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  1. IMO to be comparable with Worldbreaker (in usefullness) it should have higher cap than Cannon+Sage. But its still deffense Vs offense while offense is always better and more usefull (you can't do any mission objectives with lifestream)
  2. I knew about changing Lifestream - its why i added this suggestion Current limit is far worse than other inconveniences.
  3. 10.000 hp. as i said - less than worldbreaker damage and less that one heavier XL unit can deal in 30s.
  4. Lifestream with current limit is... weak as hell... Worldbreak without a skyelf have "higher total value" ... and healing is supposed to be stronger than damage. Removing the limit or making it 3 times higher would be nice and make it slightly useful.
  5. But i really like my Purple Elder and use it don't broke it Aura could be sronger - but as for early enlighted t4 it mostly figts with T2/T3 units - so its doing its work when added to damage from trample.
  6. I played with him today - and in this exact game we had "that one" feeder. sysly - if "necessary gold farming" is argument for keeping current status quo - then infinite gold may be a good option.
  7. ...so lets give everyone infinite gold... its far better option than that. BH is one of most fun 4 player maps that many likes to play just for fun... because that is what are games for
  8. Maybe purple one is less usefull thatn nature - but price of purple one shows that its still usefull. I have them both in mamany decks - while nature one is FAR better in late game... Purple one is better as first T4 unit.
  9. For last FOUR games played on BH exp last 2 days I had TWO games with "Whoops - guys - its not speed? But i have feed deck only". While the second time game creator had deck named "ITS NOT RUN". Decomposer problem or not - its terrible how the first (unlocked to new players) big map advertises the game. so 1 for every 12 games is normal...
  10. Draconnor

    Shrine of War

    For me SoW 20% is "overkill" and used in right moment refunds mana in seconds... but even unupgraded 12% can do that. Nerfing time or % wouldn't change much. Its still all about investing 150-300 power for empty void Only debate could be about making it more "relaxing" (constant-pasive instead of activation -with 5-10% refund) or much more dynamic - by changing duration below 10s.
  11. I mostly go for WW and Werebeasts most of time (sometimes treespirit if i have something with roots on higher orbs) while i feel that Shamans mostly slows down the game and i use them only with Mana Wings. So for me Werebeasts are no1 in most of nature decks. On some maps they are my only T1 unit
  12. I totally agree with that. While i don't agree to (as proposed) get same reward for 3min speedrun as for 40 min regular play with no cannons destroyed.
  13. And you missing my point. You write about... true speedruning? that is what? 5% of players? Less? And i'm writing about social pathology that affects more than a half new players... and bunch of old ones that have problem with playing normal BH. If any potential new player will be forced to be "no fun zombie feeder" then we definetly won't have new players that will love the game - but maybe few new smarties with no teamplay skills. It's simple as that.
  14. Thanx. Art in term graphic level design or map cover? because i remember that i did one for that map back then. I remember that i had idea for bigger 2 player map with quasi-new mechanic... but while it never appeared in game - its definitely lost
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