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  1. Amergo

    BFP Balancing

    i can´t ? rarity has nothing to do in this game only when it drops :'D most good decks have just 1 -2 ultra rare cards and max 4 -6 rares the rest is uncommon and common cause they are way better then the most Ultra rares an Example your main T4 in lost souls is LSS ( Lost spirit Ship ) its just an uncommon but without it the lost deck is pretty bad and its one of the best cards ingame i give you another one Forst mage : best t1 unit for frost (just an uncommon ) Same For Nox Trooper : Best t1 for shadow ( just an uncommon ) Juice Tank , Soul Hunter ,Gemeye ,Fire Drake ,Coldsnap,Ensnare you see ? Rare or not doesn´t matter the use for a deck matter and thats why shaman is one of the price cards
  2. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    well i guess it has much to do with the time you log in and try to play ^^ i have 420 i guess it is now unique cards in my collection too but i try like every 2 hours to play and play since start nothing else anymore and when i´m right then before or after the open beta all progresss will be reset
  3. Amergo

    BFP Balancing

    Shaman is the nature seller every pure faction has 1 ^^ Nature : Shaman Frost : Avatar of Frost Fire : FireDancer Shadow : Harvester they are key cards ofc they are high price ^^ cause you need them and when we go from the point of old battleforge that was fine i mean ok FireDancer is wayy to high in price but she just switched places with Thunder Wagon who was in original BF the Price card to have
  4. Amergo

    BFP Balancing

    can alrdy tell you that wouldn´t do the trick just cause you get 50 instead of 150 daily you still won´t do slower progress the market would change into that prices that a juggernaut not cost 400 -500 like now he would cost 150-250 And the Fact why this would be is cause there is no input over Real money every and i mean EVERY Bfp you earn is farmable and ofc it is fast to finish one deck that was alrdy in original battleforge not that hard but it should be the goal to get all cards on upgrade lvl 3 with full charges until then you just have a mini goal reached
  5. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Status update from my side Login : Ok got sometimes Lost connection but the too many user problem is mostly done Forge : Works good cards get summoned and reset works good too Upgrades : Common uncommon and rares works perfectly super rares i didn´t test cause i haven´t the rank Boosters : Works perfect 0/10 crashes while open Quests : Works perfect I´m on Quest 61 Auctionhouse : Works good Cards get no longer eaten just sometimes crashes while open the auctionhouse Connection : depends on time sometimes i can be online an hour + and sometimes i get every 5 minutes crashes that depends hard on times and users on the server Chests : Work fine no crashes while opening Missions /Campain : in loadings screen is the Mission text mission . Sometimes it Freezes while loading screen or ingame and sometimes the card upgrades that you should get ...wel how do i say it ...they get lost? they just disappear and even after relog you don´t get the upgrade RPvE : Still sometimes a problem to create Lobbys with an error . ingame it works but on Diffi 8/9 it sometimes switches the diffi to 9/10 what can be seen on the energy and time limit Lobby : The Lobby works good but there is still a bug that more people can join that it should be and so a ghost lobby comes Group: Group are still pretty buggy you get crashes when you leave group . you get bugs like (you are not the leader of this group ) and as i alrdy mentioned the Ghost group PvP : works fine. Sometime it still crash in Loading Screen but its still fine I guess that should be everything i tested in this time hope it helps
  6. Amergo

