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  1. Yeah, the original example required strings to be surrounded by " " but when I showed it to people who have no prior experience in coding, it caused them confusion which was what led me to simplify it in that way. My idea is to have it as flexible as possible, meaning whether a string is treated with " " or not, it will still parse, or do you think otherwise? Also yeah, thought of making a "script builder" where it highlights the syntax & pre-parse the code (without executing) to show if there are any errors
  2. Oh hello there onii-chan


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      Welp, there I go logging into the forum to see if anything major happend recently, and I get to see this.
      This is why I love you <3

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    4. Sykole


      A habit out of sheer boredom on the forums :')

  3. Update - Had just a bit of time to be able to work on the scripting engine the past two days and this is the start, created a documentation to help mainly me in case I set the project aside and decide to return to it later . (Total hours: ~6h, Total Lines: ~650) By no means this it the final product, still has a long way to go. Posting it here to get suggestions and feedback on improvements. GitHub documentation: https://github.com/Mayion/fileinspect/blob/master/README.md Simplified the actual scripting compared to the prototype I had in the main topic a bunch to help not make things complicated. I'd love to hear back from you; @fiki574 @anonyme0273 @sylvix95 @Eddio and anybody else interested in giving their input on anything related to the project
  4. Right.. Was going to check if it was a project I can handle with my busy schedule but seems you already have someone for the task.
  5. Where is the topic introducing SRT? Want to check the features of the program.
  6. I'm still waiting on a picture of fiki in a mankini, and I believe Blank has the same desires as myself. I'm utterly disappointed

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      All the staff are looking forward to this I can assure you. ;)

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      I shouldn't have googled that.

    4. Sykole
  7. There are usually giveaways on the Discord server, or on official streams which allow for new people to join the test group.
  8. I think it looks fine Finish and wrap up this version and start on creating a new one with different colors, or perhaps different poses and expression, keep it up.
  9. I get your point; however an open beta implies that it is well, open for more people than just the closed and selected group (Which is the closed beta group). Naming doesn't matter either. If it did, I would have suggested naming it closed and open Alpha ages ago, all that matters is the progress.
  10. A duet with Eddio will make it even better.
  11. Great talent you have there.
  12. r90aiHJ.gif

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      pretty cool 

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      Instead of that pink stuff I imagine access to BattleForge. Fitting

  13. Happy birthday! 

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      who dis ?

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      Ur kidding right? @sylvix95

      Happy birthday meph :) 

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  15. Love it, keep it up.