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  1. Well I am, but I still can execute the map on top 3... Im always 1-2 seconds from top 3 places... ;D
  2. I mean yeah kind a like that 😄 But its still leaderboard no? Even if its sub-board?
  3. Hi folks! I was thinking about one achievement "Harder, better, faster, stronger" and there is a catch or maybe something else Its says to achieve rank 3 in any leaderboard, but the problem is, I think, any leaderboard should be counted, also counts as 1 player doing 4 player maps and duo maps and rpve maps. For example, it shows me that My highest place is 4th place, but Im top 3 on some maps 😞 That achievement feels a bit scammy for me, but still good job dev team ❤️
  4. Hello Skylords! I was wondering why Moloch doesnt have an ability where he uses his big volcano cannon on back (similar to Tortugun attack). It would cost fair amount of power, like 100-130 and would be great for long range siege attack. I dont know if this was ever written or suggested, because I didnt find anything similar about this question. Ofc if this sounds interesting or catches the eye of some people, I would love to explain all the details 🙂 Just want to see Love for turtles also in game ❤️
  5. I know that Rainbow type cards arent allowed, but I could not resist in making this Name: Raven Battleship Tier & Orbs: T4 all orbs Type: Unit Power: 300 Hit points and Size: 4600 XL Attack value and Type: 4300 L, ranged Passive Abilities: Broadside - Every 2 seconds, 4 turrets shoot independently, each dealing 90 damage to enemies in 6m radius, up to 130 total. Slow - Slow movement in addition, if accompanied with 2 other Ravens unit will lose Slow Might of the Fleet - If accompanied with Ravenheart, units morale will be increased there for dealing 25
  6. Hi fellow Skylords! Im kinda new to this, but I was thinking, if we have Wheel of Gifts then why not we have Wheel of Curses. It would still give some buffs to ally units, but would also buff enemy units in some way, to give a bit more challenge for those Rpve lovers out there. (Also would work in campaign) Name: Wheel of Curses Tier & Orbs: T3 shadow, frost, frost/shadow Type: Building Power: 180 Hit points: 2000 Passive Abilities: The Cursed Shrine - If Wheel of Curses is present in game then buffs from Wheel of Gifts will be ignored and wont be given to ally units
  7. Guy who will not pass the Baltic Brothers. We are one with Forest Elder
  8. Guy who frosted me to death by he's frost speaches
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