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  1. 1 player motm may 2021 - first try, bunch of fails - don't expect actual good gameplay.
  2. Just a general statement for the reward situation of the challenge. It kind of feels counterintuitive that the easier version of the contest has the best rewards. And yes I am aware that the expert rewards combined are still worth more but that would also mean you put in the effort to invent 4 completely different strategies that are severely more limited than the Silver challenge. The differences in bfp worth even between the expert rewards seems odd aswell. Especially nature stands out here with pretty much double to triple the reward worth of the other expert challenges.
  3. Shadow and nature runs are already completed. Frost seems to be possible. Fire seems to be the hardest faction at least for now.
  4. The game was reset for launch around mid december 2020. You were playing in beta before. Everyone had to start over^^
  5. added Link to YT commentary by Lebovin for 2 Player solo rPVE all-time record (February2021)
  6. The link for application is still available at the position description. Might want to fiix that to avoid confusion and unnecassary applications.
  7. Would it be possible to change the lost dancer debuff effect into a temporary disable instead? There are a bunch of similar on attack effects for ranged/melee attacks and ability denial. E.g. Skycatcher, Lost Dragon, Twilight Whisperer, etc. Would it be possible to change these effects in a way to make them applicable to buffs as well. That would obviously also effect other buffs (Motivate/Life Weaving/Unholy Power/Unholy Hero/Girl Power/Unity just to name a few) and therefor be a nerf to LS albeit probably not too influential besides Mo/WoG as it will only effect cleanup of camps, not so
  8. added my first and only try for February 2021 1 Player rpve added 2 Player solo rpve for February 2021 (new alltime record)
  9. One should be able to setup more as all your initial 4 ships at least can be red affinity. At minimum you should be able to run around with 8 in that case. Even motivating 1 constantly in base after that and missing out on 1 nature affinity LSS is worth it for sure.
  10. This is purely theoretical - not sure what you hope to gain from it but here is my thoughts: As you started discounting bosses i will do the same in my following arguments LSS will almost always be faster against Lost Souls (especially true for a whole map - singular camps bloodhorn might be favored) - main reasons: Often a significant amount of a camps strengths is bound in air units which bloodhorn spell deck has a hard time dealing with (neither 2x fire 2x shadow nor 2 shadow 1 nature 1 fire have a good answer here) Shields hard fuck spelldecks because they counter the
  11. You can spawn and warp yourself through there. It is pretty bleak tbh. From memory there is a couple Grinders and bandit sandland. Nothing crazy really.
  12. Treim

    The rpve Willzapper

    Both methods are valid. Rifle Cultist strategy is more micro intense while sending 1 unit in is slightly worse but much easier to handle- I would personally go for the former personally (if I am not being lazy).
  13. Treim

    The rpve Willzapper

    Just have to kill it before it's 2nd activation but essentially yes
  14. Treim

    The rpve Willzapper

    Would require to send in a tank unit first as well as the animation isn't fast enough. Also Nox Carrier would require an extra deck slot that is only really usefull for this specific strategy and maybe to kill a spawn building in close base t4 scenarios - which is also easily possible with just staple rpve cards like frenetic Assault (+ Infect + Soulshatter). Overall not worth the deck slot unless you go for maximum style points.
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