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  1. Playstyle wise for sure Bandits Art design wise for sure Lost Souls.
  2. Solved, apparently I had some files in the pak folder from a test session with emmaerzeh yesterday
  3. Just saw that this seems to also include profile pictures of other players (for clarification - Gam3over's profile picture is plague) Also I can not find the card in the auction house.
  4. I can not find the card plague in the collection (filters applied or not did not change the result) and yes I am sure that I own the card in question. The profile overview shows as much as well.
  5. Treim


    I agree with the assessment. I originally thought that rainbow decks would not benefit as much but as they almost always rely on cooldown from just 2 colors in late game it would probably still be better even then. One could add limitations such as shdow frosts cards would then only add charges for shadow frost cards though^^ One could also orient oneself on power costs like gaining charges back for all cards with power cost of offered unit +- value X which would change focus from XL units to L unit and spell support (depending on value X). I dd not really think these through indepth thoug
  6. Treim


    The advantage of the frost affinity is that you are not bound by tier and so once you are past a tier you can use its units to gain more charges for higher tiers, the problem being here that usually units scale up in size over the tiers and that the units with charge problems are almost all XL which severely limits what cards are actually useful to use it on, not to mention that power costs make this largely inefficient to spawn a corsair, soulhunter or Grigori compared to a rifle cultist or Cultist master. Even with void manipulation you have to pay it upfront which is just inconvenient with
  7. For some reason the images in the initial post just ceased to exist (no clue why, when, how?!?). Please use the link provided at the END of the original post to access dropbox where a .pdf document with the whole guide is provided.
  8. I do not know you any longer. Please leave me alone.
  9. If there is Vigils/Brains at t1 the common strategy is to go 1 by 1 and people help each other just because otherwise everyone waits for power so long, usually a solo start is possible as well though aswell, sometimes more viable than other times. Fire is the meta t1 for this. Usually you run Nomads, Mine, Eruption, Sunstrider and Blaster Cannon. If you go by turn, the player that clears usually play 3 nomads and 2 blaster cannon and the others help with Mines (2-3 for the camp that gets attacked) + 1 defensive Mine for the other path that leads to your t1. Nomads run in and pull air unit
  10. 2 replays of 4 Player Motm August Lvl.10: first one being the new alltime record for 4 player solo rpve. Was not perfect towards the end. The Bata was slow especially in the last layer of camps due to fuckups on my end and the bloodhorns were too far back because I missed sending them further forward at some point. They were supposed to attack the Slavemaster camp after I warped Bata into the camp on the top right, so they can be supported by spells which wouldve allowed Bata to mostly skip the Slavemaster base. Sadly I wasn't super motivated to play the map more and was not home for
  11. Wouldn't an option to be able to compare yourself with a friend and a global comparison be the best way to implement such a feature? Similar to what Steam does with its achievement. The global comparison essentially shows how many % of the playerbase have unlocked a specific achievement.
  12. For the general strategy for this map about 10 minutes. From start to the finished run about 50. I started out with checking the map for exploitable components and there was the cliff as the main component. Using the risk assessment from my previous post and checking fires available units and buildings it was obvious that the construct would and Moloch would absolutely rek any army consistant out of ground units that was not massive. So that was pretty much out, which left me with very few options actually, so I came in with the Blaster cannon + Mine combo as the first step, otherwise cc + t
  13. Fire tends to be able to clear these camps by tackling one problem after another to continously open up more room for units to work with. If you want to summarize the problems on Stonekin maps it usually is: Windhunters Nox Sniper Deepgorge towers Moloch Construct Just tackle these one by one, usually a front to back approach is the way to go, though it can vary. Usually early on Windhunters and the Nox Sniper severely hinder your options due to oneshot potential or cc from dragons, but they are also fairly easy to take out so that's the first step.
  14. easiest 3 upvotes in anyones life xD
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