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  1. Juvenescence is a non-factor. Strength gets overwritten by Unholy Hero. Resilience does help, so does Mo. Dipping low on Bata is just a matter of heal timing. I played a bit more on the edge, mostly because I have to get accustomed, but it can be done much safer. Generally, 4P rPvE9 has other players doing something, yes. The measurement for viability isn't if I can tell the other 3 players to go afk and still win. Clearly there are instances where the Bata-deck is doing the heavy lifting in these engagements. The second fire map was 100% lost without it. I'm not saying it's the only deck
  2. I actually haven't rolled LS for a two or three days now, so no replay for that still. Alas, here is what I have now. All are 4P rPvE9. Bata rPvE9 fire.pmv So I guess what happened here is that the guy who was about to clear together with me got Nether Warped into the camp with my Batariel and decided "Okay, fuck this.", which is fair enough, so I cleared four camps entirely solo. Last camp was also pretty much alone, everything died before the other player got to it. Had help with the boss but you can still see the high burst damage from Batariel coming through. Absolutely no issues he
  3. Can you please provide replays that showcase Enlightened Bata was nerfed to death? Deck is far from ruined, thanks to the compensatory buffs Bata tears chunks out of XL units and bosses. You have near limitless amounts of energy at your disposal, as is normal with single-unit decks. So you can lay down an Armageddon of spells. Unholy Hero + Gates of Hell still deals ungodly damage and Purgatory provides consistent AoE DPS and clear. Enlightened Bata can still solo camps. Also, complaining about "ruined good and popular cards" when unused, bad cards still exist is so not fair, given t
  4. XL units are very popular as they represent the peak of the power fantasy in Skylords. Seeing how the game is set up from the ground up to reuse assets I have been wondering how M units would fare if they were repurposed as XL units. There are many surprisingly good models! Especially with some great texture work there could be all sorts of new XL units. So I went through all M units and scaled them up to see how they hold up. This is just a little personal project I did out of curiosity and I figured I might as well share. Enjoy the show and maybe some people get inspired to come up with
  5. It's a beam that continuously deals damage and it can attack anything. There is no CC.
  6. Don't know how you'd arrive at 3 years for 320000 BFP. Playing generates 400 BFP a day if you do the 45 minutes. If flipping the daily booster it's 480. If you keep it, it's just non-liquid capital, so whatever. That's 800 days or 2y2m if you keep the booster. Or 1y10m if you sell it. That's not accounting for achievements, which also generate BFP. In total there's like, what, over 60 boosters in achievements. 25000 easily. So alright, somewhere around 1 1/2 to 2 years is still a lot of time. If you don't want to hog chat all day to buy cheap URs and Promos or gamble on boosters you
  7. XP is nothing but a vanity stat. All you need is Lv. 5 to buy U3s for cards and after that it's just a different icon next to your name. XP grinding is irrelevant for anyone starting out because you have to build up your collection and familiarize yourself with the game, that even goes for returning veterans that haven't touched the game in a long time. By the time anyone is done laying the groundworks, they are already Lv. 5. At which point XP and levels are nothing more than cosmetics. As for gold, the plan is to overhaul gold rewards entirely but it's not going to happen without devs.
  8. U3 gives another cooldown reduction of 10 seconds to bring it back down to the old 50 seconds. The description reads "If the target dies, 10 of its allied units within a 20m radius are bewitched for 10 seconds. Lasts for 10 seconds." If it leads to continued confusion, we might further clarify the description but as of now all necessary bits should be present.
  9. What would removing the timelimit do though, except making it practically impossible to lose? People would still opt for decks that can win faster. If you'd go into it with a slow deck you're still left behind.
  10. It is meant to completely disable fighting or any ability usage, including Transformation.
  11. You are completely misunderstanding. Pure fire changes are buffs. Fullstop. Nerfs are for the four cards shown. Batariel is a part of that of course but it will remain strong.
  12. One got revealed in this very CU. But of course there will be more cards for Amii, the goal is to make it a complete faction like Bandits, Stonekin and Lost Souls after all. It'll just take some time.
  13. That's a great idea to provide a safe environment to create some self-sufficient strategies!
  14. It's a bit tricky because for some factions there are very strong baseline C and UC cards. Yet for others there are key Rs and URs that can really elevate a deck. The economical ramifications also have to be kept in mind. Cards that are given out for free will drop in value. Even if you made them account-bound. Now, Cs and UCs aren't as affected because they hover around the baseline established by reforging. Different story for Rs though.
  15. @RNG Golvigstein You can find the document about advanced filtering here.
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