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  1. wanky

    You know why i cant wait for open beta?

    Im just playing dota 2 in the time who i whait for the reborn the game is pretty good and almost the same as LOL. I playd both of them, but i think dota is harder to play. By waiting vor the reborn u can also try the open beta of ART OF WAR: RED TIDES. its a open beta in Steam. almost the same like the one gamemode from Warcraft 3. If sombody like singleplayergames i think NieR: Automata is a good choise. its pretty hard to play and fucking anoying sometimes (if the boss is so fu*** hard to beat that u have to try 20times) Some people say, darksouls 3 is ez game vs NieR have a nice time
  2. wanky

    The story behind your nick.

    My name is the shorty of WANKAN used this nick many years in some browser online games. in the time of battleforge i was Burnout1 or doodah.
  3. wanky

    Where are you from?

    Switzerland. One of the 17 players who watcht the serverfarm, cant wait für de skylords. Thx

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