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  1. Personally, I think the changes for Forest Eldar (p) and Colossus are right for the nature faction, even though I always liked the purple one more than the green one. But I'm just thinking about this: Since Forest Eldar (p) with 40% damage buff might be the better choice in most cases in the future than the green one with the general 25% damage buff, the question is if we can rework Forest Eldar (g) to give the player a different playstyle here (a affinity change could also be possible).
  2. I had a lot of fun playing this map. It feels so different to play because of the new look and other opponents. I don't know the exact amount of work behind it (I'm sure it was a lot), but I'd be happy to get more in this direction. It doesn't have to be completely new maps.
  3. Awesome! One of the best community updates so far.
  4. I understand your point. I see it similar. They could have given the card an effect that improves the unit for the defensive purpose on walls. What I'm getting at is that Twilight Slayers are a very good addition to a Twilight deck when it comes to T3 defense scenarios. I mean, they offer a viable alternative for Bad Harvest pos 3, which already indicates that they can handle most other defensive scenarios as well. With Stranglehold (g) you also have access to a good tool to keep enemies away from your wall. Twilight Curse is also a good option for eliminating problematic units like Vile
  5. I think with compare you should stay within the factions. Frost is designed to defend walls better than many other factions. Twilight never really had good options here, if you don't include nature and fire cards. With Twilight Slayers and the Bombarde (+ a little spell support), you can actually get any T3 scenario defended now. In T4, Hatecaster is a great addition. Apart from that, Twilight Slayers also work quite well offensively on the ground with spell support. At least for me they are a lot of fun offensively. But even I am not 100% satisfied. I still think that a featur
  6. Here my first try with Twilight Slayers on Bad Harvest pos 3. Has worked directly and feeled pretty cool. Certainly many improvements possible, but as written, was the first attempt. Replay see below. And please forget the misclick when I accidentally sent all Twilight Slayers off the wall lol. Attempt was played on the community map "Bad Harvest Pos3 Practice": 2022-10-03_13-29-04_CommunityMap1P_bad harvest pos3 practice_diff3_s4031_Blashyrkh_time_0_11_40.0_v259.pmv
  7. Pretty cool! Some things look less good in my opinion but others are fantastic. Amazon types, dino-types, insect types and rider types are awesome. These xl types would really give the game a new touch visually somehow . Dont like: big gun types, dancer types, flyer types, ogre types, popsicle types and torso types.
  8. Looks good! As written, I prefer the green Rioter's Retreat. Mine and Shrine of War should then replace Unholy Power and Unholy Hero in the future. If you have enough charges for your T4 units, you don't need Rifle Cultists + Offering green anymore. Then you have two more deck slots free again (f.e. Amok, Inferno and/or Cluster Explosion red). But remember: Banidts can be difficult to play for beginners due to lack of cc and healing spells. However, it is an A-/S-tier faction if you can master it. So don't be discouraged. PS: This is what my allrounder Bandit deck would look li
  9. Nice to see a beginner get right into it with Bandits. I like that! So as a first (cost effective) change I would do this: 1. I would replace Magma Hurler with Gunner (red) to benefit from the damage bonus of Corsair. Normally this unit combination + spell support is enough to master any T3 phase, even on expert. 2. Since you are still missing charges for your T4 units, I would add Rifle Cultists + Offering (green) to have a powerful T4 army faster. 3. Bloodhealing I would add to have a strong healing in T3. Works well with a lot of Gunner/ one or two Corsair + Unity.
  10. NAME: Blight - Crash when you destroy a camp shortly before the timer expires DESCRIPTION: Answer from Kubik in report-a-bug: "well you did not do it in time, but do it before timer run out. if you fail to do it in time it gives you 20s timer before switching to second camps task but if you destroy them before the task is changed it will give you 10s timer before switching to second camps task." https://discord.com/channels/173414671678832640/594960703417483277/987335742424481802 REPRODUCIBILITY: Don't know SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: See below LOG: See below lo
  11. That Rageflame should remain a supportunit is ok, but in its current state it does exactly that not well. I have tried it in several decks, cPvE and rPvE, and it simply performs poorly. This is also due to the fact that the card with which you could combine it well also does not offer what you need for a good combination (Stonekin Warrior -> also no anti-air, ability too expensive to be able to use it often). So I see the points similar to Volin. Rageflame should get anti-air (I haven't read a good reason why it shouldn't). Also the cost of Stonekin Warriors ability should be red
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