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  1. I think this is actually very relevant on how early portions of the economy will play out compared to the current version of the game. In the very early stages specific almost universally usefull common and uncommon cards were actually much more in demand than Infect, Netherwarp and it becomes very apparent why that is when you consider the situation players are in in the beginning. You have very little cards or resources to actually build a deck which means that cards that cards that fullfill certain different criteria compared to the endgame suddenly become a LOT more valuable as they are also still very rare due to the limited amount of time the game is out. So the first type of card is the essential t1 cards - especially units and a few key spells are important here - mostly t1 archers as well as Nomads in terms of units and then cards like Eruption and Surge of Light. Secondly cards that are very easily splashable and offer great value for a vast amount of the game and/or offer a solution to a specific early game like charge problems. so cards like offering, furnace of flesh, Curse of Oink, Equilibrium, Regrowth, suddenly become mad valuable - because they are good cards that are still semi available and you get good value out of them in essentially any game you play. This will most likely massively effect how the economy will play out over the first 2-3 months at least. I assume players will much quicker go over to search for very specific rare and ultra rares instead of trying to build up their foundation of commons and uncommons with a few rare and ultra rares sprinkled into those decks that they get from boosters or are specifically searched for. I dont think that the effect on the economy in terms of boosters not being given out as quest rewards will effect the game too much in the firist while after the launch because everyone is forced to buy these boosters to get an economy at all. The problem comes after that initial phase in my opinion, whereas compared to a lot of other games battleforge is as it stands right now an almost solved game or at least a game with a very strong meta game in both rPvE and PvP with a very high veteranship of its population which means that a lot of players are after very specific and in parts scarce cards that have comparatively low chances of dropping out of boosters which in turn are already relatively expensive. The problem here is that I highly suspect that these players will be willing to pay crazy amounts for these cards because they KNOW what they get for it and do not have to experiment to figure out the best way to play which will further hinder the influx of cards into the market. That is at least how I approached the game in the last restart and I suspect that most people with a couple of years under their belt will do the same. To them the risk vs. reward of a booster will most likely not be worth it, especially early on, they just want to get their decks together. I dont think the market will be as bad as people make it out to be, but I do believe that the current values will run into serious issues for especially people who are trying to follow the meta game, which is thanks to the relatively unique situation Battleforge as a game is in right now. That is - strong meta game with a lot of veterans reliant on few cards with relatively few alternative card choices with key cards being hard to come by from boosters and not readily available in the market ( due to restart and low drop rates) and initial concerns for common and uncommon cards being taken mostly care of by the change to the charge system. I think if you are smart in the restart you try to get your hands on a workable tier 2 meta deck such as Lost Souls, Twilight or something of the like which can be build with a lot of commons and uncommons and a few for the most part not so sought after rares and ultra rares and then try to accumulate the highly sought after cards when you see a good opportunity in the auction house, to at least get a couple of charges of these relatively early when the accessible bfp values people have access to are not too high. The economy for sure will build up slower as it seems to me that the current rate at which boosters are aquired seems to be a lot slower compared to now. i think that is fixable early on with a bunch of achievements to get the economy rolling a bit quicker by essentially giving out one time rewards, which become harder to come by (but with better rewards) the further you progress. As I do not think that it was mentioned how this system plays into the economy exactly I will for simplicity ignore it for now and base the opinion above solely on the confirmed information for the current iteration of the BFP system.
  2. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    added 1 Player Level 10 - high 15 possible.
  3. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    added replays for August 2 player solo level 9 and 1 player level 9. replay of my current time for 1 player level 10 was not saved due to disconnect after the game but I will probably play again later this week.
  4. Treim

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Sunbridge solo 12:19.3 by myself
  5. Treim

