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  1. SilenceKiller99

    Spectator Maps [REUPLOAD]

    Hi Anonymos, it says 'File not found' do you maybe have updated links?
  2. SilenceKiller99

    FarRock 1st Video on YouTube

    I was so suprised to see a video from you a happy suprise tho. Also good to hear that you plan on making more videos!
  3. SilenceKiller99

    Open Stress Test Information

    Its not... ? How do you explain all the streamers and video's with gameplaycontent if the game was not working?
  4. SilenceKiller99

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I didnt react on this post because I dont really cared so much. I dont even know how much I had, but now I am wondering. How do I check?
  5. SilenceKiller99

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    This forum thread started out so positive, and supportive for fiki... I don't visit the forums for a little bit and suddenly people are hating? What did I mis?
  6. SilenceKiller99

    How to Enter Giveaways

    Maybe create some sort of 'fake give away' or 'test giveaway', which is just open for a few seconds. (So it closes to fast for a human to react). This way you easily see if a reaction is a bot. (probably only works once, as the botusers change their bots to react 10 sec later or something)
  7. SilenceKiller99

    Booster Simulator

    Yeah, it kinda works still but the images are not showing. If you inspect (rightmouse -> inspect) the missing image it still shows the name of the card (if you are really desperate to open some boosters xD )
  8. SilenceKiller99

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    You can enter the giveaways by joining the discord server. Also, @Kajamaz. I would like to tell you that begging for keys will results in you not getting access to the beta and ending on the blacklist xD better be carefull
  9. SilenceKiller99

    Open Stress Test Information

    Pretty sure that someone of the staff once mentioned that there will be a seperate part of the forum for bug reports. This can of course be changed at this time. A bugsplat, which you described, seems like a easy solution for the convenience of the bugreporter. A bugsplat will be more work for the ones sorting/filtering all bugs though. A forum is more convenient in that way, because people likely to first search their bug, so double reports won't happen so often.
  10. SilenceKiller99

    Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios

    Does someone know the old ratios, just for comparison? I know they are posted somewhere in the deep darknes of this forum, but I admit that I am to lazy to search... Good job btw!
  11. SilenceKiller99

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    It's a double win situation. The game will be less buggy, and possibly the phase 2 stuff can be skipped. That little time we have to wait doesnt really matter. @fiki574 Dude, I can imagine that it must suck to be kinda ill when you have to study/take exams. Get better soon! And good luck to anyone who has to do any exams!
  12. SilenceKiller99

    My Improved CardBase

    The slider is really neat! And yeah, we ask a lot. But you have to remember that you make this tool for about 14000 people (number of account on this forum). So you probably have to deal with a lot of diffirent opinions/preferences. On the other hand, if you make a real good tool, like you did, you make about 14000 people happy!
  13. SilenceKiller99

    Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Iam in for no cap too. Because the days I can play a lot (a free time weekend day or vacation day or so), I will probably exceed 5 hours a day... The problem is contests... The fastest speedrunner, or best PvP player or that kinda stuff will be hugely influenced by the amount of upgrades you have. If there would be a solution for that problem, then you could completely remove the cap. (Also, PvP'ing is a problem, if the matchmaking system puts two persons of equel skill against eachother, but one with 100+lvl deck vs one with deck lvl 20-40... just results in unfair matches. This again could be fixed. Probably something like including upgrades into matchmaking, which on itself introduces yet another problem because it is splitting up the maybe already smaller PvP community)
  14. SilenceKiller99

    My Improved CardBase

    Congratulations! You made your cardlist good enough to replace the old ones. Great job. Something I would like to see in the future: an option to choose the size of the cards that are displayed. Currently only 2 fit on my screen (2 vertically, 6 horizontally), maybe make an option to decrease the size to display more cards
  15. SilenceKiller99

    Open Stress Test Information

    As far as I know they are currently bugfixin/optimizing all the pregame stuff (trading/friendslist/forge/actionhouse). And they are working on the actual ingame servers (the testers can also not play that right now, they can only play in the forge and the social stuff).

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