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  1. frenetic assault green needs to have unit changed to entity so people know it can be used on structures
  2. DESCRIPTION: every time the last person picks a team in passage to darkness que everyone in que crashes to desktop REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens. To make it happen, just put 12 people into a ptd que and when the last picks a team it will crash to desktop LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log log.txt log_gd.txt
  3. its barrage ability does ok damage especially with upgrades but for 100 energy it's quite expensive and is often not worth it since strong units that cost lest can do good or better damage without having to spend 100 power on an ability. plus it cant even kill 8 t2 medium ranged units without its ability whereas lss can easily. it gets completely recked by similar t4 units such as wyrm or fire dragon and it can barely kill a single northland drake which is t3. it does have the most health of the t4 flying units but thats not super helpful considering how it has less than dreadnought or iron cl
  4. almost everyone in that topic and the slow topic linked inside of it mentions that battleship isnt good or could use a buff, only really construct is mentioned as having a fair tradeoff in some instances. But I agree with the overwhelming majority of players in that thread that battleship is very underwhelming. It has poor damage, average health, and abysmal speed which in conjunction with its very high cost leaves almost no reason to ever use it. The only reason that construct is tolerable with the same slow is because it has such long range and strong cc, battleship has neither.
  5. battleship kind of sucks really bad in its current state, it's not very effective compared to like any of the other major t4 flying fighters where it matters and its speed is so abysmal with a double slow that in fast match types such as rpve it doesnt even get to a fight before the battle is over. I propose the following: remove the slow by default, it is too punishing and battleship doesnt have anything going for it that deserves such a huge penalty give it the ability to store a building. Reuse the animation from lost spirit ship's recycling while carrying a building hav
  6. sorry if necro idk what rules are related to that in this forum but after reading through the pages i have to ask. Have you every considered making all of the non promo/event cards purchaseable for bfp either permanently in the game or on a rotating basis? It would prevent inflation and protect the game from periods of low player numbers while also providing a method to get bfp out of the economy. I also dont really see it eventually tanking card prices either because the majority of veterans who amass a significant amount of wealth will likely get bored and stop playing eventually anyways.
  7. balance changes dont really need to happen to the good cards, really just the useless garbage cards and also the garbage affinities, there is zero reason to buy some cards which is really noticeable if its a card with an affinity that is actually very useful.
  8. I know i was asked to send two of them with one of them being _18 so i assume the other was 16 but i included all the ones from today just in case
  9. NAME: client stops responding and produce a box saying to attach a log to a bug report SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: anywhere REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: i had just clicked the launch button in a group and there was a ding but then no countdown occurred and eventually the game closed and prompted me with a small window saying to attach an error long to a bug report ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: bug reports from today are attached, there are 4 logs but i only played for a few minutes sitting in a lobby and then it crashed and then tried to log back in and it crashed again
  10. title. the card database hasnt been working for days. The loading cards message disappears upon changing a filter but no cards are ever loaded. I checked on discord and confirmed I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  11. Tried to look at other forum posts regarding this but all i see is the blanket post in known issues about freezes being due to server instability. I had never encountered this either myself or my friends or randos that i see in rpve until the week before last, but now it's almost every match at least one person's game will freeze but they can still use chat and see stuff like group changes, sometimes it will happen to multiple users in the same match, a couple of days ago it happened to me two matches in a row, in the last 5 days i think I have only seen one match where it hasnt happened to an
  12. title but yeah, did an rpve 6 today. One of the camps had 4 lost dragons. a juggernaut, 3 of those large launcher units + a bunch of other smaller units as well as buildings. And that was what i could see after our second attempt at the camp so idk how many were killed on our first attempt or how many were hidden behind the fog because we could barely get to it before dying. My initial force had more than 50k ehp and maybe lasted <10 seconds with heals, my ally's force consisted of like 3 warlords, 3 lost dragons and a couple other large t3/4 units and was practically 2 hit, this was with f
  13. Yesterday and the day before, deepcoil and dreadnought were both around 600 bfp and there was almost a full page of listings for each. Now I log back in to find all but one listing for deepcoil and all but two listings for dreadnought gone but these listings are new and are crazily inflated. Dreadnought is now like 900-1000 and deepcoil 800 and all three listings are by the same person. This is not the first time ive seen this happen but it is the most recent and most obvious. Yesterday I sold my dreadnought hoping to buy a deepcoil worm today but instead im left waiting like another day and b
  14. solution: turns out that sometimes the database wont load any cards until after i click some of the boxes and so it'll just show the "loading cards" message indefinitely, using any of the filters will cause it to begin loading cards and operate normally. The card database hasnt been working for me for over 12 hours. I was using it then and it stopped working which happens rarely, usually if i come back a while later it will be fine again but it has been over 12 hours. Is anyone else having problems getting it to load any cards?
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