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  1. well i guess it has much to do with the time you log in and try to play ^^ i have 420 i guess it is now unique cards in my collection too but i try like every 2 hours to play and play since start nothing else anymore and when i´m right then before or after the open beta all progresss will be reset
  2. Status update from my side Login : Ok got sometimes Lost connection but the too many user problem is mostly done Forge : Works good cards get summoned and reset works good too Upgrades : Common uncommon and rares works perfectly super rares i didn´t test cause i haven´t the rank Boosters : Works perfect 0/10 crashes while open Quests : Works perfect I´m on Quest 61 Auctionhouse : Works good Cards get no longer eaten just sometimes crashes while open the auctionhouse Connection : depends on time sometimes i can be online an hour + and sometimes i get
  3. My english is pretty fine and easy to read thx Maybe you should improve your English Skills?
  4. Guess you got me wrong the market alrdy changed i spend don´t know how many hundred of bfp to buy out whole cards and sell them cheaper to get the start days away if you remeber the first 4 days everyone just tradet cause everything in Ah costs 100 bfp + even the cards that were normaly 3 bfp worth and OFC i made not solo the auction house viable again but as someone who can see the prices of Ah Daily like me i can say that cards like construct thats worth (110-150 ) or Bloodhorn whos worth (180-300) this prices would drop so hard down cause construct is an uncommon card and bloodhorn only a
  5. never laught more bro I ´m an auctioneer and i can tell you without the real money the marketplace is alrdy stable enough you get 150 bfp per day + an booster for 15 min play what can be 100-1k bfp on top of that and you wanna pay to ,,keep the balance in auction house? " you know by yourself that it make no sense or ? would it come to an pay for bfp the market would unbalance af and you know why? cause some could buy 100 booster packs get some cards 40 times that would be normaly worth 50 bfp but cause its been so common it is only worth 3 bfp now THAT WOULD HAPPEN what you ask here
  6. Fast status update from my side Login works ok some times you land in dc but not as many as in the start Forge works good creatures get summoned and card managment too Upgrades Commons and Uncommons are no problem but in rares and super rares you can´t buy the upgrades deck edit /deck build works fine only crashed 1 out of 5 times Marketplace works good doesn´t skip sites anymore when you click next twice and cards don´t get eaten anymore Games works unstable mostly in late hours in germany Lobbys works well doesn´t crash that often any more Loadings
  7. I would Buff Rogan Kayle cause his passive is good but not good enough to get him a spot bring his passive to 30 instead of 25 % would make him viable and help some decks get nice and clean t2 ,t3 and even in t4 his buff would help Treefiend cause Thornbark costs 120 and is even stronger the costs for Treefiend should get down to 110 from 150 he is maybe i viable defender with his passive but still costs way to much for his stats Tortugun i would buff that he don´t loose that fast hunger cause he is maybe a hard hitter but his constant feed make it hard to pl
  8. 14? you´re joking or xD how many free time can a person have
  9. Actually you seemed to have a Bug or used not allowed programms or used a multi account cause i still have everything
  10. yes you can as you can see on my progress but often the game servers just crash so its more of a luck thing
  11. Yeah but we talk here about a Giant Work new cards would mean that the devs need a good graphic designer who can draw in a similar style like the original and don´t forget the bugs the card could have on it pure decks can be pretty worth i mean you can maybe not shine in t4 but in t2 the harvester burn down everyone and in t3 the avatar of frost is unkillable with the shield pure decks have their on charm and this is not the play it on t4 units nature has in t3 so many Xl viable units like the worm or the Warder i give you an example Fire : Juggernaut , Spitfire T4 add then Thun
  12. Well you call Banditos trash but can you tell me a better melee unit counter cause the spearmen are M counters with even weaker abillity and and higher cost for a 60 cost filler for t2 are banditos optimal cause the sorceress is the S counter ranged ( 50 ) the banditos the S counter melee ( 60) Commandos M counter ranged (80) and Windhunter the L counter Flying (120 ) in combination with lava Field (120 spell ) ,furnance of flesh ( energy building 75 ) and Rioters Retreat in Green ( heal / Tower 80 ) you have a solid t2 that can even challenge the t3 and gains a lot of energy for later
