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  1. None of the mentioned card gives the same benefit. like rallying banner is for undazed units, juice tank is barely ever used besides 2-3 maps it is useful on.ressource booster is an entirely different story being a trade-off card. construction hut is a similar mechanic all of them should have but on the other hand there's not enough buildings to make it a necessity for all factions. Of course you would have to limit the summoning reduction( so you can't put in 3 different color breeding grounds and just have all units costs half or some gamebreaking interaction). Still thinking it may be a goo
  2. As the title suggest I always saw breeding grounds as an unfair advantage nature has that no other faction has access to, which heavily limits deckbuilding in favor of including nature in alot of decks. Every faction has access to a building that influences void-power, some better or worse, but breeding grounds/summoning units for a discount is exclusive to nature. I think it would really open up deckbuilding if every faction has access to a similar mechanic. I just rarely see a point in excluding nature if not for a challenge, breeding grounds just has so much value for every deck you ca
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