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  1. NAME: Snapjaws' attack kill framerates over time DESCRIPTION: Snapjaws' attack cause your game to drop in frames for the remainder of the match. This is especially prelavent if you have a bunch of Snapjaws attacking at the same location. This is true for every Snapjaw card. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Can be tested quite easily in the Forge. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: See attachments ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Current fixes: While in the match, not looking at the locations they attacked restore framerates mostly. Fixing it completely either requires loading in a new ma
  2. Greetings, after wanting to share my thoughts about the current state of Battlegrounds for weeks now and postponing it ever since because I am lazy, I finally got the drive to write this one up here. I want to share my thoughts and suggestions of multiple aspects of its current execution and how they can be improved because let's face it: it is far from perfect. This is not a thread about "hurr durr, nerf Lost Souls , because they are so hard on difficulty 9, the second highest difficulty of them all" and certainly won't start with phrases like: "I don't make suggestions, because I d
  3. NAME: Only on Test Server. Unable to remove any card upgrades. DESCRIPTION: On Test Server you own all cards with maximum upgrades. You can not remove any upgrades from them. You may be able to purchase new upgrades, but even then you can not remove any charges or upgrades, you will only get the error "Upgrade combine failed". REPRODUCABILITY: Always. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://i.imgur.com/q8SIqwL.mp4 LOGS: https://bit.ly/3nFMX6P
  4. NAME: Cardbase filters are not working correctly DESCRIPTION: Cardbase has filters to include or exclude certain types. Frost filter shows and hides Stonekin as well as Bandit cards. Their respective filters do nothing. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://i.imgur.com/T6tsdmR.mp4 LOG: https://bit.ly/3nFMX6P
  5. Greetings, cutting straight to the chase. Some cards in the game either have very vague or confusing card descriptions, that make understating attacks or abilities hard to understand or leave out important details. Time Vortex - Void Power thresholds. Lost Grigori - Desintegration values. Church of Negation - Desintegration values. Wrathgazer - Desintegration values, Pain Link - Clear up its damage redistribution to be either stated as premitigation damage or fix the actual value. Shadow Worm - Desintegration values. Soul Splicer - Corpse capacity & consumption (Waystat
  6. Here are the audio cues in question: -ui_knock is the audio cue, when being invited by someone else. -ui_timer is the audio cue, when somebody requested your deck. Upon further investigation I also noticed, that being whispered at also lacks its sound effect: -ui_chat_inc1 is the audio file for that. ui_knock.mp3 ui_timer.mp3 ui_chat_inc1.mp3
  7. NAME: Sound effects not playing, when being invited or requested a deck DESCRIPTION: Back in retail, when EA was still hosting the game, there were sound effects when being invited to a group or someone requested a deck from you. These have been absent since like Stress Test initially launched. I can vividly remember them - a group invite was followed by a sound cue that resembled knocking on a door three times, where as having your deck requested was like two bells in succession being played with two different pitches, the second one noticably higher in pitch. REPRODUCIBILITY: Alway
  8. NAME: "assertion failed" error message, when creating a solo map with CTD. SEVERITY: 1 - game crash LOCATION: Forge, map selection, when choosing and trying to create a map REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Not really that much to say. The game crashes the moment you press the create button. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This error started occuring today. EDIT: Error is now happening across all solo maps
  9. Just tried it out, very good tool for finding out, which maps you need to play.
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