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  1. Treim

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Blight: 10:57.1 by LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky
  2. Treim

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    1 Player rPvE: 12:41.8 by myself
  3. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    added Youtube Link where available - will continue adding them if something comes up. If you use a replay just let me know and I will link it in the intial post.
  4. Treim

    Ashbone Pyro Deck

    My Ashbone deck. This does work solo, you will need to have very good void manipulation to make this work on some maps though and LS maps can hurt. If you are new to this deck i recommedn playing with a friend first who also plays ashbones. This one is more related to how you played them in the old speedruns - t3, with mass ashbones (20+) - obviously wheel stack and second chance do not exist anymore so we have to make do with some secondary cards. The biggest advantage of an Ashboene-deck is that you do not need any t4 cards, so you can save 300 power on that, due to the missing cards above you need much more support cards than in the past which makes this quite an slot hungry deck: Netherwarp to avoid the initial artillery shot from bases and to reach the spawn camp nicely, can also be used abilities such as Slavemaster Sandstorm, Shots from Commandowalker & Hellhound as well as generally a very good repositioning tool. i tend to port myself towards the outher edge of camps, preferably the side of the spawn camp, to reduce angles units can attack my ashbones from and to maximize the cc i get out of frenetic assault. Triple Heal: Ashbones are quite fragile, especially so mass heal is required, due to their passive even in between camps. I like to use Surge of Light for when single Ashbones get low to save on charges - mostly not necassary if you play well around offering (which you should do anyways, to maximize Ashbones). Revenge + CC for similar reasons. CC is vital and Frenetic Assault is doing that perfectly, also while Ashbones do damage it is not massive unless you have a huge army and Frenetic helps out greatly in that regard. Infect: Great additional damage source and tanks a lot of damage, Motivate crawlers early on instead of ashbones to not cripple yourself for later camps too much. Your army will not be that massive early on and motivated crawlers do a lot of damage. Can clear up leftovers of camps and can be used afterwards to kill incomes early on if necassary. Offering to get your Ashbone army rolling early on as well as to reset cooldowns for Frenetic Assault and Infect if necassary, as well as Netherwarp if necassary later on. Motivate goes without speaking for shadow t1 and as mentioned usefull for crawlers and later on Ashbones. FoF + Cultister Master for void manipulation (if someone has SoW, even better) - On some maps you might need 5 Cultist Masters: Group them up in 2 groups of 3 and 2 respectively and activate them anti cyclic every 15 seconds to essentially always get void back. (So start with the group of 3 --> after 15 seconds activate group of 2 --> after 15 seconds group 1 again --> ...) Resource Booster to get the necassary power to build your army quickly, Ashbones in low numbers get VERY weak very fast, numbers are key here. Splicer for t1 clear Inc Mo.: Only build against Lost Souls and Twilight - always use the benevolent Mo (yellow), against Lost Souls lets you avoid the anti ranged effect of Lost Dragons at least partially, Spellbreakers will debuff the Immunity from some of the Ashbones, but with sheer number it still makes sense, Against Twilight the twilight whisperers can mass blind your whole army which you can avoid with yellow mo. Fallen Skyelf for bosses - you will never see a boss drop qiuet like with 20+ motivated ashbones + Fallen Skyelf on the boss. Shadow Mage over Shadow Phoenix or Harvester because it is the most Slot efficient t2 unit in this deck. Shadow Mage works very well in rPvE with Netherwarp and Motivate, two cards which are mandatory for this deck anyways. The rest should be self explanatory.
  5. Treim

