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  1. I only played this matchup once as the nature player and once as the fire/frost since beta (both rare faction to see), but I saw parasite swarm against drake quite a few times and it never work. If nature player use oink, you can double erupt. Because parasite swarm animation is so slow, you have plenty of time (giving you a small 5 power advantage). If nature player doesn't have the power to oink, you can hit once with drake+eruption (giving you a 25 power advantage). Ofc spirit hunter+parasite doesn't work either because of ravage and shield. Even if you screwup and nature g
  2. L units and air control is the only thing keeping pure fire from face rolling every matchup. Even with that in mind pure fire is still in the top 3 pvp deck. I agree there are problem with pure fire. Some matchup it is too strong (nature and amii) and in others, too weak (frost, but only in t2 and fire frost). I don't think trying to balance cards on their own is good idea. Instead, looking at cards as part of a deck give a better idea what the repercussion of this change would be. Does stromsinger needs a nerf in pure frost? No, it's a good card, but not mandatory at all. A nerf
  3. I have this proposal: + Amii now grant 4 of every orb, instead of a single orb. + Amii can be played on t1, instead of t3. Make amii give 4 of every orbs on t1 for the ultimate enriched experience. It will create loads of options for possible decks and strategies that would straight up not exist without this change. It can be argued that it overshadows alternatives, but it does not remove a single one. Strictly speaking it would be a purely enriching change as far as possibilities go. What are we waiting for? Edit: The flaw in this reasoning is that overshadowing
  4. Trading 200 temporary power disadvantage for a permanent 80 power advange is still pretty good. This card has 0 interactivity. You use it and will always drop a well. Only thing to do is try to drop a well in exchange. Personally, even if I drop a well, it still feel sour that I had to do all that work to accomplish what my opponent did in 1 click. Basicly curse well allow you to win while staying on the deffence. It's cancer and should be reworked/removed.
  5. I like amii getting nerf, but I wish you did more. Look how superior amii is on nightmare's end for example. You're player 1 and just finished taking over the bottom base to secure t3 which you now have to defend along with your t1. After that fight, your t2 army is in pretty bad shape. You have two options to get t4: 1: Make a t3 army and take over the top base. Build your t4 monument and defend it. T3 army cost 500-800 power with spells (90% refunded) and 2-3 deck slots. Monument is 300 power. Defence is 300-500 binded power. Totaling about 800 lost power, 2 deck slots and a w
  6. It'll be complete trash. Make the void to shield rate 5'000%, absorb 100% and reduce the cooldown to 45 seconds and it may see some play. If we compare it with it's closest competitor (stone shell + regrowth) it's still not impressive. Shrine of martyrs: Cost: 125 binded power + lets say 500 void power (need to keep that number high). Effect: 5000 hp shield on 5 units, or 4170 shield on 6 units, or 3570 shield on 7 units, etc... Other: You can't tell when the shield is about to break and you have to keep track of one more cooldown which people who play more than one frost orb (also
  7. I would love if everyone got the same quest everyday. For example: win Blight expert (100 bfp). That way it incentivise playing different map and we can find people to play these maps even with our smallish community.
  8. How do you get the bfp for the prize pool?
  9. Isn't Uro also a nightmare for frost? By the time frost get to its first well the other factions have already taken theirs and are attacking frost's starting wells. Even if the opponent doesn't attack, frost is 10-30 power behind. How does frost even attack on this map?
  10. Same here. I would vote for: -Wazhai/Yrmia and +random map. Make nature t1 great again (and frost too, but who cares?)
  11. Of course. Rpve is the best way to farm gold, if you don't have a friend to do cpve speedrun. Pvp only give pocket change. Rpve 20 000 gold/hour. Cpve speedrun 40 000 gold/hour. Ranked pvp 3 000 gold/hour, if you are Radicalx and have 100% win rate. 2 250 gold/hour with 50% win rate. Tldr: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Right now, I assume we have something like this: "convert x card (Enlightenment) to y gold (3500 gold) when z condition is met (player who got the upgrade already has it)". The way I see it, you would only have to remove the condition to give gold all the times. But, t
  12. At the time of writing this, there are 3 main ways to farm gold: If you don't have friends: Grind 4 players rpve with strangers. Average 20 000 gold/hour. If you don't have friends and hate yourself: Grind "The soultree" over and over again. Average 22 000 gold/hour. If you have a friend or more: Grind the same cpve map (usualy "The gun of lyr" or "Bad harvest") over and over again. Average 40 000 gold/hour. The reasons why this is: Playing with stranger is a gamble. They might not know how to play the map and might not have the upgrades the map grant, thus reducing
  13. From first to fourth row: Gold/hour, if all players already have the upgrades. Doesn't include chests. Average gold per match. Single player map give 2 cards and multiplayer map give 4 cards, unless done solo. Average time per match. Based on the faster speedrun plus 2 minutes, unless the map is on a set timer. Degree of difficulty. Based on my experience of the speedrun I have tried. Spreadsheet format in the source below. [gold per hour] = [average gold per expert match from disenchant] * 60 / [fastest speedrun afaik] + 2 Ranked PvP 3000 - Gold/
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