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  1. First of all: Massive thanks for all your work! 1. Thoughts on the many quality of life features released with the patch? The pausing option is amazing. 2. New card feedback I really like the idea of the card, especially considering to make a construct centered deck more viable, but 5 seconds charging time is way too long in my opinion. I guess it's because of PVP balancing reasons. Is it possible to create a PvE and PvP version of the card? 3. How does Nature rPvE feel? June MotMs will be set to Nature if you have not been able to play it much yet. I'd call myself a fan. Faced it quite often in the last few days. MOTK is annoying as hell and that's good. Strangehold ist not that big deal to me. Yeah... you get rooted. The only unfun part so far is the parasite swarm boss that can mind control a creature. To me this is the definition of an unpleasing experience. I'm somehow attached to my babies. All in all it makes rPvE more unpredictable but not that much harder. (Speaking about 9s) Good Work! 4. Opinions on balance changes? 5. We tried to add several improvements to T1 & T2 through both buffs/reworks and reducing card orb requirements I loved to see the root network buff with lowering the requirements to T1 for "Root Nexus". Windweaver spam was boring. 6. Current balance between the various void return methods Puh. Difficult one to be honest. The new SoW is pretty restrictive now as there is often no argument for playing 2 fire orbs, but forces us to be more creative and to bite the bullet. Martyrs feels very week in comparsion, the higher building costs makes it even more unattractive. Sure you do not need to activate it manually but I'd rather build 2 SoM or 2 Sow and have my energy flowing the whole time. 7. How does Stonekin feel post-patch? 8. Do towers feel like they are in a good place (minus the still-pending changes announced months ago) A lot of towers feel so weak besides "Living Tower". Especially "Stronghold" feels so off. I mean its a big fortress and it does basically nothing. I would love to see a "Warden's Sigil" buff as the idea of the card is great. Also I would love to see a small buff to T1 Towers. I have the same performance issues @Kapo. Oh and somtimes when I play 4ppl maps and i pick "assign loot" the loot chart is empty. No gold conversion.
  2. Fire/Frost is a vibe. I do not think it's a top tier deck but vor rPvE 9 thats not mandatory. Too bad we don't have this as a faction so far. I like the AiS/Ice Age Idea in combination with unity it might do the job. Which Mo do you use mostly?
  3. Heyho, I'm messing around with the idea of a fire-frost build. Totally aware of the fact that there is almost no synergy. Main use will be farming rPve 9. How far I've come: The decklist is pretty selfexplanatory and straight forward. Soooo there is 1 spot left. I'm not sure how to fill it, I think Inferno would be an overkill as the deck is already really spell heavy. I consider Winter Witch as a proper choice as she could shield the worms and provide some more sustain. T3 feels a bit off as Shrine of War requires 2 fire Orbs now, but it shouldn't be a big deal to build him at T4. What are your thoughts fellow skyfriends?
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