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  1. I spy with my little eyes a huge spooky eye just in time for Halloween! Boo! Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  2. Nor did I it was easy and in fact I am openly questioning the repeatability of such feat. You are right there is no good definition but I would roughly define that as someone with some basic knowledge of most cards and keep some tabs on market prices of cards. I can see a player with extensive knowledge and market inclined could accomplish such a feat. For example, maybe players who can do expert maps with tutorial deck could put all their early in to trading and have it snowball easily quickly. And/or buy terribly under appreciated cards which they can use while they try to flip
  3. I have played over 6 months by now and I did some light trading (typically buy low-ish and sell average-ish) but I open my daily boosters rater than sell. I should be able to get non-promo 1x collection but I have focused on getting cards I use and charges. I think I have my budget deck within a day or two and worked up from there (I still mostly use my more budget decks). Yeah there is no limit on trading so it is also possible to do this all in a day (4x + promos) but setting expectations to more repeatable by the average skill trader/player, I think 6 to 7 months feel right (may
  4. Higher power somewhere is telling me Church of Negation "is the way" (is this my 2nd random CCC draw for it?). Actually, I did find some time to attempt a last minute run with buildings only and did well enough to get Stronghold from achievement but not higher than what I submitted already (messed up late game, accidentally saved Rogan before clearing twilight camps for more points etc). Is nice when I can participate and cross out some achievement quests. Wished more people tried but nice to see some new blood. Thanks!
  5. I know I messed up a few things on what I submitted and there is another approach I want to try but not finding time and event is close to ending. Come on people (or maybe Sky creatures?), we need to unlock that sweet sweet full booster code (or we'll just get a still good but not as good mini booster code). Just do what you feel comfortable with!
  6. Was thinking along those lines but I'll stick to thinking is to test our resistance to the temptation of the shiny golden ring... um... I meant chest!
  7. I don't know... Is interesting but on other hand it literally requires no action on players' part. I suppose some people might be trained to open chest (I was clicking on it and I think I stopped in time in my only successful run so far). Anyhow... I am greatly liking this despite it being a little overwhelming at same time. Having extreme flexibility to figure out the path to max point is great but might be overwhelming for newer players. However, there is always random draw and if enough people participate, community mini booster code gets upgraded to general booster code so whil
  8. Thanks for the clarification! Very much loving the PVE attention (only seen PVP league style so far) and seems like a lot of thought/consideration has been put in to cover the different PVE styles. Awesome!
  9. Cool! Interested in Pro-League but looks like I would need to register with a Google account for website?
  10. I'm blown away (literally by over 10mins in this case). Fortunately I do it mostly for fun and a little of to improve myself. Thanks!
  11. Not sure if I like the idea of reward for slowest N spot(s)... unless we are talking about multiple entries (1 "normal" and 1 "slow" entry etc). Anyway, I'll "put money where my mouth is" and in some near future event (only because current event is ending soon), I'll offer some common cards for new/lower ranked players for participation (ideally helping them with event a little somehow). I did "melt" some for reforge mini booster quest but still have few extra copies of various cards.
  12. Yeah, not sure how much that helps but assume it helps somehow. Took a few times review replay to figure out how to keep Rogan alive...
  13. Gave it a few tries and Rogan had just 1HP left...
  14. Thanks! I didn't think I would be in top 10 this time because I knew I made a few mistakes for submitted run but didn't have time to get a better run in. Yeah it was fun and unique. Although, I definitely think a mix of lowest action count AND time made it lot more interesting as I dread how low of action count folks can go at very slow pace.
  15. Just agreeing with Metagross31 that a strict reading of Donaar's criteria list should result in that but definitely felt that was "red meat" so refrained from it initially. Like I said I never viewed Juice Tank as anymore than a "fail safe" and had hinted at SR team making Juice Tank more and more pointless with map rebalances. Finally gotten to Nightmare's End for daily and the power wells near ritualist/"T2" is 900 and I was swimming in so much power the whole time and I didn't even take the power wells in the middle of north and south... I had initially thought that maybe if "T2
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