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  1. Sykole

    Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Not that it is forbidden, I am not the creator of the quote; but on forums members tend to not take what others already have, a way of respect.
  2. Sykole

    Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Is there a reason as to why you chose to copy my signature quote and not having your own .. ?
  3. Sykole

    Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I have no problem with you whatsoever, but are you serious?
  4. Sykole

    Card Art Rework

    You are talented in what you do, that cannot be denied, but I'd like to have you know the truth so you wouldn't be disappointed later on. Battleforge has been shutdown for nearly 4 years now, which means all of its playerbase has aged as well. The average of this community's age is not less than 15 years old I'd assume, meaning that the game is nothing right now but a train of nostalgia. For you to come and replace those memories with phony ones, that wouldn't be called anything but a mistake. Believe me, if just a fraction of the cards were to be replaced, I will be the first to quit the community, and I am sure many would agree to that. The "oldschool" cards are part of the game, it's is what makes Battleforge itself, the one carved into our memories for years now. You cannot integrate a modern design asset with an old game, it just won't look right. Not only will the artwork be different from the actual object model, it will not be as detailed either. Your efforts are valued, I am really happy to find someone spend their time in such way, but it seems to me that it will be wasted. Instead, you could create full-on scale fanart for characters like Mo in the media section, create forum signatures, or perhaps cooperate with the project's admins to create custom emotes for the forums or even headers for them to use in the announcements; say it's Christmas, you'd draw Mo with a Santa outfit on for them to use in a post, etc. My point is, it would be way better to spend the time making the cards into making something more useful that will actually be used.
  5. Sykole

    Card Art Rework

    Try something out and show us the outcome.
  6. Sykole

    Donations are back... on Patreon !

    While I do understand your point and would understand why it may bother you, I believe it's also necessary to acknowledge that gaining early access is a reward as is. Early alpha testers were chosen on streams without signing up, however they were not forced to stay.. Anyone who had received their status could have given it up, in other words we were not forced to do bug testing. While it was frustrating to deal with constant bugs and issues, we also got the chance to enjoy the game as well, which many others had dreamed about doing. I honestly would be content with just having the alpha/beta tags on the forums as a form of gratitude, but beyond that; I don't think they are capable of providing us with more. Not to mention it is necessary, to keep the project alive, to give somewhat a higher importance to donors, which on the long run encourages people to donate and keep the server alive, it's a way of business really and you can't blame them for that really.
  7. Sykole

    [Forum Game] Rate the Movie!

    I agree with the Eddio statement.
  8. Sykole

    [Forum Game] Rate the Movie!

    3/10 I'd go with the Kung Fu Panda animated series, or if we are talking about regular movies, then it would be The Imitation Game.
  9. Sykole

    Should I stop to not be serious ?

    Voted Trump God bless us
  10. I believe it is possible if they connect databases, which would allow like viewing your decks online etc, which would be pretty cool
  11. Sykole

    My Project v2

    Yeah, the original example required strings to be surrounded by " " but when I showed it to people who have no prior experience in coding, it caused them confusion which was what led me to simplify it in that way. My idea is to have it as flexible as possible, meaning whether a string is treated with " " or not, it will still parse, or do you think otherwise? Also yeah, thought of making a "script builder" where it highlights the syntax & pre-parse the code (without executing) to show if there are any errors
  12. Sykole

    My Project v2

    Update - Had just a bit of time to be able to work on the scripting engine the past two days and this is the start, created a documentation to help mainly me in case I set the project aside and decide to return to it later . (Total hours: ~6h, Total Lines: ~650) By no means this it the final product, still has a long way to go. Posting it here to get suggestions and feedback on improvements. GitHub documentation: https://github.com/Mayion/fileinspect/blob/master/README.md Simplified the actual scripting compared to the prototype I had in the main topic a bunch to help not make things complicated. I'd love to hear back from you; @fiki574 @anonyme0273 @sylvix95 @Eddio and anybody else interested in giving their input on anything related to the project

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