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  1. and what do you think about my main suggestion to add any reason/reward to go to the right side above the wagon?
  2. About Bad Harvest - Adding something usefull on right side. Now whole part north ow wagon is... quite useless. Especially considering how hard is to destroy first north base. Reward propositions: - All gold chests placed there. - Hastage unit that joins skyllords - North cannons can be captured instead of destroyed. - "Back door" way to final boss from last cannon position. Bonus - making feedrun a bit harder would be nice. About proposed changes: Ascension - nice Convoy - great changes Crusade - even Greater changes - great idea with optiona
  3. No fixes/new content to Bad Harvest?
  4. Its all about usefullness. Current Lifestream use is baerly better than Regrowth spell.
  5. 1 because lifestream cant be buffed by Sage or any unit 2 because killing whole enemy wave is stronger than preventing their damage foe 10 seconds or less
  6. IMO to be comparable with Worldbreaker (in usefullness) it should have higher cap than Cannon+Sage. But its still deffense Vs offense while offense is always better and more usefull (you can't do any mission objectives with lifestream)
  7. I knew about changing Lifestream - its why i added this suggestion Current limit is far worse than other inconveniences.
  8. 10.000 hp. as i said - less than worldbreaker damage and less that one heavier XL unit can deal in 30s.
  9. Lifestream with current limit is... weak as hell... Worldbreak without a skyelf have "higher total value" ... and healing is supposed to be stronger than damage. Removing the limit or making it 3 times higher would be nice and make it slightly useful.
  10. But i really like my Purple Elder and use it don't broke it Aura could be sronger - but as for early enlighted t4 it mostly figts with T2/T3 units - so its doing its work when added to damage from trample.
  11. I played with him today - and in this exact game we had "that one" feeder. sysly - if "necessary gold farming" is argument for keeping current status quo - then infinite gold may be a good option.
  12. ...so lets give everyone infinite gold... its far better option than that. BH is one of most fun 4 player maps that many likes to play just for fun... because that is what are games for
  13. Maybe purple one is less usefull thatn nature - but price of purple one shows that its still usefull. I have them both in mamany decks - while nature one is FAR better in late game... Purple one is better as first T4 unit.
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