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  1. thx for the event. 1 Question....did u rly name my Replay Masterarchers?! 😄
  2. älso usualy in PVE at t1 u face S and M units 50/50 There should also not be a big difference. F.e. i like the M dmg to focus down Shamans quick in Rpve camps
  3. wanky

    Reset leaderboards

    i think the change to breeding and to Sow can potentionaly kill speedrun alltimes possibilitis. (f.e. Rpve games, but in this case its hard to say buz its diffrend for each month) Tbh i am not deep into the changes, so i cant say if any of the changes actually "kill" the pontentional to beat alltime times
  4. Necro fury + unholy hero (2 basic cards) shot at 2 secs timer on the right spot and u get best time
  5. If there is no happy hour it looks like this ---> not rly popular.
  6. So if you are honest you can balance as much on the game where you want, it will always have things that are OP and next to it about 200 cards that are not played 100 times by the community im 1 Month New players? 1000?? On which star do you live? It feels like after each patch there are fewer players, which is Sad. In my opinion, 90% of players play the game for nostalgia reasons. It's also a shame that some pve tactics were destroyed with balanvinc because it was absolutely oP in PvP. And now? Pvp is absolutely dead, and the 2vs2, never had a Playerbase.
  7. what i wanted to say is that it doesn't make much difference in terms of powercosts whether the card costs 250 energy or even 300 clear. The higher the energy costs, the greater the weakening. But I think that if the card is almost useless in PVP, the card itself works as it should. In the end, you only harm yourself when you play it because you don't play the map the way the map designer intended. If you use it anyway, you clearly gain an advantage, whether that's so that less good players can also create an expert map, you want to play even more different deck variations or just to develop f
  8. what about a way to copy a deck "from the game" with a code? Of course, then import it again with the same code. That way, you could save decks that you don't use very often on your own hard drive without using them ingame, but still be able to access them when you want to play them. I hope this is explained clearly 😄
  9. Do you have the 3d model of it to print yourself?
  10. The grind was worth it after all 🙂 Nice that you described what it can mean to make a "perfect" run. Thanks for the event, it was fun, desperate, annoying and fun 🙂
  11. Huhu. Kann es sein das deine Kollegen etwa immer die gleichen decks spielen? Würde euch vorschlagen mal gewisse files zu löschen die es dann über den launcher neu runterladen wird. Dafür sucht ihr euch in eurem Battleforge ordner unter: x:xxx\Battleforge\Skylords Reborn\base\pak ordner und löscht alle files die mit SR beginnen (müssten um die 169 Files sein) Dass müsste dann halt jeder machen. Dein beschriebener fehler tritt nur auf eigendlich wenn jemand eine datei hat die nicht gleich ist mit den von seinen spielpartener und/oder server. Wenn du Fragen dazu hast melde
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