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  1. https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Card_Upgrades#Drop_Locations
  2. There are currently no plans of adding either to boosters.
  3. @Kubik What would be the easiest and most straight forward solution when it comes to making an older version (for example the Sunset-BattleForge version the game shut down with) available? Akin to how the test-server is available.
  4. Nostalgia is fleeting. A coherent, solid game is forever. The game is in a better state than it ever was at any point in time, among other things because of various fixes and nerfs, few as they were. With that being said though, I myself am strongly in favor of providing a Legacy BF version. Although there would have to be a strict hands-off policy because when you would get into talking about which things to fix and which additions to implement it's another can of worms. So no popularity voting like "X was disliked by most, that should be fixed. Change Y was liked by most, that should be
  5. I think that would actually improve the consistency of card prices and reduce the frequency of price spikes. A price spike commonly occurs when the supply of a given card runs out so the next seller takes this opportunity to put theirs up for some outrageous price. Which then leads to this new price being the reference point for several future listings until, over the course of a few days, people undercutting one another leads to the price being normalized again. Price spikes can of course still be artificial when somebody intentionally buys up the supply for one card to relist it bu
  6. Updated the Cost-Section. Also used the opportunity to update and improve the deck. Much stronger now but also needs more gold. Price stayed around the same, some card alternatives got slightly more expensive.
  7. Updated the Cost-Section. Turns out the deck got even cheaper now thanks to reforging. Some card alternatives also became cheaper.
  8. Ravenheart is not categorized as Bandit. The buff icon from Rioter's Retreat also doesn't show up. You probably confused it with the regular idle-healing around buildings.
  9. At this stage of the deck I'd ditch Swamp Drake and/or Unholy Hero. Problem is that with the current orb progression the deck can only get void manipulation by T4, not T3. In order to get it on T3 (like Shrine of Memory or Shrine of War) you'd have to get rid of Lost Horror, which is an incredibly powerful unit because of its multishot. But Magma Hurlers would be nice too, as a Common alternative. Using Rares there can be Deepcoil Worm or Nightshade Plant. Or you commit a lot more to Swamp Drakes and supplement them with another L ground unit as meat shield.
  10. I'd love more T1 diversity personally. But a lot of T1 units either lean towards PvP or just cannot keep up with the good T1s, making them incredibly niche. What's the point of Scavenger when you have Nomad for most situations for example? Especially ranged units are just so much better than a front-to-back army with melee. Or even pure melee, which can be just pure suffering. Amazon+Werebeasts+Fountain of Rebirth has great synergy but still does nothing against buildings.
  11. I'm not looking for personal gratification about how I, as a player, carried that match. I mean, I even died once early because I botched an early engage. This was never about my performance but Batas. The match was just meant to demonstrate that the Bata deck is strong enough to pull some weight.
  12. Well, I put myself out there and scrapped together some replays to scrutinize. I still think that a fire map where 3/4 players have multiple wipes and some ended up spawning T3 units to at least have some meat on the field is a hard carry. Sure, the other players were evidently inexperienced but that does not detract from the point, it underlines it. Blue wiped more than once, Green only had a few surviving Giant Wyrms because they decided to not fight anymore and rather join up and Teal also only made it because they tagged along with Bata. Teal would've even wiped in the last base witho
  13. Juvenescence is a non-factor. Strength gets overwritten by Unholy Hero. Resilience does help, so does Mo. Dipping low on Bata is just a matter of heal timing. I played a bit more on the edge, mostly because I have to get accustomed, but it can be done much safer. Generally, 4P rPvE9 has other players doing something, yes. The measurement for viability isn't if I can tell the other 3 players to go afk and still win. Clearly there are instances where the Bata-deck is doing the heavy lifting in these engagements. The second fire map was 100% lost without it. I'm not saying it's the only deck
  14. I actually haven't rolled LS for a two or three days now, so no replay for that still. Alas, here is what I have now. All are 4P rPvE9. Bata rPvE9 fire.pmv So I guess what happened here is that the guy who was about to clear together with me got Nether Warped into the camp with my Batariel and decided "Okay, fuck this.", which is fair enough, so I cleared four camps entirely solo. Last camp was also pretty much alone, everything died before the other player got to it. Had help with the boss but you can still see the high burst damage from Batariel coming through. Absolutely no issues he
  15. Can you please provide replays that showcase Enlightened Bata was nerfed to death? Deck is far from ruined, thanks to the compensatory buffs Bata tears chunks out of XL units and bosses. You have near limitless amounts of energy at your disposal, as is normal with single-unit decks. So you can lay down an Armageddon of spells. Unholy Hero + Gates of Hell still deals ungodly damage and Purgatory provides consistent AoE DPS and clear. Enlightened Bata can still solo camps. Also, complaining about "ruined good and popular cards" when unused, bad cards still exist is so not fair, given t
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