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  1. Another 5-card-T3 deck: Scavenger,Thugs,Sunstriders,Firesworn_fire,Sunderer,Eruption,Darkelf-Assassins,Nightcrawler,Skyfire-Drake,Gladiatrix_nature,Windhunter_shadow,Ravage,Motivate,Lava-Field,Warriors-Death_frost,Bandit-Lancer_nature,Soulhunter_frost,Swamp-Drake,Surge-of-Light,Curse-of-Oink I made this, eventhough I know bandits is one of the weakest/hardest factions. I just liked it because it has so many options - going with a lot of smaller units and attack different bases (nightcrawlers), use motive and/or heal (if T3 already) - going iwth a single soulhunter and use warriorsdeath - going with skyfiredrakes, windhunters and swampdrakes (never seen this before in pvp, is it any good or at least fun?)
  2. What have you tried? On web version it is double click, so maybe double tap it?
  3. there are other solutions for this, even though they are not implemented in the game (yet). I also kinda think this thread is not usefull, because it would be way smarter to just remove the soft cap on earning BFP than to let everybody create X amount of accounts... The biggest reason for multiaccounts will be for extra BFP, if you remove the soft cap it is as usefull to play on the 'main' account as on any other account... another reason for multiaccounting, as DuellLord mentions above, is to get a different ELO ranking for each deck you play. This could be solved by for instance linking a ELO rating to a specific deck, instead of a player.
  4. @fiki574 @ImperatorSK @Asraiel Buyer would not be guilty if he didn't know he did something illegal. Now, ofcourse he knows... but you've got to make sure of that (e.g. by putting some rules right in your face when you play for the first time). This way nobody can use the 'I didnt know' excuse... And occasionally, if someone really didnt know, he would not be guilty in my opinion. But that would be a really rare case, especially if you show all of the rules really obviously
  5. That other thread, about black market and the possibility to pay for the game now, made me think about the following: Maybe they will add these 'pre-made' locked decks as a pay2use feature. This would actually make sense, even though i hope they wont do this.
  6. @ICE Very nice so far. I listed some things here (some already have been listed above by @Phoenix313) Issue's: - Ranged/melee filter is not working. - Small filter also shows buidlings/spells. - The ordering of the cards looks strange (ordered without any logic, it seems). Features that might be nice to add: - Make it that the cards dont get dark when you use the search filter. Also when using the filter some cards get covered by it, maybe always show the filter or move the cards to the right when using it. - The ability to delete/rename decks. - The ability to remove cards from decks after making it, and changing the order of the cards in the deck. - Maybe a darker background (gray/black), or even an option to choose the color of your background. - An option to share your deck, maybe using a code (like allcards) or a screenshot that gets auto-copied ones you clicked it. - The ability to add more cards to a deck than 20. This might be nice,eventhough the real game only allows 20. (the warning that you passed 20 cards can stay though).
  7. Okey, thats a 2015 quote tho, maybe the situation has changed, even though that seems unlikely. Basically multiaccounting is okay? Thats a shame, but I guess they are right, they cant do anything to stop it without 'hurting' the game itself
  8. Just quoting the official forum rules here: All of what is getting discussed in this thread is stated in the forum rules, including multiaccountin (for every single reason you might think of, so even for separate dekcs/elo stuff). I would prefer that every single case would get investigated extensively... but when it becomes clear that one of the following this are happening, I would prefer an immdiatly penalty (ban/suspension/BFP-fine/etc) for all accomplices. (yeah, i previously posted that the 'buyer' should be left alone, but I have rethought that)
  9. omg... all that time I thought allcards was broken but you can actually still use it if you do one simple click... @MrXLink I now understand why you thought I was whining about it. Sorry for that, I am stupid xD @ICE Looks neat! Keep it up, I would love to use a deckmaker app on my phone.
  10. Thats not how stuff works... you have to prove right before we can prove wrong. Take an example from this guy, who at least tried to undermine his statement (which he successfully did, in my opinion)
  11. Unless you are making a set of rules people will have to read, it seems unfair to me to ban the 'buyer'. The poor guy might not know he is doing 'illegal' stuff and he properly paid for it... This is a problem, I think, that should be taken down from the roots, so ban the seller, but only warn/flag the buyer...
  12. Nope, the game is still called BattleForge. The project that is reviving the game (battleforge) is called Skylords Reborn. So BFP, meaning battleforge points, is still a valid name. I do like the sound of Forge Coins tho...
  13. @Eirias Okey, that makes a lot of sense now. Eventhough I still do not agree, I see what you are aiming for and I would not mind if the devs do it that way.
  14. Rarity determines the chance you get it from a booster. Common/uncommon cards are frequent when opening boosters while rare/ultrarare cards are not so frequent. Now your question is who decides if a card is gonna be easy to get in a booster or hard to get, and i dont know. I assume its based on strenght or utility from the card, but there are a lot of examples that disprove that statement. It's interesting that you bring this up. Why would a starting deck be U3? I think the card's intention is to start with, but later on you will have your own, so in my opinion it would make more sense if they are U0. This way you need to improve them (...you cant, cause they are locked, so you have to buy/get your own first)
  15. Please enjoy this literally copied text out of the FAQ: Also, the game will probably be funded by donations, and maybe microtransactions for non-gameplay elements (like skins, colored names, icons, etc...). I follow this project for over a year now and I've got the impression that the team does not want anything gameplay related to be payable, at least before Ardent Peak 'took over' that is.