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  1. Rpve Rankings only be updated at the last day of each month / first day next month. Not needet to push every single improvement. Thx
  2. i think this is only important for the fastest runs of this challange, cause there can be everything possible (means, every single small spell can get the match, or maby not)
  3. i believe in common sense and sportsmanship, that people will follow the rules. Disadvantageous only that many questions there are true to the rules, therefore my fear that someone sees what as ok what eigendlich against the rules is. But I think that if it's not a match deciding thing you could look past it if it was unclear if this spell/atk match was deciding or not.
  4. I must say that I do not believe that this can be seen at all who does what where. This would mean an enormous amount of time for each individual replay. Casting Every Spell just seems not 100% Trackable
  5. if u worry about trolling u have to remoce Shadow compleatly
  6. i already did a tutorial run, and this one was already shown in "theWeltHerr"s stream, some months ago
  7. just cause 50-80% of my replays get desynchd allways i made just 1 Run, until this problehm is solved (i am looking with kubik and Zyna why this is happening to me) i will not force good tactics into Challanges, when my replay get broken anytime.
  8. if u replace the purple frenetic to the green one, i would like it a bit more why the green one? U can use it on enemy buildings (works awsome on willzapper or Spawn f.e. or just the bigdmgtower placed in mittle of each camp) U will see that in many BG9 u dont need to place soul splicer moste time 7-8 forsaken with motivate and good micro and focus fire can do the jop witout loosing all.
  9. i also would swap to Forsaken motivate and soul splicer in t1. Also i would recoment using just the Red LSS, an add Fire Crystal for the DMG buff u can get, with motivate u can keep buffed flying around (for this u also need to add Offering and RIffle-Cultists to get the LSS charches) I think in moste cases u do not need the Ashbone at all, so u can replace him with f.e. Offering. I play Lss witout any t4 XL ground unit, i just use the riffle cultis as ground presence, just hold them back out of danger to keep spawning more LSS. But all for all i think moste important thing i
  10. there are even harder ones in the community map folder :D, but expext of the beginning (camara movement anoying af) it was a good map. But Tbh i think still needs a little bit rework to get to version 1.0
  11. sonds like u have trouble with the map file. Maby Delet it from your folders once, and Redownload them ingame. leme know if this works.
  12. 1 question opn my side: Each refugee -1000 Each camp have ~3-4 units if i remember right means u already can loose 9000-12000Points just by loosing all of the Refugee units? As long Towers are alive u did not loose.
  13. Save replay once, and if u have the error medsage, we should be figured out what actually happens
  14. I never wantet to discourage other players. But most of the time more than 50% of participate players are speedrunners. Figuring out a tactic with maximum speed sould not be that hard, but i see only little options for this, so it can be boring maby because top point players will have similar strat. Ofc i do not aim for the tutorialdeck challange, its not a pure deck and it have t2 tower in it. Surving camps is duable. My tutorialdeck run was already showed to the community from the twitch streamer "TheWeltHerr" back in days. My comment was mainly intended because this chall
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