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  1. There's a bunch of threads about game theory, especially in depth guides about the competitive side of the game in this forums, mostly PVP and at least 1 about speedrunning. You can probably pick up some things about game mechanics and efficiency there . Especially @Eirias and @RadicalX have a bunch of threads on high level PVP. So if you're interested in that kinda stuff, it probably is worth a read. Bring some time though because those are pretty long posts
  2. The nerf didnt change to much in the landscape of rPVE as LSS is still the domineering card in rPVE - same as before the nerfs to WoG and SC. It is just a little bit slower but still too good to mess up with it really when playing casually. To really get diverse decks in rPVE you have to hit especially LSS and probably also the "buff the Batariel" decks, which is by far the 2nd best thing to play. To completely throw everything on its head you have to hit void manipulation really hard as well which will probably result in rPVE 9 actually being a challenge that requires some kind of teamwork. In that case lvl 10 Twilight and LS maps need to get a whole rework probably though as they are already now a challenge with some LS maps already now being almost unbeatable, especially when not map of the month. I got a little off the rails here and will leave it at that
  3. Wheel of Gifts was patched well before the shutdown. At least 1/12 years before. The whole Sexond Chance + Decomposer, Soul Splicer + FoF + Embalmers Shrine, Wheel of Gifts stacking + LSS were nerfed within 2 or 3 patches because the strategy gained populraity within the normal player base and made rPVE a joke tbh. Sadly LSS remained still to good for the casual playerbase and rPVE is still to easy for the most part - just not quite as much as before. The nerfes really affected speedrunning as it actually became easier to get good times as the pre t4 phase was basically untouched, bit t4 became way easier as the macranaging of units became much less complicated (before the nerfs you had generally 4 groups of LSS which all had to be managed and maintained with just 2 support spells (revenge + regwroth)). Nowadays you simply dont have the power nor the void manipulation to split up your forces. The times are generally about 2-3 minutes slower than before. The nerfes actually made it slightly harder for casual players, while making it easier for speedrunners. Also Second Chance was not a glitch^^
  4. Probably Lost Converter. I really enjoyed making that card work in rPVE 4 player lvl 9's with a friend using the blue Netherwarp to teleport all units into the AOE of the card. It has decent synergy with Soul Splicer which can preserve the souls of the t2 camp. If you have enough slots Lost Wanderer also works decent with it due to it increasing damage on frozen targets. This only really works if you are playing on the outer positions 1 or 4 though. Otherwise you'll need to long to fill it up with souls. While you are killing off those units your mate can clear out the spawn building and towers. Another card i liked to mess around with is Green Peace in combination with Batariel and Disenchant. Again a strategy that only really works with a friend as you'll run out of charges to fast otherwise, but still rather fun.
  5. Lifehack:

    To maximize horsepower on the highway, shift from 5th gear to "R" for Racing. ;)

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    2. wa2magge


      in Germany the Maximum is ~60 mph. (also my car has 6 gears not 5) and it don´t work cars have a Blockade to Switch from the 6th or 5th gear to the Reverse gear (dont know but really old ones should dont have that)

    3. anonyme0273


      Tried it, ended up in jail. Free food and bed, life hack complete! <3 Thank you @Treim

