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  1. Treim

    Economy, quests, gold and rewards

    Yeah but i doubt that that will be a thing upon release either which ist where the rate of acquiring viable cards is most crucial
  2. Treim

    Economy, quests, gold and rewards

    Thats all nice and dandy and i agree with the point of making more cards viable, it however only touches my one factor that plays into the topic of discussion I agree that havin more viable cards will allow you to get to a viable deck faster and will alleviate the issue, it does not however completely negate the issue unless you make every card about equally good for competitive play which is a unrealistic assumption to make imo, especially upon release. I think it is pretty unlikely that there will be a lot of card changes early on or even pre release which is the main timeframe where my argument matters. People that join later on, this will certainly help though.
  3. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    That comes down to people not understanding HOW to break maps with that card. There is a reason why Amii Monument is used for basically every single speedrun record except 2 and 4 player rPvE 10 and Siege of Hope There is literally ways to abuse the card to allow for some insane strategy that speeds up the game by so much. The card is not only broken in solo play but allows you to play around a massive shortcut on all of those maps. And sure some are more obvious and insane than others - Soultree <-> Encounters with Twilight. On most of those maps Amii Monument is the card that even allows you to play that strategy: Convoy, Slavemaster, PtD, Nightmares Shard, Nightmares End, King of the Giants, Bad Harvest, Soultree, Oracle, Ocean, Insane God, Dwarven Riddle, Mo, Crusade Treasure Fleet, Behind Enemy Lines. Probably missed a couple as well. In Nightmares Shard one player even gives up his last monument just so the other guy can use Amii Monument. Now tell me that doesn't change the way you play the game. Amii Monument is the single most used card across all speedrun strategies with maybe the exception of regrowth and that is because it is so often a massive shortcut if you know how to abuse it. Just because most players don't know how to abuse it, doesn't mean its not worth fixing. If there is a bug in your game but 99% of players dont know how to abuse it, doesn't mean you just leave it be. And Amii Monument basically is just that. Otherwise we probably just leave all PvE cards as is and only balance PvP relevant cards. it's not like we even argue Amii Monument is the only stupid card there is - because there is a couple more - just none to the insane level, that they literally change how you can play most maps. LSS; Shadow Phoenix, Shrine of War, Furnace of Flesh + CM -the list goes on. This thread however was about Amii Monument.
  4. That is not a thing at least as far as i know. Spawns can however pull the whole base if they are attacking you and close enough to the next base. That is pretty common even from t2 to t3. About 80-90% close bases are not actually in aggro range of your t2 by themselves. Only when the spawn comes and attacks is the base pulled as well. That's when trapping incomes actually becomes an important technique to know. It is overall all about aggro ranges from my experience at least. If you pull the next base after the 3rd spawn that probably simply means that they are slightly closer to the next base and that aggroes everything else. Especially artillery range units like Bandit Snipers can become a nightmare in that case.
  5. Treim

