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  1. This is my rpve9 pure frost deck. I dont personally use any t2 units or homesoil but they are good strategies. Looking at your second deck (imo you dont need regrowth or the amii monument tho monument could save a little power vs 4th orb if u have the room to keep it) Id probably get rid of battleship in favor of construct. Unless youre running primarily a battleship deck it's not all that worth keeping in the deck. In my case ill probably get rid of it once new t4 ice shield spell comes out. With construct you can summon 2 at at a difficult boss to chain cc it. If youre running iron
  2. I picked frost for a few reasons. They have a lot more cool buildings than other factions. Theyre the child element of winds and mists which is my favorite element. Theyre very durable. The humans of their faction have the most advanced society.
  3. For some reason every time i make a new deck it makes invisible the first card on the second row (even when printing images) of the last deck i made but then the only way to fix it is to remove the bottom row then remove the last card in the top row so it then causes the hidden card to appear and then i can re add all the cards starting with the last card in the top row. Very time consuming every time i want to reference a saved deck to have to remake over half of it
  4. So defense rpve.... 1. Firstly i have question how wise it is to make it using 8 enemy factions. I understand that due to the static nature of the map it might be beneficial ot have more enemy factions to prevent it from being stale but i cant help but think this will lead to problems of viability considering how much work has gone into (and still has to go into) making factions viable in rpve against only 3-4 enemy factions. 2. This immediately raises the issue of void return from buildings that must be destroyed every wave. I really hope part of the first option buff is a passive lik
  5. 1: I agree with Bini Inibitor about the need to addvalue to those useless camps. Additionally for standrad and advanced I would consider this the 2nd hardest multiplayer map. The time pressure is fairly crazy to the extent that you really have to consider if it is worth it to take any extra well camps or not because the time constrants are so heavy. This level of consideration is excessive for the lower difficulties. If a camp with a well exists between two orbs then it should always be worth taking in the primary strategy of a maps lower difficulties. This is also why i think the other solo w
  6. For standard and advanced this map is alright but in my experience has a couple problems. 1: I always play spot 4 and I have to say the difficulty of the t4 camp is excessive. It seems like it was meant to be played by 1 player and yet theres a path from the other side to possibly allow for a 2-player assault. That said the player in spot 3 is pretty much almost always busy attending their own side and unable to assist. Assuming you have a sustainable defense to build t3 (this could just be a large enough force to kill waves and then regen next to orb) you need to assault this t3/t4 ls c
  7. This is probably my favorite map because it has a multiplayer defense component. That said we can't forget that this is tied with bh as the first multiplayer map players have access to so the difficulty shouldnt be excessive. For standard and advanced I think there should be no changes to any of the waves or difficulty. I've never seen anyone trap units on this map in those two difficulties as there is little pressure anywhere. This is acceptable because of how early players access the map. I cant speak to expert but for the lower difficulties i think this needs no changes though the buf
  8. yeah i agree the ship is pretty much useless it needs a complete rework to be anything more thna redundant and im not a fan of increasing difficulty to incorporate a completely superfluous objective. Maybe give extra gold or more xp for freeing it or make it an achievement for now and then put it on the bottom of the list for map reworks.
  9. I generally agree with cocofang but i do not feel strongly either way about the shrine placement. Speaking for the lower difficulties aside from being a long map I do not think it is excessively difficult. On standard the waves are weak enough that defending as you go is doable but by hte time you reach advanced you are able to understand that you do not need to defend until the end which is an acceptable difficulty curve. A minor issue I have with this map is how strong the middle edge camps are and yet they only give wells, this makes them pretty much a waste of time to capture. I woul
  10. I'd like to speak to the advanced and standard difficulties. I dont consider this map to be excessively difficult. Maps like slave master and blight are much harder on advanced and standard difficulties. This map however does have a few surprises that can make it easy for new players to lose on the first try however once you know of them they arent too difficult. 1: A fairly sustainable defense is required in these difficulties but it doesnt need to be excessively strong. Generally on standard and advanced you can leave a single building for regen and some ranged units. By t
  11. I'd like to preface this by mentioning it has been quite a while since i played this map as i am not a fan of it so please correct me if i misremember something. This is my least favorite map due to the relative indefensibility of the initial wells. Perhaps this could be addressed as part of the buildings pass but thats far into the future. I am not a fan of the gimmicky wall jumping either but considering the alternative I don't think it should be removed without fixes elsewhere. Furthemore preventing the wall hop makes that whole path useless. Speaking for adv difficulty ideally I
  12. If clearing the camps above the wagon is made more important/required, can a path to the boss be added? Even if not required i think such a path should be made. It's just very cumbersome to have to move units all the way around the map if you clear the top right but also want to help at the boss. Especially considering this is the main multiplayer map for new players, they arent going to know/think to use tunnels or portal nexus much less be able to afford netherwarp.
  13. I suggest one aspect of pos 3 should be to disable the marks of the keepers else where on the map, Especially if jorne cant be blocked, this would help the top right player keep pace.
  14. Blight: 2: I find it weird you guys suggest lowering wave difficulty for the nightmare shard but completely neglect it for blight. Imo blight is much harder than shard at least on advanced. The majority of people on higher difficulties afaik crutch mana wings which is not a good sign for the balance of a map. Beyond that it is often practically impossible to defend effectively much less having defense be a worthwhile strategy. Efficiency might not be in favor of defense on this map which is fine because it has always been a map that pushes the player to an attacker role. That said, slower
  15. frenetic assault green needs to have unit changed to entity so people know it can be used on structures
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