    rpve Twilight Deck

    That is what i use: It is a vastly different approach to rPvE as a whole. While most players, especially beginners are mostly focused on units and then a couple of support spells and buildings, it is generally faster to focus mostly on spells and do not use that many units and buildings that bind power - both options are viable though. A spell heavy deck allows you to start clearing much faster as it requires only really void manipulation, 1 t4 unit and about 100 to 150 power in your power pool. It is also a bit harder to execute, as the risk of getting burst down by camps and incomes is given at any moment. While SoW greatly offsets that risk compared to other types of void manipulation it is still there. Maybe to go into specific choices i would make for cards you did not seem to consider and were not yet mentioned by SunWu: I do like to Sunstriders to at least have some kind of anti air, even if it is not great, it is generally good enough with nomads tanking. Also one s-unit in t1 helps greatly against spellbreakers on Lost Souls map, to avoid taking damage and therefor trapping incomes and the like. As mentioned i do avoid units, so i only use 1 t4 slot. At the end of most games i rarely have more than 2 Abominations, generally never more than. If you do not feel safe and have fear of maybe losing your army, I would recommend taking 2nd Abomination and remove twilight warfare. While Healing gardens are nice, they do bind power again and Equilbrium does essentially the same job in terms of additional healing to regrowth while not binding power. Breeding grounds is not really necassary when you only really use it for 1 unit anyways, so might as well skip it. Healing support is not really necassary until t3 or t4 as you can generally any camp with just mines nomads and oink, with maybe a vileblood, lavafield or eruption for harder camps. When you die due to Lost Vigils or the like, in my experience ravage or Surge of Light rarely ever make a difference. It makes it easier to clear some but if you play well around your units strengths and the cc mine, oink and lavafield provide you wont find an issue with any camp. Lost souls you might need to have to first clear all the buildings and most ground units if there are vigils but as mentioned heals generally wont help you with that much anyway. Mine and Lavafield i also like to use in later stages of the game to clear out smaller incomes and leftover units and have that way a higher impact on the game compared to especially Ravage. Stacking damage reduction is in my experiences never really necassary. Aagainst Lost souls all the buffs get disenchanted most likely anyways, especially in later camps where that might come in handy and on all other maps just twilight pestilence is more than enough. 3 reasons for disenchant: You need it on Twilight maps where multiple willzappers are in the base, otherwise your earthshaker will run out of charges too fast or you use cards like Inferno on a single building which is not optimal and if you run into Nyxia you need it to disable her aura for 1 Abomination so you at least have the possibility of killing her. Also super usefull against the Windhunters on stonekin and bandit maps. Damage spells are somewhat self explanatory, that is the main damage source of this deck afterall, i mostly use purple cluster explosion for the early bases as the damage is enough to mostly take those out. I do also like to use the ability of abomination to clean up camps and incomes to safe on charges of important spells where possiible and speed up the clear. Note that this ability is op against melee bosses, as the effect does work on them despite their leader immunity. -------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to keep your unit focused style i would probably use Sunstrider instead of thugs still and then remove ghost hunters flat out. Would still cut the damage reduction down to just twilight pestilence and add thunderstorm and Cluster Explosion as well as Inferno. If you want to keep Ravage or Surge of Light that is fine, I would probably prefer SoL over Ravage, though cut at least one and add Lavafield. Healing gardens you definetly get value out of with that many units, it does slow you down massively though if you play 2x SoW and 2x Healing gardens. I would personally always go with Equilibrium, but that is probably a wash and comes down to preference.
  6. Treim

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    1 Player rPvE: 13:32.8 by myself
  7. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    I like to do these when i have like 20 minutes or half an hour of free time and feel like it. These maps really help you with optimizing small things about spell placement and unit pathing as well as efficiency on which units/ spells to use when. Sure it is limited to t1 but i feel like it still helps getting into the right mindset about these kind of things.
  8. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    did i say something funny?
  9. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Updated my new solo level 1 time - insane luck run at the end not gonna lie (new time 1:21) also added 2 Player level 9 solo. Fun little map.
  10. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Uploaded a couple of the bonus runs for May 1 Player level 10 potentially can be played in all-time range this month so no updates until the end of the month. 4 Player 10 solo is not possible this month 4 Player 9 is pretty straight forward this month, just another Lost Souls map solo cleared with LSS 1 Player level 9 is a fun little map, can be hectic due to clumped up map setup --> sub 11 minutes possible 1 Player level 1 i had the most fun with so far this month, super short and therefor very dependant on the very small things, even more so this month than regular level 1 maps. I believe 1:22 (correction: 1:20, maybe 1:19) to be possible. If you have a little bit of time on your hands, definetly recommend trying this one Edit: to spice it up a bit, if you can beat or tie my time at the end of the month for 1 Player level 1 you get 300 bfp -> post the replay in this thread please as level 1 completions will most likely not be in the rankings at the end of the month anymore.
  11. Treim

