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  1. So if i start the skylordsRebornUpdater, the game starts to update but when i press the start buton this messages apeares TNF: Error initializing Direct XFallback i have tried it on multiple computers and i have this problem on all of of them. so i think i'm doing something wrong. The antivirus is turned off. sorry for the bad English.
  2. I like the game but i don't realy like the waiting
  3. my ign is bramkriek didn't see you had to have 400 points .....
  4. well i'm level 3 now and found the clan but can't join is there anything i nead to do to join ?
  5. just played some games won 3/4 and think its a prety good game but for real waiting 4 hours to open a silver box and 8 hours for a gold one ?
  6. just downloaded the game i will see if it's a game that i like.
  7. Good guide i appreciate your work and time you have put in to this.
  8. hey im bram i'm from Belgium its been a long time i played battleforge and i was prety to happy to hear that some guys are making the reborn version. I played pure shadow and shadow nature and managed to get in top 100. But most of the time i was playing PVE and helping other players. well i will see you on the forge
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