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  1. Yeah im pretty sure i hit all 6. and even if not. because they survived with 1 hp. shouldn't there be just 1 squad member alive? because the hp is split 1/6 too all
  2. Hey, as you can see in the replay this eruption is not dealing the 300DMG as it should. All 6 strikers survived with 1hp - so A the strikers HP are wrong or B the eruption just did 1 DMG less as it should 20210123_002242_11610_PvP_02p_Uro.pmv
  3. I think you mean 21:35.5 Edit: never mind
  4. NAME: Action went out and cards disappear SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: auction house, collection, mail REPRODUCIBILITY: Sometimes DESCRIPTION: After an auction went out, you recive an email with the classic text but the card is missing
  5. NAME: Cards in inventory are in wrong order SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: collection REPRODUCIBILITY: Sometimes After buying new boosters the problem was gone again, relog didn't change anything before.
  6. NAME: Game doesn't remember last played deck SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: forge / decklist REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: After relaunch the game it switch back to tutorial deck and not keep the last deck you chose
  7. NAME: Can't login cause of too many cards SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: collection, login REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: With at least 1,4k (or less) it's unable to login again, but to have all cards at lvl 3 and full upgrade you need at least over 2,1k cards
  8. BFR Forumname LoL name role/Lane region comments theTED ted012 non special EU Platin III/IV
  9. Hey Guys, im theTED, I played PvP (most of the time with Fire/Frost) and was Rang Legend and PvE with my bro theMATZEE, we were TOP in Speedrun on most of the Maps. gl & hf
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