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  1. can u giv betelforge invit?

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    2. BurningWorld


      @sylvix95 I feel addressed, am I supposed to do so? :D

    3. sylvix95


      No, it was gnomgrol in the first place, but actually I wanted to correct me, because I realise it wasn't him after posting this and checking the upvote background, but it was someone sharing the same avatar, I got confused.

      But if you feel adressed there must be a reason :rolleyes: ? JK aye.

    4. BurningWorld


      Well I got upvoted often by Batorfly and Steezy and I upvoted them often, so you wouldn't be that wrong if you'd have addressed me in the first place! :P

  2. @Treim Seems to have been a problem with different browsers. Should be fixed now, could you try it again?
  3. @Treim Found the problem, fixing it. Gemme 10 minutes. Wrong card data is caused by the skylords backend, can't do anything about that myself. EDIT: Done. If you were creating a deck while it was bugged, you'll have to delete it and recreate. If anyone still has bugs, reload the page with Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 to make sure the newest version is loaded.
  4. Hey @Ultrakool, here is another one Patch 1.8: You can now sort cards in a deck using the arrow keys <- and ->
  5. gnomgrol

    Booster Deck

    No need to waste your time doing screenshots. I added a button to the booster simulator that lets you share an image of the booster
  6. Since I'm here waiting for the Open Beta like every one else, I added a new booster simulator to the cardviewer. Link is in the top bar, or here: https://allcards.skylords.eu/booster.html
  7. Hey guys, I fixed the tool that lets you post decks as images on the forum, check it out! Two formats available: (Any number of cards works, this is the 16 Card Shadow Starter Deck that you r ecived with the original game)
  8. @EarthRed Same reason as the other ones, missing API data for those cards. I'll talk to Lord Nullpointer about it when I can get a hold of him. EDIT: Okay, @MrXLink seems to be the only one with access to the needed data. NullPointer will talk to him. Until it's fixed, the Orb selection tool will remain kinda bugged.
  9. @pabi All 3 issues are caused by the fact that there is bugged data in the database, mainly for Amii edition cards. They are all flagged as 4 neutral orbs, no matter what they have written on the card. The Orb selection tool is where these issues are most common. There is nothing I can personally do about it, until the devs update the data in the API.
  10. Yea this is because of missing API data. I changed the message. The devs tried implementing the new cardbase yesterday, but they found a problem with the old system that needs to fixed first. Will probably be a few days until they get it to work.
  11. @SilenceKiller99 Jesus you people make up new features faster than I can create space on the UI. It's implemented, check it out!
  12. NP All data comes from your API. If you gonna change the drops, youll have to change the API data
  13. @Kiwi Map data is available already! Click the show maps button on the top left
  14. @LagOps I looked into that for a long time yesterday, unfortuanitly it is not possible. The images of the deck get created locally on your browser using a HTML5 canvas, and therefore no linking of the image is possible, since it is not saved to any server. You can however also get the deck-link and include it in your post, so people who dont know the cards well can check them out. Shift-clicking on a card in your deck now opens the big version.
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