  13. Slaver i play myself and i can only say he seems maybe not that impactfull but in certain situations you´re pretty happy to have him just mention here the twilight enemys but i can see you´re point that he is overall maybe not that usefull as a deathglider Banditos were back in the days like in every deck cause they are a good backupline yeah S troups are not that great but they are more kind of a backline for the commandos i play them too but i play the blue ones to go against many enemys with few troups not that impactfull like the green ones but still worth it thats i would n
  14. i won´t dissapoint you but you underestimate some cards Stiker : Yes the striker is price heavy but you don´t take him cause swift you take him cause the high energy production called looter in combination with the carge (what makes them better then the thugs) they were a top tier class card back in the day and ofter seen with firesworn and eruption as mass energy production unit for t1 -t2 so if you would let them cost less energy the looter ability would be insane good Slaver : The slaver you don´t take for stats or cause he is an L counter you take him cause he is a
  15. Actually it seems that this time everyone have this connect lost cause the server is probably down lets wait and see what devs do
  16. just calm and eat a cake you can join the server even after update i played by myself a hour ago just try and try good luck
  17. yeah a log in queue would be great since friday i have the feeling i can only come on after 2 am in the morning sleep is for noobs
  18. someday you willl sure play too just keep trying
  19. don´t worry you´re not the only one i wasn´t on today either but don´t forget that the devs are just a few and they are just humans it will take time to make it work just try again and again by time it sure will work
  20. don´t know were i should start besides the point that you clearly don´t see my intention or what i´m doing you´re calling people grinder cause lvl 70 decks? you can ALL upgrades buy for gold easy 50k so liike 3-5 lvl 9 bg and you have enough gold for a lvl 70 deck :'D deck rang calls nothing about the deck itself i would more say it sader that some players go on this on bg 6 etc and say ,,no you can´t play with us cause youre deck lvl 0 or 1 " in my perspective and i played now let me think at least 10 times the first mission i guess and a few mission i would say 25 % of the missions and 6
  21. so you wanna say when 20-30 people max ( i know with my self only 5 others) auctioneering that this will let in a 300 person server not everyone In? so thats with the other 270 people then ? you wanna tell me 270 people play all time? cause i say alone 6 sites in the forge chilling and how i know about the prices is simple cards like coldsnap ,nomade , decomposer, lost launcher even tremor are way to high at costs at the start and i play every day so I CAN TELL i was on the first day it comes open in alrdy write on a letter the cards with prices at this time and sit in ts3 with my 5 buddys an
  22. actually it will be after the open beta the reset so it is alrdy obvious that the stress test will run right into the open beta so that they don´t need to shut down the server again and there is an acutall need you were on the first days ? 5-6k were there the normal prices i was in the original game an auctioneer to only with spending 10 bucks i got the whole collection and still had enough to get players throught it who hadn´t all the money for the cards ofc nobody ask me to do it but somewere is a guy who is rly thankfull that his card like juggernaut no longer is 3k instead it is 400-50
  23. Hmmm i Guess now i must come to a word again you both have no idea what we auctioneers do for the market balance ... I spend yesterday like 800 bfp in 3 bfp cards and 700 bfp in cards who are worth 10-20 bfp but was only in for 50-80 bfp I sit in forge cause I want that new players can buy cards and don´t need to get mad about it that they get kicked out of every group cause they got no good cards or do you prefer a 2 k shaman and a 1,5k coldsnap ? don´t give the fault the auctioneers at least not the ones like me who are working all the time when they get in on only 2 thing
  24. jep but isn´t it still mean when person X comes today or tomorow in and the prices would be too high and all he got is crap ? i don´t like this idea idc even if all gets reseted i will give all a good time
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