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  1. There is still time to submit your runs! Closing time for submissions 23:59 CET today. You must send to me even if using Ultralord's website. I will respond to all submissions to confirm I have received it by 27/06 13:00 CET. If you do not have a response by this time please message me.
  2. That is correct, post has been editted!
  3. I have added this into the post now 🙂 Regardless of how many are in your team there is only 1 overall ranking to avoid being overly complex. Look out for the secret bounties that might appear through out the event with extra rewards 😉
  4. Hello Skyladies and Skylords, Welcome to the ninth official PvE event! Quick Overview: Map - King of the Giants Difficulty - Advanced Date - 10:30 CET 17.06.2023 until 23:59 CET 26.06.2023 Prizes - Boosters Winner reveal - Via a stream Rules and Goals: There are THREE goals, each goal has its own rankings. Your position in these rankings added together will give your final score for the overall rankings. The three goals rankings
  5. Hello Skyladies and Skylords, Welcome to another Community Run PvE event! Quick Overview: Map - Encounters with Twilight Difficulty - Standard Date - 10:30 CET 01.06.2023 until 23:59 CET 11.06.2023 Prizes - Boosters Winner reveal - Stream and Forum (Stream Date: 16th of June 19:00 CEST) Rules and Goals: Win the map in under 45 min Do not use any ability except Open/Close Gate of the Fortification Wall and the Amii Screaming Ston
  6. Congratulations to @Dutchy for winning the Easter Event Speedrun Challenge! All rewards will be sent on Monday, full rankings will be posted on Monday as well with the winners of the random draw!
  7. Hello Skybunnies, Welcome to the official Easter event! Quick Overview: Community Map: - The Easter Tree Difficulty: - Any Date: - 08.04.2023 until 16.04.2023 23:59 UTC Rewards: - Boosters, a new banner, promo Easter Egg card* Winner reveal: - Via the forum *By playing a match during Easter, you automaticly get the card "Easter Egg (Promo)"! Rules and Goals: Complete the map on any difficulty to complete the achievement "Bunny Brawler" which will autom
  8. until
    This event brings you not one but TWO new community maps, both maps are duo.
  9. until
    More info soon.
  10. Well done and a big thanks to the 48 participants! Top 10 ranking and the booster draws prizes will be distributed on Monday/Tuesday. The draw was done live, congrats to the below 10 players who have won a Twilight Booster each: Guberis, Fushigi, Naturee, TimmieTuinbroek, itap, SaltyP0pcOrn, Knekran, ElementG, Little_Ducky and ShinjoNitsu. A big thank you also to Ultralord and Volin for the brilliantly organised stream and all the behind scene work that they do.
  11. The full results will be announced via a Twitch stream co hosted by @T1421 (Ultralord) and @Volin! Location: https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421 Date: 03.03.2023 19:00 cet The stream will include the fastest 3 runs, quiz questions (with prizes!) and some interesting data from the event. The random prize draw for 10x Twilight Boosters will happen live at the end of the stream, those who participated in the event and were not ranked in the top 10 will be entered into the draw.
  12. As it happens they are now going to be streamed by Ultralord and Volin! I will update the information 🙂
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