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  1. I'd like to talk about what each factions gameplay idea is supposed to look like, how some cards don't fit it, and why Pure Decks will always be an ugly stepchild compared to the all-popular splash decks. Keep in mind, this comes from primarily playing rPvE, and from a person who plays Pure Fire or Bandit 95% of the time. First: What Pure Decks are supposed to be like: Pure Decks are supposed to host the most powerful cards of a faction. The less strict a cards orb requirements, the weaker it should be. Pure Cards in T3 and T4 should be extremely strong. They should be attract
  2. Oh, great to see you guys are already on it, that's cool. I forgot about those. Soulhunter also has an issue with this LoS thing and turn-rate when casting mines. To be honest, I think most units with abilities suffer from this LoS/Turning Problem. And yeah, the melee pathfinding is another problem altogether. In rPvE, it makes playing them extremely unattractive since you lose a ton of DPS and HP for no reason. The units are constantly shifting around and missing out on attacks. They often also change their targets mid-swing.. Another issue is with the "melee slots" a
  3. Wasteland Terror is a great unit that - theoretically - complements the Bandit army really well, especially in rPvE with its nasty CC. Yet the ability is terribly clunky to use in practice. 90% of the time the dragon has to perform a long turn, or even a full 360 before casting it, and the casting animation itself adds even more delay before the actual Dispel is coming through. Even if the dragon properly positioned prior to casting, with the target being DIRECTLY in front, it will sometimes do a FULL turn for no real reason. In practice, the ability rarely gets the full value as a
  4. 128.. It's definitely easier when you quit after Twilight Edition.
  5. If anything, I'd change it to have a full hunger bar once it's spawned (maybe only near base) By the time you reach the enemy, it's already running low as it is now. If we made it spawn with full bar even when dazed, that would make it pretty strong, especially in deck using Offering (sorry Volin) I personally think making it way stronger would lead it to become a steamroll unit. Again, the red Tortugun already feels powerful, albeit clunky In rPvE it synergizes well with the Sacrifice Deck and Amok. I'll try both a Tortugon-focused Deck and a Bloodhorn Deck and see how they co
  6. Isn't Tortugun really good, though? If you have the micro to spare, you get a 50m range canon L Counter with 8400 attack, that you can safely buff using unholy hero, and simply sacrifice using Motivate, Blood Healing, or Offering, or by eating it with another Tortugun. I built my rPvE Deck around it, and me as well as others have used it to good success there and in campaign. But hey, I wont complain about making it even stronger. One of my favourite bandit cards.
  7. Fire Dragon!! It has by far the coolest attack animation, but the ingame model doesn't really look that much like the artwork shown on the actual card. So I'd really like to see a darker Firedragon with less aggressive and bright color. But again, that attack animation still makes it one of my favourite cards. I wish they gave the Lost Dragon the same attack but maybe with blue fire instead of that underwhelming spit animation. Same goes for the Giant Wyrm really, I would've prefered a kind of venom breath attack. Speaking of which, I think the Giant Wyrm is a prime candidate for a p
  8. Old thread but just had to comment on how ridiculously powerful this deck is. I would actually rate this top tier considering how efficient and fast it is, atleast for rPVE. I haven't tried 10 yet but farming 9 is a breeze using this deck. The synergy of Shrine of War + Spells is absolutely bonkers and, despite the slightly higher skillfloor required for this deck, allows for a lot of mistakes, especially considering how strong/fast the early game already is using Nomad + Mines. All you have to keep in mind really is to hotkey your shrines + turtles and keeping them well fed.
  9. So many German people here. Time to add one more. I'm ManGa aka Lylandris, 22 years old student living in Germany and played BattleForge since its very beginning and stopped playing around Lost Souls - Amii because my eMail-Account got hacked. I played a lot of pure frost in both PvE and PvP and got quite high with it, too. The forge aside, I play a lot of other strategy games ( like a lot of German ppl do, I feel), Shooters and MMORPGs. I chose the name ManGa recently since it's one of my hobbies and I find its meaning to match my personality and playstyles.( Weird/stran
  10. Wish granted but you'll have hickups for the rest of your life. I wish I had my own personal dragon
  11. 1554 What am I doing with my life!?
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