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  1. Yes, I took out the video because of the poor quality. Windhunter is doing a good progress I guess. Soon there will be some replays.
  2. Not yet. Im just waiting for the reply
  3. Great. I will send you all the raw material. Let's do it via pm ;)
  4. I dont have the video in a better resolution. My internet connection as a student was very slow :P
  5. Just uploaded. God damn, the quality is really really bad :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85kBIziTxMM
  6. I am glad to hear that. Since the videos are raw material with lots of unused time inbetween is there anybody who likes to cut them out and upload them? I am only able to ipload the raw videos cause I am working a lot...
  7. Hey guys, I just found all the videos i played on my livestream :) It contains lots of top level ranked 1on1 and 2on2 matches. It shoud be over 30 hours of gameplay and 8gb Filesize. Do you have the interest to watch these old videos? If so: Any idea where I can upload these? Best regards Obesity Edit: Just deleted the video because of the poor quality. Windhunter will produce cutted and commentated stuff with my raw material :)
  8. In my opinion the game was already pretty well balanced. It was possible to reach first place with every colour combination.
  9. The issue about balancing is that every person (pro or developer) has a different opinion about it. If i remember the old times... and how much I discussed with people like MaranV or Tyder (which are good players), but their mind was totally messed up. I guess they thought the same about me... On a qualitative level it is impossible to make an real valid choice about buffing or nerving. The only valid way is by doing it on a quantative approach (statistics, win- lose-ratios,...)
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