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  1. Wow, thanks a lot for the card. This will come in handy for the shadow / nature deck I am playing atm. 👍 Also, really cool to see that my suggestion is well received, so far. 😄 How are decision made on that? Is there someone who has the last say in these matters and / or does it require a developer who is willing to tackle this task? (Just generally speaking, not trying to push my suggestion into your TODO list. 😅)
  2. Hello there. First of all: Thank you for bringing BattleForge back to life. I discovered your project about a month ago and I am having a great time. Great progression for obtaining new cards and upgrades, I am making noticable progress with my decks, but do not get too many cards/upgrades from a couple of matches. As a player with not too much time (family, job...) I find myself playing with "cheap" cards and low upgrades on expert PVE, but thats fine. Feels like a little extra challenge to Level up my decks that way. :) While playing PVE, I made some mistakes. I took some upgrade
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