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  1. I really dislike the major suggestions. 1. Sure, getting a garbage UR is a bummer but rarity should NOT be tied to desirability. It's good that there are strong and desirable common/uncommon cards. It makes boosters more exciting and it makes good decks more accessible. You are basically asking for a community ranking of all cards and then make the ones that are the most popular for one reason or another rare. No thanks. 2. Building your collection from the ground up is essential part of the game. Giving away like one fifth of the ENTIRE roster is crazy. You are actively trying
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, potential profits, no matter if real or only in colorful pixels, will lead to people trying to exploit. Self reported prices won't work. Without objective input like through an API I wouldn't trust these numbers. Because I know people try to manipulate prices (and sometimes successfully do so) EVEN IF there is access to an objective graph as a resource.
  3. If "the integrity of the dev team depends on whether or not they are true to their word" alone isn't enough reason for you, I don't know. Building trust is of the utmost importance of fostering a positive long term relationship between players and devs. Besides, this game is already, factually dead. This is a pretty surprising revival that somehow got an "OK, whatever, just don't monetize it" from EA. You are talking about the studio that killed Dead Space out of sheer greed and incompetence because earning loads of money from a niche market wasn't enough. It had to be ALL the money from
  4. ???????? What's wrong with the original artworks? They are OG, they are fine.
  5. What do you mean by that? Strictly speaking there is no real price for cards unless you sell them directly in an official capacity and therefore set a limit to its market value. There is the relative rarity of a card compared to other cards and there is supply and demand. Also its usefulness. What are "prices of cards"? The average price over the last 30 days? Median? A graph? Something like this?
  6. Well, most importantly because they decided on that a long time ago and people are expecting it to happen. It was public knowledge, I am actually surprised some people committed to this beta version unaware. You can't just flip flop on big things like that, you have to show integrity with your announcements. It's supposed to be a fresh, new start for everyone equally. Signifying the end of testing and an actual re-release of the game. Personally I think that the economy is doomed either way because the community will be small and a handful of market manipulators can easily corner cer
  7. Any update on the numbers or "boost stacking"? 90 minutes does seem a bit excessive. Especially with the added incentive to utilize the reserve pool.
  8. Exaggeration to unreasonable heights isn't necessarily the same as making a point. 2/10 for effort too because you mostly only copied my post. The most used argument I see against the strength of certain cards is "I don't like it when other people don't play the game the way I want it to be played". You will always have this problem when you group up with randoms! That's not a balancing issue, it's a human one. Go out and search for like minded individuals if that is so important to you. The dumbest thing about Amii is that it's cheaper than a natural T4. Fix that and move on. I
  9. Amii creates loads of options for possible decks and strategies that would straight up not exist without it. While doing so it can be argued that it overshadows alternatives but it does not remove a single one. Strictly speaking Amii is a purely enriching card as far as possibilities go. The current version of Amii literally enables a 5 color deck as well. If someone so chooses they can do that right now. Making Amii T4 means removing ALL possible approaches and decks that need it to be T3, while creating not a single new one. It is a powerful card and should cost more than a natural T4 o
  10. An argument for Amii as a reward for completing expert maps that I have heard is that the game would benefit from a motivator to get people to play story maps. darkwarrior on discord just threw an idea into the room: Have promo cards as rewards. This idea is infinitely better since promo cards are nothing more than fully upgraded regular cards with a different skin. So absolutely no options would be gated behind this approach. Unlike with Amii, where LOADS of possibilities would get shut off from most people. I am pretty much always in favor of more options, not less. People love the
  11. I would assume it's because playing Advanced difficulty is worthless. It's better to get U3 from Expert and use extras to buy U2 and U1 with gold. It feels like in Advanced the time investment doesn't really justify the gains. Also, who bothers becoming good, efficient and fast on the medium difficulty? Not to mention, the community consists of either people just wanting to play a bit of BattleForge again or hardcore enthusiasts without much in between.
  12. "Amii is so OP and broken! People are using it to finish maps too fast! That is so bad for the game." "We should give Amii to the good players only to widen the gap between what options they have and what the rest does. Sounds good." Anyone else sees the disconnect in logic here?
  13. I'd say you play mono decks for flavor. Because you enjoy it and not because it's good. I don't think there is literally ANY mono deck that couldn't be improved by changing one or two orbs. The T4 mono cards are all pretty underwhelming for how restrictive they are. Green Forest Elder is nice. But Nature itself is such a good allrounder and can get away with playing it mono. Dreadnought is powerful but clunky to use. Shadow Worm is pretty useless without support to sustain it. Moloch is slow and therefore worthless. Batariel is strong but also works best with support. Meanwhile just
  14. So some of these are from crashes during character creation where you have to pick your profile picture and name. If you idle there too long you get booted from the server. Others are from trying to see decks and starting games. They are from the test server and they all asked me to share them with an error box. _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_1.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_0.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_2.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_3.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_4.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_5.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_6.log _launcher_trace_2019.07.30_7.log _launcher_tr
  15. It was just taking your example to make the point clear. Apparently unsuccessfully so. Balancing isn't about making everything equally strong or thinking of every possible curve ball. That's a complete misunderstanding of what balancing is supposed to achieve in games. Attempt that sets you up for failure. That is true in every game. I would much more say that balancing in PvP is the attempt to make it so no strategy or no single mechanic (unit, spell, etc. in this case) is overbearing at some level of play first and foremost. While everything can probably be countered through some means, ther
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