    BFP Balancing

    I can´t even see close why it should be unfair you get every day 1 booster were also can be a promo in it whats worth like 4 k also you can have the 1k cards in like shaman and you get 150 bfp whats alrdy a lot I finished now my 52 quest and have alrdy over 400 cards in my collection it is not very hard ofc you get not a everything gifted but thats not the point of battleforge or in this case Skylords The Case is that you have to wait and you have to think about how you can get the collection oh and for those now who say i have 400 with doubles nonono i have over 400 unique cards and its still getting more everyday Sorry but when it got even more easy to get bfp there will be no long time motivation cause after 3-5 month everyone will have everything and that would mean that the auctionhouse would overflow and everything even juggernauts would only cost 10 bfp you should be more patient and wait for your dailys and wait for your boosters and not call it unfair ^^ the prices are pretty balanced As Example you get everyday 150 bfp + 1 booster ( with booster rates you get at LEAST 150 extra out of it) so 300 every day that on a week so 300 x 7 =2100 bfp FOR A WEEK Only thing i would like to see is trash cards to gold cause some cards like waystation will not be bought anymore and the copys of it just land again and again in auction house oh what i forget to mention you get even more then 1 pack cause the archivment quest gives you an additional time by time when you just do your daily and you get 2 boosters on the start so i don´t see even close why you should run out of bfp Thx for reading PPS : everyone who say the prices are unblanced see it on this way a shaman costs maybe 1k but thats what? a week ? just do the both dailys without the boosters :'D there is no overprice here like 10 k or something everything is so easy to get when you count the boosters in it Overprices would start on 30k + cause that would hard to handle but even that i would understand for a promo normaly but the prices are highly fair for the ammount we get everyday
  7. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    My english is pretty fine and easy to read thx Maybe you should improve your English Skills?
  8. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Guess you got me wrong the market alrdy changed i spend don´t know how many hundred of bfp to buy out whole cards and sell them cheaper to get the start days away if you remeber the first 4 days everyone just tradet cause everything in Ah costs 100 bfp + even the cards that were normaly 3 bfp worth and OFC i made not solo the auction house viable again but as someone who can see the prices of Ah Daily like me i can say that cards like construct thats worth (110-150 ) or Bloodhorn whos worth (180-300) this prices would drop so hard down cause construct is an uncommon card and bloodhorn only a rare and the ultra rares would no profit either and cause everybody has then every card most don´t wanna play anymore or play 1-3 month and then its boring for them the most games got more negative with real money that can have influence in the acutall game (and i don´t talk about skins or pets or mounts like in other games ) But we don´t have like 300k people we just have maybe 2k active ? thats my wild guess here but with such a few amount of people money would break the market ^^ and i don´t laugh at him i just find it funny that such an idea was even in his mind before think twice over it i mean i can understand people who have not that much time ^^ but thats never an option
  9. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    never laught more bro I ´m an auctioneer and i can tell you without the real money the marketplace is alrdy stable enough you get 150 bfp per day + an booster for 15 min play what can be 100-1k bfp on top of that and you wanna pay to ,,keep the balance in auction house? " you know by yourself that it make no sense or ? would it come to an pay for bfp the market would unbalance af and you know why? cause some could buy 100 booster packs get some cards 40 times that would be normaly worth 50 bfp but cause its been so common it is only worth 3 bfp now THAT WOULD HAPPEN what you ask here is to break the market just that you can push money into it cause you don´t wanna play active you wanna everything at the start
  10. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Fast status update from my side Login works ok some times you land in dc but not as many as in the start Forge works good creatures get summoned and card managment too Upgrades Commons and Uncommons are no problem but in rares and super rares you can´t buy the upgrades deck edit /deck build works fine only crashed 1 out of 5 times Marketplace works good doesn´t skip sites anymore when you click next twice and cards don´t get eaten anymore Games works unstable mostly in late hours in germany Lobbys works well doesn´t crash that often any more Loadings screen freezes still happens often Freezes while ingame happens mostly on rpve Solo and Rpve 4 players Chest opens without problems or crashes Quests Work fine Hope that helps
  11. Offline would be more work for them as online ...alone cause you haven´t Ai bots in Battleforge and programm and bug free bot who can play with you 2 player maps etc is for such a little team not possible also you would not have the card trade feature and so you would have all cards what would make this game pretty fast pretty boring and the third point is that quests also bases on pvp so you´re idea may seems like a good idea on the first look but as a programmers view it is much more harder then let it online on a server
  12. Amergo

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I would Buff Rogan Kayle cause his passive is good but not good enough to get him a spot bring his passive to 30 instead of 25 % would make him viable and help some decks get nice and clean t2 ,t3 and even in t4 his buff would help Treefiend cause Thornbark costs 120 and is even stronger the costs for Treefiend should get down to 110 from 150 he is maybe i viable defender with his passive but still costs way to much for his stats Tortugun i would buff that he don´t loose that fast hunger cause he is maybe a hard hitter but his constant feed make it hard to play him on long maps even worse then a construct . Lost Evocation should get down to 120 cause the summon demon give a good buff but costs way to many for a t4 spell that only summon 1 demon Satanael Should get a HP buff from 2700 to 3000 cause he is a 3 full orb XL monster for 220 so that it can challenge the other t3 monsters also his Ability should only cost 70 instead of 100 for 3 snapjaws at max upgrade should it be ok cause they have not such an high impact Stormsinger from 60 to 75 energy cause she can be so hard abused in PvP Aggressor should remove the ability to knock back large enemys he should as a t2 unit only knock back medium and small units otherwhise he will be more abused in pvp that are the ones i have in mind right now
  13. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    14? you´re joking or xD how many free time can a person have
  14. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Actually you seemed to have a Bug or used not allowed programms or used a multi account cause i still have everything
  15. Amergo

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    yes you can as you can see on my progress but often the game servers just crash so its more of a luck thing

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