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  1. Thanks for the introduction! The new artwork looks epic 😍
  2. @Volin Thanks for your insightful post I was not aware Embalmer Shrine being so important. Could you maybe elaborate on the use-cases and why this is so important in rPvE10? Thanks once again for you knowledge.
  3. I want to prepare for rPvE lvl 10 but feel the deck that I am currently using for lvl 9 has a lot of gaps. I observed the following, in order of how strong I think the cards should be replaced: Embalmer Shrine - I do not feel this is very useful for the main and only use with Shadow Phoenix. Furnace of Flesh & Decomposer - Also using Shadow Phoenix, which most of the time cannot be sacrifices and with the base units of 5x Windweavers and 1x Dryad, I feel like this is cumbersome and could instead use a much better replacement. Most of the time, it would only net in 200-300 void and takes up 2 slots of my deck. Matter Mastery - I bought this for Willzapper buildings of Twilight, but found they are not that useful. Most of the time I am already paralyzed before I can take over the building. But this might also because I might do something wrong. 2x lvl 1 orb CC Spells - I have both Ensnaring Root and Hurricane. I find both to be useful in different cases, but I am aware Hurricane is useful in very specific cases. Cards I am thinking of adding: Incredible Mo - Mainly for the third buff so spells are not blocked Aoe spell - Anything like Earthshaker or Thunderstorm ------ Any advice is welcome
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