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  1. oh yea i forget, u are the speedrun master. but 1 thing: speedrunning is using all the energy you have in the most effective way. VOIDpower ist energy u have but can not use. so it make u slower right? If u want to be fast u need that void energy as fast as posible, this means u need to use void manipulation
  2. hmmm...u know that this game is all about void manipulation in speedrun? as faster u can get your void back as faster u can finisch the map.
  3. wanky

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    my goal was maby diffrent to the goal of the team, did u think about this just for 1 sec? same as get the goal for the fastest solo GoL. it was my goal and not the goal of the team. but dont worry, i dont care if somone (probaly you) beat this record again. i know my maximum (the 6.44 isnt the max, it can be more faster, just to know) and its a beautifull replay. maby i will upload it some day.
  4. wanky

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    can we just go back to topic? and yea its true, i almost done with BF i loge like 3-4 times in a month just because Lebo or Prit want to test somefing. The game is quiet fun. but the comunity is pure sicknes. dont see any reason come back to a active player anymore. my goal was to beat all alltime records from the old battleforge in 4playermaps. this goal is done. some people in BF are just trolls and tarts. sorry for my words but this was needet to say @Halis: true we do not have all 4player records atm, but at least we played all maps and do not ignore some 4player maps just cause they are bad for play. grezz
  5. wanky

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    7.46.0 in KotG, at this time our team beat as first all 4player maps from the old forge. ^^
  6. wanky

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    THX to Ufonek, he motivatet us
  7. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    didntr u say u are speedruner aswell? how can u talk about speeruner can only balance t4? the most important part is t1+2 in speedruns. there u can get fast times. if u get your t4 everything is "easy" and u cant not rly be faster than evceryone eles. i wonder how u can call yourself speedrunner. lock at your speedrun decks. most of the times there is like 1-2 t4 card in it. and like 10-15 t1+2. as i writ some posts ago i think best balancing would be if there is a comunity of both sides 50/50 and total 11 players talking about. 5main PVE player and 5 main PVP players + Kubik. Like this there can be a fair conversation what soulb be balancd. if the dicus end 50/50 kubik can decide what hes doing. if the discus end like 30/70 he need to do what the 10 players talk about. witch of all the players should be in this 10players i think its the best way if u can advertise yourself if u want to do this and if u get like 20 of then a survey can start and all players can vote for the guys.
  8. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    True amii make every PVE easyer. I can totaly recomment if u search Teammates who play with u over and over again. with this mates u can play the maps in the way u want. sometimes also we play maps in casual way just for fun (or making challanges with for example: 1 only fire 1 only t3 one isnt allowd to use t2/3cards) expertmaps arent hard (exept of blight) like this we get our challange. off corse with no neutral cards (yes t3 only max and no MO or Lord Cyrian) If u have a stock of players u like open up a discord server u can talk with each other. PVE is still a TEAMPLAY game. u will see it is mutch mutch more fun to play with "frends" Thx. Possible we didnt play togeter yet. usualy i jon random CPVE maps with standart or Expert difficuld. i can talk for my team that all of us act like this. maby not givaway card for free but help players finisch the map in casual style. (the team is btw. Kyuubii, Pritstift, Treim, Bango, LEBOVIN, (derNewYork, iameinheld), and me
  9. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    1. I am not agree. most speedrunsers do not even play casual game with randoms. For me i can say, yes i play with randoms a lot. Most of the time with New players or players who joined on discord (ye i am on the skylords discord if i play without my team most of the time) by playing with new players i follow the quest, most of the times with my PVE deck that work for every PVE map (classic stonekingdeck with natur t1) I help them as mutch is possible and give them tipps how the game work, what they can change to have a better playtime. If i go for a speedruntactic, i ask before ingame chat. example in dwarren riddle. there i ask if its ok to stay at wall and deffend the wall only staying t1. if they not aggre with that i also play the map casual, but most of the people lick to finisch a map fast. In guns of lyr it is diffrent: nobody play the questpath. i also like the map playing casual. and if i try to i cant find guys who want to do the same. and if i do most people fail, but i dont feel anger about them. i think 95% or more of the guys who play GoL just want to goldfarm, that means play the skipping way 2. in my view speedrunners play better, also without "cheaty". u wont find any player who playd a map more then speedrunners. We tried almost everything to improf the time.- This also means we know every singel part of the map. U can ask a speedrunnner what units are in t2 camp on almost every PVE campain game and he just know it. This means speedrunner actually know whats needet to get what is needet (also in playing casual). In my view this make speedrunners to better players. 3. As i tolt in point 1 NO! its easy to say this for u if u join GoL and want to play casual there if the 3 other guys want to play the skipping way. in other maps u wont have this trouble. and if there a speedrunnner in your team. and he want go for a speedrun tractic (most on maps everyone knows the tactic aswell) he is going to ask if this is ok. if u not agree ask for play casual or leave the group and open your own game then. many speedrunners help players who have troble with PVE games. help them with tactic improuvements or help them to creat a deck for a CPVE. Example from myself: snoopy moo asket ingamechat for help doing Blight on Standart, i whisper him i will help him. He joined discord after i asket him. after this i ask him how i can help him, and we talk about the map for 5-6min. he showed the deck to mee and i tolt him what is usless for the map and what can be better. some of the cards that would help him for finish the map he dont even had, so we made Trade and i give him the cards for free (shur i know i dont need them anyway but at least i could sell them to buy the last missing cards or promos) after that we playd the map and i give him intstructions how to play the way he go. End of the story: we finish the map easely and he was rly happy about this. after that we also mad Ravens end and we also have each other in the friendlist. We still play game togeter where i play casual. And if we go for a speedrun, most of the times he asket for doing this. (maby u saw him on leaderbords this month) Why i say this? just to show u that speedrunners are not that what u are think they are, just because u had 1 bad story in GoL with a speedrunner. I am pretty shure u playd a lot more games with speedrunners u didnt even notice as a speedrunner cause they where playing casual. BTW: in RPVE is no "cheaty" way to finish the map by skyping parts. but if u lock at the leaderbords also there are the CPVE Speedrunners on top of leaderbords. maby u get what i try to talk about. ps: hope everyone can read my bad english
  10. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    i think main reason for us is that it is impossible to reproduce every single strat on every singel map every month a card change happend and the old alltimes not count as the best time cause a card change happend. some of the "bugs" some guys talking about are just game mechanism they dont understand how it works. This is just my view. btw. Old Alltimerecords can not count. just a example. Bloodhorn did with stampede a missiv load of dmg. with this dmg u where able to kill some endbosses just by using the abilety. this speedruns where way faster then now. so if u balance any card we use in a speedrun they will not count anymore as the fastest time. it is just a old alltime record that do not count. at least i think many players dont like speedrunnners because they can farm all the stuff easy mutch more faster then everyone eles. but hey, sometimes we play 1 week every night 3-5h the same map to get a new alltime record. sometimes in one night we finisch 1-2 runs. sometimes 20-30. this is how speedrunning works.
  11. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    i will not talk about anything u writet about loriens. most of this thin i can not agree. Green nether warp gives constant heal? not in pve (most times i use it in RPVE) maby this is a bug then in PVP mode.
  12. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    1. Kubuk isnt neutral. Is is one of the guys votet for balancing and also writh things like this all time 2. yes there are only 8-12 speedrunners out there, but the u need to watch at the PVE only players. There u see PVE is mutch bigger. Nerfing a card also means new players have it mutch harder to do PVE maps. They know maby 3mortars can defend a wall at GoL for 7mins. then mortar get nerft and they loosing games. Everybody know that only a few people will read card changes. Question about the green netherwarp, what is broken in PVP with that warp? it dont feel that OP in PVE.
  13. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I have to agree with Halis Maby shy isnt the right word. Usualy when i find a bug i tell it lebovin because I am ashamed of my english. Maby it would help to get German asswell for report bugs, u will see there will come a lot of new bug reports writhen in german. I think the best way to get no anger of player on devs would be if get seperatet cards like cocofang have say. In the end i need to say somefing more: why the fuck a DEV isnt Neutral in discusions? As dev u shoulb be neutral for all, if not its just like a little mouse vs. somefing big they will never be able to beat. at least there is somefing more that pvp players sould know: just because u never see a card in PVE game it dont have to be Speedruners dont use them. For example Morthar is good for a solide defence on some maps. Phasetower helps maby on some maps to get a camp (and yes the atk range is also important) Green netherwarp i see more as a PVE card, the blue one is "usless" on most PVE strats but the green one helps a lot, also for some speedruns. About the discusion where to talk about changes. in my view discord is maby better, pick 7/9/11 players from both camps (PVE/PVP 50/50) to get a good discusion. There are also PVP players doing speedruns asswel (like Kyuubii). Not picking just random players soulb be clear. from both camps player that are in leaderboards is the right way. 1. u know them a bit 2. they know the cards better than everyone eles 3. i think almost all of the top leaderbord are able to speak english to get a discusion in discord. like this u actually also can use the voice from discord. then u only need to writh down the best reasons why balance or not. greez
  14. wanky

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Changing Cards would make every Tactic for speedrun useless. Even if many players think this is a usless card, maby it es the only card speedrunsers can use for a map. If it need a balance then maby with new cards strong vs the "OP" cards (I belive there is no non-contercard, so the balancing is usless anyway). Shure there are stronger and weeker cards, but is there a game whitout?

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