    4. Yoshii92


      On german highway it gives free mph highways. It goes over the 60mphs ^^


  6. For me it is probably Mine or Lost Converter even though there is a variety of cards that felt really satisfying to use. F.e. Worldbreaker Gun, Soulshatter, Batariel, Netherwarp, Cluster Explosion, Rifle Cultists, Bloodhorn, Mutating Frenzy.
  7. That is a little bit too naive, don't you think. Competitive play generally means ranked games. You can not check decks or make any agreements with the guy you face afaik, unless every player that plays ranked would agree on only using those cards - which is highly unlikely. Also restricting card pools can not be a solution to this imo. Making agreements about card pools is fine if you just seek for fun, but it is pretty much a catastrophe for competitive play, especially when the card pool would be as huge as all rares and ultra rares which is probably about 1/3 of all cards. PVE is mostly about learning the basic game elements and cards. While those elements are important they are also just basics. It is a basic requirement to be not a complete noob in PVP. The problem about the counter system in PVE f.e. is that it is simply not necassary to use it and still be able to clear any PVE map without any difficulty. In combination with all the other new stuff for new players and that there is no obvious hint on what it does, makes it basically unnoticed until someone tells you which is generally when you approach PVP or have so many hours in the game that you simply wonder what it does. PVE doesn't teach you anything about the PVP metagame. Good PVE cards can be the most useless stuff in PVP (and vice versa), f.e. t4 units. Micromanagement is pretty much nonexistant in PVE but very important in PVP, Knowledge about matchups and how to play certain situations wont ever be learnable in PVE. Just to name a few things that are very important and become a basic requirement when you reach a point where people actually get a decent understanding of the game. Most of this is completely unnecassary when playing on the lower levels of PVP and you still can be successful there but it becomes more and more important
  8. The prob The problem is that the majority of the playerbase starts from a different point. In a new game everyones wants to get accustomated to the game and figure out how things work out exactly. In comparison to that in Battleforge there are already players who wen through this process and figured the game out to a degree where this process becomes a burden. That is true for especially high elo PVP players and also to a degree the speedrunners. Upgrade grinding adds for those players almost nothing to their game expereience and simply ends in a grind. While that is not true for probably a majority of the playerbase it is a huge onstacle for everyone who wants to play the game on its highest possible level. Fue to the different starting position in terms of playerbase and especially player experience a change is not only desireable but necassary. While this leads probably to a different game experience and a "new game" that is definetly necassary to keep the "elites" of the game here. To add to this Battleforge always was a grind heavy game which is generally not very appealling to new players. I feel like getting an easier access to the game by acquiring upgrades easier will help the game getting new players and holding them. Therefor there need to be changes to get high elo players to play the game but also to get new players into the game. Obviously there still needs to be some kind of progression. This can be acquired by either seperating PVP or parts of it from the rest of the game or by finding a balance of grindig and easy access to upgrades
  9. Well you can also just use this as a tower. Your only option in fire nature. It's ok but not exactly great either. Otherwise you can use the CM strategy. Pretty decent but can get laggy when you're having to many bugs.
  10. Again what is the point of changing this mechanic except for the sake of changing it? Give me some kind of benefit or rework of the card
  11. Why is that a bug? It is an essential part for most speedrunners and i dont see what youd get from removing that part. Trolls will still use it and except for speedrunning the card is pretty much irrelevant anyways.
  12. This was reported even in the beginning of BF and was well known by Phenomic - response from them was that it was a game feature. I never saw someone doing this on Ascension but it was very popular in Passage to Darkness. That map is pretty damn easy to beat even on expert lvl so you should have enough room to fit in some of the shadow cards to fight back if necassary. Also after you got wiped you can just wait with the Deafeat Screen and get the rewards after the map is finished - can do homework or some cleaning done, take a meal, etc.
  13. This card is more of a comfort choice for me personally. I really don't like to play units dazed generally, especially not into fights, especially when the deck is unitbased and not spellbased (f.e. Fire Nature decks). Twilight Warfare is just the card for that. The other abilities are not really worth mentioning tbh. The bonus damage against structures can help by cleaning up a base, or focussing down the spawn building but it reallly is nothing that will make much of a difference. Same goes for the Lifesteal - that is especially true when considering that this card requires a nature orb which gives you access to heals such as Equilibrium or later on Regrowth and a fire orb which gives access to SoW and the best void manipulation in the game. Spamming heals and damage reduction spells is totally possible with this deck as long as you kill a few units. It will not win you games generally, neither will it make you loose anything. Pretty much a neutral factor that will be picked due to personal preference and not due to it being so strong that you basically have to use it .
  14. we did pvp i cant remember that at all.
  15. Good luck with that then Uh i think i remember that one - wasnt that when thugs were completely broken?