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  1. Nicht der glückliche wird dankbar, 

    sondern der dankbare wird glücklich!

    Not the happy one will be grateful

    but the grateful one will be happy!

    BFR lets go

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    2. BurningWorld



      I had to post this somewhere .. And @ThomasMannthe first part is just the german translation of the last part :)

    3. ThomasMann


      @BurningWorld SARCASM LEARN IT 

    4. BurningWorld


      @ThomasMannI'm artist I don't understand sarcasm. 

  2. xHighTech

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    @MrXLink It would contradict. According to the Global Forum Rules @Ultrakool isnt a moderator. Now im irritated because we have to stick to the rules. HMM Illuminati confirmed
  3. xHighTech

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  4. xHighTech

    Battleforge streamers

    MiepMiep https://m.twitch.tv/xhightech_bf/profile Only PvP Stream around Sparring & Ranked when its working properly
  5. xHighTech

    Twitch Extensions API

    Good idea but never implementable by the devs.
  6. xHighTech

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Sry i felt like that i had to correct your T4 message. Yes i meant unholy hero but you was faster with the quote while i edited. *lamer* But now i know that you only meant T4 "Units" and not OP spells Over and out
  7. xHighTech

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Hmm. Unholy Hero + Dreadcharger?! Im sure that hiroo said its op in one of his streams & RadicalX just forgot it in their guides
  8. xHighTech

    What deck did you play?

    - Updated - ( Amount of votes : 115) Best regards, xHighTech
  9. xHighTech

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Maybe i've more luck this time greetz
  10. xHighTech

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Twilight Curse datas are wrong. Its T2, not T3.
  11. xHighTech

    Say something about the person above you.

    Dont want to feed the troll
  12. xHighTech

    Say something about the person above you.

    Thinks it's possible to win Beta Giveaways earlier instead of lottery.
  13. xHighTech

    Games you play while waiting

    skribbl.io @Anonymos
  14. xHighTech

    30h+ Obesity Stream Videos

    Whats up Obe, how does it looks like with your replays? Where is your old stream channel?
  15. xHighTech

    Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    For everyone who wanna join this diskussion and dont know what blockchain is. Quick links for ENG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain GER: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain

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