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  1. Hey herrinner je nog lordoftroy en wealth?

    We heten nu dhrwafel en dhrkaas, als je ons ziet ingame zend ff pm!

    1. BurningWorld


      Hey friends,

      let me kindly remind you that are supposed to communicate in english only in this forum, for the sake of everyone not speaking dutch (if this is dutch I have no clue) It's written in the rules like that or at least was when I was active in here, just preventing you guys getting problems with bad bad ultranoob dragon mod or awesome kiwerella ^.^

      If you would like to talk in your language pls take the msg system :) 

      Best Regards,

      Some dude with horse pp

  2. So if i start the skylordsRebornUpdater, the game starts to update but when i press the start buton this messages apeares TNF: Error initializing Direct XFallback i have tried it on multiple computers and i have this problem on all of of them. so i think i'm doing something wrong. The antivirus is turned off. sorry for the bad English.
  3. I like the game but i don't realy like the waiting
  4. my ign is bramkriek didn't see you had to have 400 points .....
  5. well i'm level 3 now and found the clan but can't join is there anything i nead to do to join ?
  6. just played some games won 3/4 and think its a prety good game but for real waiting 4 hours to open a silver box and 8 hours for a gold one ?
  7. just downloaded the game i will see if it's a game that i like.
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