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  1. Treim

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I think you misunderstood my intent there. I was asking not asking for a date but simply explaining circumstances. Announcing dates backfired big time (multiple times) which is why i understand that they dont do it anymore. I wanted to clarify that i simply did not think it would take this long to reach the first wipe and with so much time passing, i would be quite disappointed to lose my progress. The difference in expectation and reality is not the mistake of the devs but probably a lack of understanding on how hard this would be on my end and maybe (or maybe not) some unforeseen issues on the devs side (?). With the situation i and probably quite a few other players are in, starting over (again) is quite disappoiting, especially if you want to play the game competitively which requires a lot of cards and upgrades. As I am now able to do that for at least most maps, which actually took me the last few months of intense playing and progression supposedly going down after the wipe, that is simply not a feasible alternative for me. I don't plan to play 8-10 months just to be able to play all speedruns. P.s. Don't think i am whining here. just stating the situation as it is from my point of view. What you do with that is up to you.
  2. Treim

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    The problem is that you need a certain amount of charges to make deck works decently well. You can surely make them work somewhat, but thats a patchwork at best after all, especially for PvP. If this was a completely new game i could even understand the progression rate at least somewhat. But BF is after all played by a lot of people who already know all of or at least most of the content anyways. To get all the cards necassary for competitive play is hard enough as is now. Playing through the game a 3rd or 4th time to get to the point where competition is actually evened out... well. And fair enough, people knew that there would be a wipe and you didnt name a date for it. That was half a year ago though with no end in sight just yet. It just doesn't feel good at all to loose all the stuff of a game i know in and out for a 2nd time, just to start over completely. I can understand that you want to give players who actually waiited a more even playing ground as they trusted that announcement. I feel like there were for the most part no major abuses of bugs or something. So the major problem is that the progression rate is currently enhanced. To level the playing field a bit, i wouldnt even mind to not get bfp/gold/exp rewards for a couple of months, as long as my current progress isn't set back to 0. An option to choose to either keep your account and dont get/ get redcued rewards for x month or wipe the account would be nice. I am aware that is extra work and am not even sure how feasible that even is. Just my current feeling about the plans ahead. I would most definetly play significantly less at least until i got some of the necassary cards back.
  3. Treim

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Got the 1 player record back: 14:13.6
  4. I feel like weird map seeds are way more common now. Back in the days i can only remember a single instance where the paths of 2 players combined before t3 ( on level 9 and 10). In the few months since playing again i can already remember 4 maps that had such seeds (including this month motm level 10). I am not sure what changed though. I would also like to make level 9 more challenging. I feel like considering its the 2nd hardest difficulty it is basically a joke, with maybe the exception of a couple lost souls maps. As proposed before (in a different thread that i am too lazy to search) a change regarding the actual difficulty of levels or maybe even the addition of 1-2 extra difficulties. @Karl Lavafeld the structure you describe was the old level 9 strcuture i believe. 10 was basically unchanged iirc. Would like the return of the old structure. I think it would tie in neatly with making level 9 a more challenging prospect.
  5. Treim

    Solo lobby pause or no auto kick.

    I think it is fine as a featur. The camera should be locked while you are paused though, so you can not get a big information bonus.
  6. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    @Irysunna Convoy all-time record is5:52 or 5:54, so thats quite a big time difference. The 7:10 might not be signicantly slower in the grand scheme of things, but at least you had to actually clear all the necassaary monuments Also i don't want people to play with the Gen1 cards but just play the map without skipping t4 base(unless they want to stay t3 which is totally viable on some maps). As you mentioned there are other very good cards nowadays that will still make the map way easier than they originally were.
  7. Treim

