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  1. yes, yes, yes. Its not about games where Feeders have 15 cards... its about Bad Harvest where, to be hones 2 of 3 feeders could have 1 card only. I feel that runners check for lightblade and ice barrier mostly for knewing that "feeder" speeks english and will follow his "spam one unit" part. Its absolutly not about feeders in PvE10 or real speedrun. Its about showing new players something that they don't understand, dont't bring fun to them... but still its most viable grinding mechanic in game. Who will stay in such game?
  2. Yes. I'm full of respect to real speedrunners and solo gamers that can make GoL or Harvest - Solo. And i see 3 feeders looking for carry like a beggar mechanics that is toxic to society that want to have fun. Its really hard to play normal Bad Harvest on expert currently. Fortunately its still possible to play normal GoL. Edit - 30 min waiting for normal Bad Harvest today... and at least two players amazed that i want to do it without speed/feed... one almost considered me retarded
  3. On Bad Harvest you don't have these additional minutes - as some point you simply must defend the wagon or die. So fixing decomposer - forces one or two players to do their intended work of defending wagon at least few minutes... its MUCH more that feeding 5 units. and about Comparasion to Guns of Lyr On speed GoL you need two players with speed decks and two feeders that still can defend few minutes and understand map basics at least. And still without decpomposer Position 1 and 2 are forced to stay alive about 8 min... its not that easy for new players without cards and upgrades.
  4. I always felt that decoposer is not working as intended - not only by description... but also by how well/orb placement works on multiplayer maps - when played alone - if you know what i mean.
  5. It may be quite "unpolular" question - but anyone ever considered to fix it to work as intended? While speedruning was always part of BF - Decomposer makes some maps a... vulture breeding grounds Today only i saw 2 BH games with 3 feed players waiting for any runner to carry them... Guns or Riddle can also be abused with that... but they need a little work even from feeders mostly. On BH with Deco... itss all about spawning 5 units and maybe casting one spell/structure. I knew that there was another thread about speeds... but i don't see problem in speed alone... but simply ask ab
  6. I have 4 for Guns of Lyr alone ;p
  7. Its possible to allow longer deck names? Currently naming decks for each mission and position is hard While few characters more and deck name would be saying anything about is usefulness
  8. It would be nice if GPM income for PvP would be at least equal to PvE. PvP is definitely more stressful and needs better decks than lev 9 PvE
  9. Im still waiting and quite excited. There is still no better RTS game... so what else can i do?
  10. Great news. Now if you will still have problem with logo of BR then i can try to help.
  11. Good Luck guys and great work - it was a great game and propably best multiplayer RTS ever.
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