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  1. NAME: Blight - Crash when you destroy a camp shortly before the timer expires DESCRIPTION: Answer from Kubik in report-a-bug: "well you did not do it in time, but do it before timer run out. if you fail to do it in time it gives you 20s timer before switching to second camps task but if you destroy them before the task is changed it will give you 10s timer before switching to second camps task." https://discord.com/channels/173414671678832640/594960703417483277/987335742424481802 REPRODUCIBILITY: Don't know SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: See below LOG: See below lo
  2. That Rageflame should remain a supportunit is ok, but in its current state it does exactly that not well. I have tried it in several decks, cPvE and rPvE, and it simply performs poorly. This is also due to the fact that the card with which you could combine it well also does not offer what you need for a good combination (Stonekin Warrior -> also no anti-air, ability too expensive to be able to use it often). So I see the points similar to Volin. Rageflame should get anti-air (I haven't read a good reason why it shouldn't). Also the cost of Stonekin Warriors ability should be red
  3. I don't see why these changes should change that. The new orb requirement to 3nature1neutral will not make this better.
  4. One of the biggest problems in my opinion are the extremely annoying random spell areas. The worst ones are at the entrance to the T2 bases. They don't allow you to start the map with various tactics which is why the well known Mana Wing start is so popular. If this spell area wouldn't exist in front of the T2 base, you would have the chance to build up an attack setup here. In the case of Frost f.e. it would be Northern Keep. This would make it possible to take the base without it becoming a bloody massacre. Also other tactics would be possible here (f.e. Shadow with Soulsplicer + Skeleton Wa
  5. The log file he need is _log_proxy_latest.log. Restarted your game already? No worries, just send the previous log, which is _log_proxy_0.log. If your game closed without any error message, then please send him your crashdata.mdmp aswell. Not sure where to find the logs? Here's where:
  6. 1 player map: Siege of Hope 2 player map: Crusade/Nightmares End 4 player map: Blight
  7. Stylewise: Timeshifter Spirit, Ashbone Pyro and Giant Slayer Playwise: Nomad, Ashbones and Cultist Master Best card artwok overall: Bloodhealing
  8. Spawn buildings which are destroyed in frozen state are able to spawn units up to 20 seconds later. Donaar had already reported this in the Discord. We had played together and there i could see it for the first time. The bug happens with the combination Frost Shard/Shatter Ice or even if the building was frozen with Frost Sharcd and when gets destroyed by a unit. Reproducibility? Dont know exactly. In the attached replay it happens in 5 out of 6 cases. Consider the following time markers: 7:34 min 9:47 min 12:10 min 14:03 min 15:02 min (the only exception where the bug does n
  9. Your concerns are valid. In general, these are all reasons that all types of CC should work on Viridya. I have seen so many people try to oink or root Viridya. It is just not intuitive at all what works and what doesn't. In the discord i wrote that taunting should not work on Viridya. But it was meant that after the time runs out Viridya can run again. The fact that Viridya stops forever when casting the ability is simply a bug for me. But i think the most important thing is to create clarity about the CC issue in general. I think that would help everyone the most.
  10. From my side, i will be brief and give my opinion only on the maps where I have something to say. In general, i am against making the maps easier. As many have already mentioned, Expert-Mode should be hard! Convoy I'm for not being able to block the walkers anymore. I never liked that and always thought it was "wrong". The change that you have 5 walkers for it, on the other hand, i don't think is necessary. It is just the Expert-Mode! Crusade I think change 1 is good. But it should stay the same as before. If you have cleared both ways, the final wave should come. If you a
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