvl 10 deck, just write my ingame, or via mail, and add the colour with which you would like to start the deck
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