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  1. So personally me writting here, I do not believe will result in anything positiv, and it would be more useful to not write, and maybe even revoke the like from the kybakas post. I do think it will take a long time, for this project skylords reborn to get a positve pathway, and mostly due to the pressure that people are not willing to play the game. For this thread any change to make lvl 10 more playable for more players is useful. Cause its a nice way to play the game. Especially when you can play lvl 9 after about 10 games played. But I did write this before. To g
  2. So first of all, its nice that i did get pretty objective replies. In my answer I still wouldn't quote and answer to each single thing said, and would rather write it general. I do have played a few speedruns, I believe we had a rank 1 in blight, king of giants, ascension and passage to darkness, end of the raven and empire, and siege of hope ofc. Monstly I played it one month cause, back then you needed some rank 1 to get the xp for the higher pve rank. Not sure about bad harvest, I believe i played a few games as a feeder in 2009 not sure, if it ended up in a rank, additionaly i
  3. I would fix the the decomposer bug, so that it only targets your own units. It would bring a little more skill into speedrunning. Maybe even add that every position has 4 orbs that they can take, and none of the other positions can take them. Additionally make ami monument and enlightment t4. When you are a new player you do think that a good time is associated with good players, but 85% of the needed time is determined from your deck, your strategy and AI understanding. Basically the last minute decides how well a team has excecuted a map, and not if they were 5 or 10
  4. Dont think you need to go the extra mile, cause as you said it would take extra work. The tome mode excisted already in the origiinal game. You would just have to adapt it, so that you open a tome for each map. And that the tome is not completly random out of all cards, but i would have different pools where the randoms cards get choosen from.
  5. As I had already suggested in my thread: Add a tome mode. So you get for a pve map 5 cards of each tier, They will be of 2 colours and each tier will have 2 units 2 spells, 1 random. You dont have to buy the decks, Its basically a random deck for the map to spice it up Similar for Pvp, just a little different, rereadable in my thread
  6. The problem isnt the green batariel the problem is the black batariel where you can watch a youtube video at the same time while playing, and clearing the map in now time. The green batariel is a little bit more difficult to play at least on lvl 10, but probably on lvl 9 too. So this wouldn`t be a problem. Sounds good. Maybe you guys can change my thread from rejected to all approved. It was a bit weird when it was changed to rejected and then the 3 colour cards where changed to 2 colours and 2 neutral colours, which is a good change but basically the same. The healing sounds good
  7. So this thread is also a bit typical. Everyone who has mastered the skill would like to keep the way it is. Why else did you put the effort in to learn it and use even in tough fights. So for me too, I am able to press it regularly every 30s even in tough fights. And I think it is kind of need, this way. You see a difference when playing with people who havent played that much, and then you cannot depend on the sow as much, maybe you even build your own ones. Some people rage if it wont get pressed regularly, for me it also good in a way cause when you keep 100 energy additionally
  8. My writting does seem to be hard to understand, maybe I should start to explain more. You could build the same meta decks, you could just use more cards and have every card in these 2 colours available. They are fully upgraded. Not sure what was there not to understand. The advantage when there are only 2 colours available, is that there is still the incentive to collect the cards. You can play with fully upgraded cards in 2 colours, and you wont have an unfair disadvantage because someone else grinded more. But you will have to adapt your playstyle every one or 2 weeks, which is kind o
  9. As I had this already suggested in my thread: A good way would be to offer 2 colours each week for free fully upgraded. One of the colours would change every or every other week, and you are able to use it again once you had every colour. Of course noone wants to play with perfect pvp decks except the ones who had already played enough battlfroge pvp. Everyone want to have their own ideas, make mistakes, try stuff out. Then you have incentive to try pvp out. Additionally it still would have been good to offer one colour in pve not upgraded. But this is anoth
  10. It does not sound too bad, that you cannot buy more then 4 cards a day, to prevent this. In old battleforge I did try to buy out ultra rare cards, with no value and to see if they will get value this way over time. I guess I just didnt offer them for 100 times the price i did buy them for. But all in all it does not seem to help the game if this mechanic is allowed.
  11. Since so much was mentioned here, I would go with the following: T1: Windweaver, Surge of light, Shaman, Hurrican T2: Burrower, Curse of oink, Breeding Grounds, (Matter mastery) T3: Ashbone Pyro, Equilibrium, (incredible Mo) T4, Lost Spirit ships both affinities, Grimvine, Regrowth Lost spirits ships are very easy, you dont even have to look at your monitor to play them, and you dont have to press the shrine of war, like you need in the mentioned decks. You just click on your mini map once in a while.
