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  1. could we get a button to show the last deck seen from another player or if possible a history of recent decks seen? like yeah copying is nice but i dont want to copy every deck i see and it wont help new players who dont have the cards yet, it is annoying to have to request decks multiple times or just do without bc u can only open one window at a time
  2. how will evil eye attack work? will it be a continuous ray of damage like wrathgazer (and the art) or a projectile like lost horror? it seems like from the pictures it can hit solid objects so can it hit structures? the descript doesnt say just units but just making sure. if it is a ray will it paralyze? depending on damage ramp up could be fine without, in that case also maybe consider another affin without ramping damage but which paralyzes instead, maybe after a duration like gemeye. the transform mechanic seems a bit not as useful as it could be, i mean what spells would twilight ev
  3. i think it would make most sense to have one mode be swift and anothe rhave the lumbering step with the standard movement speed, then nature players can still choose to use wyrms and colossus or now also be able to use colossus with elder and watchers
  4. Where is access to a willzapper counter? That was the most important change that pure nature needed and yet it is nowhere to be found. I asked on balance discord but i think that place is deserted now.
  5. man original devs mustve had brain damage sometimes i swear, y would twilight hatecaster b t3 when player is t4. also when would having a single structure unbound makeshift defense be worth wasting an entire slot
  6. zapper is more than t3 or 140 power cost? if this is true then green would really be useless. I mean with other power/orb changes to structures green will already lose out on artillery which can be quite impactful since it does a fair amount of damage and knocks l, it also will technically lose out on hate caster but those arent a significant threat so thats mostly a loss of convenience but losing out on zapper would completely dumpster the card. considering volcano exists it is already at a huge disadvantage compared to purple once the changes go through. considering frost shard exists i thin
  7. so will grinders damage reduction debuff work on bosses even tho the taunt doesnt? will purple gemeyes also pierce ice shields and damage reductions from infestor and molochs? Gemeye and matter mastery buffs look good and A+ on grinder getting a timer indication. I like the direction of earthen gift, especially the unit version however i think it may need further buffs to replace regrowth but i really hope it can since thatd be great for thematics. Perhaps units under the effect of stone shell could also get a burst heal, this would make it function more comparably to regrowth a
  8. When someone mentioned elders were getting quieter audio i was really confused because i never found them to be loud and at the same time thunderwagon is so ridiculously loud yet havent been fixed lol. The only other unit i can think of that is/was as bad as wagons are crystal fiends but you dont run around with a huge group of them like wagons.
  9. I think lumbering step would make a lot more sense as a toggle while lowering travel speed. colossus currently fills the important role of boss duelist in pure nature but is needlessly clunky when it comes to every other usecase because hes faster than elder and watchers. Lumbering step provides a thematically appropriate way for him to fit in pure natures target comps if it was made a toggle while reducing his travel speed to standard xl.
  10. although it currently has the orb reqs to be used in those decks, it isnt. the only deck its often used in is pure nature. stonekin has gemeyes and twilight has trash clear via spells. as i meantioned in my original comment, only amii stands to lose a significant potential strategy but since theres only a few cards in that faction, balance for pure nature should come first.
  11. As someone who uses purple elder the changes seem nice but idt this will overall be strong/practical enough to be worth using vs green. My main issue is i dont see a way for nature to use it on bosses. Green peace would be the primary contender but it doesnt effect bosses so is useles in this case. For regular camps having to spam a bunch of different watcher abilities and or wait for creeping to work really makes purple elder strat impractical to green elder when clearing everything besides bosses, all that work isnt worth only 15% more damage. Assuming peace even counts as a disar
  12. primeval is pure natures best ranged unit currently so the reason nobody ever sees it is because pure nature is so unpopular. It does only 15 less damage per main hit than wyrm with similar attack speed but also tons of trash clear. It can solo kill an abom using its free ability surviving with more hp than an ironclad. Its free ability is aoe cc for free and depending on position of your army can cc an entire camp with 1 click of a button... for free. Granted these new changes will make it take longer to cc multiple areas but it will be able to use each ability more efficiently without
  13. i was mainly suggesting because as of now it is basically a useless ability. the only targets youd want to use taunt on are bosses but it doesnt work so it ends up being useless and making it work on bosses was from my point of view the simplest fix. the main issues with attempting to control the boss target is that u cant control ally units and theres also the tedium of moving the grinders as well as the fact that the grinder heal passive doesnt mesh well with gemeyes long range in a mixed composition. You need to try and place them close enough to reach his passive range while still far enou
  14. do u know the name of it? also why is abaddon being nerfed? also it is odd because the last few days i played i saw other players kill him without too much difficulty (one day i saw someone kill him using 2 overlords and only a single regrowth but idk how) which is much different from when i played a month ago where he would melt everything except turtles and things getting spam healed with defensive bonuses.
  15. what other units have taunt besides lightblade and grinder? if lightblades could be limited to a certain tier then it could still work for example
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