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  1. I couldn't join the stream! is there a vod somewhere? nvm just now noticed there is a link! Im also glad I participated, I did less bad than I thought. Was a fun event for sure! I am a bit sad about how many T1 units/buildings of a single colour were used though... as well as so many single colour spells. Maybe next time we can have even more restrictions regarding what cards to use
  2. A disciple has begun to march along the northern road!
  3. Im a bit late to the party, but the replays don't work anymore. This is a very interesting challenge and I seem to have problems with mo on expert. Does anyone have a replay on a video site? I couldn't find anything on youtube.. Also what were the decks used in the end? I can only see the point totals.
  4. I didn't kill the walker and both games were played on expert. I unfortunately don't have the replay anymore but I did check out the one where the walker dissapeared. What happened was it walked into the final area and it just went into the cave with all the other bandits??
  5. So Ive been interested in making this card work, but I have a hard time finding out how you can tell whether a unit is male or female. I could try the card on every unit but that still doesn't include enemy units which would be affected by the green affinity. Also I wouldn't remember if I tried all cards.. Is there a faster way to discern which is which? Or are there plans to change the green affinity to give some other extra bonus to the unit it's used on like the blue affinity?
  6. So I just played Mo with a pure fire deck for the achievement. At the final part I got kind of wrecked with the command walker and the ravenships respawning, and I couldn't pull Mo back in time. So I tried again and built up a huge army, but when I got there the walker was nowhere to be found? Does anyone know what happened here?
  7. so just to be clear, in both your instances you defend at the first wall with just towers? and it holds against the first wave when you have t2? And you guys are getting your t3 BEFORE the first wave?
  8. So I know about the speedrun strat and all videos I find online are about this. I feel like the middle positions can get a decent start clearing out the first camp and getting t2, but how do you actually defend with just T1 against that first big wave? It's absolutely impossible to get the engineers to the cannons in time for this player, and i feel like it's even hard to just get T2 without giving up defense powers. So can someone point me to a replay/some replays which show people going through the whole waves and eventually just holding on?
  9. when is the last time I would be able to join? Im not sure i can make it yet but when I am I can enter
  10. Hi everyone, I just logged in after quite a long time of not playing. I just checked my decks and I noticed that my soultree deck seemed a bit empty. I notice Im missing amii monument, but I'm quite sure I owned it before I quit a while ago. Is this intended? I do notice it's still up on the auction house so maybe Im missing something?
  11. I am very interested in especially rage and disintegration. Does anyone know in general how these work exactly? How much hp is drained for the church/worm when they disintegrate a target, or at least how much HP does it "take" per second?
  12. I fgeI feel the issue with the achievement is that it takes way too long to reach below 25 bfp. At that low of a reserve, the recharge rate is almost as fast as how much you drain. I played games of about 17-20 minutes, giving me about 13 bfp. But the reserve also gained like 8 bfp at that point..
  13. I hope that the current community will be more mature than most online game communities, and we can probably get together in a mature way where the balance developers have the final say.
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