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  1. ManGa

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    Fire Dragon!! It has by far the coolest attack animation, but the ingame model doesn't really look that much like the artwork shown on the actual card. So I'd really like to see a darker Firedragon with less aggressive and bright color. But again, that attack animation still makes it one of my favourite cards. I wish they gave the Lost Dragon the same attack but maybe with blue fire instead of that underwhelming spit animation. Same goes for the Giant Wyrm really, I would've prefered a kind of venom breath attack. Speaking of which, I think the Giant Wyrm is a prime candidate for a promo version as well. It's one of the most used cards, part of the basic deck and probably one of the most iconic T4 units in the game, so it'd feel fitting to get a promo for it.
  2. ManGa

    The Bandit's guide to pve

    Old thread but just had to comment on how ridiculously powerful this deck is. I would actually rate this top tier considering how efficient and fast it is, atleast for rPVE. I haven't tried 10 yet but farming 9 is a breeze using this deck. The synergy of Shrine of War + Spells is absolutely bonkers and, despite the slightly higher skillfloor required for this deck, allows for a lot of mistakes, especially considering how strong/fast the early game already is using Nomad + Mines. All you have to keep in mind really is to hotkey your shrines + turtles and keeping them well fed. Another (pretty OP?) thing I found is that you can abuse (preferably U3) Thugs to generate extreme value. Thugs only have to hit the enemy for ~2 seconds to generate around 10 Energy. This energy isn't taken out of your void pool or power well, but is actually generated out of nowhere. Realistically, they will always end up generating more than they cost, and that's not even considering in that you get 90% of their cost back as void when they die anyway. By making clever use of these, you can considerably speed up your power gain, and thus your game. So one should always let Thugs do the cleanup work for towers or units, that way you can abuse their passive to get absurd amounts of energy, which in turn accelerates the entire expanding process again. Obviously the exception for this are spawn-buildings which should always be rushed down. But, for example, the bandit arrow towers, anti air buildings, waystations etc can all be abused with 0 risk and maximum power gain. Another trick is to use a (preferably non-upgraded) Makeshift tower to defend use thugs to defend alongside it. The tower will provide some form of crowd control which prolongs the lifespan of the thugs, thus allowing them to hit for longer and again, generate more energy. Though it might appear like a slower strategy to place Makeshift towers and Thugs, it will pay off in the end, since as soon as you hit T3, the drawback of Void-Energy is basically non-existent thanks to the Shrine of War. Works not only for rPVE. Basically any mission where you have leftover buildings can be abused with thugs to generate extra energy, especially Anti-Air! So always let thugs take care of those and don't let any other unit hit their target to maximize the power gain. Since it's based of the current HP value of the target, buildings will end up granting a TON of energy, due to how little damage thugs deal and how much HP even smaller buildings usually have. You can probably get a solid 150~ energy (need testing) out of an anti-air turret with one squad of thugs. Anyway, thanks for the deck. I've really grown to like it since it's a bit more intricate than your standard T4+Heal Spam deck. The Thugs, Tortugun management and shrine add some nice depth to it. Again, really really fast clearing times, very strong T1, T2 and T4 in rPVE and still very safe to play once you get behind the mechanics of the deck.
  3. ManGa


    By reading the FAQ
  4. ManGa


    Phenomic sure knew how to make things sound cool. "Just" a Silver, still a Reaper!
  5. Well, there is still the one RTS to rule them all: Age of Empires 2 and Starcraft, I guess.
  6. ManGa

    PvP Player

    Threads like these always tend to degrade into some sort of an Elitist showdown. Doesn't matter if it's WoW, BF, Ace Combat or LoL, people will always call each other out, praise themselves and try to trashtalk other people. Oh well.
  7. ManGa

    Introduce Yourself!

    So many German people here. Time to add one more. I'm ManGa aka Lylandris, 22 years old student living in Germany and played BattleForge since its very beginning and stopped playing around Lost Souls - Amii because my eMail-Account got hacked. I played a lot of pure frost in both PvE and PvP and got quite high with it, too. The forge aside, I play a lot of other strategy games ( like a lot of German ppl do, I feel), Shooters and MMORPGs. I chose the name ManGa recently since it's one of my hobbies and I find its meaning to match my personality and playstyles.( Weird/strange picture or style ) Hope to see you guys ingame soon.
  8. ManGa

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    Bad Harvest. I played that map all day back in my days. For me, it was just the pure multiplayer joy of Multiplayer, and it was always a challenging experience on Expert.
  9. ManGa

    PvP Player

    My highest rank was that golden shield 1 or 2, ( I don't actually remember the name ), but that was back in the very early state of the game. Very early = Twilight Edition only. I stopped playing regulary around Lost Souls, and quit when that Amii-thing came out.
  10. ManGa

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    "I'd like a drop of milk in my hot water, please." It's the [premium] Lyrish Knight. Memories of Home Soil + Lyrish Knight coming back again. D:
  11. ManGa

    What season do you prefer

    It's the opposite for me. I can't stand the hot weather and the early / late light of summer days. So I'd be more of a winter person, if it wasn't for the brown ugly and muddy streets. However, I still like rainy days and a plain grey sky. Also, the darkness in the winter always makes me feel comfy, whether I'm sitting at home looking outside, or am on my way to school. Winter it is! It seems like most people are either hot or cold / summer or winter. I didn't hear of any person that prefers autumn.
  12. ManGa


    Wish granted but you'll have hickups for the rest of your life. I wish I had my own personal dragon

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