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  1. NAME: RPVE Random 10 - Black map at start DESCRIPTION: I started a random rpve level 10 game. The map remained black and I couldn't see my well/orb. The time on the right is not good, I was about 30 seconds into the game and I could move my field of vision. When I tried to summon a nomad, the game crashed. REPRODUCIBILITY: Idk if bug comeback SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: I don't have this specific replay in the corresponding directory. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: N/A
  2. @Eirias The statistics you mention are for Motm, Randoms or both map? Only lvl 10 ? What is the proportion for Motm vs Random map played?
  3. When I said inexperienced player at this level, it was not Watcher but rather Skylord (lvl 12) and higher. In the case of a motm, it's easy to restart over and over again for find the right path and the good deck to beat the time. But when you play a random map, it's much more difficult because our decks are not necessarily designed for this type of map : LS, Twilight, Bandit, Fire. In this case, playing with experienced players does not guarantee success. In an ideal world, the time allotted should vary depending on the difficulty of the map. We can agree that playing a Lost
  4. Hello, I occasionally play lvl 10 with players who have no experience at this level. I notice that most of the cases where we lose the game, it's not a question of difficulty but rather of time. 21 min.. That doesn't leave us a lot of time. I wonder if we could increase the time allotted by 2-3 minutes. Thx
  5. The gap is already too big between the lvl9 and 10 maps. Some lvl 8 is even hardest than 9. It is not normal for a beginner or duo on 4 players map to be able to win a lvl 9. It would be better to make the lvl 9 more difficult than currently.
  6. More XP for the LVL 10 rpve map. Also, if we win a 4 players rpve/campaign map at 2-3 players, we could gain the XP of empty slots.
  7. I started playing BF when we had to pay. I had invested a little money but the bulk of my acquisitions were done by buying and selling cards in the market. With the free booster per day, I didn't need to do this anymore. I have a lot of duplicate cards that I would like to get rid of in the market but the 24 / 48h limit is too short. Why impose a time limit? I am too cowardly to put my unsold cards back on sale every 24 / 48h and I must not be the only one. It would also be fun to have rewards when you are in the top rank at the end of the month.
  8. After a few requests.. For all those who want to have fun cleaning a level 9 Rpve map with Ashbone Pyro. Trick : Use motivate on nightcrawler (Infect) for more dmg. PS : The Bloodhorn card is only here if you ever lose all of your Ashbone Pyro.. Sometime shit happens ^^
  9. Your deck has some gaps for a random map. Fire deck start At t1, you need sunstrike or cannon for air unit. moreover, If u play phoenix, u need embalmer. Finally, if u play Lost Souls map with LSS without Yellow Mo, u will be beated. Nature deck start : U have a big chance to fail when u attack t3 with Deep one. Phoenix is better. moveover, u have dishenchant card but u play 2 nature / 2 shadows orbs.
  10. If the majority chooses to start with all the cards .. it is that the card collection does not interest them Maybe you have all the cards .. but the fact remains that you won't be any better. Your lvl exp will be 0 like all the others. Tagged (color) as having started with all cards. In addition, several features of the game will be disabled (Markerplace, Tradings ...)
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