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  1. a.baa-gun-on-watermelon.jpg


    took your dad as a hostage if you dont pay the ransom i am going to kill him

  2. The people, in my opinion, who need the most help are the people who do not know the difference between facts and opinion. These people are dangerous. 

  3. Its the final Countdown

    I just had to.
  4. das some good liquid dnb

    Good music to eat M&M's to.
  5. How old are you guys?

    I take great offence to this
  6. Open Beta Information

    Do I have an account on the forums?
  7. To my favourite pal, the one and only thomas!

    @sylvix95 what is wrong with that?
  8. To my favourite pal, the one and only thomas!

    Good get them sales up
  9. Faction Discussion

    Twilight, with my noob deck, with Mauler.
  10. How old are you guys?

    boo hoo
  11. How old are you guys?

    @Kiwi @Nephilim wants the topic closed
  12. How old are you guys?

    @Nephilim I don't want you to cheat on your girlfriend man.
  13. How old are you guys?

    @Nephilim oh god no... do I have to make a topic like @YT Tobbezockt now.
  14. How old are you guys?

    Nice excuse @Nephilim