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  1. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    You can only wait for now and it will be better the later it gets
  2. Kunzekalauer

    Economy, quests, gold and rewards

    So I am taking a short break from studying now, your post will be a great distraction. I generally agree that it shouldn't be too easy to earn card upgrades and being spammed with rares will kind of take the thrill out of the AH imo. Yet you should consider that we will lose our cards from time to time due to server updates - so right now I think it's a great way to take the edge off, how frustrating would it be grinding for weeks to just start from zero the other day? Furthermore I think it should be possible to earn the card upgrades not only by doing rPVE or only by completing campaign missions, just like the players have different preferences, the looting system should be just as flexible. Back to the idea of earning cards by missions - these cards wouldn't be worth as much in AH anymore and idk wether I like the idea or not. It could also affect their rareness: if you could earn a rare card just by completing a mission it would technically become a common card - like moon, wasn't it a legendary card even? I am absolutely pro mini booster packs, especially if it is that easy to get rares atm. Btw: Do you use a strong Internet connection? I was figuring maybe some people (like me) won't get into the game because of a low data rate.
  3. Kunzekalauer

    Stress Test going well

    I demand the downvote reaction back now.
  4. Kunzekalauer

    Stress Test going well

    If I wouldn't be studying a lot at the moment, I would be stressing the living shit out of the servers by trying to connect several times everyday. ^^ I couldn't connect yet but let alone the sight of the forge and knowing that some players could actually play some games and open booster packs.. damn the feels. Keep up the good work @fiki574 and all the other devs. Don't let them trolls stress you out we got yo back.
  5. Hello fellow Skylords. I thought by myself that after a few days into the server stress test, it is time to exchange about the actual experiences we made during this phase of game development. While I did not come closer to the forge than to the starting screen of the game (I actually saw the forge already, so excited!!) to be disconnected instantly, a friend of mine actually managed to play the tutorial and open several booster packs, he also got a legendary card from them, how cool is that? So yeah I'm positive that this game is closer than ever to open Beta and even if it will surely take months until its actually possible to do multiplayer, my will not be broken. What are your experiences? Maybe you even have some awesome screenshots? Please post it here and keep the love alive! Regards to all of you
  6. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Did you download the updater though? It needs to be downloaded separately and has to be unpacked in the exact same location as the client. I recommend to reinstall both the client and the updater and just use 7zip to unpack, it's quite simple. Maybe check the troubleshooting thread as well: And check this out!
  7. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Can you find the file tho? maybe it has to be located somewhere Well that file doesn't exist in my Battleforge folder and it still runs. When does the problem appear and do you still have the zip/rar files for the updater as well as for the client? Maybe send a screenshot so we can help
  8. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I suggest you turn off your anti virus, if windows defender still blocks it then idk. Try and redownload the patcher. UAC.exe is the file that will start the patcher and get you logged in as soon as the servers are up again!
  9. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Thank you allso much for making this possible in the first place! I'm really looking forward to do the stress test even though it will test my thin patience too. Greetings to all summoners! Let's make BF great again !
  10. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test Information

    Why don't you join the dev team? I bet it's great practice!
  11. Kunzekalauer

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2803 -1 +2 -2x0.5 quick mafs
  12. Kunzekalauer

    3 years is so much

    I can understand that many are impatient, this does not help bringing the game back to life tho. Otherwise just enjoy that lovely community that made BF such a great game.
  13. Kunzekalauer

    Open Stress Test Information

    I am also waiting since 2015, I even started to play LoL out of desperation.. sadlife
  14. Kunzekalauer

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    Ima go for wheel of gifts, when they still stacked. Plus lost spirit ship. Let them flyover the map and kite everything in your way easily, heal with Regrowth and cc with maelstrom if ally ground units were nearby. you could clear rpve10 with that if everyone was able to pull off something equally strong
  15. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Perfectly clear, thanks

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