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  1. I love pretty much all of the patch, and I apreciate all of the work a lot, but right now I want to share my opinion about the nature Rpve. I had some 4 player runs on diff 9 that were very fun, probably more challenging then most other factions, but still balanced to fit in the difficulty. Especially the post t4 Camp with bosses, and the motk's in later rows can really hurt some strategys, but I think that is a cool thing, because the meta spelldecks also get some weaknesses with this. I was never a huge Rpve Player before, but this month I actually played quite a lot and enjoyed it
  2. I think with incredible Mo you have the solution for that already included 😁 But I do also agree with your other points, AIS is probably enough with unity since the camp wont live long anyway. An other cool t4 option is Magmafiend, the damage is incredible but he is obviously not as fast as the worm.
  3. I sometimes feel like having an idea for this, then I try it out once and feel frustrated so I stop 😅
  4. As someone who also played the game since beta of EA times I can assure you that it is! 🙂 And yes, there are definitly other old players around from back in the days, always nice to see old players return. Welcome back and see you in the forge!
  5. I don't think that would make much sense tbh. RPvE 10 is kinda specific to do drastic balancing changes to whole factions, every color has its own strenghts and weaknesses and at RPvE 10 fire happens to be the best, don't see a problem with that. I mean in my very own opinion fire t1 is always the best choise for everything but I doubt that everyone would agree with that 😉
  6. Pure Fire Campaign There you find a replay with a pure fire deck, definitly not the easiest way to play this but it may give you some inspiration.
  7. Not so easy to just write a walkthrough for it^^ Just saying that there shoudn't be a shaman incoming from south to the wagon. Minoxens replay doesnt work anymore for more then one reason, I guess everyone who found a solution for it had worked for it pretty hard, and I'm pretty sure even coldmind (who played it) had to do a lot of restarts to get the enemy units to do what he wanted them to do.
  8. 1 and 2 player maps are up to date, this time with the deck code included. I have no idea why this one deck is showing outside of the spoiler, for some reason I cant delete it.
  9. That is way to new for me, I am to old for that.
  10. Some time ago I created another post (I think I should delete this) with more recent replays. At the moment I'm working on new replays, just finished the 1-player campaign. Pure Fire Campaign reloaded
  11. The added value is, that promo cards are already fully upgraded and fully charged. This was always the case since the battleforge beta by ea.
  12. Since I already submitted 2 ideas anonymously, I will share my next idea here: Name: Dark Parasite Tier & Orbs: T2, Shadow Shadow Type: Unit Cost: 90 Hitpoints & Size: 680, M Attack value and Type: 700, ranged L Passive Abilities: Nether Bolt: every 3 seconds the unit fires a dark bolt of energy that deals 95 damage to enemies in a radius of 5m. Swift: The unit moves at high speed. Active Abilities: Blessed Infection (40p): Target an enemy building to burrow under the earth and supress it from below. The Worm will die in this proc
  13. then you should use cometcatcher after you have charged in 🙂
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