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  1. Great work and I surely am pleased with the Stonekin love! I wouldn't mind it but hard to imagine a Stonekin WBG fitting in. What do you mean by it? Then again I was suggesting a T4 flying unit...
  2. Hi, welcome to forums! 🙂 In many ways I agree with what you said and would not mind more hint of the massive wave that comes after but I do want to provide this counter point: Map starts with Moon stating that you need power of the 4 nodes to begin ritual to destroy the shard and based on other maps, I think is reason players should expect map won't end for at least another couple minutes after taking the 4 nodes for the said ritual. I do feel the quests for activating and holding nodes aren't the best are hinting how massive the end waves are. I do also fe
  3. Thanks for the reminder! Meant to sign up last time too but forgot and finally registered this time. I'll start off with Pro (lowest of what is open to me) to take is slow.
  4. I like the mix/range of options/rewards achievements gives now. I replayed Siege of Hope way more times than I would had to get Shield Texture with "No Human Left Behind" because doing maps with extra conditions (beside time) is up my alley and achievement/events would be the motivation.
  5. Finally gave this a few tries and I'm like taking 2x time of #1 rank... Of course I am like doing it with barely a few second when 2nd wagon safely makes it. I knew I would have to be faster but fastest time right now is getting close to when first wagon made it. No way I am getting any where close to that but I'll try to do better! Not too hard but interesting twist! Thanks! 🙂
  6. OH! MAN! Can't wait! Thanks for the hard work! :)
  7. Can't believe is last day already and I am sooo far away from diff 5 (want to be greedy and have it count for daily quests). Yeah, let's keep trying! 🙂
  8. Alright! Alright! Stop giving me the Evil Eyes already! I'll do it! I'll do it! 😉
  9. Totally agree! (That aside, I guess I was poking fun at apparent popularity/running joke of Magma Hurlers as this is named "The Archer's Tournament" which SMJ cards says there are a total of 34.)
  10. Yeah, too bad this clearly is biased against Magma Hurler! 😞
  11. So if one was to go all Shadow/Frost/Fire/Nature for the 3 different card choices/tiers, one would be able to play Tier 2 spell at T1? Does the above mean that we are only allowed to play Tier 2 spell after we cleared the respective camp and build 2nd orb and likewise build 3rd orb for Tier 3 spell? I think that seems to be the intent but confusing to me since you have your starting orb.
  12. On paper, Intel Intel HD4000 is DX11.1 and Intel UHD 630 is DX12 so they should work from that perspective... Try reading/following this:
  13. I would consider myself as one of the "nostalgia players". Now, while I saw early news of SR, I wasn't keeping tabs on it so I only joined earlier this year (I guess I am now getting closer to almost 1 year mark of joining). So at least of the balance changes that I have seen, I thought SR team was very mindful of PvE impact even as they made changes for PvP. I don't think it makes sense to do it any other way and feels to me, some just don't want any change. So how many unique players for PvE vs PvP and how many players actually play both? Just wondering if there is only a handful
  14. Power cost is just one factor but it totally matters... I don't know if it is possible but if hypothetically Enlightenment costed 0 power? Even if I don't PvP, I can see how completely broken it would be in PvP and PvE... Because you essentially you have access to any (T4 but could be lower tier) card at T3 and pretty much almost any orb beyond 3rd orb is just "throwing away power" (the only disadvantage in this scenario would be the few sec of delay from casting Enlightenment first then the card you really want to play as opposed to meeting the orb requirements and casting what you really wan
  15. Almost down to the wire last minute if anyone still want to participate in event! Pretty nice pictures there! I know I didn't expend any effort and just took one of my general PvE dekcs... *hide in shame* /jk 🙂
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