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  1. Kunzekalauer

    3 years is so much

    I can understand that many are impatient, this does not help bringing the game back to life tho. Otherwise just enjoy that lovely community that made BF such a great game.
  2. Kunzekalauer

    Open Beta Information

    I am also waiting since 2015, I even started to play LoL out of desperation.. sadlife
  3. Kunzekalauer

    Favorite PVE 4 orb card

    Ima go for wheel of gifts, when they still stacked. Plus lost spirit ship. Let them flyover the map and kite everything in your way easily, heal with Regrowth and cc with maelstrom if ally ground units were nearby. you could clear rpve10 with that if everyone was able to pull off something equally strong
  4. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Perfectly clear, thanks
  5. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    I never actually understood the use of FoF SoW and Cultist Masters, it wouldn't create new energy and you dont get void energy for Units that emerged from abilities/spells (bc that would be OP). They have nerfed FoF as well from what I can recall. I personally preferred dealing damage with units that I dont need anymore since you get 90% of the original energy back anyway. With SoW and FoF you would get the energy back faster or what is the actual profit?^^ I do agree on the t4 part, a fully buffed bloodhorn was the shit
  6. Kunzekalauer

    Pure Frost PVP Deck

    Damn right the lightblade phalanx combo, insane damage and nearly no hostile damage. thanks for the advice man that brought back some memories
  7. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Yea they could use some more damage in general, completely agree on that one. I also think that some of the Bandit units would have been a lot stronger if they had a buff that cost f.e. 20% of the current health and grants a significant dmg bonus plus a minor lifesteal buff maybe. that way they would become more complex to handle but also more of a threat if the opponent is distracted. i als think that s units schould fully recover from the lifesteal even if they lost single members of the unit already. that was not possible if i recall it right. I'd also like to know which major weaknesses the experienced pvp bandit players came across, what counters have been the hardest to deal with etc.
  8. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    I too think that this issue should not be top priority,since we are still facing troubles opening the beta. Balancing the existing system seems more important to me than adding features that are completely new though.
  9. Kunzekalauer

    Bandits were underpowered.

    Hey guys, I just rediscovered that forum. It has been years and I am still dying to play the open beta, seriously I loved that game and I love the devs for actually putting all the effort over all these years into the revival of the Skylords So I wondered if you all agree how underpowered and underused Bandits were in PVP as well as in PVE. I mean even the random PVE maps were pretty much a free win if it was just bandits, in comparison to facing lost souls in RPVE9+. That was an absolute nightmare. Can you all imagine re-balancing the game over the years once it is all stable, no more crashing servers etc. ? I personally loved the Bandits and the playstyle they represented. What are your feelings about them? Do you disagree on my observation, do you feel like they were balanced? If not, can you think of ways to make them more viable in PVP as well as in PVE? Greetz from Kunze
  10. Kunzekalauer

    Hi i real miss this PvE in this awesome game

    The insane god, was that the one where you had to defend the center and defeat that giant twilight crawler in the end? Me and my buddy went completely nuts playing this map and had to create each a new deck for this map. Was a blast
  11. Kunzekalauer

    Pure Frost PVP Deck

    Hey I know it's very T2 heavy and has a small t1, but I feel like it could still be kind of strong. Lemme know what you think about it! It also misses a card slot, Frost Avatar was supposed to be the last one.
  12. Kunzekalauer

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    I feel like you built a fun deck there, obviously I would recommend ashbone pyros! the soul shatter can be absolutely obnoxious and I love it, even though it's not the strongest combo. If you are going to just nuke the base (it looks a lot like you are going to do so) add embalmers shrine, it's hilarious how a shadow phoenix revives itself from a singe nightcrawler. The thing about the soul explosion is, it costs you ton of charges. bombing the base with soulshatter and permareviving shadow phoenixes after that may delete the enemies base. if they can't handle the surpise burst damage. looks like a fun deck imo, but definetely needs some fine tuning (lost reaver, unholy power & life weaving for a nearly inderstructable tank with a revive; embalmers shrine, darkelf assasins, Ashbone pyros for counter attack potential and soul providing for the phoenixes) I am kinda sceptical abt all the frost tier 1 and lyrish knights/phalanx PS.: I remember playing with darklionking and am sure he gives some solid advice. ;)

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