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  1. i already posted my thoughts on sentinel in the balance channel as far as function goes but id also like to say i think it would be better named vanguard instead of sentinel as vanguard is more similar to the seemingly intended role of a forward fighter whereas sentinel is really more of watcher. I still think sentinel is cool but yeah imo vanguard would fit better based on proposed function
  2. when gate says only one rev can be extracted in that way does that mean you can only have 1 without a timer at a time or 1 per cast every 60 seconds?
  3. i still dont like infernal chain, the 50% damage reduction was a really nice combo for the existing regen ability of overlord, now there will again be like no damage reducts youd want to use when using more than one since lifeweaving will just kill nearby overlords. the healing also doesnt synergize as well with overlords poor health pool as the damage reduct did and now the gifted affinity has antisynergy with frenetic, also now neither help directly against structures. plus why does shadow need more void return, that makes no sense, it already had the best ondemand void return did you guys ever get around to giving lss crystal the primeval watcher treatment? aka making it targetable because relying on the ship dropping automatically combined with the crystals mediocre range vastly reduces its efficacy, especially considering the lss hp nerf youll want it even farther from the front lines
  4. ive always wanted an evolution mechanic, thatll open up a lot more interesting options for future changes. also interested to see how this soulstone card works out and compares to ice shield tower and its proposed changes
  5. lol finally i have a reason to dust off the original gameboy i bought 10 years ago hmm most changes i was already aware of, warlord and banestone seem very solid. any chance warlord could get 6k hp for lss synergy? overall changes seems good for ls, main ones im worried about are lss and lost priest bc they really need to be strong to facilitate sustain also i like the new frost card the artwork looks really cool but the effect is idk. Considering how unreliable gravity surge is (it doesnt work if no viable ground is below the flyer) and that theres a 5 second delay i def dont see it being a better counter than frost shard for stuff like multiple windhunters but maybe it will make earthbound strats and stuff like construct or spore launcher or weagles more viable
  6. will be fun to amass an army of willzappers to use against twilight
  7. yeah i wanted charge on both but group pressure wasted a slot, id say red could always have charge instead of rage but idk how effective itd be at t4 bc they would get knocked easy by L and XL
  8. Boulderdashers 20x6 elemental soldiers blessed/infused union (steadfast/rage) group pressure swift adamant skin T4 frost, nature, frost/nature, neutral 2000 atk xl counter 2000 health s size 100 power rare uses strikers model Basically a different option for stonekin t4 and i thought it would be neat to have another t4 s unit, mainly inspired by the lost minions from the spooky encounters event and also strikers after they got gang up base stats per power is at 40 which is lower than high efficiency t4 units but still about 10% better than grinder base stats per pop cap is about 5% better than grinder these would facilitate more of a capacity tank option for stonekin vs grinder's regen tank style I lowered the health from 2.5k to 2k due to adamant skin likely stacking twice through union per 10 pop cap (2.5 squads) boulderdashers have about 6713 ehp not considering splash, whereas grinder has 5294 or 8823 after one max regen tick per 10 pop cap they have the same dp20s power per 10 pop cap is 250 for boulderdashers and 260 for grinder grinder is going to be the better option per pop cap but boulderdashers are more power efficient, scale more smoothly, and have more potential when spammed i left them with one neutral orb and one half orb because s melee has limitations when piling onto few targets and also cannot attack flying unlike xl or ranged
  9. also what about ice shield tower or some of the other tower changes like stronghold, are those coming later this year?
  10. o m g If you guys are going to keep pumping out epic looking barrier card artworks (not to mention for t4 pure spells) i demand we get more character icon slots because I literally cant help myself. But FR amazing work keep it up, you guys are the best ♥
  11. Would it be possible to change one of the pings to retreat or fall back? Probably defend since that one really has the least frequent use case that cant also be covered by attention but need help might work too though imo sometimes that one can be useful and not covered by a normal attention (in the case where you see someone needing help but are unable to do so yourself and a regular attention ping may be disregarded by other players as being directed toward the player who needs the assistance). Too often i see newer players attacking things too soon and i would like to tell them to retreat but typing takes time and stops actions and also it is really easy to not see chat when youre mid battle.
  12. If you ever access discord i recommend following these instructions. I would think either of those igpus would work as bf is not demanding at all and it very old but maybe the age thing is the issue or perhaps it could be something totally unrelated.
  13. on one hand im not really a fan of this bc really nature only has like 3 different actives at t4 to combo with proposed purple, creeping/watcher are both fairly delayed and peace has its own set of associated tedium especially in multiplayer. (grove spirit if she keeps her aa wouldnt be very practical since she does no damage and youd need a lot of her) on the other hand if green elder would be changed it often wouldnt be much of a loss considering wheel gives only 5% less damage and then it could be changed to something that could buff heals or cc or even something else and then there wouldnt be so much competition with purple ====================================================== at this point id be more in favor of buffing purple elder in its current form or changing green rather than the proposed changes, i think purple doesnt offer a compelling enough strategy compared to green elder as proposed, even if you can get big numbers by using purple or by using purple with green post intended changes. if purple changes go through then it will make more sense to use wheel+purple for nearly max damage and little overlap. alternatively only use green because it is more slot efficient (in the case you need t4 units and buffed damage) and less effort and works against buildings and bosses whereas purple would not. In either case it makes little sense to change purple as proposed without changing green. ====================================================== idk about all of this, like firstly green elder relies on melee only to do damage while purple just has to be in range. this is important at least in rpve bc your prime target is usually the spawner and being melee means wading through enemies much of the time and during that time green elder isnt doing hardly any damage while purple is putting out its aura damage, 20 seconds with 10 targets and thats 6k damage (7.2k with wheel). also it is arguably natures best option as a solo unit because it has passive trash clear and super high stats. you mention low stat efficiency but nature has promise of life and in a 1 man army strat that means your army is unbound so then suddenly elder having huge base stats is great. i dont see warders outcompeting purple elder in low unit count army strats. 2.5k hp or the smaller pools of the smaller elders will require more frequent maintenance whereas elders huge pool means a lot more time for memory to cycle power (or a lot more time for power available for damage or cc) plus reborn units dont get wheel buffs so it is a lot easier to make wheel after unbding one elder than it is to unbind multiple warders and then make wheel which means elder will likely have even more ehp (8500) compared to warders, plus a couple warders cant compete with the trashclear purple has. the new spikes damage is nice but it is 4800 every 20 seconds and also prevents attacking for like 5 seconds depending on how long it is locked in animation so purple elder only needs 6 (5.5) targets in range for 20 seconds to deal as much damage as warder can assuming elder is also attacking during that time. also regarding colossus it sounds like thunder wagon but for units which is fine but overall a lot more work than elders passive damage since his new skill will be an active and require a lot of moving (though the combo with hero does seem cool so i cant wait to try colossus or even a group of them rampaging lol). lastly im all for new synergy but theres just too much overlap, nature already has 2 ways of buffing damage to enemy units, id rather have either a stronger building counter, a boss counter, a regen buff, a damage source, or even a cc extender before we get another damage buff taken by enemy units (yeah obvi it stacks with wheel or green elder but nature has plenty of ways to output more damage it would be better if it got new sources for that damage or something else like passive one man army strat)
  14. can the lost dragon effect from twilight dragon be removed (at least until we get bene mo effect for buildings)? it is so frustrating that this one unit completely negates every building strategy, its aoe is so huge that it even turns off elves at max range so you cant even just tank it with buildings
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