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    Soccer, Ark Survival evolved, Smite, GTA V, Hip Hop

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  1. Neox

    [Poll] Trading Website

    My first thought as well
  2. Neox

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    I try to force t2 asap mostly
  3. Neox

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Awesome idea, I have not completed many expert maps cause mostly i dont know what to do or my team mates dont know. This would solve that indeed.
  4. Hey herrinner je nog lordoftroy en wealth?

    We heten nu dhrwafel en dhrkaas, als je ons ziet ingame zend ff pm!

    1. BurningWorld


      Hey friends,

      let me kindly remind you that are supposed to communicate in english only in this forum, for the sake of everyone not speaking dutch (if this is dutch I have no clue) It's written in the rules like that or at least was when I was active in here, just preventing you guys getting problems with bad bad ultranoob dragon mod or awesome kiwerella ^.^

      If you would like to talk in your language pls take the msg system :) 

      Best Regards,

      Some dude with horse pp

  5. Neox

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    ln most cases they do, which is understandable but slows overal progress for everyone. I would suggest the following: it is up to the best speedrunners to reveal their strategies but if they do they get some extra bonus like BFP or a special title or something so those who really want to stay #1 and receive nothing for it except their name on the ranked lists can stay there but others can share their knowledge and be rewarded? Something like this would be interesting to see how much people value their strategies.
  6. Neox

    Maybe add a Report Player option?

    This is 100% needed and should be implemented
  7. Neox

    Faction-Specific Victory Screens

    Would be cool if possible
  8. Neox

    The ELO system

    ah alright just my bad luck then i always go vs grey shields ;(
  9. Neox

    The ELO system

    Hello How does the ELO system work exactly? As a beginning ranked pvper I only go against people with 100k +elo while i Barely have 30k? Thought the whole point of elo was that you go against people of the same level... I don't really get the logic behind it, could someone explain? Thanks
  10. Neox

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    I use fire worm in my fire rpve deck and find it very strong, the stats are great but the ability is just mostly useless, i'd rather it have a more useful ability. spawning undazed with percussive birth would be a good passive ability indeed.
  11. I think it was discussed and they will probably implement a system where you can 'sell' your cards for gold like you said.
  12. Neox

    Add a chest to all T2 orbs in random PvE

    What I mean is people would see this as a race like he said, fastest starter to t2 is mostly fire... Just dont really see a point in this tbh
  13. Neox

    Add a chest to all T2 orbs in random PvE

    Why exactly? Fire starter would just win every time
  14. here's what I use for PVE/RPVE up to RPVE9 Shrine of memory is what you lack the most imo

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