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  1. I) there sould be some gamemodes already, just watch into the community maps II) sounds intresting. But maby hard to creat. (tetris have similar things if u play 1 vs 1 tetris) III) some maps have a *extra difficulty", but not finisched. f.e. crusade have on top 4 lines to defend on Expert. but if u watch the map in editor, there seems to be even 2 lines more to defend. Sadly this "extra hard" mode was never implementet. I rly would like to get a ultra hard mode for the CPVE maps, but probely only a rly smal playerbase would even able to finisch them.
  2. hi there...There where the full reset on Dez 18 2020. Game is now fully realeased and do not get any "restart" again. Enjoy the game again
  3. just a idea: had in our group talked about whether you should submit manyicht to 5 days before the end of the replays times, then the Challange creator writh the times in the forum (without replay understandably). That would show something who stands where (since there is no ingame rankings for the communitymaps). In addition would have the one or the other then still the opportunity 5 days to push his times if needed. This would give a chance to players in what avrg. times the challange is going to be, and if he is just 10-20secs behind witout getting a price, he maby can try to p
  4. What skill a player have behind the rank is never clear. But with 5.8kk XP i feel like: Ok this guy played like 1500+ matches. i Think he have a basic knowlage about the game. - But this is offtopic. Back to the topic: Is it possible to talk about this change, geting more reroll chances on quests (even on reroled ones)? Seems like there is no negativ point. If u dont want to loos BFp u dount need to reroll anyways. /wanky @Volin Thats why i do not like writing in english, my knowlage about the langue is just semi medium, and thats why many times i go
  5. I think the idea that you can rate communitymaps after completion is very good. What you could possibly additionally include is an "average playing time" Especially with the COmmunity maps, has some in the process that partly take 1h + even for speedruns. Again, others are played through in 5 minutes, even if you take it comfortably. So you would have a nice overview Or is even a general sorting possible? e.g. -Rpve -TD -PVE short (0-10min) -PVE medium (10-30min) -PVE long (30+ min) -Special mods (from my point of view, special mods would be e.g. the community sch
  6. who pissed on your leg? Have not mentioned with a word that I'm against it.Just said that the message from him felt so, for me, that he has difficulties to make these maps at all. That it is sometimes tedious to play a specific map I know too. Everyone has his maps that he likes, and which he less like. I for my part also find it tedious to play e.g. 65 Feuerkrten. Or to play Rpve, I just find this mod boring, everyone has his preferences. But if you say that in general, I like this and that not, there is another who does not like something else in daily quests, and if you would then "m
  7. in my opinion its is. he is over 5.8KK XP considering that each match on expert get ~3500xp means he made ~1700 Pve games (Rpve including) Considering to the ingame ranking, i cant see his name often on any other ranking than Bad Harvest. This looks for me he just Grinded ~1600 Bad harvest Runs to get gold and XP and ?maby? he did 100 different games in Rpve and other cPVE matches witout showing up in the rankings.
  8. usualy with your rank u have playd this game for -+ 1 year. This happens if u only Grind Feeder in Bad harvest and then get Rank PVE 17+. Witout this Bad harvest grind u did, u would know every map very well, and all of them can bi done Solo (exept of Empire and 12player maps) So i do not rly understand ur anger. Its your own fault. and just to notice: If u have trouble finding people to play with, just join into discord. There are many times player online who play with u, and carry u trough the maps. sorry for the harsh choice of words, by the way. but there's reall
  9. update for the Gold challange: After Shadow and Nature also frost is done, Pretty shure fire is also duable. I just missing a lot of charches for fire cards. Little notiz: I hade some runs did not get the amii-operator switch at the First Banditcamp on left side. This makes it impossible to get T3 before reaching the top middle orb (after the 4 Bandig camps with tortugun and ship any many more) Happend in ~9run 2 Times. /wanky
  10. Do you have internet disconection in general, or just in skylords? If u play other onlinegames, u do not have any problehms?
  11. What is the curend version of this map? I have in my folders the 0.8V (only by perendi) i heard there are some bugs on map cleard away later, is there a newer one? Just to get shure everyone play on same version of the map. /wanky
  12. wanky

    Shrine of War

    Just to know. As example: in Ocean ADv community challange, i decidet to NOT use the Shrine, just cause its not even Worth to use. In this map, like i many otheres, there are just not enough units around to Freeze in a effectiv way. The 8% is maby ok for Rpve, but in cPVE its just not usefull in most cases. if u intrestet, i can show replays after challange is done, with and without this crappy Shrine /wanky
  13. very hyped to see the replays in Stream. but....i do not have time to writh here, still not a clean Pur Frost run done by myself :O Gogogo Guys. Last try now How many replays u already got @Toggy ?
  14. u know there was a wipe at 18 Dezember 2020? Full realease was there. No more Wipes incomming
  15. wanky


    Exactly the reason why i do not Writh anyting in here anymore. I Already Said everything i wantet to. But its seems like some players in here have a huge barrier and missunderstanding of the View of Probematic in here. So arguing against this typs of people is just usless. I hate Btw BH in every single turn, If Speedrun, its quied boring, for everyone, Casual play i do not like in this map. WHY u may ask. idc. My Fav. map is Ravens End, witout any reason, it is just like this, each player have diffrend preferences
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