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      @EISBRECHER Please read our forums rules, non English is not allowed unless a translation is provided I shall provide one for this post but please remember to do so on other posts. You can see our rules here:


  2. Best cards in the game (?!)

    PVP - no clue PVE - Amii-Monument Funny - none really Versatile - Netherwarp or if combos are allowed CM + FoF Special: Ashbone Pyro
  3. help Exp gaining glitch

    I am sorry about your problem but you are in the wrong forum mate. This is a forum for an RTS TCG game and there are no such things as enchants or zombies. Good luck in finding the correct forum and solution to your problem.
  4. loggin

    Yes, your forum account is also used to log into the game. Check out the FAQ for other questions like this as most of them are answered there:
  5. My possible deck for PVE

    I purposely left Ravage in for Soulhunter, it is rather pricey and your charges are limited so you want to keep it alive. I don't think power is to much of an issue with Shrine of War. You should at least be able to spawn 2-3 Soul Hunter in casual play. The problem about these kind of allrounder decks is that you severely lack slots to cover for every possible situation so you have to have holes somewhere. I agree that Fireworm needs some type of healing so Unity might just be barely enough and is definetly necassary. If that deck runs into massive cc it will struggle, or when you have to attack multiple spots in t3 or when you have to defend a long time in t1. If you fix some of those issues you will just open other ones. I would definetly recommend just using that deck as a baseline and modify it for each map with the "Clone Deck" function. For most maps you will probably only need to change a couple of cards and the rest is just fine to get through most maps smoothly.
  6. Deck

    You are using units that you can't use in their respective tiers - either Juggernaut or Soulhunter & Corsair. I'll link you to a thread i just posted in where there is someone also using a fire shadow deck. Also Legendary cards are generally not worth it as you greatly limit yourself in the usage of deck slots as they can be only once on the field. He had slightly different problems than you but the deck i recommended was quite similar, so i hope you can take something away from that.
  7. My possible deck for PVE

    Aight, here is some things that i would change: First of i think you probably should try to at least have 2-3 different versions of the deck for different mission types - defensive, offensive and a mix. Generally I'd advice to have a optimized deck for every single map, sometimes even position dependend. That is simply due to making it as easy as possible to get through a map, especiall at expert difficulty. With deck cloning that isn't too much work and gets you optimized deck for every map. First of all something general: The biggest strenght of Shadow Fire is their op void manipulation with Shrine of war or Furnace of Flesh + Cultist Master and the availability of strong spells such as Soul Shatter, Frenetic Assault and Infect. Aside from Cluster Explosion you are not utilizing any of this. I am gonna go through tiers and tell you what i would change: T1: I think Mine and a melee unit are necassary here. Mine is really good in PVE because enemy pathing is predictable and the AI does not avoid them, so they are easy to set up and offer massive damage and cc against s units. For a melee unit you can go for either Sunderer or Nomads. Nomads offer more tank stats due to their healing ability when 3 are on the field, while Sunderer are great against buildings. Sunstriders as anti air is alright and Firesworn is a good card but no must-have. For towers - you can go either with Makeshift Tower or with Rioter's Retreat - only one of those in total though. I would personally tend to Rioter's Retreat as you can combo them very nicely with Commandos which brings me to T2:Banditos are utter trash and i would never recommend using them over Commandos which again are a great combo with Rioter's Retreat. Enforcer can not even be used in t2 so that is a no no as well. Gladiatrix is alright but if you have Firesworn you don't really need it that much - Wind Hunter is alright with Ravage. If you want to lame you can go with Embalmer's shrine and Shadow Phoenix which is a guaranteed t3 clear, but also pretty boring. Otherwise i really miss Lavafield in this deck. So to sum this up till now: T1: Mine Nomads/Sunderer Sunstriders Eruption Firesworn T2: Lavafield Rioter's Retreat Wind Hunter Ravage Commandos Optional: Embalmer's Shrine Shadow Phoenix - replace for Wind Hunter Makeshift Tower - replace for Rioter's Retreat Gladiatrix - for Firesworn T3: Your t3 is HUGE. Way to many units. The only unit you probably need is Soulhunter. So no Sun Reaver, Corsair, Virtuoso. Instead i would take Shrine of War for void manipulation and add Frenetic Assault for cc and then you have a few options that are up to personal preference. You could go with Life Weaving to further enhance Soul Hunter, Disenchant to counteract cc, Soulshatter for more straight up damage, Infect for a bunch of little crawlers that do and soak up damage. I would personally probably go with Soul Shatter because it combos nicely with t4 Cluster Explosion. As a tower i would probably recommend Necroblaster which is even viable for t4 defenses. Btw. I am aware that Life weaving and Disenchant are not t3 cards - however they only make sense to use at this stage, so i mention them here instead of earlier T4: I actually don't like Fireworm that much, it is not that good of a unit really. I would probably go with both bloodhorn affinities or Bloodhorn shadow aff. + Overlord if you really want to use him. Cluster Explosion is a must. Amok you don't really need when you already have Frenetic Assault, Artillery is not really needed when having Necroblaster, also t4 defenses are rather rare anyways. You could go with Unholy Hero instead to have better buff killing potential. Life weaving is good for that as well. Unity is one of those cards that can help as well to keep your units alive. Bloodhealing for dire situations and when there are no buildings to stampede it down. Offering is great if you loose a few units or to maximize the unit limit, respawning Bloodhorns at full health. You can also run a Tortugun deck which would require Offering though and is pretty hard to play and would completely change the style - i just leave it here as a side note. To sum up T3 and T4: T3: Soulhunter Frenetic Assault Shrine of War Soul Shatter T4: Bloodhorn shadow aff Bloodhorn fire aff Cluster Explosion Optional - pick 3: Unholy Hero Life Weaving Overlord - replace for Bloodhorn fire aff Disenchant nature aff Infect Unity Offering Bloodhealing That would be my take on a deck like this. Make whatever you want out of this .
  8. Shadow/Frost

