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  1. The first three 4-player maps are uploaded with a solo version. At the moment I don't think I am able to do the others solo with pure fire, but if someone is motivated to help me with duo runs, I'm pretty sure the others are very doable, just write me here or ingame (Anske).
  2. love the XL Magma-Spore Could be some kind of suizide unit, slow moving and not able to attack but exploding hard if killed^^
  3. Well I originally used the red affinity only, and I still prefer it mostly since it simply does more damage. In some cases tho, the damage of the green affinity is already enough, and the sustain of the green one is just nice to have. Generally I would always use the red one when you have a wall or something else to protect it. When I use both, its mostly because of the charges, and if I do so, I try to place the green one as the "tank" and the red one slightly off so it wont get focused as much. Fire Worm got buffed recently to a realy strong card. You probably saw me using a lot of fire
  4. Done. Maybe some 4-player maps will actually follow this time^^
  5. nah, I'll just take patches as ocasion to run the maps again^^
  6. Yeah, sadly the bigger patches break old replays. Since there is a maximum amount of decks you can have I already deleted the decks I played for most campains, but maybe I will redo all the maps again soon and then add the used decks under each replay.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds to me like you are kinda "new" in skylords reborn and think mostly about the old battleforge. A lot of things that you mention, like the enlightment bata deck, was already nerfed and the motivation to also play pure decks got way up, especially for fire and nature. The skylords team already explained that they prefer buffing not so common decks instead of nerfing popular ones (for PvE), with for me 100% understandable reasoning, and they proved their point with a lot of buffs for pure fire and nature, and also some frost and shadow. Of cour
  8. I instaltly opened 8 twilight and 7 normal boosters when it came out. No luck Luckily my man @n3tax got 3 eyes out of like 12 boosters and shared some with me Tested it out and works great for rpve, not the fastest deck but definitly super fun and very reliable. My strat: enlighten a forest elder then spam the eyes (and some skycatchers since the eye is not fully charged yet)
  9. I thought the general idea of this kind of "sand" orb sounds great, but I was thinking about it in an other way: If you play a t1 bandit card your first orb will be spawned as sand orb, that is a somehow unstable orb between fire and shadow. With the sand orb you are able to play any bandit/fire/shaddow cards, but as soon as you play a fire or a shadow card, the sand orb transforms into its color, so you can only play shadow or fire cards along with your bandit T1 cards. This way you could still go pure bandit, but are also able to fill with spells or fillers from one of the col
  10. For some reason I think there must be some single word to describe this comb. Sadly I cannot find it.
  11. Just play siege of hope for free boosters Did I understand it right that at the end of each month the alltime first place will get rewarded? Or are you checking the records of each month individually? Because in my opinion the second one would be way more motivating for 95% of the players (like me, who will probably never beat a real speedrunner). And another question: Will every multiplayer map get rewarded for each number of players individually like its listed in your ranking list? So for a 4-player map there could possibly be 10 winners?
  12. I play since the release, always opening my free and pricereduced boosters, and also bought a lot extra. Even if I probably lost like 50k bfp with all of that I would still do it again, since opening boosters is just a huge part of the game for me I am completly inactive in the market since I dont realy care about it. If I really need/want a specific card I just go to the marketplace and buy the cheapest one, if I cant afford it I play with more of a budget deck and wait till I have the bfp. Now I have all cards at least once, but the most on 4 charges and only 3 promos are missin
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