  12. I dont play campaigns at all, about half my quest are now campaign quest that i cant reroll. I just gave up on these bfps incomes. But I did suggest this already in my thread. Edit: Since the posts were merged, and the one post was more ranting than the other, I rewrite my post a bit: I think the daily quests are decent. I would like to have a quest option just for rpve since i play nothing else. But all in all, if you wait till you have 7 quests and if you reroll all until you have just campaings quest left. then you play 2 campaigns and you get about 300 bfps for it, it
  13. On Satudrady evening i disconnected 4 times in about 2 hours, everyone in the all chat was "raging", after the rpve pages dropped from 18 to 11 the game was stable.
  14. They were one of my favourite cards in the game. They rewarded consistend fighting. I hope it was necessary to change them for pvp otherwise, just revert the change.
  15. 10. Make a 1 click download button for the game: 1. One that downloads as a rar file 2. One that downloads the whole game, no unpacking needed 11. When a person is added to the ignore list of a matchmaker, make that they cannot join the match of him 12. Add the following achievements: 1. win 1 game of rpve lvl 9 4p map with 3 players 2. win 1 games of rpve lvl 9 4p map with 2 players
  16. I have to admit, I did think it is a bug, because in the old battleforge, ignored people could not join the game. Well I would like that the person is unable to join the matchmaking until he is removed from the ignore list of the matchmaker.
  17. Sadly even when you put someone on ignore they are still able to enter the game, which lead in case of a very persistent player, to need to kick him for 5 mins straight, or stop the game for this day. Would be nice if they could not join the game fter they are on ignore
  18. So, right now, there started to be a reasonable amount of lvl 10 players, which is good. I would give some tips for advanced lvl 10 gameplay, I know its the beginner guide, but I think its also good to keep it together: To keep a healthy mental in lvl 10: - you probably wont win every match except when you have a very experienced team, with decks which are build to win - not every fraction has the same difficutly, and not every map in each fraction has the same diffcutly: so there are maps with air units at the start, with towers, without them and camps at the
  19. So first of all, it is a well written response, and it is an opinion, where i cant disagree with all of it. Lets see: I do not think, that it makes good decks more accessible. I think it just slows down the speed you get good decks. Because most good cards are rare, or ultra rare, you would get those cards faster, and you wouldn't have to cope with a bad rare cards. Commens and uncommens would abscially stay the same. For some special ones it would be needed to look into it, to see if the raritiy is right or another is needed, like shaman. Maybe even just clear up the rare cards w
  20. Hi, so as suggested, I did sort, the 4p battleground lvl 10 maps. It took me about 5-6 hours to get 100 maps sorted. I did use 2 pcs to do it. Generally I would suggest to use the listed 100 maps, as the new lvl 10, and the current lvl 10 as lvl 11, or delete lvl 3, and keep 10 difficulties in total. The maps will make it easier for expierenced lvl 9 players to get a grasp of lvl 10. All difficulties that are hidden in lvl 10 are hinted at, but in their eaisest forms. There are more bandit maps then usual, and less lost souls maps then usual. On lost souls there are no vi
  21. So i did delete my battleforge folder, and reinstalled it from the rar. It still wont load the maps, but it also showed the same settings that i used last time, so i guess the pluginbaseeditor, has somewhere a save place, outside the battleforge folder I would just put in the 3 hours, and then see what people want to do with offered input. Generally it would help the game, for expirienced lvl 9 players i believe. The amount of used maps, can be exceeded, ofc, but i think 100 would be a start, to see if people like it. And I dont think i would have to sort them all on my own, if the
  22. To create a new lvl 10 4p difficulty, which is eaiser to access then the current one. The current one will stay, maybe as lvl 11, or take out lvl 3 if you want to keep the 10 difficulties.
  23. I will only look up 100 suitable maps, for a start. It takes about 3 hours i believe. If they please, more can be sorted. I did have a problem. Instead of closing the map and then opening a new one, i just tried to open the next one directly. Now the editor is stuck in loading everytime i try to open a map, even after the restart of the editor, and also after a restart of the pc. I can still open a black new map, and maps in the history that i had already opened, any ideas?
  24. Works well, got it now. Did start with the sorting, Will upload an excel sheet, with the sorted random lvl 10 4p maps in about a week
  25. Ok, ty. I did download the dragonunpaker and it is able to open the pak files Kubik said, there are 170000 random battleground maps. In the the base foulder there are listed 80 of them, and i could not find a map. file in them. Where would i have to look?
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