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  1. That's ironic. I made no assumption at all, I merely stated that you should focus on thinking about overarching achievements instead of time sensitive dailies. So that it doesn't become possible to disproportionally pull ahead by simply sinking more time into progression paths that expire. You made the assumption that I was talking about you only wanting more dailies. You repeatedly talked about being dissatisfied with both. I said, you should be focusing your efforts one one rather than the other. I am starting to think there is a language barrier or something. One misunderstanding after the
  2. I said that your frustration about progression speed is apparent. You said I wasn't even listening and that it's not about getting stuff faster, it's about being rewarded for your time. But it is absolutely about getting stuff faster because for you more rewards for your time is better. If you think players should be able to make more progress on the day, you are absolutely talking about increasing progression speed. So it's bizarre that you would be so adamantly denying that this is one of the core issues you criticize. What the current progression system wants to keep in check is that d
  3. If you get 4 dailies for 75 BFP each instead of 2 dailies, then by doing them all you gain 300 BFP in a day instead of 150. In other words you made more progress in a day than you currently can. Your suggestion directly leads to that. You would be affecting progression speed, making people gain more stuff faster. Now, I am in no way dead set on saying the current progression speed is perfect by any means. But be it your primary motivator or not, you are most definitely arguing for higher progression speed and you repeatedly expressed frustration with the current progression speed.
  4. You repeatedly bringing up how long it take to unlock things must have fooled me. More rewards for your time equals faster progression, surely you considered that? But now you are saying it's "not about just getting stuff faster"? With how heavily you protest me linking your issues to progression speed, it seems like you want to empathize that you do not want to get things faster than it is the case now. You want to feel like you are "being rewarded for your time". We can test this by going into the opposite direction: Would you then be okay with, say, taking the rewards for current
  5. @MarcoMaar Do you happen to have any updates on anything that's currently going on in the background regarding your work? I am always really looking forward to some UI and QoL improvements on the client side of things.
  6. Not to mention Activision Blizzard is more than happy to let people use multiple accounts because that means multiple subscriptions. They are multi-dipping individual power users for extra cash. And even then they eventually decided that they have to at least crack down on automated multiboxing because, you guessed it, it provided too big of an advantage over anyone not doing it. Sure, in their case it was purely a business decision. They probably noticed increasing dissatisfaction among the population with only one account that threatened their bottom line more than the multiboxing population
  7. The current system is meant to reward players with more BFP for playing after quests. But without enabling the possibility of more time investment resulting in insurmountable advantages for progression. How would you design a system that rewards players for playing more without having it feel exhausting, mandatory or it resulting in massive advantages for people that play more, making everyone who doesn't have as much time, feel like their efforts are meaningless? Which boundaries would you set so that people can't exploit the system by simply artificially stretching their in-game time?
  8. So what specific changes and additions would you make to the progression system so that, again, there are interesting long-term goals that don't trivialize card and upgrade acquisition yet constantly provide something worth striving for? While taking into account that people need something worthwhile to do with their resources when their collection is nearing completion or they have everything they want. You are only taking about broad concepts. Multi accounting will not happen. So how would you realize those goals on only one account?
  9. No, you don't ... go figure that one out yourself. As to what I am doing, when I feel like it, I am building some whacky off-meta decks and approach problems from a different angle than the established meta way while still staying within the games boundaries. There has to be a balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation at some point. Feels like you want to lean way more heavily on the extrinsic side. You know, how about we try to steer this entire thing into a more productive direction because, frankly, allowing multi accounting would undermine the entire progression system.
  10. id love to see someone complete the entire game on 5 different accounts in a single day completing all the color/unit specific achievements in a single day. looking at the rankings most missions seem to be around 10-20 minutes+ and the game has 27 missions not to count extra time assembling decks/transfering cards to new accounts ect. basically a full time job working at max efficiency to be able to buy a single promo firedancer perhaps. what is the player doing wrong? actively playing the game? not allowing players to work harder to get stuff quicker will only lead to them doing things like b
  11. I'd prefer the ability to mark multiple auctions and cancel those for more control. Like you'd mark files in a folder. With Shift-Click to mark everything from the first to the last clicked item.
  12. Let's take a look at the low effort achievements. Reserve below 25, which merely takes time but can be done in the background: 6 General Booster Rogan Kayle, Brannoc, Viridya, Moon together with a couple other cards for pure decks: 1 Frost, Fire, Nature, Shadow Booster each. Dragonkin: 250 BFP T4 Buildings: 250 BFP Shrines: 250 BFP So we have 10 Boosters with a total Store value of 4700 and 750 extra BFP. If the Boosters got sold to other players at 20 BFP discount, that's 5250 BFP. But of course people wouldn't really need to buy Boosters anymore. They could crea
  13. Well, can't really account for freak incidents where Discord doesn't work for someone. There are many ways to find it though. I don't know how this change would ruin a card that has very underwhelming damage and a clunky ability. Ranged Frost T4 is severely lacking in single target damage. Construct has incredible range and knockback but is slow, has a nasty turn speed and it cannot hit air at all. Battleship is slow unless cared for with shields and its damage is all splash, except the ability, that also cannot hit air. Tempest needs help itself and Skyelf Commander has bad battle stats.
  14. Since the map editor is getting worked on, are there any news on the weird behavior where randomly generated rPvE maps crash in-game while generating if even the slightest modification was made on them? @Emmaerzeh @LEBOVIN know what I am talking about. Emma had the same problem as me. Curiously, Lebovin somehow had a version of the editor or whatever that worked.
  15. @Tweeto The new logo fits very well, amazing job. The Firesworn artwork always stood out, especially the weird blob arm with messed up anatomy. Great to have skilled artists on board of the project that can make things like this a reality. Can't wait to see the new cards. I hope at some point in-game textures will see some love too. Thinking mostly about Ironclad and how its card artwork looks absolutely stunning with all the hues of blue and slight purple. Yet in-game it has these ugly dark green and turquoise tones. Never stops being a disappointment when I summon one. I really enj
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