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  1. The problem from what I understand is not the difficulty of the achievement, but the many clueless players that ramdomly join 4p rPVE10 lobbies without proper knowledge of what to expect and how to win a rPVE10 map. These people are not always carryable as rPVE10 is hard (as it should be). So these folks are massively diminishing the enjoyment of regular rPVE10 players like Volin and the duck. Hence the suggestion to remove the achievement and thereby removing the incentive for players to join rPVE10 without the proper preparation. Switching the achievement to singleplayer would prevent f
  2. Would restricting the Achievement to singleplayer work? We already have a 4-player rPvE exclusive Achievement, why not a singleplayer exclusive one as well. That way it doesn't have to be removed and the 4p lobbies won't be as filled with ignorant but clueless folks.
  3. Investments into the BOT so far: ~3000 bfp ~90000 gold My stonks are going strong!
  4. Only two entries? 😬 I guess I'll have to see who my favourite babies are.
  5. I might try my hand on it. I just need to learn a bit ofvideo editing beforehand. ^^
  6. Battle of Tactics 2: 9 minutes of a tightly choreographed dance followed by 2 minutes of utter chaos.
  7. Can I use the free PvP decks for the tournament or do I have to make my own decks?
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