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  1. Awesome event as usual kapo, thanks for making us have a love hate relationship with mo. Looking forward to the next CCC.
  2. The point = the card in your deck slot so you can use the card as many times as you like.
  3. 2 days ago I was helping a beginner with a deck, he was over the moon that he got 1000BFP from his achievements and asked me to put a basic deck with splashes of shadow. He already had embalmer so I said great let's buy a splicer and a phoenix then you've got a awesome T1/T2, much to my chargrin splicer has been consistently high at 300BFP (this used to cost me 100bfp to buy). So i said you'll need equilibrium green, he paid 85BFP for a common (btw this card has been sitting at 50+BFP all week) and a thunderstorm which on the day was ridiculously high too. So after just buying a few cards he b
  4. Well after paying for disenchant, bata, enlightenment and charges infect was low on my priority list . Because after paying for my batas, enlightenments (3k), disenchants (2k), nethers (2k) I didn't have much BFP left for infect. Like other beginners I also played LSS (500each at the time) and overlords (900each). Could be entirely wrong but if I recall correctly windhunter did write a whole document on reforging and how it impacted the economy. I could be mistaken but I thought that was the point of reforging.
  5. Took me 4months before I could justify pay 3.5kBFP for my first infect, still remember biting the bullet and buying it . Unfortunately the high priced cards such as harvester, disenchant, nether all go in hand which adds up the bill pretty quickly, this is not accounting for charges. It's understandable that they are considered end game cards and 'luxury' items but how many players will stick around long enough to actually accumulate enough BFP to buy it? Having so many unattainables plus the rising costs of commons/uncommons add up for beginners.
  6. Kubik, I am not suggesting anything of the sort. We have SMJ which has an extensive history of card prices pre and post reforging, this would be considered a reliable source if that was to be implemented. I understand that a free market is fluid, but how much fluidity should there be if new players are having to pay 50+BFP for an equilibrium or 4000+BFP for infect? It took me nearly 8 months of continuous playing, doing my quests religiously and selling my boosters before I could get all the high ticket cards and promos. This was me lucky enough to have started when cards were a reasonable pri
  7. I'm unsure if it is possible development wise but is there a possibility to introduce price caps on cards? Currently the minimum possible price is 3BFP, if we introduce a maximum price that can be listed for each card the likelihood of people mass buying and reselling will be reduced significantly as profit margins are governed by the difference in the cap and buyout price.
  8. There are peaks and troughs over course of a week for card prices however the past few weeks the rare and UR card prices have steadily risen back to almost pre-reforging levels if not more. As much as it saddens me to say, I doubt that the team can do anything about toxic traders who insist on hoarding cards and manipulating the market for their own gains. It's a free market, people can do whatever they like unfortunately.
  9. I think most players who have played the game for a while will all have this issue, I like Dutchy's idea using gold/BFP to buy more deck slots. I just upgraded from a 10yo iMac and it worked fine, definitely never took 10mins to load a game.
  10. I agree with the point Kapo made and a colored crown would be better suited, something along the lines of what lans is suggesting.
  11. Fight in the past and present of Lyr to undo the invasion of lost souls. Do you struggle to beat lost souls? Does Mo or Rogan die and you don't know why? Do you know what to do with the Red King? Let us show you how to beat the map Empire! When & Where • Sunday 6th March 2022 at 1pm CET • Voice channel Room 1 on the main Skylords Reborn Server What the sessions involve • Tutorial about the map mechanics, layout, important trigger events and how to approach the map with efficiency • Break out groups with helper mentors to help with making modifica
  12. It sounds like a great way to retain players if it is feasible. When players feel like they are part of a community, they are more like to stick around for the people even when the novelty of the game wears out.
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