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  1. NAME: Untargetable Buildings in Random PvEUnta DESCRIPTION: Buildings were spawned inside eachother in such a way that neither one could be targeted by attacks and had to be destroyed by an AOE spell. Obviously if no one had a AoE spell it would be un-completeable. REPRODUCIBILITY: Randomly in rPvE and not very often. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: bad_spawn.pmv _log_proxy_latest.log
  2. NAME: Power Wells Shader Bug DESCRIPTION: Power wells will change color constantly or use their correct colors but be completely or nearly invisible for most of the match. REPRODUCIBILITY: No idea, possibly because of all graphics settings on highest possible. LOG: attached SCREENSHOTS: _log_proxy_latest.log
  3. This happens with mind control as well and affects other units with constant damage. With mind control though, even though the animation disappears, your units still take damage as if it were an enemy.
  4. NAME: Invisible Nightguards when spawned by other players DESCRIPTION: When Nightguards are spawned by other players in some maps (or seemingly at random depending on what was loaded into memory I'm guessing), they are invisible for players that don't have Nightguard in their decks. I believe this may have to do with how the textures are compressed as some other units have incorrect texture compression in my experience. REPRODUCIBILITY: Launch a fresh battleforge game without ever seeing a nightguard played or having one in your deck. Play the map "Titans", any position should work.
  5. After testing it on every size and animation I could, I could not reproduce this bug, so I would say it is resolved!
  6. Very nice write-up, the only thing I can't agree with on balancing is the final tower as I don't think it will fix how bad that card is unless Firebug can still go off when destroyed. Can't wait to see tower changes (though I probably won't be using Necroblaster anymore ).
  7. NAME: Offering sets cards on cooldown DESCRIPTION: When you use up a card until it's at 0 charges and wait for it to recharge 1 charge, then use Offering, any cards that recharged 1 charge and Offering increased to 2 or more will go on cooldown after you bring them to 1 charge remaining. This only happens when using Offering while a summoned unit is still in it's summoning animation. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens. For an example, play Thugs until you have 0, wait for it to recharge to 1. Next summon a Wrecker and use Offering (Green) on the Wrecker as soon as possible (spam it). Now Thu
  8. NAME: Game crashed while playing random pve level 9 DESCRIPTION: While playing rpve9 vs exclusively Lost, I went to cast "Regrowth" and the game crashed straight to desktop. REPRODUCIBILITY: Cannot reproduce, first time it has happened. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: May not have to do with Regrowth, could've entirely been coincidence _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp log_gd.txt
  9. DESCRIPTION: After completing the map, when the exit match popup should appear, instead the game crashes to desktop. REPRODUCIBILITY: Has happened once before but not in at least 10 KotG games. LOG: Attached Below. Thanks and good luck! _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  10. I think you are mistaken as no where in game or on the wiki does it state that it "Ignore the 50% frozen reduction" and the rest is working as intended. I do think the bug here is that it doesn't state that the buff persists on units after they leave the aura for 10 seconds.
  11. Increasing orb restrictions would only make the game worse by decreasing the amount of combinations making "use enlightenment" more necessary.
  12. NAME: Game Crashes on selecting 4-player rPVE DESCRIPTION: Game crashes consistently by picking 4-player rPvE after having played a campaign map. Re-logging and trying to play rPVE still crashes to desktop. REPRODUCIBILITY: Can keep doing it consistently even after logging in. LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log
  13. It's not about not balancing, but everyone talks as if "balance" is making Amii Monument or whatever card completely useless by making something cost so much that it's not even viable in PvE, nevermind PvP; Let me tell you, that's not balance. This kind of talk is the reason why there's completely useless cards now, like Mortar Tower or Mindweaver for example. You have to take into account that not everyone plays at the same skill level and extremely nerfing cards that (while it might be a crutch) they need to do a singleplayer map should be out of the question; Also not everyone plays PvP and
  14. Just ban certain cards from speedruns if you want, like most other speedruns in games. There's no reason to rebalance the whole game just because you feel like it's "cheap" or "makes the game too easy". Just don't use that card if you think that and you'll lose nothing by not playing it, while others that want to use it will lose nothing by it not being changed. I feel the same can be said for any card really. "The game is too easy with x card" is just competitive whining when you can easily just not use x card. EDIT: And for future reference, saying "Kind regards" or something like th
  15. Try downloading DirectX 9, it should install alongside your newer direct x. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4207-need-help-check-this-thread-first-clientupdater-troubleshooting/
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