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  1. most likely will stay patched
  2. The spam is real. Good luck to all.
  3. Stuff I wasn't here for... Sad times
  4. Google is your friend
  5. If it is a noob friendly tournament then I will be up for it, even though I'm not a noob, I just feel like I am.
  6. World class
  7. @Ladadoos looks like a scam
  8. thomasmann100
  9. I miss that bot
  10. Pretty cool and interesting!
  11. I don't understand
  12. I must just say, you sir! have a lovely voice <3 :watermelon::watermelon:

    1. ThomasMann


      You sure that isn't Tofu, and if you were watching Frenzzyy stream, I barely spoke lol? But thanks for the compliment anyway. <3:watermelon:

    2. VeriiMoney


      I heard you spoke, its was lovely <3 :watermelon:

  13. Spirit Hunter in PvE, you may say that they are completely useless, but I feel they add a little extra kick in the T2, and yes, I do summon one then micro manage it so it hits all other units in battle instead of just hitting one unit with its effect