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  1. Actually managed to make some nice fire/nature and fire/frost decks with 6cards in t1 and 3 in t3: (Still need upgrades and charges though) What do you mean by "they don't do well with all the must have cards"? And I'm not a big fan of bandits but I might try it out one day Fire has a pretty strong t1 so I love to play it long if I can, and if you're opponent goes t2 and you're not in a disadvantage you can easily rush him, so I don't want to cut out to many cards on t1 - otherwise I think I should always play pure fire to allow myself that big t1. Your post looks extremely detailed, thanks, I will defiantly read it later. I read their faction overview and realy liked it, agreed with the most and learned alot, I even found out the fire/frost deck I made was almost exactly as their fire/frost deck, I just replaced firesworn with sunderer. In most cases you will face in t1 shadow or fire and sunderer is realy helpful in t1 rushing against them. And firesworn is a pretty useless card imo, not only he cost alot of power for what he does, he dies very fast. Is just better to use other counters -> in t1 for example against sunderer you can use scavanger to bodyblock and sunstriders at same cost(110), and in t2 you can use t2 cards, which are much stronger, like enforcer and gladiatrix for example. However the fire/nature was'nt the same, they did'nt put thugs which imo can give you a disadvantage in some t1 fights. Also as much as scythe fiends is a strong card I found it unnecessary as a S counter, because you have hurricane and ghostspears which are pretty strong and they can even killed buffed commandos or defenders, and if that's not enough you can even use mauler. Also because you can only use 1 brannoc at a time I would replace scythefiends with virtuoso, which is not only strong against buildings it has very high dps against L units as well. About wrecker I agree is not always necessary, but beside fire/nature is realy helpful against scavengers and is also nice to pop out a sunderer and rush, his ability costs only 20 and lasts for 30 seconds, which is kinda insane imo. Still had to take him out though. About the t3 if you take virtuoso, giant slayer and brannoc is pretty decent, I wish the twilight units will get buffed one day so they won't be that weak, would also be cool if the transformation was realy worth it. About 2vs2, I agree but in some maps is a split 1vs1 so you can't always count on your teammate and you could use the help of thugs for example. Thanks for the reply! will defiantly check your guide later, and btw keep with the videos, they're very helpful and fun to watch.
  2. Sup everyone, I'm playing pure fire with this deck. I have 7 cards in my t1 and right now the deck level is 104. I tried to build a fire nature deck or fire frost but I'm having a hard time keeping 7 cards in my t1 and still having a good fire/nature or fire/frost deck. Is it possible to build a well-balanced PvP deck with 7 cards in fire t1? (beside pure fire) and if so how would you do it? would love to hear your thoughts about it, thanks.
  3. Restarted my computer and it fixed it, hope it may help someone else as well. thanks for the help, you can close the thread
  4. I'll just get to the point I managed to launch the game and play couple of times but now after I click on the "SkylordRebornUpdater.exe" I get an error saying: "The game and/or launcher is currently running. Only one instance can run at a time. Do you want to force close the launcher and the game?" If I press No nothing happens and if I Press Yes - I get another error saying: "There was an error while closing the processes. Please consider closing BattleForge.exe, Launcher.exe and SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe manually. Access is denied" I don't have another instance running, even checked all the programs running + programs working in the background with the "Task Manager" and none of those 3 programs were active, I even checked the "troubleshooting thread" and the last 3pages of technical support and couldn't manage to figure it out. Every time I try to launch the game I get the same messages. Thanks for the help and maybe this thread could even help someone else
  5. I'm laughing so hard, I just cant stop
  6. Meanwhile lets have some fun ! p.s. all jokes aside - we appreciate your hard work and we wont mind to wait another year if needed make your own "open beta memes" -> https://imgflip.com/memegenerator
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