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  1. Nickname Update: I have been The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord for sometime now, can't change name on forum but that's fine, how did the name come about, well I think we were all talking in the forum chatbox and yeah my name sucks, so I think someone asked what I liked and I was like watermelons and thus we some how got to The Ultimate WaterMelon OverLord idk how, but its dope imo.
  2. I like the new (is it that new idk?) topics right info box, idk what to call it, so yah click on a topic and then on the right will be a box of fun stuff, yeah cool. 

    1. Kiwi


      Yeah it is new from the most recent forum update ^_^

  3. It's my birthday, been here for so long, nearly there with release cool, also wtf I have to click show all to see me in todays birthdays, I'm important, no I'm not.


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    2. ThomasMann


      It's fate 

    3. Ultrakool


      hbd :watermelon:. Lookie here who it is @BurningWorld

    4. Ultrakool


      AND hes dead again :/

  4. call me when the game is fully released
  5. have you heard of eruption?
  6. no, ea would get mad.
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