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  1. The novelty wore off due to wanting to then play with cards that I just was not getting, as you said the expert maps are not hard to complete (maybe not super fun strategies or fast times) so there wasnt something to keep the motivation going. Might just be that I more enjoy playing with random decks and cards and missed that part of the game as i didnt have those cards... It was an interesting idea and i could see there being ways to make it more fun in the future. I had an idea around it that i can share with you sometime.
  2. Nukie

    thunder wagon

    There are methods of void return that make it very cheap to use this internal ability, i personally dont think it is worth making it free. It is pretty nicely balanced, requiring you to atleast use some power and not be able change between modes without a bit of strategy and a little bit of practice
  3. Other than looks the cards arent much alike I think this is what you were more hinting towards Magma Hurler is a much better card in my opinion even as a T3 compared to Aggressor as a T2.
  4. I personally think this is a good way of implementation, there is still the fully random option but also the option (as Kapo said for training/testing purposes) to pick certain enemies. By decreasing the rewards it prevents a certain enemy (bandits ) being pick every time just to gain gold however you still gain a little something for the time spent on that map. Maybe another option is to just have 3 options in matchmaking when it comes to the enemy, "original" (50% gold reward) - this is then just selecting from the original enemies (LS, Stone, Bandit, Twilight), "Pure Enemy" (50
  5. Hi, I don't see it mentioned previously, as more and more enemy types are getting added into RPvE (nature coming, I assume frost and shadow down the line). It would be nice to see an option in matchmaking to be able to pick the enemy you can face, nature, fire, LS, twlight etc while also still keeping a button to select random. Even if there was a way to keep it "limited random", for example can select a few options at once for the game to pick from.
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