    Battleforge undocumented details

    Some additions that i missed here which might otherwise lead to people not getting the whole picture - also the info is redundant in some places: Onto my additions: Essentially there is different types of damage buffing and then there is also debuffing. Buffing consists of spells that are pure damage buffs such as Motivate, Home Soil and Unholy Hero. I believe that Unholy Power stacks because it is not a pure damage buff but a hybrid card --> as in the effect applies to either reduce damage or increase damage based on which action the unit does/effects first. It is the only card of its type. Then there is unit abiilitiies that increase damage such as Bloodhorn which are independent of these buffs and stack with all of them --> I am not sure if this is allows the maximum amplification of 300% to be circumenvented (requires testing) In addition to this there is damage debuffs that do not effect ones own units but enemy units --> While snapjaws is a premiere example of this there are many more examples such as Frostbite(tainted), Mumbo Jumbo (fire) as well as Fallen Skyelf (unit ability). Swfit Cavalry M units can also trample S units and deal 3 damage per hit squad member. This category consists of only Dreadcharger, Nomads and Lyrish Knight (only works if you have a building nearby --> damage buff applies to trampling). This is true for any and all attack animations and abilities. The buff has to be on the unit when the damage is actually applied. The start or end of any (attack/ ability) animation is not relevant for this at all. That means that e.g. you can apply buffs when projectiles from ranged units are already midair and it still counts for those projectiles (This also applies for melee attacks) . That also means that if units die before the last projectiles land, those last projectiles will have no buffs to them applied. This is most prominent with Shadow Phoenix which can not be buffed as the game applies the damage after the unit is killed by its kamikaze attack.
  12. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    General update: I will probably start releasing these as soon as I play these maps, with maybe the exception being maps where an alltime speedrun record is possible Updated for 1 and 2 player maps of April 2020. TL;DR some guy rambling about his replays - if you do not want to watch them anyways, this post is irrelevant to you. Btw: Would recommend to first watch the replay before reading this otherwise it will make little sense to you. For more questions check out the discord server linked in the 1st post. 2 Player: 1st try for this one, so there are many improvements to be made even though i executed the general gameplan i laid out for myself as well as can be expected for a first run. I would maybe make a small change to my route and skip the Priest camp towards the left first and go directly to the twilight hulk boss. There is definetly improvements for taking t2 in there. I think i can cut 1 or 2 Forsaken and get the same time. My charge regeneration game was definetly lacking this time though. i wouldve needed to take more oppurtinities especially before the first incomes come to my orbs to get charges back for regrowth to not run out of heal charges for the last base. Would estimate a low to mid 24 time to be possible. Might try again later this month. 1 Player: Overall a nasty map with close bases from t2 to t3 and a relatively close base from t3 to the post t4 camps as well as a bunch of incomes especially if you kill both "t2-esque" camps to get your phoenixes voidless. I mostly had issues getting the t3 clear right as i started out with double shadow in t2 and no darkelf assassins and even with 12 phoenixes i could not kill the construct reliably enough and had to be very aware of how many nox troopers to keep after t2 was clear as i was running into charge issues to clear the dragons and incomes to t3 later on. My pathing this game was terrible I believe playing 2 Batas before the orb switch might be the way to go to minimize running time and stay in fights as much as possible. i believe a sub 20 is possible. Will probably try later in the month to improve my time. Hope this helps someone completing the maps - good luck to everyone.
  13. Treim

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Sunbridge duo run: 9:47.8 by Pritstift + Treim
  14. Treim

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    solo Sunbridge in 12:52.3
  15. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    1st post updated for October 2019: 1 player motm (its so long ago I cant even remember the run) March 2020: 1 player motm (2nd try at this one, so do not expect perfect gameplay): Nox start to avoid the knockback of crystal fiends. Keep the first income to your t1 alive long enough to get the 2nd spawn to come to your t2 (--> keep the 1st income alive until you (almost) can build t2). Otherwise you will get double income to t1 which really sucks on this map due to the close proximity of the camp next to t1. Pathing in t4 sucks on this map due to the necassity to cover huge distances into the alcoves on top of the map and a lot of incomes hitting you. Therefor 2 Batariel play to minimize downtime in between clearing camps and to catch incomes that would otherwise get to your t3 and might fuck over void manipulation early on (until SoW is up and running) or split your attention in later fights, where bata can go down relatively easily if you dont pay attentation.

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