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  1. just a question. why have this to be a bug? disentchant remove every benefit on the units. why should they come back?
  2. Getting Faster on every map. so for me the game never ends. also figure out (maby not fast but cool) tactics for cPVE and rPVE. i alsoo startet some days ago with PvP and saw i have mutch to learn there.
  3. my solo tactic is still secret yes.
  4. Äll Time record for Ascension 25.55.0 done by 5 Players
  5. Description: As the titel says: PvP Rank is shown wrong in the Rankings. Saw on 1-Player rPve 2player Crusade. and all 4player maps also in the 12-player rankings: Here the pics. My Actual Rank: https://gyazo.com/7205c6f81dd13758c51054f631c7ad67 Rank in the PVE Rankings: https://gyazo.com/8c89b3f71cac495fa71a8b72bde58cd7 (the example in Guns Of Lyr) /wanky ps: not only in my view the wrong ranking. Also other players see the Wrong Ranking. i.g Treim / Lebovin / Pritstift / DerNewYork Last notice. I never had a Higher
  6. ï prefer shadow start into shadow t2 into nature nature so u can use Frenetic assult for CC enemys and also Infect
  7. There are some cards can be replaced by better cards. Example: Shrine of Memorie replace with Schrine of War. Ray of light not rly usefull in this deck, change into Lifeweaving U tock the Wrong equilibrium There are some more cards can be replaced. But u think u get my opinion for the deck /wanky
  8. if u put the mous curson over the locket map is there the goal what u need to finisch first that u can play the locket map. sometimes u need to finisch first a 1player map.
  9. can u move a tree if he is rootet in the dirt? Shure its a game. but tbh?
  10. Simply as information for the non-speedrunners. For each map we invest several months / weeks every evening many hours of work to come to a good and fast tactics with many small details that are all extremely important. Imagine you are in school and have math. The teacher sets a math problem which takes several hours to come to the solution. But at the same time gives the solution. Now you just write the solution below after the =. Now you have written down the solution but the whole way to the solution you have not considered and do not understand it. If now a new task comes W
  11. yea thats why i asket toggy in discord same time for this, that he can writh, if he want (its up to him to ask for this benefits from the deffs), if he want to. /wanky
  12. is it possible to add a booster after reset for sumitet replays? i like tha challanges, but this one is not worth to play if there is the wipe some days later /wanky
  13. some players (like lebovim and myself) had some issues with the 100 limit of decks. Each map, each position sometimes 2-3 diffrend tactics, also vor Rpve 4-5 decks (moste of them for fun) maby 1-2 random decks for casual map playing like a pure shadow deck) if u count trough every map each possitions, 100 is way less than actually needet if u want to go like this. I totaly agree that some players just play with 2-3 decks (Rpve, campain) /wanky
  14. wait till Q4 then everything will be "deletet" anyway
  15. just one point for p1/2 in GOL, they can also go t2 and t3 "easy" they just need some enemy units stay alive between the orb and the cobold engenier. Even if its have to speedet up more, p1/2 can easy catch the regular t3 orb in the tactic used many many times in the Worldbreakergun Speedrun (swift unit run to orb/wells, take, kill own unit fast - most people know this) I also think there is no map who is not beatable with a rly cheap deck. its maby just need more time to finisch the map. /wanky
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