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  1. If you were able to trade up lower rarities to higher ones, then the excess of low rarity cards would get diminished to the point where it's actually worth it again to put them into the AH. And if it turns out the supply becomes so low that the prices, even for Commons, become unreasonable, then opening Boosters would be very lucrative once more, since even the crap cards would recoup some cost. Which would then increase supply again. Right now the value of an opened booster is determined by just a couple of cards that are valued for more than multiple boosters. Every booster not containi
  2. I wanted to add that I think that the second to last progress picture looks much more dynamic because the legs don't just hang down but the right one has a different position.
  3. @Chronopie For this bandit dragon you have very powerful support from Unity and Bloodthirst. On top of its innate life steal, which synergizes greatly with its high offensive stat. That will lead to this guy being deceptively tanky, it's going to be an airborne leechtank. As long as it isn't bursted out of the sky, it won't go down at all. And you got a mobile mass-cleanse that you can even use preemptively. Assuming these are U0 numbers, then the duration might even be longer than 10 seconds. Or it might be even cheaper. I think that justifies a price tag of 280-290. As for the artwork i
  4. Hm, that's unfortunate. I recorded it on the test server because I wanted to do a run without upgrades, so that's most likely why. Won't do a blank run on live since I would have to downgrade all cards, which would waste a lot of gold. The replay should work on the current iteration on the test server though!
  5. Of course the extra Unity can be replaced with something else but since they both stack and the G is very good on T3, while B is generally superior on T4 using both can be justified. Especially if the goal is to make the deck a bit more forgiving. Before someone gets a few upgrades and charges going on their units, it can indeed be valuable to add some more to the deck to have something to fall back on if charges get depleted. My first candidates to replace would be Fire Sphere, Inferno and possibly Comet Catcher. A cheap unit to fill the gaps could then be Thugs if you want even mor
  6. Foreword Content: Cost Tier progression Alternative Cards to use Upgrade priorities Replay My other Guides This guide aims to put together a pure fire deck on a budget. As always in Skylords, any suggestion is merely that. It’s all about experimenting. If you don’t like something, just change it. Want to give something a try? Just slot it in! Pulled an interesting card that you want to see in action? Build a deck around it, make it work! Struggle with a specific map? Try different cards, there might be more suitable ones for different
  7. Holding and hopefully gonna pull the new frost shielding card once it's released
  8. Worldbreaker Gun doesn't literally break worlds. Glaciation or Glacier Shell don't literally turn walls and buildings into glaciers. Ice Age is not literally a global, extinction level climate change. It's exaggeration for dramatic and imposing effect, as used a dime and dozen in fiction and everyday language. If anything these cards show that for frost it is perfectly in line that they give their spells and entities names that present them as much grander than they are in reality. "This enormous cannon is so mighty, it can break the entire world!" "This ancient, arcane magic makes bu
  9. I am in favor of having the player engage with the camp instead of killing the spawner over a cliff while the AI remains idle. It would still be possible to occupy the defending army and rushing in to destroy the building. But with that strat you at least have to play around the twilight camp.
  10. The building is the designated spawn for the enemy waves, right? What behavior would you rather see?
  11. Incredible work by Tweeto. Very lucky to have such an artist on the team. He captures the artstyle very well, I think. This looks like one hell of a fight against Lost Souls. So the intent seems to be that Winterwitch remains the go-to shielding solution for 2B2X splash, while this spell is reserved for pure frost. I hope Ice Age will remain splashable, just like Winterwitch, so they can still work together. Synergy with Ice Age G will also dictate how good the purple affinity will be. Name: Immortal Bastion Ability: Tainted/Blessed Last Stand An "Immortal Bastion" sounds like so
  12. Yes, what you described falls under "Build for specific cards". Which can be anywhere in the tier progression. Like in my example with Juggernaut, the rest of the deck has to warp around its orb requirements, just like in your examples. And there is obviously a lot of overlap. If you decide to build for color you then still have to decide whether to start bottom, mid, top or build for specific cards or maps. Employing and combining multiple of the outlined approaches is a given. But if you are still inexperienced, you have to start somewhere.
  13. Already got a few people telling me the deck helped them a lot, even in expert cPvE: New one for PvE deckbuilding:
  14. Foreword Content: Orb and Color Overview Picking your Approach General considerations Units in general Units in Tiers Buildings Spells Synergies My other Guides If you recently asked "Can somebody show me a good deck for this color?" or "Can anyone rate my deck?" then this PvE Deckbuilding Guide could give you a foundation to use if you need some early pointers on what to pay attention to when you start building your own deck. Experimentation and exploration are name of the game, so feel free to deviate from conventions. I
  15. Not possible. The volunteer devs of this project do not own the IP. They can't put a game up on Steam that they don't even own.
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