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  1. love this name and yes - its exacly why i use purple one so often in casual gaming...
  2. while new Evil Eye is great... and works fine in multiple tested decks (mostly casual and fun decks) i dont understand how - Conjuration works - it work as it should? It don't add charges to abomination or skycatcher...
  3. But one elder is quite easy to manage and... and enjoyable as hell
  4. Noooo.... i loved shadow affinity Elder for that aura It was great as "first/only t4 unit" on smaller or faster maps.
  5. Making it passive without activation wolud make it more casual
  6. To be honest - I always wanted to see M or even S size Forest Elder Edit XL snipers looks quite scarry
  7. Its not that i want Slayers to be new best t3 unit - simply as a defensive, early T3, anti elemental, "wall mounter" - I expected them to shine on bad harvest pos 3 - while its defensive possition with wall segment that must be defended on early T3 against attacking elemental units If they aren't strong on this map - where they will be? While Church/Razor deffence is good also in any other defense mission BTW - Im not saying that razor is to strong - its great now after the nature patch. I love him even more
  8. I have no replay but i tried them (with fast t3) in role of defenders - to stop first big wave and hold long enough to place root defenses. It almost worked... but defenders with galavation are still faster (T2) and better. And I'm happy as hell that t3 archers appeared. But simpy i as a pure PvE unit i expected them to me something like... mine - a gamechanger Vs AI - AI wont target them with knockback same as won't move around the mine While i understand that mine is strongest PvE card and making new cards so strong won't be good... i simply counted t3/t4 archers that i always wan
  9. What they are good for? I recently tried them on Bad Harvest pos 3 where they supposed to shine in early deffence against stonekins... and... hey were... not great. 2 squads are not enough to counter anything bigger to be honest before their wall collapses. And in twilight deck there are no wall buffs. Maybe i shouldn't expect them to be equal to Church deffence... but still i expected something any ideas or other maps where they could be strong?
  10. Looks like a great work. And this time i really like new spell. Looks very usefull in casual decks.
  11. this totally shares my concerns. Btw - about T1 hybrid unit - there is really simply sollution.... maybe a little bit bruteforce but lest say T1 twilight bug... sama unit, two affinities - one red orb, other green org... two cards, same unit - both for T1 nature and fire decks. Only con is that it need twice the upgrades... but hey...
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