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  1. late update for the October map of 1 Player Level 10
  2. This is a brief introduction to my thoughts on the matter as i stated it throughout the years on this forum Please note that some points are extremely abbreviated or incomplete (e.g. how to balance out faction strength). In regards to map structure I think it is unrealistics to expect to have a lot of different possible layouts on each individual difficulty, because that makes issues like balancing and deck building a lot more complicated, not sure how technically demanding that is, but Id imagine it for sure adds complexity to map generation and is outside of freak accidents (like
  3. Here’s a list of gold per level and map type. Gold does not change if you e.g. play 4 player maps with 3 players. Gold from chests is not included in this list.
  4. Resource Booster heavily depend on how many wells that resource booster supports. You get an additional 0.35 power/ 2 seconds. With a static cost of 50 power for the initial investment. Break-even-point for just the booster occurs for x wells after y seconds: 1 well = 286 seconds 2 wells = 143 seconds 3 wells = 72 seconds 4 wells = 36 seconds
  5. Empire 11:54.4 by LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky
  6. solo Sunbridge 11:51.1 by myself
  7. Isnt that entirely avoidable if you just implement an entry requirement to get these Exp - let it be Skylord rank or something along those lines. If someone with a Speedrun rank comes along then everyone knows that he has at least reached that rank by normal means. Also I think it would make sense to lower rewards or exclude maps with fixed min. times like Defending Hope, Siege of Hope - guess Crusade, Treasure Fleet and Titans would be a couple other candidates for that, even though the exact strategies are a lot less known for the latter 3. With that approach not sure if it would be u
  8. Updated this month's 1 Player maps for Level 10, 9 and 1 I think this months Level 10 map has some interesting choices for Level 1, I think all colors besides Frost are somewhat comparable. Shadow takes a slight edge but my current time is definetly still easily doable with Fire and Nature starts (did 20:47 and 20:40 with them respectively with Batariel dying in both those runs). I think a low 18 should be possible on this map. Level 9 just pretty standard. I messed up my pathing in that run slightly which cost me some time, 11:50-ish possible. Level 1 ~ 02:08/02:09 possible
  9. The rewards back in the day were given out manually by the devs depending on top 10 ranks on the leaderboards on each map while 10th place got you 10k Exp and 1st place 2.4 mil I remember the rewards given out for a few of the higher ranks, towards the bottom my memory is a bit muddy though: it looked something like this: 1st - 2.4 million 2nd - 1.2 million 3rd - 600 k 4th - 300 k 5th - 150 k 6th - 100 k 7th - 60 k | 80 k | 80 k 8th - 30 k | 40 k | 50 k 9th - 20 k | 20 k | 30 k 10th - 10 k Pretty sure about ranks 1-6 as well as 10; 7-9 I cant remember
  10. 3. I think that these spells should stay within the theme of their faction. I think Blood Healing does that pretty well and is definetly playable and enables a lot of fun decks already. I think with the changes to Martyr shrine currently proposed Frost has a reasonable way of defense as well which only really leaves Fire out there. Currently you have to get very creative around stuff like Moonshine's heal to get stuff done, but I think that is fine overall. You might want to get healing a bit more accessable for that faction, maybe one could work around some kind of rage effect which enables h
  11. I think this is actually very relevant on how early portions of the economy will play out compared to the current version of the game. In the very early stages specific almost universally usefull common and uncommon cards were actually much more in demand than Infect, Netherwarp and it becomes very apparent why that is when you consider the situation players are in in the beginning. You have very little cards or resources to actually build a deck which means that cards that cards that fullfill certain different criteria compared to the endgame suddenly become a LOT more valuable as they ar
  12. added 1 Player Level 10 - high 15 possible.
  13. added replays for August 2 player solo level 9 and 1 player level 9. replay of my current time for 1 player level 10 was not saved due to disconnect after the game but I will probably play again later this week.
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