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  1. after all the trouble me and the contestants went through, you withdraw the reward? scammed reported
  2. Hi, this is an in-game contest. Reward: 3000 BFP granted by @Titan Contest Requirements: Have your name written below. Contestants: @Sykole And the winner is, @Sykole! Congratulations, you are now the winner of the contest and the 3000 BFP. Thanks for coming everyone, the contest is now over.
  3. will be waiting for my cheque in the mail when it gets implemented
  4. @anonyme0273they finally did it bro. time to get filthy rich
  5. I was thinking something like the kind Battlefield heroes had, they called it the Claw Machine, so not a slot machine per se, just the same concept of booster, but as something with extra flavor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLsRfJd0QJw
  6. Hi, Since we are trying to include influencers and find ways to make understanding the game a little bit easier, why not utilize the card builder website we already have and integrating it as something more than just a card builder for the BF geeks? - Build decks, export and share them with others. bfcards.com/decks/<deck> -- Probably suggested before, but I think it is worth implementing. It would take connecting the website to the db so that users can login and such, but would be a great future. Instead of searching endlessly on the forum for this or that guide, we have it so say, Sykole uploads a meta deck for the campaign map Behind Enemy Lines, and if others like it, they Upvote/Honor Sykole, and at a certain point, Sykole gets a badge of honor for his good deeds. This way Sykole has incentive to post decks with a neat description on how to use them. This will make it easier for players to browse decks, and even filter them by the cards they have, or limit their price to XX. We can have any kind of filter. Also, why not make it feel more modern? Say for example, making it seem like we have this personal assistant that helps you decide whether this deck is fit or not. Say the assistant is called Moon, she will ask you, is this deck for rPvE or PvP? What orbs do you want to use? Then suggests cards, and when you finalize the deck, she gives you tips. "Hey, you do not have an XL unit, how about using this card?" or "Perhaps you could use more spells in the deck, why not include those XYZ nature spells since you already have a nature orb?" and so forth. A colorful website, no complicated AI or anything, just ifs and elses to make it happen. This way, also influencers can say, "Hey guys, my deck is below. Use the link to equip it and get a free 300 gold!" -- OR even make it so there are certain rewards/quests. "Use three decks by influencers in a match to get 100 BFP". - Slot machine. On the same website, there is a slot machine where if lucky, you get a card shard. Completely free every X days where you get a free spin, and when you get 2 or 3 of the same card shard, you can forge it into a card. You can also buy slot charges with gold or bfp, something along these lines. - Use the website and forums more one way or another. If the game engine itself is hard to crack, we make our own with blackjack and bookers. But the song im listening to is over so im out of ideas
  7. As someone who doesn't sweat on the game, I do like the idea of making rPVE10 easier. I do like me a challenge, but not one that requires constant trial and error for every single map, edition and position I spawn in.
  8. Time to sell my Mine stash. Card's gonna take a dip
  9. You would "pause" in terms of rewards/achievements, but still have the game running with well powers and everything, that's what you are referring to?
  10. Brilliant idea. To make it easier to understand, those dots could also be next to the difficulty levels, so for instance the Expert button would have three dots next to it. Or instead of having one to three dots, it could be one colored dot. Green for completing on Easy, Orange and Red, to signify difficulty. Doesn't take much to notice the pattern after finishing two or three maps.
  11. I agree. Being able to see decks that you recently viewed would be a good help. e.g. When you want to check the prices of cards a player is selling, or trying to copy a deck.
  12. Yeah same actually. I also think that the forum could use a makeover to make it look more Battlefield like with an improved layout.
  13. I have to be honest, all your posts bemuse me haha. The way I saw it is that every season, you would get like 6 shards maximum, so that's like 2 rewards every season. And regarding the nice animation and such, yeah I really wanted things like that but I believe it's hard to compose high quality music and integrate animations due to the project's limitations. There is always the possibility of having the "Shard Forging" on a website with special effects, cool animations and all that, even better is to have that webpage integrated into the client itself through a webbrowser element in one of the tabs, but I doubt it can be done.
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