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  1. And if everyone uses the market instead then boosters become more lucrative.
  2. Another thing you aren't taking into account is the extremely powerful FOMO. Say it's implemented, then just the fact that you CAN buy three additional boosters with gold and trash cards per week would make people feel both incentivized to grind for gold, which could become an off-putting, mind numbing grind for people that they still feel like they have to do to get the most tangible benefit, and it would feel bad for the people that can't do that in the first place because they are leaving boosters on the table that others can get. That's something you have to be careful with. The balan
  3. While I do think some sort of gold-sink would be nice eventually, I don't like this. Even 50k for a single booster would mean speedrunning generates a booster every 10 minutes on average. That is insane. Even if you double it, an additional booster would be added to the total pool of cards in the game every 20 minutes. Still crazy. And at this price point people would either only speedrun like crazy for it or be outraged about the unobtainable cost. It also does not consider people that focus on only a few cards. Say someone plays and cares for only 50 cards. He would stop needing go
  4. On U0 it reads that it deals 2320 single target up to a total of 3480 AoE damage against frozen targets. But actually it deals 3480 single target and 5520 AoE. The AoE damage is applied to exactly one more target than the main one. U3 single target: 2600 U3 AoE: 3900 Actual damage: 3900 ; 5850 With that being said: Wow, it deals a lot of damage by default. And wow, the upgrades blow ass.
  5. No, that's backwards. It's a fixed loot table that incentivizes playing different maps. Because you only need each upgrade once, you wouldn't hunt after them when they switch maps.
  6. So from what I have seen now, the amount of struggle you experience is very dependent on your luck. People that get lucky pulls can build up a big pool of BFP in a short time. Which enables them to open even more booster, forcing a good pull eventually, recouping their BFP and so on. It also depends on how much cards you want to collect. If you don't care for certain, valuable cards it means you will build up much more BFP through sales. Another common approach is to sell the daily booster for a profit. But I think that only becomes viable after you have a solid card inventory. In th
  7. The "value" of boosters would also have to consider the distribution of rarity, right? A shaman for example makes a booster much more valuable because it is just an uncommon than an equally expensive ultra rare. Or is that not the case because the uncommon pool is bigger than the ultra rare pool? Would cards need to have to have a "weight" depending on their rarity and possibly by the pool of cards they share their rarity with? Don't know, I am not a statistician
  8. Please do Kobold Engineers next! They drive me fucking nuts when they run off to fight. I would love it you could disable their ability to fight so they only repair, no matter what. Wouldn't even mind if you removed their damage entirely.
  9. Sounds great! Really appreciate the site. Looking forward to more improvements.
  10. On a broader scale this is a discussion about exploiting game mechanics, which enable much faster or more efficient times. Most speed runs do that. Blocking spawns, circumventing scripted triggers, exploiting AI aggro mechanics, etc. Where to draw the line is muddy at best. Decomposer reduced times drastically but other "clever use of game mechanics" cases make some approaches even possible in the first place. Like doing multiplayer maps solo. I don't think it's a big issue though. In the end, what do you get from finishing a map fast? XP, which does nothing. Gold and effectivel
  11. Ah, interesting. Never considered that patreons have an economical advantage.
  12. Skylords first, official Patchnotes Hopefully the changes to PvP queues will be a good compromise for people that rely on the 120 decks to compete and those that wish to collect and build their own decks. Speaking of patchnotes, when can we expect the first balancing patchnotes? The ETA for the balance patch was 01.01.21, right?
  13. It's a fan project. Non-profit. No contract. Allowed by the verbal go-ahead of EA because they obviously don't care for the IP. But they still own it. Don't know what kind of advertisement, aside from word-to-mouth, is even possible with an IP that you don't own. Or if anyone should be willing to take the risk to find out.
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