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  1. To late...i have already sent in my replay noticed that fact afterwards
  2. Is this still the case or was it fixed by the devs meanwhile? This is where opinions differ. Can't test it in the Forge now.
  3. This deck is what i used until rPvE 9. Its mostly build around the new Shrine of Martyrs for faster voidreturn. Easy to play with. Inc. Mo (yellow) is against Lost Souls.
  4. I've asked a similar question in Discord. Answer from Treim was this: "Tasks on Ascension for each map: Map 1 = Keep Jorne alive Map 2 = Kill waves and Avengers so they don't reach Map 1 & 3. After 15 Avengers are killed you get a energy boost (I think 300). After 30 Avengers are killed Viridya starts spawning and you need to stop her from reaching the portals (Easiest way is to use Coldsnap to immobilize her and then use the taunt ability of lightblade (a single application is enough to root her in place permanently)). After map 3 has killed all the portal guardians, map 2 has to sto
  5. Blashyrkh

    Blight Expert

    Hurts so much i can't use these replays anymore Is there a chance that it works again?
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