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  1. @Dallarian You gonna join the team eventually? All these positions, I got no skills for, I'm just here to comment on the post and give rep.
  2. ThomasMann


    Watermelon and Mauler emotes
  3. I haven't even played Guns of Lyr
  4. wait people have more than one deck what
  5. I have one deck, its a twilight deck, never use the transformation. So it might have some uses, but for me nah, the game has it cause lore i think.
  6. For me I play as I want to play and I want you to play how you want to play, if I joined a 4 player group and they were going to do a speedrun with tactics that I don't know, I will gladly give up my spot for someone capable.
  7. They are invading the forum
  8. Hmm, I won 3 matches outta of 5 today in the rookie PvP tournament, so even though I lost in round two, I got a positive win rate

    1. Dallarian


      If I blame technical issues for my loses, then I got positive win-ratio as well! ^^

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