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  1. Open Beta Information

    First of all, welcome on the forums! Just wanna tell you that this is more than just an attempt xD this is gonna happen, for sure!
  2. Open Beta Information

    Why wouldnt it be not so easy? Explain your statement please, cause in my eyes it is rather easy (a lot of work, but not hard work... just a lot of it)
  3. Its the final Countdown

    @Twinson it might be a good idea to paste this countdown link in the first post
  4. Open Beta Information

    So... a problem to the '200 reports on the same issue' is very simple. 'Hire' someone for it, and I bet there are people enough on the forum, like me, who would love to help filtering out reports like that. They just need to assign one guy (or more if needed) who spend their time on reading all the reports and filtering out the similar ones, or creating one file which contains all data about each specific bug/issue. I hope the team see's this (which I bet they will) and think about this suggestion. I just came up with it, so there might be some flaws that I didnt think of, but the idea should work.
  5. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I will just copy paste what i just said: This includes if they are wrong or if they are mean... just be nice to them and let them have their problem
  6. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    lol, yeah sorry for that reference xD
  7. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Yeah, you are right in that. On the other hand, you kinda got the bad name now... so people will choose against your side in an argument, purely cause you have that 'bad name' now. And you are trying to improve but people keep messing with you... i really feel bad for you The only thing you can do now is just to move on, and try to improve yourself, as you cant improve others. Honestly, you should just ignore the guys that are picking on you, as anyone watching the argument will chose their side because of you 'bad name' so far...
  8. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    You can try to ask them what they meant. Just simply 'What do you mean with -question-?" would do... And i might have another one for you: after you finished typing a post, read it (in a mean voice) in your head. If it sounds mean, you probably do not want to hit 'submit reply'.
  9. How old are you guys?

    lol thats just mean. You guys really have an issue, dont you?
  10. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    *Edit: I just try to help you, dont take this as an insult please* @YT Tobbezockt I wonder how old you are in real life. I also wonder if you ever had a job with a boss (or any kind of authority), cause you should have learned how to deal with them. If I can give you one single hint to improve your attitude: Act like everyone else is superior to you, like all of them are your authority. (Dont do this is you do not have an issue, cause it is kinda weird, but it might help certain people here). Doing this will force you to show respect to them and speak kind words instead of hate. Also, this post is good... or was good. You started great, with the opening post. Naturally people started to complain, as they always do... Instead of taking the critisism, you started figthing it AGAIN. you should have learned by now that that is your main issue. Just read all the replies you typed on the first page... instead of saying "you are right", you are typing stuff like "no, you are wrong, it was ....". And remember: even when they are wrong, act as if they are your authority. Just tell them they were right and let them f*** off, most of them are just a bunch of kids anyway. Also, that qoute in your signature is very interesting, but it will not help your situation if you act like that.
  11. Blue pill? Red pill?

    Any further questions you can think of should not matter at all. It doesn't matter if you are the killer, if it will be fast or not, or if you know the people... Anyone who would kill innocent people over a videogame should be in prison (or get a deathsentence, wich would be fair in my opinion)
  12. Blue pill? Red pill?

    Would it matter? Would you kill any person over a videogame?
  13. Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak

    For now the project team is focussing on bringing back the game as how its was (with minor adjustments). Maybe they will lateron also do extra stuff, but that has not been confirmed yet
  14. Card Art Rework

    As far as I know you have a 0,1 or 0,5 percent chance to get a promo as first card in a boosterpack... right?
  15. Open Beta Information

    They say they do not sell access to their closed beta. And I dont really know if it would be worth it, as you can not really 'play' the game in closed beta. If I remember correctly, however, they once gave someone access (alpha access I thought) because he donated a lot of money... so they don't really keep their word on this statement