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  1. NAME: Game crashed while playing random pve level 9 DESCRIPTION: While playing rpve9 vs exclusively Lost, I went to cast "Regrowth" and the game crashed straight to desktop. REPRODUCIBILITY: Cannot reproduce, first time it has happened. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: May not have to do with Regrowth, could've entirely been coincidence _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp log_gd.txt
  2. DESCRIPTION: After completing the map, when the exit match popup should appear, instead the game crashes to desktop. REPRODUCIBILITY: Has happened once before but not in at least 10 KotG games. LOG: Attached Below. Thanks and good luck! _log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp
  3. I think you are mistaken as no where in game or on the wiki does it state that it "Ignore the 50% frozen reduction" and the rest is working as intended. I do think the bug here is that it doesn't state that the buff persists on units after they leave the aura for 10 seconds.
  4. Increasing orb restrictions would only make the game worse by decreasing the amount of combinations making "use enlightenment" more necessary.
  5. NAME: Game Crashes on selecting 4-player rPVE DESCRIPTION: Game crashes consistently by picking 4-player rPvE after having played a campaign map. Re-logging and trying to play rPVE still crashes to desktop. REPRODUCIBILITY: Can keep doing it consistently even after logging in. LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log
  6. It's not about not balancing, but everyone talks as if "balance" is making Amii Monument or whatever card completely useless by making something cost so much that it's not even viable in PvE, nevermind PvP; Let me tell you, that's not balance. This kind of talk is the reason why there's completely useless cards now, like Mortar Tower or Mindweaver for example. You have to take into account that not everyone plays at the same skill level and extremely nerfing cards that (while it might be a crutch) they need to do a singleplayer map should be out of the question; Also not everyone plays PvP and
  7. Just ban certain cards from speedruns if you want, like most other speedruns in games. There's no reason to rebalance the whole game just because you feel like it's "cheap" or "makes the game too easy". Just don't use that card if you think that and you'll lose nothing by not playing it, while others that want to use it will lose nothing by it not being changed. I feel the same can be said for any card really. "The game is too easy with x card" is just competitive whining when you can easily just not use x card. EDIT: And for future reference, saying "Kind regards" or something like th
  8. Try downloading DirectX 9, it should install alongside your newer direct x. https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4207-need-help-check-this-thread-first-clientupdater-troubleshooting/
  9. I'm big guy in real life, so I got this nickname from friends, that's it. Very creative.
  10. Worked as every form of Tech Support possible, went to school for 3D Graphic Design, but currently unable to work because of health issues stemming from the stress of working 100+ hours a week for years. Don't do it, your body can only take so much (who knew?). I would love to learn 3D animation though; My hobby is making art for the old C&C games.
  11. I wouldn't so much say imbalanced, more like RNG at it's finest. We'll have the same ability to trade, so balanced or no, someone is gonna be pulling alot of powerful cards early on, that much is obvious. When all the cards are available though, it's only a matter of trading with eachother until we're all on equal grounds and it becomes entirely skill based.
  12. Arms are like spagetti, neck is too long, hips are too wide, ears need to be lowered, and her torso is very short. You should lightly sketch out an oval for the head size you're going for, make her (for anime sizing) 5 or 6 heads tall by drawing the same length oval directly underneath the last. Make sure the hips are only slightly larger than the stomach if you want larger hips and legs are twice as close as they are now. The front half of her hair should be half the head size with that style and breasts are higher than that. That's my constructive criticism by the way, sorry if it soun
  13. I never have either. Also, I play a fisting barbarian, since you were wondering if everyone played bow.
  14. Titan

    Kiwi Shipping

    As another one of the people who was present in chat while this happend ; I am not sorry at all.
  15. Excellent, it loads perfectly now. UVW's are wrong for 3DS Max, and need to be moved upward in UVW edit. Bones aren't imported, but that's fixable too. -par suffix images are for particles and glow if anyone is wondering.
  16. What programs are you using? I cannot seem to get 3DS Max 2012 to import them with the UVW correct.
  17. Looking them over, the SF2 .drs files are alot simpler to read, but they're mostly the same as Battleforge .drs. Why it can read the DE FA out of SF2 and not Battleforge, I don't know because it does have DE FA in the right location; And I'm not a Visual Basic person, so I don't really know what I can do with it. On the good side, the documentation is really nice on it, though a bit difficult to understand initially. I'll keep working on it and see what I can come up with. Thanks for all the info!
  18. Nothing yet really, my mind is in a stupid phase at the moment, next time it goes back to being smart, I'll post something
  19. Yeah, but it's a pure ice variant which is why I mentioned it. Same goes for this:
  20. Well if my math is correct, the root node is only 4 bytes, and the CGeoMesh is 1,588 bytes, and both numbers sound right, but I'm still unsure and my head isn't right today lol. Indeed would be a cool unit to add along with the multiple other unused units (like my avatar), maybe after we can figure out how to export them anyway.
  21. Thank you for all the info Onedaxter. Honestly I haven't looked at it long, but I am already a bit lost as to where I can find the files; But by guessing I'd say: root node = 0x00000020 - 0x00000023 CGeoMesh = 0x00000024 - 0x00000667 ;Unsure of this number though
  22. I've looked into those as well and the only program I can find is the one I linked, and while these are indeed the same DRS files used in Spellforce, the host is no longer available, so there is no program at the moment unless someone that used it and saved it could appear in this community (extremely unlikely); zlib compression is also not present as I searched for the headers and while 78 01 is there, it is not a header. Also an issue: These are taken from the file greenland_monument_module1_s0.drs and has the following header problems. Then again, these are for non-animated buildings of whi
  23. Well after hours of research I've still come to a dead end with no real experience in decoding the header for what file type it is supposed to be. Some discovery involves: http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=9124 where someone is nice enough to explain the header of .drs files that Battleforge uses, and has a decoder for it, but sadly the site the decoder is hosted is no longer available and is not saved on TheWaybackMachine. I'll continue researching this, hopefully someone better at this can take this knowledge and use it better.
  24. Well when this is actually playable, I can definitely recruit from the Command & Conquer community, as well as the Warcraft community, hopefully that should bring a good number of people to play, especially since it'll be free and both of those playerbases don't hate playing older strategy games. But again, it'll have to be playable first before I can hype it up...
  25. [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='2089' dateline='1435268449'] Well, perhaps this rule could apply to cards such as Energy Parasite, which hold absolutely no purpose in PvE. Also not everyone has every card in the game. Some people may have certain cards, which would currently lack use in certain scenarios in the pve realm. I know this is an improbable occurance, but I still think it could happen. [/quote] Energy Parasite would be a great example of its usages and this is all what I'm trying to say.
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