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  1. Screenplay Battleforge Screenplay

    For my film studies coursework I have to create a screen play and the first idea that popped into my head was Battleforge, obviously as we are getting so close to open beta. So I want to do a screenplay for Battleforge and include lore and main characters such as Rogan, Moon, Viridya and more. But is it allowed? Is this plagiarism? idk if anyone can confirm for me that what be cool, the screenplay won't make any money, but I will be using it to try and get a good grade. I just though it would be a cool idea and I could share it here, I don't think I can ask for your help, but yeah if you want to give ideas and stuff, that would be cool. But yeah, got to see if this is legal first or I guess I could just do it lol. Thanks ThomasMann.

  3. How My Girlfriend Helped Me Escape from Jail

    Listen here Czechmate (I'm so sorry) don't give him any ideas. @anonyme0273
  4. How My Girlfriend Helped Me Escape from Jail

    @sylvix95 Listen here Frenchy boy... I voted for the mature option the first one, I'm not all about poop unlike you.
  5. How My Girlfriend Helped Me Escape from Jail

    That title is super clickbatey. I'll watch it if it isn't super long so like a max 10 mins?
  6. hi ThomasMann 

    i answerd your questions about the warpriest and how do you like the answers that i gave you

    i still had to worry about how good the abilitys and the damage is 

    thank you for asking me These questions. this allowed me to edit remaining Status values

    from Puppetmaster

    for the community 


    1. anonyme0273


      I think a PM would have sufficed :P 

    2. Ultrakool


      this is awesome actually

      a pm wouldnt have sufficed ;) 

  7. unit (warpriest)

    Questions: How much area damage does it do and the range of the area damage? And for the prophecy ability what shadow creatures can you get as it would be pretty op if you could get an Overlord and if the ability was pretty cheap. Also is it an XL or L creature and what is its attack good against? But yeah, I think you should think about this card a bit more.
  8. Brothers surprising Desktop

    @anonyme0273 But he has the Runescape launcher he is fine.
  9. Brothers surprising Desktop

    You haven't seen Minecraft in ages?
  10. Nickname

    @sylvix95 and who are you? The creepy step brother?
  11. Nickname

    @Kiwi hmm it would seem like something a mod should be able to do.
  12. Nickname

    If you mean your forum name? Then I think you can by asking a mod.
  13. mentors

    @LagOps You misspelled Mauler.
  14. Playing in the same household

    I assume so, but I'm no expert.