    Spells of the Lost Souls

    I wasn't able to keep Revenant alive throughout a whole battlegrounds. I think my maximum was about 4:30 to 5 minutes which is still considerable but far from indefinite. Generally the duration ran out after 3 to 4 minutes. The strategy has massive issues with long distance travel, so dead ends really kill the strategy as time is overall limited and the as you cant stay within Revenants Blessing to move you cut that time down further just by moving like that. That is why you need to plan your route meticously and scout the general map layout through the fog of war. The deck revolved around using Lost Evocation + Blood Healing for sustain, 2x Revenants Blessing and both Netherwarps and staying clumped up with units as much as possible within bases to minimize the useage of Revenants Blessing. A pure lost Souls deck is relatively underwhelming as is the case for most factions. What I like to do is build decks around keycards from these factions and if there are 2 cards that are relatively close in useability you choose the one that is of the faction even if slightly weaker than the "optimal choice". I think that way you can build a useable deck that can stay true to the factions/key cards identitiy without sacrificing playability too much. To stay on topic of Lost Souls here you might want to play Viridya with Lost shades + Home Soil-Ice Barrier/ Motivate (Frostbite and Gravity Surge if necassary). While that makes it a non pure deck the core unit still is Lost Shades and you merely use supporting cards to enable/enhance the strategy. You can generally build around 1 or 2 such concepts/ key cards for each tier and then build around that accordingly. You just need to ensure that certain cards do not take over the deck. Prominent examples are the aforementioned Frenetic assault and Infect as it is all too easy to suddenly make the deck reliant on those cards rather on the key cards you initially chose as such. So e.g. you have the theoretical choice between Frenetic Assault and Coldsnap, Knight of Chaos or Glyph of Frost, Lost Converter --> discard Frenetic Assault as it is most likely to overbearing and pick one of the other ones that either works well with your current deck on the current map and that you can execute on. If choose the Freezing stuff maybe think about picking up complementary units like Lost Wanderer to enhance damage against frozen units or use netherwarp to teleport(requires t3) units into the effect radius of Lost Converter use Soul splicer to pick up souls and feed the converter, use Lost Vigils as main unit to make use of the building in t3 --> etc. You get the drill. Maybe you can make certain buildings or cards work at multiple times in the game that way. i know this is a bit of abstract advice and maybe not the direct one you searched for but i hope that this helps you nonetheless.
  6. Thanks for creating the challenge. Was a lot of fun to work out a strategy for the map even if I didn't push my strategy to the asbolut maximum. I am excited for some of the replays and how other people solved this. In my opinion it is a little bit disappointing that so few people participated, especially considering how many good PvE and rPvE players decided to forgo the map. Nonetheless great job to the team and all participants. Hopefully there will be more challenges in the future with a bit higher participatioon
  7. You can try to summon the skeleton warrior army before you run in and have them in front of Harvester/Bata to tank the paralyze of the dragons.
  8. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Update for 1 Player level 10 2 Player level 9 solo added
  9. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Another 1st try: 2 Player solo level 10 - this time actually with Batariel. Played very badly around heal charges especially in the middle of the match, so I had to make compromises in speed to compensate
  10. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    added first try replay for July 2020 1 Player level 9 (11:20) Edit: added first try for 1 player level 10 as well (20:33) - currrently 1st place
  11. Just add a rule that these agreements have to be agreed on in text fot there to be an official ruling by the TO (screenshot ingame or discord) and if any of those internal agreements are violated it counts as an instant loss. If you think someone violated an internal agreement, make it mandatory to send in written evidence (e.g. the screenshot) and the replay. Should prevent anyone from having funny ideas as the consequences are fixed and the rules clearly state in which form you have to supply evidence for the TO to do anything about it. Any verbal agreement might as well count as no rule at all from the perspective of the TO and if someone gets fluked by that he only has to blame himself. Only my humble opinion ofc.
  12. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    added replay for 1 player motm for June 2020 - first run that went past t3, did die with batariel, low 16 possible. I will probably not play this one again, will update times if i do though.
  13. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Added 2 Player level 10 solo - messed up at the end big time, otherwise okay run for first full clear. I think something in the low 25's is possible. With a perfect run maybe a high 24. In regards to your request: You can essentially mirror this for the right side. You can play the right side slightly more risky by clearing the 2nd camp instantly as the Windhunters are positioned further away and you can probably dive with phoenixes before they can paralyze you. After that you can just fly out and clear t3/t4 similarly to what is shown in the replay. I do think you can play this with only phoenixes and no curse of oink which I tried once (13 phoenixes) but it gets a bit intense in terms of managing the phoenixes after the initial dive and you will lose some in the process of killing the constructs (i was left with 10), so you will probably have to respawn 1 or 2 for the clear on the 2nd camp at least on the left side. Right side you might just barely squeeze through with 13 starting phoenixes and no respawns if you play it well. The t2 clear is a bit more complicated on the left side as you have to really try not to pull the shamans or if you pull them at least not attack them for as long as possible. Otherwise you get 2 additional incomes, which you really want to avoid. I hope this helps you.
  14. Treim

    Treim's Motm solo speedrun archive

    Position 1 and 2 will play out slightly differetly most likely. I would clear it with phoenixes though. As there are Windhunters in the base you probably want to have at least 12 phoenixes. If they still trouble you, you can add Curse of oink and send a ground unit to oink the Windhunters before killing the constructs with phoenixes. I dis not play the map yet and only had a cursory glance. I will try to provide you with a replay solution by the end of the weekend for both sides

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