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  1. For PvP ranking, was there any discussion/consideration to adopt something similar to PvE rankings (this month, last month, 2 months ago, all time)? And yes, new card looks pretty neat (even though I only play PvE ).
  2. Great altitude there @Kapo! I was thinking of tweaking the point system to encourage players to use lower tier cards and/or undervalued/under appreciated cards more. Maybe something like this: 1 point: T1 common 2 points: T2 common/T1 uncommon 3 points: T3 common/T2 uncommon/T1 rare 4 points: T4 common/T3 uncommon/T2 rare/T1 ultra-rare etc And tie breaker would be: lowest points based on tier count (all T1 cards worth 1 point, all T2 cards worth 2 points, etc) then time or random etc. I was also thinking about using AH
  3. For single player events, the weekends is slightly less important for me but I think there would be a much higher chance of me giving 2 card/point try from what I ended at (3 cards/4 points). For multiplayer events, I really only have a couple of hours on weekends to try to find/work with potential partner(s). I do think time of submission is worst just using the usual time (how long a run took) for reasons already said by others. I would prefer to randomly pick if all the laid out tie breakers still end up in dead lock (meaning randomly picking order of winners from all those who
  4. No worries! It was a pretty fun event but I didn't get to spend as much time on it. Looking forward to see what others managed! Thanks!
  5. Not really... You need 1 point (a T1 unit or building) to gain control of Mo/ground presence for map. I was wondering if other better/more creative players could pull it off but it always felt pretty hard. It would be more surprising/amazing if someone managed 1 point (I still think 1 card, any rarity T1 card and not just common T1 card is still impossible). Geez, I should had tried a little harder seeing it wasn't that bad for 2 point/cards (could see it but felt it would take too long but even that wasn't true)... Anyways congrats and yeah, definitely liking the non-time change u
  6. Yeah I am wondering and waiting for the reveal to know. Yeah I think the 1 point challenge is too harsh/impossible myself. I still don't see it with relaxation to 1 card... We only have to wait another day for event to end then probably some "processing time". to find out...
  7. The video Dutchy posted recently for this map in media section of forum definitely uses deck with over 10 points (so you'll need to do a bit of work yourself) but it finished map without T4. I definitely recommend watching that video (or other videos focused on utilizing Mo) as it helped me a lot in doing this event.
  8. Umm... I don't think I am one offering for the additional challenge? Maybe down the road and I have hosted an event in the old days but at this point, I don't feel ready for it yet. I wonder if @Bozzah would be willing to entertain one card challenge and the person with the lowest point wins (or number of Banzai Lord [G] won is inversely proportional to number of points, up to 4 to be awarded in total)?
  9. Seems impossible but also like to see it! I think 1 point means a single common T1 unit OR building card (at least I tried T1 spell and it doesn't give you control of Mo, got control of wells and monument). Hard to imagine winning with just Mo and an mono army of common T1 units/buildings but all for incentivizing some really good players to prove me wrong!
  10. Lans

    Video: Mo

    "The White Juggernaut! Never thought of him!" Nicely done! Maybe one of these days I'll find the courage/nerve to try doing it with Mo after T3 (I have always done it the "safer" route of building a T3/T4 army rather than using Mo).
  11. Surprising no one else replied. I do think the new indefinite setup will make it more appealing / differentiate it from alternatives. It does seem like a rather niche card competing against cards like Northern Keep (won't work on Stone Tempest / Aggressor / Mountaineer), Wintertide, and Home Soil (Infused Backup) but the change shouldn't hurt.
  12. Yeah, that is interesting. As it stands Rageflame R actually synergizes poorly with Core Dredge R (frozen buildings is no exception to the half damage rule). Yeah, I also feel Rageflame sorely needs anti air. I think one of the "selling point" of Stonekin would be access to paralysis (e.g. Ensnaring Roots) and Curse of Oink like Nature does and freeze (e.g. Coldsnap / Frost Shard) for "best of both world". But playing Defending Hope again today, definitely reminds me why I am using Coldsnap instead of Rageflame (nothing new but why wait for T3/Rageflame when it can't freeze the Twi
  13. I think is wise to take slow and measured approach here and make more changes down the line as needed. Most definitely the lack of anti air very likely what will prevent me from using Rageflame more in future as it is today. I mean if I want to use Stone Warrior B's Blessed Shatter Lance or make most use of Core Dredge B against flyers then I'll be forced to have another freezing source and if something has to go then first is most likely Rageflame. Bringing up Lost Horror, G's triple shot is an "easy" 5610 dp20 (as long as there is 3 targets) and no need to worry about freeze d
  14. I guess I misread Tainted Takeover (same as now, no orb or power limit but it'll be permanent at cost of constant life lost instead of 20s). That I got no problem with (I would trade the 20s for constant life lost). Also I'm all for reasonable limits on stealing structures (Gifted Takeover) or units. I agree with what is said so far about Rageflame but that is NOW because the way I am reading the change, units besides Rageflame B (even without special ability) can deal full damage: And that would be a pretty big thing to me since none of the other freezing sources allo
  15. Sounds like if you did it at difficulty 6 and 22 mins (max time) it'll still be considered better than any time you can achieve at difficulty 5 (even at some outrageously low time). I tried soloing a few times on 2nd position and aggro'ing camp right next to T3 while trying to take T3 is really hard (feels impossible) with T1/T2 units only. 1st position is better/easier and so far I have managed with barely much time left. I think this means there will be some team work to be had even if it is different from the typical team work (with spells). I guess I'll try to look
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