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  1. lightblade ofc. Noone eles have this cool voicelines. And Blight himself (non player card unit) just cause the voice actor is on german the same guy voice acting Kevin James
  2. all colors have theyr unice cards. We should keep this.
  3. just a frendly remember, month has not endet yet. but awsome time. this month seems pretty fast. gratz to this time anyways.
  4. have now also made the map on Adv. Played with a Pur Nature deck. The difference to expert is hardly noticeable in the defense. Apart from the fact that Frost was a lot easier to defend. Towards the end it's really hard to defend when you're only t2 and can only draw the orbs when you already get the strong attacks. Restoring Lyr Adv 25min.pmv
  5. absolutely no problehm. I rly enjoy the map. would try to make another game today on Adv. do you have a wish for a deck to be used on which position? Think Pur frost you have slowly seen from me on the map bzl. the cliff strat. Is indeed a mechanic that you can use. but think that can stay inside. However, you could make the whole thing a little more difficult by making vision block on the walls. Was just a spontaneous thought. Can also like times in the discord sit together to look at details and diffrend tactics to brainstorm how that would feel. Think by the few replays things c
  6. Played on Expert. From the current difficulty I would definitely count it as expert. Defending is about the same difficulty as GoL with the detail that you have 3 walls to defend. That you are now forced to make the camp in the upper left first to get to t4 makes the whole thing really tough. But doable. Northern attack wave is closely timed and almost only with units to defend, because the time is too short to build up buildings. In addition, the units also seem to pull no aggro and run strait through on the gold wagon which has made the whole thing a bit tight. In the meant
  7. wanky


    Offering Easter Egg to get an extra charche for Asbone f.e. There are ways to use it. But most of the time all use Green Aff, just it gets also back CHarches on Spells and buildings
  8. Have played the whole thing again. My part: Again the defense, this time with Pur frost. Treim has played the map for the first time, have told him hardly noteworthy things about the map. Played the map Casual, and First try with 14minutes 41 seconds finished. The defensive part is relatively easy with Pur frost. The attacking part in the north I quote from treim: "the attacking part was very easy. You can cliff extremely well with e.g. white hunters. It is relatively unclear where to go first. From t3 it is then much too easy. The attack in the north is very smal
  9. I think that these percentages were an unconsidered example. Just for the reason that the Wrath also affects buildings, these 100% are absolutely not sustainable, because you would lose EVERYTHING (units / buildings) amii structures are fortunately not affected by this. It should be chosen a number where you with normal repair can keep everything alive. am absolutely the same opinion that this flat dmg to percent dmg should be, so that this scenario at all brings something where you have to pay attention. In the current station you can ignore it more or less completely.
  10. played the map again duo without voiuce. This time used a pure nature deck. Difficulty over all seen unchanged. Endwave I would not make stronger for my taste on expert, and weaken a little in adv. The attack on top of the wagon is still way too easy in my opinion. The map is very fun to play but you realize relatively quickly: Without agreement and a look at each other, it can be very fast that the deffensive player below is completely overrun. All in all, there are also a bit many powerwells on the map for my taste. would like to assess the map from the speedrun pe
  11. In part, it is also not quite easy to determine what exactly is an exploid and what is not. As Example: there are players who think the Voidmanipulation is an exploid (SoW, FoF+Culti and some more) That would have to check someone always, or just with puplic replays, which many but not necessarily want because you can partly tactic "easy" replay and are not extremely difficult. We has seen what happened with Bad Harvest. We want to prevent this on the way NOT to publish the replays. Still some are uploadet to youtube, if u are intrestet to it For help, tips, advice on tactics are many mostly
  12. just imagine, u have a strong deckbuild for t5 strat, and somone eles is faster building up this neu Amii t4 orb. U could not build it anymore, and stay t4, maby yours deck would not work 100% anymore.
  13. have discovered the map by chance. First impression was: oh beautiful. Found the map not too difficult (maybe adv diff?) Have the part below done with the defend, but paralel above helped with the clean. Have the map "played through" if the endbosstimer would not be on 9999minuten. a whole week on the map defend without a break was then a bit too long for me Have looked in the scripts to what it is missing then that it does not end. I for my taste think the wave above the runs against the gold car may be quiet a little heavier. We have killed relatively carefree.
  14. first of all, you are certainly one of the top 10% PVE players, so you don't have to hide at all. I can speak for our group when I say that we always try to share tactics in the mass that simplify maps like asc map 2. Things like light blade for map 2 is so far essential to know so that the map can be completed successfully. It is also important that not only one knows what to do on map2. Have also often tried a complete team to act solo, depending on where the viridia go the first time you are just more or less powerless. Especially if no one even runs close to her in SPellrange.
  15. many suggestions have been made in the past to make the BH speedrun more difficult. One of these suggestions was to give the end boss more life. I for one consider the BH speedrun to be the most popular element of this game. The video on youtube with the Frennzy is still one of the most popular videos what has the topic Battleforge. to remove this I personally feel as wrong, but see definitely need to act against the gold and XP farmers to proceed. This can be solved but as already mentioned easier via a reward system, than over years worked, heavy, shared speedruns to destroy. As a side
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