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    Soccer, Ark Survival evolved, Smite, GTA V, Hip Hop

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  1. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    I'm in boysss
  2. God damn I miss this game.

  3. Donations are back !

    They can not give anything to people who donate as it would mean they make money off EA's copyrighted game... The donations are mostly intented to further motivate the people working on the project and keep the server up and running or upgrade it when needed. And they've been developping it for years now... It will be finished one day, I don't think they will just completely stop.
  4. Random question for everyone! For now before our favourite game battleforge is back, which game is your favourite game? Or favourite genre? MOBA MMORPG RTS?

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    2. Neox


      Smite is great, my name on there is Predat0rs

    3. Ultrakool


      I'm playing a lot of OW rn, not much else really. FPS is actually not my fav genre but I like OW

    4. shadowxxs77


      Not really a specific genre, RTS or Moba if I had to pick one.
      Favorite game would have to be either League of Legends or Overwatch tho

  5. But the thing is theyre not sure if they will be able to add new content so if you start pvp it will be the same forever, I myself started out as a PVE player and still like it so I get people are not thrilled to have to grind again. But wouldn't it get boring after a few months? Just my two cents on the matter, maybe you really dont mind the pvp always being somewhat the same I like PVP too I just don't know if I could do it without new cards and new strategies being added, but again maybe they will be able to add new content they don't know yet.
  6. Give everything for free without having to grind and people get bored. People get bored after a while and leave the game. People leave the game and the game dies (again) It's simple imo
  7. Curse Voice Chat

    Oh thanks But with discord the problem is people like me would not find it easily, curse automatically connects when you go ingame. I'll hop on the discord server asap when it launches. Thanks again Yeah nvm this topic can be deleted my bad
  8. Curse Voice Chat

    Hello everyone I would like to suggest to have a general voice chat one that everyone can use when they want to communicate during games for better efficiency during games. I don't know as to what extent this would be possible but one application I like to use is Curse voice chat because it has in game overlay and is very easy to use. Otherwise we could set up a teamspeak server or Discord that everyone can join but I fear most people will not join this. Just a suggestion! Also I don't know if this was mentioned before, if it was I am terribly sorry.
  9. Local Recipes

    I love this thread, I will be trying some cool recipes soon Something I like to bake is a little cake with some special ingredients
  10. The Ending Hack

    stuff like this? Yeah it was just insane Didn't really look into how it was made but it worked
  11. The Ending Hack

    Phishing is fun, all gullible idiots giving their details away
  12. The Ending Hack

    On a similar note, what about the hack that could make us spawn everything where we wanted? I remember it was possible to spawn 20 grinders at all camps on RPVE and just get all upgrades in no time
  13. For everyone like me who has finals right now, good luck!