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  1. Like I said its great to see the trash cards having some value BUT you cant deny there's some massive scam going on in the ah 24 7 for all the good cards and it will get worse over time since prices will ramp again as you said. This is drastically shown with all the promos out there and cards like infect or enlighten, especially if u log in at late evening. I'm simply looking for a solution to get new players going faster rather than just benefitting the guys that have everything already. Of course it is no big deal if u get 10 crappy rares in a booster followed by a good one but it is a big deal for all newer players. A pity system would atleast make it fair for all of us even if ure unlucky. Same goes for the reforge. Supply won't increase(for the good cards) if rates are terrible besides for the people that have stockpiled enough bfp to sink 10k in that system how it is now, be it reforging or opening boosters. Supply increases if people open more boosters, may aswell give them an insentive to do so even if fortuna isn't on your side especially regarding promo cards. If people have an insentive to keep playing rather than starting the game with 10 crappy boosters and quitting again,it would increase the playerbase aswell as equaling out the bfp among all players. Of course there will always be some that have more than others but the gap wouldn't be as ridiculously large like it is now. I could easily name you 20people that stopped opening boosters and using the reforge alltogether because of that exact issue, no one wants to grind weeks to feed bfp to that 1guy which has everything already just because rates are bad and getting unlucky on top of that. as a result of that people just sell every single card they get whenever possible for a way too high price or sell the whole booster alltogether. In my opinion i would even make booster non-tradeable, add a pity-system and add better rates on the reforge aswell as limiting the reforge to 3-5x a day. We all just wanna play with our favorite decks instead of scouring the ah all day long until the card you want has a reasonable price again. making booster and reforging better would help alot and give an insentive to coming back for ur daily booster/quests. Some last words: yes you are correct there is definetely some bias for booster as whenever I finally get an ultra its 1 of the worst in 90% of cases. I have yet to open a single enlighten, infect,firedancer, avatar,dreadnought, nether warp g,Thunder wagon R or Forest elder g. Basically every single valueable card besides harvester and Disenchant g I have never gotten and those only once. That said the damage is done I just want no one else going through this pain aswell.My collection is almost complete but most people in my spot would've quit after the first 50packs already, which benefits none of us.
  2. As many of you know, Tortugun at it's current is a terrible card. You can make it work but with the uprising of the new Bandit Cards I'd love to see a change for both Tortuguns. Suggestion A : Let it loose Hp at a constant rate when not being fed, because of 'starvation' instead of being uncontrollable. Suggestion B: Let it stay uncontrollable in its Frenzy State but devour ANY Unit in range including enemies(maybe exclude teammates) As it stands now Tortugun is just a frustrating card to play with and doesnt provide enough power to justify that huge deficit of being uncontrollable and killing your own T4 units. I'd be happy to hear any other suggestions if u can think of a better fix. Personally I prefer the first Suggestion but any change will do to be honest. Better than letting it stay a meme card.
  3. I wanna see that tutorial deck run on nightmare's end hehe
  4. I personally aggree to 100% with all your points. Reverting the Reforge rates and limiting it would be the most logical solution. I know the intention of the reforge was to have something to spend gold on but this only applies to a maximum of 20% of players, all newer players are suffering alot from that change, which is unfair and also lead to a crash in the market. Don't get me wrong its great to see commons and uncommons having some value but all the ultra or good rare cards are near unobtainable for anyone that isnt hoarding BFP to buy extra copies to gamble with it after the nerf or saving for days to buy them from the store. I personally loved the reforge on day1 but ran out of gold in less than 5minutes, I've gotten 3 harvester from crappy ultras which was great, I finally didn't have to grind 3weeks straight to afford a single card I needed since i never get something good out boosters. I know why you nerfed the rates but the majority of players shouldn't suffer from the abuse of the veterans. This leads to another issue being that the grind for the good stuff is unreal for newer players unless you get lucky with your first boosters. Im very certain many players quit already because their first boosters were terrible and they dont have fun in grinding weeks to afford the good cards for their desired deck Suggested Fix: Limit forging rares and ultra rares to 3 times a day, Revert the reforge rates to what it was before(this would also fix the gold issue for anyone that isn't sitting on 50million gold) -Regarding the booster issue: this will always be a consistent issue as some players are more lucky than others, I'd like to suggest a mechanic you often see in 'pay-to-win' games