    if a unit dies during second chance but a unit of yours is already respawning (basically after the death animation is done) the dying unit will not respawn. Before they changed Second Chance + decomposer combo there were a few other conditions that must be met to succeed. After the changes it is way more unstable though. The condition above is still relevant though at least as far as my experience goes with it.
  9. Shadow/Frost

    Messed up in the first deck by taking riflr cultists instead of Offering. As you have 3 t4 units anyways, rifle cultists are not really necassary. Especially when considering that LSS is a support unit and you need a lot of power to get going in the first place (2x LSS, Altar of Chaos stacking, Lost Warlord, Lost Dragon). Offering LSS afterwards to get stacks is not really an issue afterwards as you also have to keep feeding your LSS with buildings and cast a few spells. I at least cant remember ever having issues with it. Obviously i did those decks purely out of memory, so i won‘t rule out conpletely that i missed something.
  10. Spectating for Tournaments. And Prizes

    If i remember correctly Phenomic said that there were rather severe restrictions in terms of a spectator mode. I think at least a few of the PVP maps have custommade identical maps with 2 spectator slots, which would at least enable a few people for live streaming the game. That obviously is far from optimal. In past tournaments prizes were generally sponsored from other players and at least some matches were cast with replays - so not live. If i remember correctly the dev team said that they are probably gonna do tournaments with prizes sponsored by them. Let's see, maybe they even help out tournaments not organized by them.
  11. PvP and PvE Wombo Combos

    I am pretty sure that Embalmer + FoF combo got nerfed in the same patch Soul Splicer + Embalmer got fixed. 99% sure that they did at least limit the amount of HP that can be converted to power per second and i am fairly certain that the Embalmer doesn't even have an effect on FoF anymore similar to Soul Splicer. Some other combos: Cluster Explosion + Frenetic Assault + Infect + Soul Shatter + Inferno + Earthshaker --> Instant Base Nuke, optimally played with Bloodhorn (shadow) as ground presence to take care of bosses (look next combo) Bloodhorn (shadow - activated ability) + Unholy Hero + Unholy Power --> 3-4 Hit any boss in rPVE except Commando Walker additional Options Fallen Skyelf + Warrior's Death Kobold Inc. + Worldbreaker gun(s) + Skyelf Sage(s)--> Instant Base Nuke, weak against bosses
  12. Changes in the game?

    I don't think there is an overview, here are the major points though: -Introduction of an daily quest system and playtime rewards to gain ingame currency; removal of the option to buy ingame currency with real money: -Changes to booster ratios: -Removal of tokens and introduction of gold as the only upgrade currency: -Not sure, but i think the removal of tome decks is at least discussed
  13. Enlightenment and its art

    I don't think you should overthink these arts, because they are just that art, not a "realistic" depiction of how it looks in game. I think they simply put Tremor and Juggernaut at a similar height, because they thought it looked cool. Not sure why they used exactly that used in the way they did but I'd assume it is for similar reasons and the scale probably doesnt fit because there is only so much room you have on a card.
  14. Current Proposal: Rewards

    Found it in a recent post: For the whole post: