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  1. Video online now. Like i already said before, this run where done just by playing and keep redtsrting until finetuning has endet. Even if this tactic is not possible anymore /wanky
  2. First of all Great Update. Like to read them. Sometimes its hard to track everything going on. I find these updates here very good to have a rough summary of what is currently going on. I have discovered an "error" in the leaderboard. Namely, in 2 player, as well as in 4 player missions ONLY times are displayed which were made by a 2 respactive 4player team. If you compare this to the ingame ranking there are big differences (eg Empire) Is it possible to fix this? Find it a great alternative that you do not have to go every time ingame to "only briefly" go through the rankings (for
  3. with LS you have the disadvantage of a difficult/slow start, the camps for t2 and also t3 are comparatively difficult to the other presets (at least the common ones) For this from my sure but a huge advantage with LS is the mid/lategame. Where the bases are designed on the whole simple than the other presets, from my point of view, the one then cancels out the other. must say that I find the difficulty of LS ok. But must also clearly agree that the gap between lvl9 and lvl10 is really big, that there must be done something is my knowledge on the screen.
  4. the alltime by myself (6.25 time) will be uploadet to Youtube as soon Lebovin have the time to make the video. @kapo i am one of the "on the fly" optimiser. Means Lerning by doing and optimize at the time i run. If i got a new idea to optimize, it is many Trys and many restarts until i can see in the replay if its worth or not. For this i many only writh down some markstamps of time to see if somfing gets faster or not.
  5. First of all. I like this kind of event. Sound like Fun. small comment, however, regarding the rules: I am pretty sure that this is not possible in the normal way. (maybe a self-damaged function of a card could cause this with detours). Just for your information. GoL only have Adv and Expert. There is no Std mode sadly Since I'm cleared for the events again, I'm sure I'll join in and have fun developing the tactics and playing this map. Is finally my favorite map (together with Ravens End) Anyway, thanks for this creative idea for this even
  6. gz...but the liquo...does it really have to be? the card is already so often misused (everyone knows it in the RPVE games) Less experienced players will certainly think that the card is good for speed times - ITS NOT
  7. lightblade ofc. Noone eles have this cool voicelines. And Blight himself (non player card unit) just cause the voice actor is on german the same guy voice acting Kevin James
  8. all colors have theyr unice cards. We should keep this.
  9. just a frendly remember, month has not endet yet. but awsome time. this month seems pretty fast. gratz to this time anyways.
  10. have now also made the map on Adv. Played with a Pur Nature deck. The difference to expert is hardly noticeable in the defense. Apart from the fact that Frost was a lot easier to defend. Towards the end it's really hard to defend when you're only t2 and can only draw the orbs when you already get the strong attacks. Restoring Lyr Adv 25min.pmv
  11. absolutely no problehm. I rly enjoy the map. would try to make another game today on Adv. do you have a wish for a deck to be used on which position? Think Pur frost you have slowly seen from me on the map bzl. the cliff strat. Is indeed a mechanic that you can use. but think that can stay inside. However, you could make the whole thing a little more difficult by making vision block on the walls. Was just a spontaneous thought. Can also like times in the discord sit together to look at details and diffrend tactics to brainstorm how that would feel. Think by the few replays things c
  12. Played on Expert. From the current difficulty I would definitely count it as expert. Defending is about the same difficulty as GoL with the detail that you have 3 walls to defend. That you are now forced to make the camp in the upper left first to get to t4 makes the whole thing really tough. But doable. Northern attack wave is closely timed and almost only with units to defend, because the time is too short to build up buildings. In addition, the units also seem to pull no aggro and run strait through on the gold wagon which has made the whole thing a bit tight. In the meant
  13. wanky


    Offering Easter Egg to get an extra charche for Asbone f.e. There are ways to use it. But most of the time all use Green Aff, just it gets also back CHarches on Spells and buildings
  14. Have played the whole thing again. My part: Again the defense, this time with Pur frost. Treim has played the map for the first time, have told him hardly noteworthy things about the map. Played the map Casual, and First try with 14minutes 41 seconds finished. The defensive part is relatively easy with Pur frost. The attacking part in the north I quote from treim: "the attacking part was very easy. You can cliff extremely well with e.g. white hunters. It is relatively unclear where to go first. From t3 it is then much too easy. The attack in the north is very smal
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