    nerf amii monument

    Where did i or anyone in this thread ever state that this has to happen now? I simply stated that Amii-Monument is the most broken card, at least from an PvE perspective. I agree that balancing things out will take a lot of time and should not be done before finishing the game. That does not mean that possible changes can not be discussed within the community. To add onto that when starting to balance things out you should most definetly start with the most glaring problems which Amii-Monument is definetly one of. This does not mean that i even think it should be the first card to be tackled. PvP should get that honor as its the main competitive game mode. The argument that everyone has the choice to play it is utter nonsense imo. Might as well add a card that instantly ends the game when hitting t3 and 500 power (as mentioned before) as you have the choice not to use it or find a way to beat the game even faster. After all creativity can beat anything right? Just find a better strategy and get good. Matter of fact however is that Amii-Monument is necassary for at least 80-90% of speedruns and speeds up the time considerably compared to playing without it. That in itself would have been fine if using the card took any skill at all, as in you have to fullfill certain requirements to use the card as is the case with many speedrun glitches in other games which often require crazy amounts of precise inputs, training etcetera. That is not the case while building Amiii-Monument. Just plop it down and your instantly t4. You can argue that thats just how it is and deal with it, well then why bother with balancing at all -> just deal with it . I am aware that this change will impact how maps are played and there are other problematic cards that are blatantly way too good compared to other cards in the game. You might say that is because all the other cards are to weak and we should buff those (or just say deal with it), but you should quickly realize that there is a couple of really strong cards and a lot of really weak cards with a decent amount somewhere around viable. I merely suggest that those cards that are way too good get turned down a notch and buff the weaker cards so that the spread of useability gets a lot smaller. I don't really mind if there is cards that are generally stronger than others - that's just how it is, but the ones that are just so far ahead of anything else should be pushed down a bit to a reasonable level. Also would you be kind enough to explain to me this bigger picture that you seem to be so knowledgable about? Seemingly fixing a card that circumvents map design by its own design and therefor forces players to play the map the way it was originally intended seems to not be everything. You can not possibly mean deck building because those maps were created with a lot less (and often) weaker cards in mind and were still beaten by people so it doesnt make the game unplayable either. While Amii opens up interesting deck builds such as playing t5 you could still do that with most of the changes proposed. So you can't mean those either. So please enlighten me as you seem to be very knowledgable about this bigger pciture you're talking about Also which card do you propose should be up for balancing first if not Amii? Or is it all perfect as is and we should just work with it instead of trying to better the game?
  8. Treim

    More Buffs shown on the Screen

    Shrine of Memory comes to mind immediately as an effect that only works dor 1 player and gets shown there
  9. Treim

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Maybe as a little addition: This doesn‘t mean that i will/would never share replays with the community. I just believe it is wrong to have it as the default option.
  10. Treim

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    It is not the case that I remember all the strategies either. I probably remember a few pieces and bits of information more than most players but a lot of strategies or pieces of them are wildly known or on Youtube. Putting those together again is still a lot of work with research and trial and error. I don‘t quite see why i would share that instantly with just about anyone. You got the pieces relatively freely available - do your research and use yor own time on or wait for someone to publicize them freely. Even is this new stage there is already a new strategy for Guns of Lyr which took several evenings to get to, before you even practiced it. Dwarven Riddle we did research and found out a piece of information that we didn‘t know beforehand and helps greatly. Again multiple hours of research. Convoy we had to reverse engineer the whole strategy as well and are STILL working it out after multiple evenings. Similar things can be said for Soultree, Slavemaster and Sunbridge on my end. Why would anyone have the right to just access those gains without my consent. I obviously don‘t expect people to share their strategies either. It is half the fun of speedrunning anyways. Seeing the little improvements of time or the elated feeling you have when you find a new piece of information.
  11. Treim

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    For a bunch of maps showing the deck makes the used strategy relatively obvious which results in a similar issue as showing the replay, if to be fair to a smaller extend. I understand that it is probably interesting to see the decks used for the best times but the effort to build and develop those decks and strategies still get undermined.
  12. Treim

    Must pick cards

    To expand maybe a little bit more on my answer: I think you can always play around missing 1 card that is considered „Core“ or „Meta“ for factions. F.e. Abomination —> Play spell heavy with inferno, double cluster explosion, thunderstorm and then use Grimvine or Nightshade Plant with maybe Skycatcher. In that type of deck Abonination is still nice because it makes melee bosses and income much easier with its ability, but must play —> definetly not. SoL —> Play Shaman T1 archers —> Phasetower/Nox, Dryad/Mana Wing/Shaman, Mine/Nomad/Eruption/Blaster Cannon, Frost Mage/Home Soil. There are options to play around anything as long as you don‘t restrict yourself with too many things. I think it is fair to assume that there are Meta cards which if you don‘t have enough of them your deck becomes significantly less effective, because the workarounds often are at least a tad bit worse or require additional deck slots. If you consider any card isolated though there are however no „If you don‘t pick this, you‘re fckd“-cards
  13. Treim

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    Update Edit: @MephistoRoss I think this one can be closed?

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