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Does anyone remember the record for convoy solo?
  6. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    It is not about the card idea, the card was merely an example for terrible game design as it lets you skip parts of a map. While Amii Monument does not do that to the same extent it has a diminished effect like that in that you basically can skip the part of actually clearing t4 the way the maps were designed to do it. You were never supposed to clear your t4 with a bunch of t4 units. While Enlightenment can be argued to break that pattern that card can only summon 1 unit per cast with a pretty significant cast time. Amii Monument allows you taking/killing your actual t4 with a bunch of t4 units with basically no drawbacks. I don't hate the card, i am merely pointing out that it breaks the game in a way that needs fixing. Maybe a more fitting desciption of the card and what it allows you to basically do is this: Relocate every unit between your t3 and t4 to a different part of the map. Thats basically the same result. Tell me that's not broken. As much as people complain about Lost Spirit Ship or whatever, this is just so much worse imo. P.s.Also Amii Monument actually is exactly like the imaginary example card i posted at least on Soultree. Get T4 -> Build Amii Monument -> Win map, gg ez.
  7. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    Well then changing it to a 4 orb card shouldn't be any issue. You can still do use all the 5 orb decks but the cards doesn't break the game pre t4.
  8. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    That depends on your deck build as there are decks that dont take more or less units in t3 regardless of playing amii monument That is mostly true for splashes that play 2 shadow orbs in t3. You probably will use Frenetic Assault and Infect regardless of playing Amii Monument and additionally probably also use Cultist Master for void manipulation. Those 3 cards are a perfectly able to clear any t4 as well and i actually run it like that. I know it is exceedingle rare people use that setup but that makes the slot technically still a downside - however minor it is
  9. I don't know who you are playing with but they can not be very good fire t1 players. Lost Souls fire has by far the easiest time because you can cast 3 mines before they expire. With a minimal amount of experience it gets very easy to place them in a way to kill Lost Dancers as well as the front line. Fire does great if the 2nd camp is close because you can at the very least destroy the spawn and a majority of a camp with just 3 nomads + Mines + Eruptions. With a half decent player fire offers the best spell support in t1 if played correctly. If push comes to shove you can always easily solo clear t3 with the cards mentioned above. On top of that Fire easily allows you to trap incomes and alleviate a ton of pressure that way as well as negate the close base factor in about 80% of the games you have one because generally speaking the incomes pulls the base. You can circumvent that with Nomads. Fire Dragon is a good unit but it has issues regarding orb requirements. Fire Nature you are better off just doing Abominations with spell support instead of Fire Dragon and supposedly Grimvine. While Fire Frost leaves you with Constructs (i guess). Fire Shadow you got bloodhorn but you sacrifice Frenetic Assault, Resource Booster and Infect to get a card that is worse than Bloodhorn at boss killing anyhow. Imo only really worth playing if you play Pure Fire. At least from a purely efficiency point of view.
  10. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    By that logic you could just create a card that requires 500 power in t4 and instantly ends the game. Not a viable PvP card and therefor shouldn‘t be an issue right? It is however bad game design and Amii Monument falls in that same category. The card completely and fundamentaly changes the way the game and therefor maps are played while having no drawbacks except that you have to use a deck slot on it. The card is broken on so many levels that i can not fathom how Phenomic ever thought the card being fine as it is. Bad game/card design should be enough reason to change cards even if they not necassarily effect other players directly
  11. Treim

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    You put them in your battleforge replay file and can watch them as a replay ingame
  12. Treim

    Too high resolution

    I think you can get to the options menu by pressing ESC aswell. Not 100% sure but you miggt wanna try.
  13. Well to be exact Dragons debuff ALL ranged units, including air units. It is just that Incredible Mo functions as a buff the counteract that debuff. The problem however is that Lost Dancers negate all buffs on a unit but as they can only attack ground units you get the end result that ranged air units are unaffected by the dragon debuff but the ranged ground units will still be affected as they will get attacked by a Lost Dancer rather sooner than later. so basically it is "Lost Dancer debuff counters Incredible Mo buff which counteracts Dragon debuff "for ground units while for air units you only get "Incredible Mo buff counteracts Dragon debuff"
  14. Treim

    in regards with rpve

    Stonekin is one of the slowest rPvE deck in the game due to a lack of damage options. you shouldn't have any issues completing 1 player maps though. I use that in 4 player level 9's, With a few tweaks solo lvl 10's should be no issue at all: Replace Stone Warrior with Amii Monument and Frost Shard with Aggressor. If you lack charges you can replace Thunderstorm or Equilibrium with a 2nd Gemeye or Grinder. Ice Tornado is purely for killing the spawn building. Home Soil and Ice Barrier is good even in later stages as you can place it close to your Gemeyes for a damage increase. Try to get 3 Grinders relatively early on to get the healing going. Frostbite to increase damage against bosses or key units in a base. Revenge can be swapped with Stone Shell if you really want but Stonekin generally has enough healing and lacks the damage so every bit counts. That's why i prefer Revenge over Stone Shell. T1 can be swapped with nature but Home Soil adds on nicely in later stages of the game and with frost t1 you don't lose any extra slots for it. Edit: Basically any deck but maybe pure nature and pure frost is faster than stonekin but it is very noob friendly. i would advise you stay with this deck for a while as you currently seem unable to even micro manage a few Giant wyrms. - No offense.

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