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  1. Given you have to cope with degenerates like me, that sounds like a lie.
  2. There are two camps that currently serve no purpose or rather are completely ignored during gameplay, as the player has no incentive to push these with the time pressure they are put on. Players rather push through to destroy the main camps or simply defend against the big wave from the second camps (mostly on Expert) if they fail to clear it. An idea to encourage taking the detour would be to simply grant additional instant power upon clearing it in addition to these wells. The slow power gain from these two wells doesn't counteract the time that is lost to destroy the main camps.
  3. I like most of the changes the team is proposing to make maps more desirable to play. One thing that particularly struck me was on the Nightmare maps. How is an increased starter well capacity supposed to speed up the beginning? I doubt players will still be stuck on their starting wells for over 20 minutes. I'd rather keep the current pool of 600 and add a third starting well so Energy Booster or Juice Tank will have more of a purpose on these ones, while also speed up the beginning. The increased void power starting capacity sounds nice, but will only marginally speed up the beginning as y
  4. @TREX The cardbase has not been updated most likely, as the void power shield was Shrine of Martyr's previous ability and has since been reworked into a void manipulation mechanic. Several other units show old values as well.
  5. Dayum, that looks damn sick. Welcome to the team pal.
  6. Greetings, it's simple. Usually cards with a shadow affinity have some sort of interaction, which causes enemies to deal less damage or deal damage over time instead of instantly. Cards with Fire affinity on the other hand either cause units to take/deal more damage or deal damage instantly. On both, Twilight Creeper as well as Bandit Artillery, these aspects are flipped. My suggestion is to swap both of these affinities respectively to keep it in line with other cards. It is not a huge deal, but has me bugging ever since.
  7. NAME: Lost Evocation Frost affinity buff only applies to 5 units max. DESCRIPTION: Title basically says it all. Lost Evocation is a spell that summons a revenant demon. It has an aura that buffs surrounding Lost Souls units. Frost affinity buffs units to take less damage, while the Fire affinity increases damage dealt by buffed units. Issue here: Frost affinity only buffs 5 units maximum, while the Fire affinity has no such limit. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: See attachment LOG: Kekismus Maximus. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Toppest of Keks.
  8. This is exclusive to Hurricane. Burrower and Deathglider cannot knock units off walls. It should be noted however that Hurricane applies a knockback whereas Death Glider and Burrower apply a debuff on wall segments. So one may come to the conclusion that Glaciation prevents the application of said debuffs. It is not stated on Hurricane's description so it remains unclear if this is intended behaviour or an oversight.
  9. This is most likely intended behaviour as all damage sharing components work with premitigation damage/original damage. This makes the mechanic unnecessarily confusing as it is nowhere stated that it works with premitigation damage. Wrathgazer's Pain Link, Unholy Hero, Life Weaving - all work like this so you can bet this is also true for Earthkeeper. I'd say it is more of a description problem, not a bug .
  10. NAME: Snapjaws' attack kill framerates over time DESCRIPTION: Snapjaws' attack cause your game to drop in frames for the remainder of the match. This is especially prelavent if you have a bunch of Snapjaws attacking at the same location. This is true for every Snapjaw card. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always. Can be tested quite easily in the Forge. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: See attachments ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Current fixes: While in the match, not looking at the locations they attacked restore framerates mostly. Fixing it completely either requires loading in a new ma
  11. Greetings, after wanting to share my thoughts about the current state of Battlegrounds for weeks now and postponing it ever since because I am lazy, I finally got the drive to write this one up here. I want to share my thoughts and suggestions of multiple aspects of its current execution and how they can be improved because let's face it: it is far from perfect. This is not a thread about "hurr durr, nerf Lost Souls , because they are so hard on difficulty 9, the second highest difficulty of them all" and certainly won't start with phrases like: "I don't make suggestions, because I d
  12. NAME: Only on Test Server. Unable to remove any card upgrades. DESCRIPTION: On Test Server you own all cards with maximum upgrades. You can not remove any upgrades from them. You may be able to purchase new upgrades, but even then you can not remove any charges or upgrades, you will only get the error "Upgrade combine failed". REPRODUCABILITY: Always. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://i.imgur.com/q8SIqwL.mp4 LOGS: https://bit.ly/3nFMX6P
  13. NAME: Cardbase filters are not working correctly DESCRIPTION: Cardbase has filters to include or exclude certain types. Frost filter shows and hides Stonekin as well as Bandit cards. Their respective filters do nothing. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://i.imgur.com/T6tsdmR.mp4 LOG: https://bit.ly/3nFMX6P
  14. Greetings, cutting straight to the chase. Some cards in the game either have very vague or confusing card descriptions, that make understating attacks or abilities hard to understand or leave out important details. Some statements are also simply wrong. Abyssal Warder Has Steadfast, not listed. Amok Missing letter in description for the infused affinity. Last instead of lasts. Aura of Pain States it damages itself, but really does not. Bandit Lancer Change to "All ranged units" for clarity. Bandit Walker AI version, typo when hovering over the icon: "Acient". Chur
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