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  1. Greetings Team, i got a Little problem with my Account. I can't login into the game cause the launcher says Incorect Password. So i went to my Account Settings in the Forum to change the password, but there it says the same issue. Can some one Tell me how i can fix it?
  2. Beside getting a Promo, isn't it a fact that Booster at least give you Cards who are the same worth as one pack?? I can understand DisasterRain, i get Booster on Reular Basis atm where i get just Common 3 BFP Cards out of it. And may i'am leaning to much out of the Window but the Prices are don't make it better. Even to the times where BF where on EA's Live seerver the Prices where on the Level what the worth was. But the Main Problem is manny players don't know how much Worth some Cards are or they are Greedy, and that Result in the Fact that the Cards very Overpriced. And you can come w
  3. I Read that already, i am waiting that the Download is Commplete
  4. Good to now, i already thought that the chances are not very high, cause you probably use your'e own Server. But Thanks for your'e Answers, than i look forward that i can play Have a nice day
  5. Damn, Thanks for your quick response. Sorry, that i asked, i just hoped i can use my old Account, so i need to rebuild my hole Collection. But one last Question, why you wouldn't use The Old Account, are they may not Commpatible with the new Game???
  6. Hi Everyone, did anybody now if the Old Battleforge Accounts Still exsist or are they all delleted?? If they don't how can i recover my Password cause i just now my E-Mail adress from back then. I thanks you in advance for your'e Answers
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