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  1. New Sunken Temple is nice - but could be great after removing unit count from bugs. Its annoying when i cant recruit units becouse of "defensive structure".
  2. As long as most of changes are nice - im not a fan of nerfing the treespirit. Current PvE is already too much about Windweavers..,. and too less about anything else option of slightly cheaper buff to Spikeroot on t2 isn't worth it. And parasite still won't kill healed flyer Maybe lets second Spirithunters block heal instead of ignoring shields?
  3. Looks great. Root nexus still would be usefull sometimes - but a small buff would be nice
  4. Both option look cool - shoting with trees even cooler... but for the "3. New Active, "Sprout Spore:" A. Cost: 80p" ptoposition - it would be nice to not count this trees into overall controll limit... or making them count less than normal one.
  5. Orb changes are brutal but other changes looks nice. I'm in. Even with new orbs.
  6. New pest plants seem overcomplicated. Magic link is nice.
  7. I tested - they heal 1000 total 300+ per target in case od 3 targets and 500 on 2 targets. Description is unfortunately OK So they are 3 times weaker than tained ones... even when considering that heal should be equal as damage - not higher
  8. oh - u sure? Each time i used gifted one in mission i felt that healing is low - and to be honest i checked only descriptions.
  9. Why Banzai Lord healing affinity is 3 times weaker than shadow one? 1k healing vs 3k dmg.
  10. Its always nice to see new content. But U sure that transcendence isn't to weak? thats t4 card that would be harder to use and not exacly better than Oink reducing enemy damage by 100% for some more or less limited time
  11. Map is really fun. Maybe enemy respawns are to fast/obvious and twilight dino don't look good between bandits, but gameplay and all the rest is nice. Great work.
  12. It may be intended becouse its legendary card... but still... its Blight for Skylords sake It should be bandit
  13. Could Ravenheart count as a Bandit unit? it woluld make him great with current corsairs in PvE And its simply Sad that blight don't count as bandit Especially sad for Blight himself
  14. Razorleaf - overall Forest Elder - visual design - im still waiting for M sized cat-wolves
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