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  1. Hello Skylords, we all know that Yrmia & Wazhai are not the best balanced map and EA didnt put it out without a reason. (Pure Fire, scorched earth overall mapcontroll, cliff orb -> orb) So instead of asking me -> start voting for a yrmia or wazhai & ranked random generated maps. If there are "enough" votes, yrmia or wazhai will delete from the ranked pool or random generated maps can be added to the pool. Hope we see generated maps again very soon ! Best regards, xHighTech #AddQuestion #AddMultipleChoice
  2. xHighTech

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Absolutely +1 PvP would be unplayable if you would take some opinions seriously. There should be a circuit of players in front of the pvp & pve community who start discussion about card changes with real arguments and an objective overview without any kind of personal problems against some things.
  3. Dito +1 Random Gen Maps Ranked //Added Random Gen Poll PS: If your not able to vote more times pls leave a comment with ur suggesions
  4. xHighTech

    Spectator Maps [REUPLOAD]

    Hey fellow Skylords, here are the latest PvP spectator maps. https://mega.nz/#!TGZSHCqK!i1QuVGsve37W54Mb74LjkI9EjbncNJsGcvZhj6fVOvI Included: Haladur (4 Spectator Spots) Simai (4 Spectator Spots) Wazhai (4 Spectator Spots) Elyon (4 Spectator Spots) Lajesh (4 Spectator Spots) Uro (4 Spectator Spots) Yshia (4 Spectator Spots) Nadai (1 Spectator Spot) Zahadune (1 Spectator Spot) You've to create a folder in Documents -> BattleForge -> "map". Put your downloaded files into the new created "map" folder. Thats it. Have Fun. Best regards, xHighTech
  5. xHighTech

    1 - Card not received after buyout auction, got empty mail

    @BrianOKlopper looks like that you bought 1 of my buggy avatar's. Msg me ingame in the evening. I should have your BFP if nothing has changed.
  6. xHighTech


    @Cocolysto Just ignore him. Its not possible. Don't react to those weird people.
  7. xHighTech

    PvP Evening Stream?!

    Hey, just a short question. I got back on a decend level faster than i expected. So i think about some evening streams this week propable without mic. Whos still interested anymore? Leave a comment & let me know
  8. xHighTech

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    @DarcReaver You've to register yourself in "Challonge", the link is in the main post.
  9. xHighTech

    The Stress Test Open on 03.11.18

    @TulDuru @Anonymos @Navarr @RadicalX @darklionking @Eirias @tbpeti
  10. xHighTech

    GERMAN | Mein Video über Battle Forge <3

    3:15 In PvP you play campaign or rPvE ^^
  11. xHighTech

    Spectator Maps [REUPLOAD]

    Reupload Fixed: - Lajesh (Script Error Crash) - Elyon (No power overview of both players anymore)
  12. xHighTech

    Global Warming in Pure Fire to counter Pure Frost?

    Global warming is the best optional card if you KNOW that you play against pure frost. It makes the matchup much easier and makes the opponents desperate.. There is no single reason to not use it. Otherwise in ranked its a useless & dead card slot if there is no pure frost meta.
  13. xHighTech

    Client does not have certificate

    Just the print of the cmd error. "Client does not have certificate" if you try to login and failed because of "Client lost the connection to the server".
  14. xHighTech

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    @MrXLink It would contradict. According to the Global Forum Rules @Ultrakool isnt a moderator. Now im irritated because we have to stick to the rules. HMM Illuminati confirmed
  15. xHighTech

    The 1 Word Forum Story Game

  16. xHighTech

    Battleforge streamers

    MiepMiep https://m.twitch.tv/xhightech_bf/profile Only PvP Stream around Sparring & Ranked when its working properly
  17. xHighTech

    Twitch Channel

    Hello Skylords, I got many requests in the old time but my PC was not able to stream/capture the game. Now the time has changed and i hope, that we can get the same strong PvP community like before. Just wanna let you know that i created now a Twitch channel where i gonna stream mainly BattleForge 1v1 & 2v2 PvP and some PvE's at the beginning in the upcoming open beta Everyone who wishes a stream or is interested in PvP gameplays, tipps & support can leave a follow to get a notification when im live. https://www.twitch.tv/xhightech_bf Do you have any ideas or deck wishes what you want to see? Leave a comment and i'll pick it up Best regards, xHighTech
  18. xHighTech

    My Improved CardBase

    Twilight Curse datas are wrong. Its T2, not T3.
  19. xHighTech

    Say something about the person above you.

    Dont want to feed the troll
  20. xHighTech

    Say something about the person above you.

    Thinks it's possible to win Beta Giveaways earlier instead of lottery.
  21. xHighTech

    Games you play while waiting

    skribbl.io @Anonymos
  22. xHighTech

    30h+ Obesity Stream Videos

    Whats up Obe, how does it looks like with your replays? Where is your old stream channel?
  23. xHighTech

    Juggernaut Figure

    Looks insane
  24. xHighTech


    @bladetwist There are already replays of your games in Battleforge. This topic is about a new platform/database to upload them like the old bfcards.info.

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