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  1. A duet with Eddio will make it even better.
  2. Great talent you have there.
  3. r90aiHJ.gif

    1. ThomasMann


      pretty cool 

    2. anonyme0273


      Instead of that pink stuff I imagine access to BattleForge. Fitting

  4. Happy birthday! 

    1. sylvix95


      who dis ?

    2. Ultrakool


      Ur kidding right? @sylvix95

      Happy birthday meph :) 

  5. xtoo123
  6. Love it, keep it up.
  7. 1L6l16m.gif

    1. Eddio


      Pretty accurate

    2. Ultrakool


      ThomasMann seeing he received  his beta access (colorized) Circa. 2017

  8. Where is my "Hail Sykole" title, I see nothing assigned to my account Hawk. Unacceptable. I, Sykole vi Britannia wish you the best regards and congratulations deep from my heart!
  9. I don't remember what it was called, it was a shadow spell that allowed you to summon undead troops. Remember that irritating card in PvP? That was my favorite
  10. At the very beginning I believe they said it will be likely for them to release server files if the project was shutdown, however; now I don't think they have that in mind anymore because of the reasons anonyme listed.
  11. This song is beyond amazing IMO, love it. :) 

    1. ThomasMann


      and it isn't a anime song... amazing. But yeah, good song. 

    2. marcel


      Best music :)

    3. Eddio


      I am slightly surpised nobody posted some troll music vids here yet. :kappa: 

  12. Such honesty, much formal
  13. Has such a weird username, wow
  14. Is a pseudo