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  1. Say something about the person above you.

    Dont want to feed the troll
  2. Say something about the person above you.

    Thinks it's possible to win Beta Giveaways earlier instead of lottery.
  3. Games you play while waiting

    skribbl.io @Anonymos
  4. 30h+ Obesity Stream Videos

    Whats up Obe, how does it looks like with your replays? Where is your old stream channel?
  5. Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    For everyone who wanna join this diskussion and dont know what blockchain is. Quick links for ENG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain GER: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain
  6. Juggernaut Figure

    Looks insane
  7. hardest pvp deck

    Hardest PVP Deck on the highest Level? I would say tutorial deck!
  8. Skylords Reborn Soundtracks

    Great Idea & goodluck 👍 Do you have any references to listen on? Best regards, xHighTech
  9. Bfcards.info

    @bladetwist There are already replays of your games in Battleforge. This topic is about a new platform/database to upload them like the old bfcards.info.
  10. Are towers underpowered?

    Sure its bound power but only for some moments to win map controll fights or to defend rushs & not for a complete PvP Match. Mortar is great against nature defends,for cliffs & frost rush/defends. (Offensive/Defends) beijingguy played primal defender..Ok, he played werebeasts & manawing aswell. Ice Shield Tower & Wardens Sigal. Great to build up phase tower, canon towers, temite hills or mortars in closewell situations. Last but not least the phasetower. This tower with most mobility can decide a T1 very fast. Defends/Offensive(No comment to church of negation) Only a small overview about tower in PvP. Sure there are isolated cases but overall towers are not underpowered and not overpowered in BF. (personal PvP view) Best regards, xHighTech
  11. Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    Couldnt write it better.
  12. You're favorite type of deck

    Born with Fire/Nature & Gone with Fire/Nature
  13. Favorite Element

    Fire/Nature. Awesome playstyle & look
  14. the game market

    The community will balance the shop automatically with the time i think.
  15. Minigames

    If i remember Kaldera created some minigame maps in sparring too