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  1. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    This forum thread started out so positive, and supportive for fiki... I don't visit the forums for a little bit and suddenly people are hating? What did I mis?
  2. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    What is considered 'active'?
  3. Minigames

    what if you get no T1 cards? @Ladadoos Looking really good. Definitelly gonna try that one if beta is ready. Nice work!
  4. 1 player pve map

    @himasami make the paths (for the boss guy) less straight.
  5. Are they going to have merch or smthing?

    Please dont... You know that EA does not want you to make money, and try to sue you if you do. So please don't even try to risk that all this work/time/effort/waiting is all for nothing.
  6. Giveaways

    Maybe create some sort of 'fake give away' or 'test giveaway', which is just open for a few seconds. (So it closes to fast for a human to react). This way you easily see if a reaction is a bot. (probably only works once, as the botusers change their bots to react 10 sec later or something)
  7. Booster Simulator

    Yeah, it kinda works still but the images are not showing. If you inspect (rightmouse -> inspect) the missing image it still shows the name of the card (if you are really desperate to open some boosters xD )
  8. Keep the card in the beginning

    @Tam Hawkins Oh, I see now. Sorry, apparently I am bad at reading
  9. Keep the card in the beginning

    Sorry for the confusion, I may have understood this wrong. I thought that there will for sure be a reset between the beta and the full release, and that the reset between the two beta phases possibly became obsolite due to the postponing of the beta. Reading it again makes me even more confused. Lets just wait and see what is gonna happen xD
  10. Keep the card in the beginning

    This is not true. @Mo The initial plan was to have the open beta split up in two phases, which would mean 2 resets (one between beta phases, and one between beta phase 2 and release). The post about the release date push back stated that it might be possible to skip one of the planned resets. As fas as I know, there will for sure be a reset between the test phase (open beta) and the actual release, but maybe @InsaneHawk himself could confirm this.
  11. Twilight transformation questions

    When you transform a unit into another twilight unit, the bound power will move to the voidpool. I am not sure, but I thought that the new unit did not have bound power, but I might be wrong there as it sounds overpowered.
  12. New Languarge

    Please note that speaking any other language than English is not wanted on the forum, and is only allowed when you post the English translation under it. Please read '1.1 Language' in the forum rules.
  13. LF 2vs2 Partner

    Iam up for it! I must warn you though, that I might not be on your skill level xD
  14. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    You can enter the giveaways by joining the discord server. Also, @Kajamaz. I would like to tell you that begging for keys will results in you not getting access to the beta and ending on the blacklist xD better be carefull
  15. Open Beta Information

    Pretty sure that someone of the staff once mentioned that there will be a seperate part of the forum for bug reports. This can of course be changed at this time. A bugsplat, which you described, seems like a easy solution for the convenience of the bugreporter. A bugsplat will be more work for the ones sorting/filtering all bugs though. A forum is more convenient in that way, because people likely to first search their bug, so double reports won't happen so often.