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  1. Looking foward for it, i am a patient mind Keep up the great work!
  2. For me the biggest motivation boost were the achievments! Since I mostly play cPvE there is limited content in BF so different challenges that limit the cards you can use in the campains make the game interesting again, especially if there are rewards for it. The 100k Gold reward for the fire questline felt kinda bad tho compared to the others. On the other hand I was done with them within a few days, but since it filled up the forge again it made the whole game more interesting again. Maybe it would be an idea to create some kind of seasonal achievment system (for like 2-3 mont
  3. Since my last pure fire campain replay collection is complety outdated I took the new patch (wich I really love) as an ocasion to do it again! Gonna work on the 2-Player-Maps now, hope you enjoy the replays! 1-Player-Maps: 2-Player-Maps: 4-Player-Maps:
  4. Super hyped for the achievements! Some great ideas there
  5. Well the most nostalgic card hast to be good old Tremor. Looked so majestic in the trailers back in the day, the way he slapped around those small poor humans...
  6. My favourite cards are Firedancer and Skyfiredrake, but if I had to pick a single one I would probably chose the Skyfire since it is an absolute carry for most PvE maps. Also the design is beautiful!
  7. i want the promo skyfire drake for fire!
  8. Nice thanks, it actually works. It would still be quite annoying to patch over 100 replays every single time something gets patched, so a long time fix would still be needed in the future.
  9. As probably most of you noticed already, the patch broke all the replays that were played before. Is anyone working on a solution or do we have to say goodbye to those?
  10. Just uploaded the Sunbridge replay, was first try so I didn't expect that many spawns, was pretty unclean but it worked at least
  11. Ya, big fan of skyfire here! Obviously no Amii, that would be cheating. I agree with the sunbridge gate, maybe ill upload another one soon.
  12. Hello fellow skylords! I often see people hating on pure decks for the expert maps, with this post I wanna share my love for fire Soon I will upload at least one replay for every expert map with pure fire, some solo and some duo versions. This replays contain casual gameplay, no optimized runs so there will be some fails, please dont hate me Special thanks to Keksmonsta and Kendrikson who will be my mates in most of the duo runs. Have fun with the replays, Anske Edit: 1 and 2 player maps are completed! 1-Player-Maps: 2-Player-Maps: 4
  13. Sorry for the little informations, I will try my best to describe it in English. The bar at issue, called "Café Erdreich", is a completly voluntary projekt by students for students of the Technical University of Berlin. The room is made available from the manegement of the university since like 10 years now. We are in charge of a lot of services for the university, like events for the first semesters, meetings for students, professors and employees, and we are something like a center for everyone to find personal tutors, fellow students and also friends for life. Now
  14. Hey Guys! I know this has nothing to do with BF, but it is verry important for a lot of people of my university (TU Berlin). The reason I am posting this here is, because the students of our factorial are treated very unfair, and you can help us do something about it. Our most famous bar on the campus, completly voluntary managed by students who spend a lot of time and hard work for it, is threatened to get closed by the university. To fight back we need a lot of support by everyone we can find, I wouldnt bother you with it if we would have any other option. I would re
  15. IGN: Anske Role: Like everything but ADC, atm Mid/Top Region: EUW Rank: Plat atm (Season 3-5 between Dia 5-2) Comment: German, Student -> way to much online time...
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