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  1. Its working much better than some months ago. I still got freezing games. It was on the 4 player random-coop map on difficulty 6. So hyped for rellease =)
  2. and in the lobby, deck-creation,etc.
  3. Sorry to say but the Problem still exists. This time I had DC after finishing the first mission.
  4. Hi, yesterday and today I tried to play but I loose connection to server in about 5 to 10 minutes after login which results in beeing back at the login screen. I tried maybe 4-5 times. It happens in the lobby, as well as in the tutorial or the first single plyer mission.
  5. Sry I wont make it today, wish you a lot of fun.
  6. Hey lets try to meet all at tuesday the 4th of okotber at 8 pm (UTC+01:00) to get things rolling
  7. http://www.mtg.musin.de/cms3/ Nah, sry I found it.
  8. Can you describe more please? I dont know that.
  9. What is Mtg? Do you have any link for us?
  10. Yeah lets use the discord chat- Guess we talk a lot about BF too.
  11. then please gimme your ig name here we can play teamranked with the bfr team then
  12. I think this belongs to offtopic. I Can add you to my Post if you want.
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