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  1. hmm seems reasonable
  2. How much will you pay me?
  3. @sylvix95 @InsaneHawk can you translate this and is this allowed on the forums? I don't know who else in French
  4. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the memories and hopefully for many more happy memories to come
  5. I have no idea man, sorry.
  6. This is a status update wishing every single one of you awesome people good luck with whatever exam or exams you have. So good luck and may these exams take you to where ever you want to be in the future. :):bf::hype::watermelon:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ThomasMann


      @Eddio What do you mean. :rolleyes:

    3. Sykole


      I totally did not see what you said in the chatbox yesterday :kappa:

    4. anonyme0273
  7. any deck with Mauler in it.
  8. @Demiron You got a problem with that?
  9. Mauler, cause Mauler.
  10. That is the right attitude mah boi! @sylvix95
  11. Dawson's story isn't good so ignore that one.
  12. @Ladadoos I already gave him all the information he needs.
  13. Unit: Mauler Building: Twilight Bombard Spell: Surge of Light
  14. Well as I don't want people missing out on this, there is a giveaway chat on the discord. So you can all check regularly on the discord as a giveaway may be on there in the near future, but I don't know. So yeah, so you forum checkers can see this and know that there, one is a discord and two may be giveaways on it for closed beta access. So yeah, good luck in the near future. Kind Regards, ThomasMann
  15. Jazz. Energetic jazz.