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  1. BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments theTED ted012 non special EU Platin III/IV
  2. Fire/Frost so great kombo, but nobody else play IT as main as far i know
  3. So you want the pay2win system back ? for real? and with the 15points per day you can only buy a booster all 17 days. thats not a good idea to be sincere
  4. If you earn BFp by playing maps. And the strength of the map depend of it, you can just play Titans or Sunbridge and just farm there your BFp's , so the admins have to find a good balance in that kind of reward-system
  5. Hey Guys, im theTED, I played PvP (most of the time with Fire/Frost) and was Rang Legend and PvE with my bro theMATZEE, we were TOP in Speedrun on most of the Maps. gl & hf
  6. but then you have to nerf the reward, cause also without booster its too easy to lvl up. and without them you have to play ALL the PvE maps and not just battleground and after that only PvP. Cause thats in my eyes not the idea of the battleground
  7. If i understand Taker right, so would it be possible to disable the BattleGrounds, cause thats the easyes thing to upgrade also without boost