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  1. Readymade

    Regrowth bug

    NAME: Regrowth lasts only for 3 seconds instead of 30 SEVERITY: 1-2 LOCATION: rPvE Battleground 9 (did not tried other matches yet) REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Everytime I use Regrowth it ends after 3 seconds and heals only a spare amount of what it should do... SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: PM me for replay ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  2. NAME: Loading screen freeze/match doesn't start SEVERITY: 1LOCATION: (End of) Loading Screen, PvE random; also every other match (Battleground lvl 5 1 player)REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: Every time I start a new match, the loading screen does not finish to load as you can see on the screenshots below. This error started on both, my laptop and my PC about 1-2 hours ago. SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Might have to do with the latest updates?
  3. Readymade

    Server Status Light

    Current and todays server status: Online Login and dcs: just some small dcs and fast login was able to start almost every game status overall: good I just got one question to ask: isn't the server online 24/7 atm? So there is no use for such a "server status light"?!
  4. Readymade

    idea as an option to have in interface

    pre open beta status and he is asking about 4k support - even if the game isn't running already with all features and full potential. GJ dude - play in full HD maybe.
  5. Readymade

    Economy, quests, gold and rewards

    Thanks for the replies. Of course they are not final yet and I just wanted to give a feedback here, so that the team can balance rewards and all the stuff later based on feedback and testing. I got a good internet connection but that should not affect the login chances. It's pure luck maybe
  6. Readymade

    Economy, quests, gold and rewards

    Hello everyone, I just had the pleasure to complete some maps and get some boosters via archivements and the daily quests. And i came to the point, that the economic system in Skylords Reborn will crash really fast with that many booster and possibilities to get rare and uncommon cards so fast. Maybe you should think about the following changes in future, as soon as the server runs and you got time for stuff like that: - More quests that will reward you with special cards or even with the normal commons - it is hard to get even normal common cards - enable the mini booster again so that people can get more commons/uncommons faster and build up their decks - enable the tokens to buy upgrades instead of gold. I've finished some lvl 5 PVE Maps and got 1250 Gold from every map - so i can upgrade almost 8-10 cards to level 1 by simply finish one map with a noob deck. Thats too easy. With tokens I've spend hours on grinding them to upgrade my cards and there is no reason for me to complete normale campaign maps to gain my upgrades - instead of upgrade cards you should maybe think about deck cards which can be looted on normal maps with a small chance I think that everyone will own a full upgraded deck within some weeks, once the server is running with a massive amount of rares and just upgrade lvl 3 cards. It's not a challenge anymore to gain your upgrades because of the massive amount of gold everyone can earn with pve maps. What are your thought folks? Let me know! Thx again to the devs and I know that we are still in a really early phase of the game and the dev and that we got some other problems atm which are more important but we should not forget about stuff like I've mentioned above
  7. Readymade

    Server Status Light

    Current and todays status: Online Login and dcs this morning: just some small dcs and fast login played some matches today without crashes after I've finished the maps status overall: good
  8. Readymade

    Server Status Light

    Current status: Server up and running since XX hours. Too many users on the server! Please try again later! But if you are lucky and patient, you'll get your slot on the server. I'll post a status for you every hour if you want....
  9. Readymade

    Stress Test going well

    you've got an upvote for the demand for the downvote button!
  10. Readymade

    Server specifications etc.

    Does anyone know on which server skylords is currently running, how many ppl. can be logged in at the same time and how much the operating costs are? Also i would like to know what kind of server we probably need to run this project smooth and for ~3000 ppl at the same time. Don't get me wrong with this post - i don't want to complain or whinge - I just want to get some more hard data
  11. Readymade

    Stress Test going well

    I Hope so because I liked the content of FarRockBF. Don't feed the troll
  12. Readymade

    Stress Test going well

    You joined the community about 2 days ago and we all waited for this for years and your are complaining, that it was a waste of time... dude just leave this forum and uninstall the game and btw: yes i know that you played BF before and that you uploaded a lot of content on youtube but you don't deserve to play here with such bad manners
  13. Readymade

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Played my first match since EA shutdown and it's time to thank you! To all other players: just be patient - you'll get your lucky login
  14. Welcome to the team and congratz to the huge progress :)
  15. Readymade

    Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I've spend about 25€. First i bought the starter Edition and then some BFP on ebay. This will be the same amount I've planned to donate, as soon as the game is opened for everyone

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