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  1. Forsaken Embalmer's Shrine Soul Splicer (nature) Offering (Nature) Shadow Phoenix Resource Booster Furnace of Flesh Cultist Master Fallen Skyelf Breeding Grounds Amii Monument Frenetic Assault (nature) Frenetic Assault (shadow) Equilibrium (nature) Thunderstorm Rifle Cultists Grimvine Lost Spirit Ship (nature) Unholy Hero Regrowth
  2. added 1 Player Level 9 & 10 for this month. Level 9 is pretty straightforward - ~10:30 possible Level 10 is one of those annoying maps again where you have a close base early on, this time at t1. I tried a bunch of different approaches to defend t1 and then how to kill the close camp most efficiently and ended up with the approach with a Sunderer and Nomads. You can obviously brute force the camp with something like Nox spam as well. ~17:15 should be possible on this map.
  3. While the ability is underwhelming overall, you at least got to remember that the cost is refunded into your void power pool and with easy access to void manipulation for Lost Souls you can get that power back very quickly. I think the problem here is more so about the nature of the ability as it is an effect that only does anything after you died already, which might help you recover a situation but that is 2 big if‘s in a situation where you still obviously made a mistake. That just does not feel very rewarding at all.
  4. Twilight Swiftclaws have the Anti Spell Aura as well. Lost Souls have the builldings that look like Lost Banestone card that will also block your casting. Additional cc units: Twilight Fathom Lords
  5. Addendum Encounters with Twilight - I played this on expert with just the starter cards with deck level 0 (first map I played after reset - first to do it on expert): The spawn on the southeast is the key to complete the 2nd part of the map because the Whisperers and Vileblood respawn there. I pulled in the Vileblood and Twilight whsiperers to let Rogan handle them while i sneaked past with 4 Firestalkers and ran the bottom path to the spawn camp with the Abomination. CC the L and XL units at the spawn camp while attacking the camp on max range with fire stalkers. I think I used 1-2 Surge
  6. The guide will stay as is for the foreseeable future as I do not plan on updating this any further. The speedrun meta has evolved over time though, so technically an update would be necassary. Also I am not sure how good the section in regards to pathing and task management for especially 4 Player maps is explained. That is probably the section where one could add a bunch of paragraphs and examples. I guess one could also go into how to develop and refine and perfect strategies for these maps in more detail. I think examples or a documentation of this process would be especially he
  7. I consider that deck to be more of a goal to work towards to. It does not sit well with me to recommend a deck that is not perfect Obviously on the way to get there one will have to make compromises or trade relentlessly (as you mentioned)
  8. Nature splashs are usually easy to play and successfull. Nature Frost (Stonekin) is very safe but also limited in terms of speed which is a factor in rPvE (obviously). Meanwhile Nature Fire (Twilight) decks are less resistant but also have more access to damage. Here's my usual setup for Twilight rPvE level 9 maps. Cards with name [Nomad (nature); Sunstrider; Vileblood (fire); Twilight Creeper (shadow); Abomination (frost); Shrine of War; Mine; Eruption; Disenchant (nature); Curse of Oink; Lavafield; Twilight Warfare (shadow); Thunderstorm; Inferno; Earthshaker; Twilight Pestilence (
  9. added this months 1 Player Level 10 map. Quite interesting map at t2 where the tower from t3 can attack your wells and monument. Also if you step too far forward your monument attacks the t3 camp and therefor pulls it all. Forces one to trap the income and do not pull wells. The most elegant solution in terms of stability is probably Windelf Templar. Otherwise you can just wait for power, get the monument and then build a big army. If you play fire t1 you can also try to play with sunderers + Nomad and then build t2 to clear out the spawn and the tower first with cc support (remember you
  10. added 1 Player Level 1 & 9 Both very short maps. I had fun especially on the Level 9 map. Has a nice flow to it. Possible time probably: 10:35-10:40
  11. added 1 Player Level 10 - 2nd try I think a well played shadow start is probably faster but also a tad more difficult to execute, especially the t2 clear, and as I am lazy fire it is. A time improvement of about a minute should relatively easily be doable just with cleaner gameplay without any strategic changes. With a good shadow t1 you can probably get into the 14:15-14:30 range. Alas as its already so late in the month and so close to the reset probably noone will bother
  12. Blight Expert by LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky = 10.10.9
  13. Update for 4 Player level 9 solo. First try but maybe interesting to you as this month's map is pretty easy.
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