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  1. I could see an Abyssal Warder-style Phoenix mechanic. Every revive makes the next Phoenix progressively smaller and weaker until it can't revive anymore.
  2. Balancing both around a cooldown of the respawn-ability and an automated death-timer for the critters would be a workaround. Similar to how Sunken Temple caps out at a certain number of swarms. It'd just be annoying to micro because the new critters obviously wouldn't be part of a dedicated unit-group. So while technically an improvement, it would certainly be a hit to the gameplay experience. The other option would be to make the respawn-ability manual but that would shift the annoyance from having to pay attention to the new critters to instead having to click the button every now and t
  3. Technical limitations in the editor made an exact replication of that type of movement unfeasible. When a building with multishot teleports it crashes the game. No way to fix that right now so it has to be Stonekin exclusive.
  4. The idea was to convey the feeling of the stone plates colliding and ricocheting off of one another. Similar to how the wall-gates in the game have a slight bounce to them when you open and close them.
  5. How long ago was it that you last played? There was an account reset when the project released into 1.0 back in December 2020. If it was newer you could use the contact-staff channel on our Discord to clear things up.
  6. Unity B + Bloodthirst is very strong sustain and tankiness. Even crazier when paired with a Moloch. Bloodthirst was already buffed multiple times and I would even argue that it's totally overloaded right now. Then again, it carries fire sustain on its back. And it even synergizes with Unity because the damage distribution can trigger the heal. The only think pure fire lacks is out-of-combat healing. But during combat a fire army can top itself off very quickly.
  7. If you want to rapidly speed up your BFP generation you can also learn the average price of cards and look out for price swings. Buy low, sell high. Requires time investment to learn the market but afterwards it's only updating your listings and checking your targeted cards once per day.
  8. Please use English on the Forum and the official Discord server. If you can make it run on your smartphone then go ahead. There is no official support planned for other platforms though.
  9. Unfortunately S units scale really, really poorly to bigger sizes because the models barely have 3 polygons.
  10. Well, I suppose the counter argument to that is that this is how it's always been up to this point and it hasn't really worked out in a way that players are being on-boarded to make the jump from 9s to 10s. On the contrary, the achievement that required people to play 10s was in part received negatively because it disrupted the veteran experience by pushing unprepared players into lobbies for 10s. There they were mostly perceived as a nuisance that has to be carried. In addition, taking the extra step and asking for a mentor isn't something most people will generally do. So it's prob
  11. Yeah, the aura of U3 is made to affect Forest Elder itself while U0-2 is not. Can be fixed.
  12. The problem with a lot of changes is that they always break replays. In some cases it can be quick work to create the fix but we don't want to fire them out all the time because we would break replays over and over. So the choice is usually, do we gather a few changes for the next big patch or do we just constantly make a whole feature of the game useless?
  13. Just dumb luck it seems. This is my recent 4P LS rPvE9. Actually had incomes of Treefiend+Priests from the first row camp. Joining Spellbreakers incomes from T3. Was so busy fighting those off with only T1 that the other player had time to build up a huge T2 army to clear T3 by themselves. Last row was a total meatgrinder. Won but it had a few close calls. Especially the player that had the Spellbreaker T2 camp accidentally pulled it by spawning his Nomads at his base towards the camp, aggroing it and losing his orb and well before being able to come back with support.
  14. For now, use U3 of the card. That one works.
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