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  1. You would "pause" in terms of rewards/achievements, but still have the game running with well powers and everything, that's what you are referring to?
  2. Brilliant idea. To make it easier to understand, those dots could also be next to the difficulty levels, so for instance the Expert button would have three dots next to it. Or instead of having one to three dots, it could be one colored dot. Green for completing on Easy, Orange and Red, to signify difficulty. Doesn't take much to notice the pattern after finishing two or three maps.
  3. So now they can all stack on top of one another? How about the same one, will two nether warps be double the healing? Appreciate the recent updates.
  4. I agree. Being able to see decks that you recently viewed would be a good help. e.g. When you want to check the prices of cards a player is selling, or trying to copy a deck.
  5. Yeah same actually. I also think that the forum could use a makeover to make it look more Battlefield like with an improved layout.
  6. I have to be honest, all your posts bemuse me haha. The way I saw it is that every season, you would get like 6 shards maximum, so that's like 2 rewards every season. And regarding the nice animation and such, yeah I really wanted things like that but I believe it's hard to compose high quality music and integrate animations due to the project's limitations. There is always the possibility of having the "Shard Forging" on a website with special effects, cool animations and all that, even better is to have that webpage integrated into the client itself through a webbrowser element
  7. Or simply a limited number of shards every seasonal cycle, which is not yet implemented. For instance, completing a campaign map for the first time gets you a shard. Also, it could be like: Defeat it on Expert to get 2 shards, this way players will have to think twice before winning a campaign map. Do they play it on easy and get 1 shard and that's it, or wait until they have a stronger deck to win it and get 2 shards? Could be something along those lines.
  8. Hey, that still sounds awesome. Can be a great addition as well!
  9. @Kapo @Ladadoos Hi. About the assumption of the devs thing, I am not trying to fight or blame here. I only mentioned it that way because my suggestions seem to have a history of being complicated for implementation, so I took the recent update as an example as to how it is similar on the backend. And even if I was being a jerk, criticism should always be accepted in all its form, instead of getting all defensive. Regarding your suggestions, I replied below. @Metagross31 @LittleLegend Yeah true. The main focus is to reduce the importance of BFP and start venturing into different directions
  10. The general concept is what I want to focus on, the details like balancing and so forth can be worked out afterwards if the staff wants it to be researched. The main question for me is: Would it be a fun addition and actually impactful or not? What do you think?
  11. Hi, Apparently since something like the booster history, which requires a database connection and client modification, can be developed at a time like this when it is (I assume) a low priority project with no impact on the game at all, then you now have a surplus of developers to afford working on such minor things? If so, here goes another idea I had but didn't share due to limitations. Name: Forging (Comes from BattleForge, duh) Function: Allows players to forge cards, boosters, and cosmetic collectables. Features: - Shards: Can be forged into a random reward.
  12. I don't remember us being on good terms, but you did help the project throughout the years and stepped up with Hawk to take the lead, so thanks for your work. Best of luck in life.
  13. Oh god yes please. For a couple of weeks now I have like 3 map quests just sitting there staring at me like a kid wanting to play games on my phone
  14. Yeah, I get you. I was just saying that projects administration can also be applied to newer departments, like Events, Mini-games, etc. Either way, I had an opinion and I said it. Whether or how it can be utilized, I will trust your judgement on that. Keep up the good work. Cheers
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