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  1. Been watching his art for some time on the Discord, it looks really good and mashes well with the artistic style the game already has. Also brings in his own flair. His progress and results look professional, does he have an official online presence?
  2. I'd like it if default gold/xp rewards for playing wouldn't become a totally convoluted mess with numerous conditions attached. "You get 1000 XP if you had 4 monuments and 200 gold for clearing each side objective with 46% bonus on a waning moon when it's also summer on Jupiters eye, etc." No, thanks. Empathizing key positions on the map by overhauling gold chest placement and gold content would be something to consider.
  3. Another banger by Asraiel.
  4. I think Mana Wing is a feast or famine card. They can cheese some cPvE maps because there isn't sufficient anti-air or ranged. In direct confrontations they are strictly inferior to Windweavers, even against S units because of their multi-shot. Honestly not sure why you even feel like you need additional T1. Even on their own WWs supported with Surge of Light are enough to push through most things you encounter on T1. Shaman is nice but every Shaman healing is also one WW not dealing damage, so it slows you down. WWs are also better than Wearbeasts against S units. If they don't get
  5. Not even kidding, just the other day I also thought how an ignore function would be great. There is just something about the combination of that avatar, incomprehensible drivels that take ages to decipher and then realizing the entire content was stupid to begin with that grinds my gears.
  6. Cocofang

    Shrine of War

    The original game had a business model where the goal was to make people buy BFP to get the powerful cards so they would intentionally tune the game around their existence to give people an incentive to spend money so even Timmy 2-fingers can somewhat reliably do content. Add to that, that they evidently didn't care about their initial design when it came to making a quick buck while the ship was sinking, so they straight up threw the concept of having a T3 out of the window as well. So now we are left with a corpse twisted and mangled by the attempts to squeeze some more drops of bl
  7. Cocofang

    Shrine of War

    Martyr is quite good and not nearly as overtuned as SoW. It is much more interactive and the void return is sufficient. Nerfs to overpowered cards and buffs to underpowered ones can happen simultaneously. Nerfs are necessary because if you just take the current top performers as benchmarks for everything else to be elevated to you end up with massive powercreep. People are so used to the totally busted, imbalanced cards that they don't even realize anymore how ridiculous a 20% void return is for every single enemy unit that dies that you can have up permanently. The expectation of power is tot
  8. Of course growing the community would be wonderful. I think when there were like 1000 people online it was really great. To bring more people in once again the team needs to put in a lot of work to make it enticing. Sadly that's under all those restrictions and issues. But if I had to choose between quick content and many people on the team that work all over the place OR a more compact team that takes its time but then delivers good patches and updates, I'd definitely take the latter. It's one of those things where it's about trust again. The project has to show people that it is something pu
  9. I really don't know what some expect. That new content and events just spontaneously materialize? This post in particular seems to be mostly about events but so many other people endlessly repeat "NEW CONTENT WHERE?". You can't just shovel shit into the game, it has to meet a quality standard. Otherwise everyone will just come to take a look, realize it's cobbled together crap and leave to never return. Developing that stuff takes time, it takes effort and above all it takes people. This being a volunteer project, it's obviously going to struggle in all of those aspects. Especially since
  10. I know they can check an accounts BFP history. I don't know if they can see where the BFP came from. I would assume they can also see card gains and losses. So if two accounts just constantly shove valuables back and forth, or even mainly one way, it's bound to look suspicious. I can't imagine them reviewing all cases manually. I would guess that the previous poster went over a certain threshold of trades between the two accounts and combined with them sharing IPs, it triggered the automatic system.
  11. Cocofang

    Shrine of War

    What do you mean "buff it"? Haha, what's there to buff? That it gives you additional energy even if you are already at 0 void?
  12. I have enough confidence in the current balancing team to think they will just ignore this idea. I mean, most of the stuff he suggests is asinine to the point where I wonder if he is even serious.
  13. Cocofang

    Shrine of War

    Shrine of War - The only void management tool that requires only one fixed orb. Most powerful in rPvE since enemies constantly die. Permanent uptime with two of them. Absolutely insanely overtuned return rate of 20%. Most expensive energy wise. Cultist Master + Furnace of Flesh - Occupies two deck slots, takes up population-space but is on demand and independent. Shrine of the Martyrs - Demonstrates that 8% return rate is already quite powerful. The most involved option and requires other cards in the deck to work. Shrine of Memory - A consistent trickle. Offers nothing comparab
  14. After some more runs with an U0 version, I decided to remove Ray of Light and replace it with Healing Gardens. My reasoning for that is that Ray of Light is not necessary on T2 because Razorshard G and Fountain of Rebirth stack nicely. Meanwhile Healing Gardens contribute a lot with 85% healing effectiveness for T3 and T4. Because you are working with minimum charges and un-upgraded healing spells every cast has to count big time. Also, the less healing you have to cast, the less void energy you will accumulate. No way of void recovery is a major constraint, so that aims to compensate for
  15. Sounds like the trading patterns you two were engaging in were too suspicious. Think it through, what would be the benefit of making multiple accounts? To hasten up progression. So obviously if there are two accounts just constantly giving each other stuff it's gonna look exactly like that, no matter who you two are. It is not the same as people giving away cards to newbies as it doesn't involve two accounts just constantly boosting each other. That you two were probably also playing from the same IP didn't help the matter either.
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