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  1. i'm bit afraid. While Razor is indeed great defender with full root link... it still needs wall or howling shrine (ok ok stranglehold can try to do the work) to stop enemy units in his delayed aoe.... to be honest. Delaying it half second more could be more interesting than damage nerf to be honest. But still im big Razor lover - and it was my first Promo unit bought after the "out of beta" restart as i remember 😉 But Howling (with skyelf sage) is also great... but not as good looking as promo razor 😉 And on some maps i even add bandit sorcerer to make it greater with enlightement in deck only for her 😉 Nevertheless i will trest new spoore launcher asap... but i have so much work to do lately 😞
  2. what changes to Razorleaf? nevertheless - great work with update 😉
  3. Doses Blight Expert become harder after tha patch or what? I don't remember Snipers so early... and so many windhunters.
  4. This new map is definitely nice - It would be nice to add some voiceovers and put it on world map or something if its possible 😉
  5. Gifted Brute skill seems dosn't work. And Sculptor skill disappears while more than one bedrock is selected. But overall - great work
  6. Great Work but i have some issues with tectonic shift - that sometimes cancel teleportation in middle of annimation. But still big and nice content. Im currently testing my refreshed PvE tower deck and i totally miss some small and low cost T4 tower 😉
  7. NICE Unit look and skills. it would be really nice to se new content 😉
  8. Damn... i totally missed this one. I hope for similar one in the future.
  9. Affinities are must have when you can't make unlimited numbers of nwe models. While half of cards are simply better/worse ... part of them are indeed situational and give real decisions and deck diversity.
  10. Great idea. I can't wait for expert and expert++ But still i'll miss diff 1. It was great to play when there was 1-2 min left to "daily" 😉
  11. Great art. Can't wait for card 😉
  12. I may be wrong but Neutral Swamp Grake have same bug as unfixed neutral windhunter - in term of Mind Controll (spell is cast but witout effect). *there is small chance that i missclicked MC on other unit that died scecond after casting 😉
  13. Its amazing how, after all these years maps can still be and are improved by so small things. Blight change looks even greather that Bad Harvest one... but im curious how it will work with camps counterratacks that gone bad 😉 But i feel that it will be interesting change.
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