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  1. That is true, would especially open up deck versatility for t2-t4 though. If we just talk about diversity in t1, I still think the biggest problem is that 3 factions can get somewhat reliably in situations that are completely unplayable and fire also has a really hard time (at least in random matches). A secondary effect my proposed change on the game could have though, is that non fire starts are still slower than fire and with increased occurence of these in single matches a slight increase in game time might become necassary to further enable the viability of these changes anyway, especial
  2. And it will stay that way which is fine. I think the biggest detractor of versatility in a game(mode) is when there is somewhat regularly occuring scenarios where no matter how good you play options(in this case factions) become unplayable or rely heavily on support (of especially meta solutions) which further incentivizes the meta solution. That doesn't even mention that it is also less fun to know that basically every 10th or so map there is basically nothing you can do yourself and need help from others. Allowing every faction to at least be (more or less) solo playable against "normal"
  3. Can only really speak to the original 4 factions in rpve 10, but in my experience the only real scenario where Nature, Frost and Shadow are basically unplayable in random maps is against Lost Vigils at t2 In every other scenario you can build robust t1 card combinations to reliably clear t2 (and I did so). That might entail 1 or at most 2 extra deckslots compared to fire starts and those factions are still slower, but they are viable if you know what you're doing. Without any other changes the viability of those other t1's already drastically increases. I think they will still have a
  4. though it is late, I added the 2 player solo run on level 9 from last month's Motm - only did 3 runs on the map. Further improvements were possible.
  5. For rPvE 9: Support: "Standard" t4 decks: T3 decks: Weird stuff: For rPvE 10:
  6. Even though the event isn't over yet - I'd like to bring my first point of feedback already. I feel like the event runtime is way too long. Imo 3 weeks+ just feels like it is stretching on forever. Especially considering the ruleset is relatively simple and straightforward. For events like the Guns of Lyr one where the ruleset was way more expansive I can understand a longer event runtime, even then 3 weeks might be a tad too long. Personally I would prefer a event runtime of 10-14 days for the "simple" competitions and maybe a couple days extra for something thats more complex.
  7. you can view them ingame --> be in the Forge --> Book icon on the top -->Profile --> Replay icon on the right side --> names will be as they are named in the replay folder but you can see the finish times of the replay selected, so as long as you know what your replay time is you should be fine. The replays are ordered based on recency, so if you know a date you can skip quite a few as well. Also you can change the names of replays outside the game by changing the name in the following folder: C:\User\Battleforge\replays
  8. I didn't like churches as my engineers kept on taking away from the unit limit later on - also my placement was bad so that engineers kept on dying by maelstroms.. Cultist Master to charge the necroblasters initially and for a bit of void return, also for offering (frenetic assault + skyelf sage). Replay file attached for anyone wanting to have a look - was my first time on the map. 20220111_173234_the_last_soultree.pmv
  9. Would recommend this: In my run I played with Church and techniky instead of 1 of the necroblasters and the green frenetic, but found them useless towards the end. The crystal fiends were the biggest problem for me towards the end as my Necroblaster were constantly depleted due to Dreadnought and heals nothing dying where and not enough big shots from WBG's. I used Necrofurys to to two shot the dreadnoughts when possible. Other things to maybe consider: Lost Disruptor for late game anti air and some form of healing for the Necrofurys (Blood Healing or nature affinity splicer - w
  10. Is the stream going to be uploaded on Youtube as well as afaik twitch deletes VOD‘s automatically after some time frame - maybe with a link to the rules in the forum.
  11. How long does the Booster Scratch Code stay valid? Asking because the earliest time I can use it will be 7th/8th of January.
  12. Great idea, sadly I only got today to get a time in and improve upon it. Well let's see where I end up.
  13. added last months 1 Player replay and new alltime record. YT will follow sometime. Sub 11 was possible but wouldve needed a perfect run which I didn't feel like grinding for any more. Major time losses were the t3 clear where the strikers survived due to teh strikers not running out towards my spawned archers. Usually an archer squad survived the first dive and would pull it. Misclick of the archers to all attack the birds instead of 1 pushing towards t3 results (in combination with first well being late 5 secs and the mentioned 3rd dive of phoenixes) in t3 and therefor bata being about 10
  14. Playstyle wise for sure Bandits Art design wise for sure Lost Souls.
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