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  1. I can understand... I am jealous too xD I wanted it to be me who got access, and I think a lot of other people are also eager for access, of course. As you said though, there is no need to express hate and anger over it, but apparently jealousy and impatience cause that to happen for some people. Other just get hyped more
  2. Apparently @DominikS thinks the giveaways are too sparse or the winners are too few. Can't really argue him on that. The chance you get access to the game in this stage of development is just very very small. Of course this has to do with the development speed, sever stability and other factors. We know you guys do this on your free time and try your best, and these negative comments are not helping, but I cant really disagree with him. Lets just hope that developments continues (and speeds up soon, because of summertime). Maybe progress on the server stability will be made soon and giveaways can be more often or for larger groups of winners. We are still thankful of your work , people just get a little impatient when progress seems to slow down. I am sure that people get hyped more (?or again?) when something big happens.
  3. Everybody can hate this guy all he wants for posting an impatient cry for help, but I am just saying this: I understand why he posted that. A few months ago something happened with green light from EA and a company Ardent Peak joined or took over or something. Since then, the project seems dead for everybody on the outside. No updates anymore on the dev tab, no announcements, no streams... Of course things are happening and there is progress, I (among others) just don't know. And I am not saying this to depress the devs/team, but it is just that people get impatient when you don't keep them updated.
  4. I have not yet thought about that, but a quick idea of mine is: - You have deck slots (most likely a unlimited amount, it just matter you have a first, second, third, etc deck) - Each deck has his own ELO, whatever cards you put in - Only deleting the deck will fully reset its ELO This way you can have for example a fire-nature deck in slot 1, a lostsoul deck in slot 2, and maybe a PvE or so deck in slot 3 (which doesn't really need PvP elo, but just mentioning it for all the PvE crybabies). The systems will not notice/care about the changes in the deck, so if you remove 1 card in your first deck (in this case fire-nature), it will keep the ELO of your previous fire-nature deck. This is good, because it is almost the same deck, except that 1 card you changed up (or 2 cards you switched places slots or so). The bad thing would be that if you completely change up the deck, for instance making it stonekin, it will keep the ELO, so in this case YOU MUST delete the deck to remove the ELO. Then your lostsoul deck will swap from slot 2 to slot 1 (keeping its own ELO), your PvE peasant deck will move from slot 3 to slot 2 (also keeping its own ELO, if it had any), and your new stonekin deck wil be created in slot 3 with a fresh ELO. This system would work perfectly fine, I think. Only 'problem' I can think of is the ELO your 'fresh' deck will start at... to high might end up in losing a lot, and maybe losing the motivation to play that different deck, while to low might give you a winning streak (which is fine for you, but very unpleasant for the noobs that you are stomping multiple times in a row) Of course there will be ways to 'exploit' this system or whatever... but this is what I could come up with without thinking to much and with my limited amount of knowledge about ELO and such
  5. Dont ever call it donation again please... A donation literally means when you give something (usually money) to someone for free (you dont get something for it and you dont expect to get something for it) Whenever donaters get something for their donation, its called a purchase instead of a donation. And I will assure you that 90% of your 'donaters' are gonna be purchasers (people who purely give the money for the reward they get/buy, but would not have done it otherwise) Also, a small gift (like non-gameplay wise) would not be considered as a purchase for a lot of people, but giving them an advantage above anyone else is just not donating anymore... its purchasing your way to victory
  6. If you say it like that, it definitely sounds better than infinitely throwing money into the game. Eventhough I dont like the whole money idea, you convinced me that his would be one of the better ways.
  7. It is the bare minimum yes. Thats very much true. It just doesnt feel right to reward people who spent money on the game with actual gameplay influencing boosts... if it were like skins/icons, name changes, etc it would be fine, but just not gameplay changing parts of the game. And if so much people will find it needed to induce their progress in the game, why not just 'upgrade' it for everyone (if that is what the majority of the community wants)?
  8. "The free2play account has access to 100% of the game, but just not the full 100%" "so in iorder that the game stays F2P and dont change into P2W, i hearby got some suggest how to quickly make it P2W" Iam sorry if iam upsetting you, but this is just how i read your sentences... (I gave you a more indetail answer in another thread) (I upvoted you because you gave your own opinion. People downvoted you for that, which is unfair i think) This I read as: "or, maybe, give paying users more currency, so they can buy more boosters and have stronger decks than others." Also, this is equal to just giving people X amount of BFP for X amount of money, or X amount of boosters for X amount of money. This is literally buying the ingame currency with real money. Now I dont necessarily say this is a bad thing, I just say that I think this is a bad thing.
  9. I know this is your own opinion, but I think that there are a lot of people who think this is ridiculous... These two lines of text are basicly a complete guide on how to make the progression system in bfreborn even more shitty than it was in the old battleforge. This is forcing people to spend a lot of time and grind like hell, but saying you can just buy it instead. The way you say it, is getting 1 free booster pack each day, if you pay X amount of money for a premium membership. The price would be unfair anyway, 20 euro a year, means 365 extra boosterpacks for 20 euro. Thats literally what you suggest, to let people buy 365 boosterpacks for 20 euro. Edit: Iam sorry if i accidentally took your words out of context or made you sound different than you want, but i can just not agree with this and not say anything
  10. I wonder if someone did ever read such a thing... If we set up a poll and ask how many people on this forum have read the AGB of the original battleforge, I would be suprised if more than 10 people (out of 10.000) have read it.
  11. Another 5-card-T3 deck: Scavenger,Thugs,Sunstriders,Firesworn_fire,Sunderer,Eruption,Darkelf-Assassins,Nightcrawler,Skyfire-Drake,Gladiatrix_nature,Windhunter_shadow,Ravage,Motivate,Lava-Field,Warriors-Death_frost,Bandit-Lancer_nature,Soulhunter_frost,Swamp-Drake,Surge-of-Light,Curse-of-Oink I made this, eventhough I know bandits is one of the weakest/hardest factions. I just liked it because it has so many options - going with a lot of smaller units and attack different bases (nightcrawlers), use motive and/or heal (if T3 already) - going iwth a single soulhunter and use warriorsdeath - going with skyfiredrakes, windhunters and swampdrakes (never seen this before in pvp, is it any good or at least fun?)
  12. What have you tried? On web version it is double click, so maybe double tap it?
  13. there are other solutions for this, even though they are not implemented in the game (yet). I also kinda think this thread is not usefull, because it would be way smarter to just remove the soft cap on earning BFP than to let everybody create X amount of accounts... The biggest reason for multiaccounts will be for extra BFP, if you remove the soft cap it is as usefull to play on the 'main' account as on any other account... another reason for multiaccounting, as DuellLord mentions above, is to get a different ELO ranking for each deck you play. This could be solved by for instance linking a ELO rating to a specific deck, instead of a player.
  14. @fiki574 @ImperatorSK @Asraiel Buyer would not be guilty if he didn't know he did something illegal. Now, ofcourse he knows... but you've got to make sure of that (e.g. by putting some rules right in your face when you play for the first time). This way nobody can use the 'I didnt know' excuse... And occasionally, if someone really didnt know, he would not be guilty in my opinion. But that would be a really rare case, especially if you show all of the rules really obviously
  15. That other thread, about black market and the possibility to pay for the game now, made me think about the following: Maybe they will add these 'pre-made' locked decks as a pay2use feature. This would actually make sense, even though i hope they wont do this.