being a pity system. Make it so you are guaranteed an ultra rare every 20packs you buy from every given booster. This would give an intention to buy boosters because even if you are unlucky you are atleast guaranteed something good after a while. I know there are some bad ultras aswell, but these have value for reforging atleast. I'd even go so far and say implent this system for promo cards.Like buying 200 booster of any given booster guarantees a promo card in there. Even if luck isnt on your side you have an intention to keep going. (Of course those numbers may need testing and tweaking). I personally had 0 promos in over 500booster, my last 70packs had 2 ultras which were nox carrier and tortugun. I barely see a point in playing anymore as whenever I buy a daily booster, I'm loosing most of the bfp I earned for playing today, while others get 3 promos in less than 100packs.I know I'm not alone with this issue, but I won't drop any names for privacy reasons. Sure some players are more lucky than others but it really kills the fun in even opening a boosterpack ever if you know 95% of them will loose you bfp. A pity system would be a great fix for anyone that isn't lucky. Some might say just sell your boosters, but let's be real this is Card and Strategy game. Not being allowed to open boosters in a Cardgame is unacceptable and doesn't make any sense. Every other cardgame on the market uses the same feature as it's fair for those that aren't lucky and they don't want people to quit if they are permanently unlucky(Like Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering or Shadowverse, just to name a few).The great thing about the pity system is that is NOT abuseable like the reforging is right now. This would also give great intention to log-in for your daily pack as there is a promo awaiting you at the end of the road. Suggested Fix: Add a pity-system to all boosters in the market I really hope we see some change in both of these issues,after all we would all be happier if we had more players to play with and all the mentioned fixes benefits all players rather than just the veterans.
  5. Like dutchy said I'd love to see it on multiple maps, but the worst case is definetely oracle which is why I posted it here
  6. Can we include a skip option for the dialogue during the ritual? It's actually pain waiting 3minutes until they finished their talk every time you wanna run this map
  7. As I personally like the map and played I alot, I would suggest changing the Wrath of the Soul overall, similar to like Coco mentioned beforehand. Make it a debuff for the duration of the wrath.like having all units be permanently dazed until u swap the wrath to another map or even a new mechanic like removing your card charges over time for not swapping? the other option would be making the damage meaningful and ramp up over time, we need an insentive to even swap the wrath of the souls, a permanently ramping debuff would be the most logical solution to me. Personally I would exclude the damage to buildings completely, as its either completely pointless because it does too little dmg, or its become unbearable to the point that people won't use buildings except some form of void return at best
  8. None of the mentioned card gives the same benefit. like rallying banner is for undazed units, juice tank is barely ever used besides 2-3 maps it is useful on.ressource booster is an entirely different story being a trade-off card. construction hut is a similar mechanic all of them should have but on the other hand there's not enough buildings to make it a necessity for all factions. Of course you would have to limit the summoning reduction( so you can't put in 3 different color breeding grounds and just have all units costs half or some gamebreaking interaction). Still thinking it may be a good addition but guess that's why we have these forums, after all I'm just 1 guy throwing his ideas into the pot My general idea looked like this: - for shadow: a building that requires multiple corpses to make your next units costs less and drain the stored power. - for frost: a building that makes units that have a frost shield or being able to freeze cost less - for fire : I didn't come up with a fitting idea for the theme yet, maybe give it a building that reduces costs once you've done enough damage to enemies - nature; keep it as is but the other factions cost less or make it so it triggers if you healed enough allies Finally you would have to limit these cards to 1 per deck on top of it not being counting for teammates otherwise it would be way too powerful.This approach suits the theme for all the factions we have and would favor deckbuilding into already existing synergies without 'forcing' you to auto-include nature in 80% of decks
  9. As the title suggest I always saw breeding grounds as an unfair advantage nature has that no other faction has access to, which heavily limits deckbuilding in favor of including nature in alot of decks. Every faction has access to a building that influences void-power, some better or worse, but breeding grounds/summoning units for a discount is exclusive to nature. I think it would really open up deckbuilding if every faction has access to a similar mechanic. I just rarely see a point in excluding nature if not for a challenge, breeding grounds just has so much value for every deck you can put together. Happy to hear what you guys think about this topic
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