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  1. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    The slider is really neat! And yeah, we ask a lot. But you have to remember that you make this tool for about 14000 people (number of account on this forum). So you probably have to deal with a lot of diffirent opinions/preferences. On the other hand, if you make a real good tool, like you did, you make about 14000 people happy!
  2. Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Iam in for no cap too. Because the days I can play a lot (a free time weekend day or vacation day or so), I will probably exceed 5 hours a day... The problem is contests... The fastest speedrunner, or best PvP player or that kinda stuff will be hugely influenced by the amount of upgrades you have. If there would be a solution for that problem, then you could completely remove the cap. (Also, PvP'ing is a problem, if the matchmaking system puts two persons of equel skill against eachother, but one with 100+lvl deck vs one with deck lvl 20-40... just results in unfair matches. This again could be fixed. Probably something like including upgrades into matchmaking, which on itself introduces yet another problem because it is splitting up the maybe already smaller PvP community)
  3. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Congratulations! You made your cardlist good enough to replace the old ones. Great job. Something I would like to see in the future: an option to choose the size of the cards that are displayed. Currently only 2 fit on my screen (2 vertically, 6 horizontally), maybe make an option to decrease the size to display more cards
  4. Open Beta Information

    As far as I know they are currently bugfixin/optimizing all the pregame stuff (trading/friendslist/forge/actionhouse). And they are working on the actual ingame servers (the testers can also not play that right now, they can only play in the forge and the social stuff).
  5. Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    I think you are wrong there. That statement is almost unhealthy xD You also say you have very little experience, and so do I. I work a 8 to 5 job for a few months now as well, but living alone criples your freetime. I can maybe spend 2 or 3 hours on any of my freetime. So if I would do battleforge 100% of my freetime 2 to 3 hours is max for a day. But I won't, cause I simply enjoy other things, like you said.
  6. Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    First of all, why do you think 3 or 4 hours is good? For people who work 8 hours a day it is near impossible to play that long... I would boost the first hour (maybe go to 200%), than an hour of 100%, hour 3 for 75% and all hours after for 50%. The question is a good point you mentioned, and as you said will depent on the difficulty. I wonder if it is gonna be a 'checklist' quest system, in which everything is doable by everyone, but you just have to do them. Or if it is gonna be an 'achievement' quest system, in which the quest are a lot harder, and completing one is a real achievement (including bigger rewards, i guess). The whole deal of balancing the bfp gain is really complex, but I hope the devs think it through better then I do
  7. Overpricing Good Cards

    That is the tax, I think. Gold was always in abundance in the old bf, if I remember right. But this time around, especially in the beginning, everyone will need all the gold they have. So they rather just trade cards than action them which costs gold.
  8. Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    Do you have any thoughts or a proposal of what the cap should be?
  9. How much BFp is worth your time?

    If you mean upgrading cards, that will for sure be in the game. Tombs? not so sure... Tome cards definitelly not if you meant that. Insanehawk, one of the project leaders, said that it would be possible for multiple accounts to play (even at the same time) from the same router/IPaddress
  10. Share Client

    I don't know if they approve this topic, but they do approve the concept of the client getting shared by the community.
  11. Closed beta to Open beta

    First of all, lets not tone down the hype xD I am pretty sure that they mentioned that everyone would get access to open beta at once, and that the chance they would give out closed beta keys is pretty slim... So I think the 'let people enter is waves' is not gonna happen. It would probably be good, because of the stress testing part that you mentioned, but I doubt it is gonna happen. Maybe @InsaneHawk could tell us.
  12. Ownership of the Game

    Its their game, so technically they can do everything they want. I doubt that EA would relaunche this game though, because if it fails, they loose money and imago (they fail a game), but if it works it indicates that they failed in the past
  13. Share Your Deck With Us ;)

    @BFlove123 have you ever tried a different faction? If you prefer such aggressive playstyle you might like fire or shadow more... About the deck: I do not know a lot about frost decks, but it seems to me that you have a lot of buildings for a PvP deck. And shouldnt frost T1 decks always have glacier shell (or that ice shield thing that reduces incoming damage but makes it unable to kobold for a short period of time)
  14. Current Proposal: Tokens & Gold

    I am aware of this ;P I just didnt know we were talking about PvP... I also agree to make each card the same upgrade cost, I just stated that it could also be different
  15. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    Bug: Selection to only show twilight cards will only show its buildings and spells, but not the units... vileblood is nowhere to be found xD Also, is your deck deleted when you remove/reset cookies? (I dont know what HTLM5 storage is ) Also, would it be posible to reorganize your deck? (move the position of a card) And maybe a zoom in (+) button to enlarge the cards that are in the currenlty selected deck btw, as usual, looking good so far