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  1. And everybody playing Guns of Lyr, who doesn't forget: "Hurry, clear the engineer's path!"
  2. My name actually has some real life association. Pretty much since I was 3 years old I carry the name Bini with me. All my real life friends, as well as those I got to know during my online life and some within my family call me Bini, so there is that. My actual nickname. Connection to my real life name is there, but loose. Anyways, as it turns out Bini is a name used by some and is oftentimes already used by someone else, so I had to come up with a surname to distinguish myself. I put Bini in reverse, which is Inib and then added the bitor part at the end, as the the word would then be
  3. Witches are close to the shard! Stop them!
  4. NAME: Shrine of Martyrs refunds void power in vastly different amounts. DESCRIPTION: Shrine of Martyrs refunds 12% of current void power to every teammate everytime an enemy unit is frozen. However in single player matches, as well as multiplayer matches, it may happen that units count as multiple entities being frozen. Doesn't matter if they're squads or singular entities. In an extreme example, 2 large creatures counted as 9 frozen targets. In some it works just fine. So the amount of void return you're receiving varies greatly, just seems more broken on multiplayer matches. I assume it
  5. If feasible of course. Not much to add here. I put certain people on my ignore list for a reason, either because they can't keep their mouth shut or grief the game. Unfortunately putting them on ignore doesn't disable their pings and some of them have the tendency to make obnoxious use of it. I suggest either adding such functionality to the ignore list or allow muting chat and pings separately.
  6. It's been fun, could make use of my favourite cards. Lads, do it!
  7. Recorded testing footage of Wasteland Terror attacking squads on walls. 09e23zGLg6Ok6WTiDyKsHXYFju77IjLYdmb7IawcCnh9KUfayNiiRMW6AdD0Aw1B.mp4
  8. Recently I created a deck that only consisted of Elementals. T1 is fairly limited at that with only Ice Guardian. In maps with delayed T2 access, the start with the deck obviously starts to fall apart, but does reasonably well in a variety of advanced PvE maps and rPvE 9. Could've gone T4 with Gemeyes or Grinders, but wanted a decent variety and keep using my T3 units. In addition to what I brought up earlier, reason of bringing this suggestion up is also the current situation and alternatives around that level. I could spent 130 power for a supportive unit that deals mediocre damage and
  9. I think green will still be a decent choice for unbound makeshift defenses, like capturing Hatecasters, Fleshbenders, Wizard Towers and such.
  10. Equally as in equally effective compared to use against other factions like Bandits or Stonekin. Primary use for purple would be against Willzappers and Volcano/Artillery, as green won't be able to do that.
  11. The fire preset used player card costs as reference, so Gifted Takeover may be less effective in these matches. We may adjust costs in the future, but with the change toward T3/140, Nature affinity should be equally effective against Fire soon.
  12. Haven't played with me recently and it shows, lel. But I've given that some thought recently. My guess is, that most players don't bother using Rageflame because the freezing mechanic feels a bit clunky to use with the time requirement and no tangible reward for playing multiple Rageflames. Hence its support role is somewhat undermined by its own functionality. All other support units in the game grant noticable supportive benefits if you play multiple of the same kind. Be it stun locking with Aggressors, shield spam with Winter Witches or heals with Timeshifter Spirit. As for Ragefl
  13. Map: Raven's End Issues: 1. Stonekin Shredder deals no damage. 2. Stonekin Rageflame in the centre camp is hostile towards other Stonekin entities 3. Stonekin Shards in the right camp are hostile towards other Stonekin entities Gameplay implications: Minor. YnGwQ36Es7lcQxLuKAmFBqPp8TiBugrpVOMFBrkjcK1H0bvmJq2dJp95vmmiu4Ck.mp4
  14. Something more of a bug. Left side of the map (as if anyone bothers taking that route LUL) has two Soulhunters next to a spawn building. However one dies the moment the map starts. Doubt it has any gameplay implications, but I thought it worth mentioning.
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