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  1. _log_proxy_latest.log Also: everyone in this game got crash.
  2. If I play map1 and someone doesn't have mark I always go to him and build it xD
  3. Want to see that because now I play whole days and I still don't have enough gold to upgrade cards. If I would play casually I would just quit for that reason.
  4. Video title: Battleforge/Skylords Reborn Frost cards PvE tier list Ech Dutchy Dutchy...
  5. Error right after destroying last building center. Replay doesn't end with that message. 1586831408__log_proxy_latest2.log
  6. @Kubik it's weird but actually... YES 28:16 2022-08-06_13-30-57_Empire_diff3_s30215_Grimviner_Csinoska_dauerzockerdante_MisterFreeze_time_0_30_49.9_v258.pmv
  7. On map Empire I always play pos 4. Now played pos 1 and when red king was teleported I've got 1 fps. Literally 1 frame every second. When it came back to normal I've got my power in ultraspeed and timer went nuts. Few seconds later same crap. When it went normal half my units were dead. In logs look for 11:27:45.919. log_proxy_latest.log
  8. 1:45 "Cause he's really stupid." Hell yea he is some serious dumbtard. Gave up trying this map on expert after he suicide 4 times XD
  9. This is just confirmation of what I'm talking about.
  10. @Majora would be awesome to pin it somewhere visible. I see this 1st time and i was looking. In fact I have better idea but that's for discord.
  11. Ok so... Dutchy just enlightened me that i know shit about root network. In fact i have never seen anyone who would build anything to root network except root nexus and sylvan gate. Always just towers. Since requirement is "out of combat units" in my opinion description is crap also there is no indicator of how many supporters are connected. I would suggest: 1. Change descriptions of "Linked fire" to more intuitive to for example (razorleaf): 2. Add amount of supporters indicator on unit picture. Number on "linked fire" icon would be best in my opinion. Example:
  12. Hybrid orbs? Wouldn't they make normal orbs quite useless?
  13. Yes i did but compare to requirement and cost it's not so awesome anymore and i think that colossus will be slightly better.
  14. 1. Not really interesting. 2. Sounds fun. 3. Soulhunter v2.0 I can't force myself to play colossus regardless having it at deck. After changes will be worth it. Good job. Ps. It's possible that it will declass Forest Elder. I would suggest to check on the kitty because it's not at best state right now 😞
  15. @Kubik so it's source code involved? That would suck...
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