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  1. I see, hmm but then it looks a bit too gentle to me.
  2. Turned out quite well, although I think the shard effect could be a bit more "static". Looks a bit odd, when the stone fragments move up slightly after they emerge.
  3. I truly hope Toggy is among those voice actors. We need some Warlock voice acting.
  4. All good, I'm just joking. 😬 I wouldn't be able to choose a "1st place winner" in good faith. And especially in creative contests like these I think it's better this way.
  5. When the entries are all so bad, they simply skipped platinum.
  6. I agree 8 days for some creative contest it definitely too short. This may work for regular contests like PvE challenges or CCCs. For creative contests however, there are just more factors at play. I spent like more than 8 hours to create my submission and this was during a phase I had more free time. The groundwork is laid out for you in events where you have to play a specific map with certain restrictions. I assume several players spent some time coming up with a meme worthy of submission and by the time they wanted to create it, they only had 3 days or so left. Some were most certainl
  7. Hrdina we all know you only play Magma Hurlers, so any booster contents are redundant anyways.
  8. Issue: In the recently added Nature preset for Battlegrounds/rPvE, the boss Terra occasionally summons Thornbarks called Guardians of Nature. Abyssal Warders summon lesser versions of themselves when eliminated. Both spawns are not subject to void return mechanics involved with freezes. Shrine of Martyrs will not grant any void power back when both summons are being frozen by something like Coldsnap. It's unclear if this also applies to other summons from different presets and/or this also applies to void return granted by Shrine of War, when they are killed while it is active. Video:
  9. Can't wait to hear your Stonekin Bedrock voice over!
  10. People saying Wheel of Gifts sucks.... Even the AI uses them now! Where is your god now?
  12. I guess the idea is a smaller form of the current AI Lost Dragon. Do you mean 100 or 10 life points per second, because 100 for a T2 flying unit is a bit obscene. Lost Dragon only regenerates 60 per second to surrounding units.
  13. Keep in mind this is still the case for AI Evil Eye. It can disintegrate spawn buildings while they still keep their functionality. I blame myself for this lel
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