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  1. Chorba

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Thanks. Multiquote didn't work lol, i was thanking all of you. i'll give it a try on ranks
  2. any tips? i'm playing fire.
  3. Pvp ranks doesn't seem to work when we're talking upgrades level requirements. for example, i was trying to upgrade my disenchant. my pve lvl was too low for it but my pvp rank was just fine, the circle wasn't red and i could click if but it wouldn't apply.
  4. Correct me if i'm wrong but the stonekin 15% less damage is exclusive to stonekin units.. this is pure nature.
  5. Chorba

    Cannon tower spam

    Thank you, first of all. I get what you're saying and it might be the T3 timing that made me lose it. My micro obv wasn't perfect but I had around 200~ power a few minutes and was aggressive almost the entire time so I felt it's alright to go that far. I'd love to send you the replay, do you have a Discord? I added the replay to the comment. thank you again Cannon tower spam.pmv
  6. Chorba

    Cannon tower spam

    My deck is fire/nature (T1 fire), pretty standart. my T3 includes GS and virtuoso. I played today against a nature/frost player, this matchup is pretty hard in general since stoneshards but i managed to micro my drakes over cliffs to avoid stormsinger's abillity and i was in a pretty good spot. After a long tight t2 fighting I've decided to go t3, thinking he probably doesn't have t3 in his deck and i could finish him off with t3 units. He went on the aggressive with a small army I could handle but the problem was he started spamming cannon towers. first, in everyone of his bases, and the
  7. Chorba

    Replay Repository

    Up? would love a dev's response.
  8. So the game is running for a few days now and the trades are not working, so we all use mail trades, which is a problem since scammers happens. My question is if scamming people through mail trading really is punishable? If it is, I will be able to send first anytime with no worries. just checking. thank you
  9. Hi. So after trying really hard i've managed to actually make the game work, but now this message appears when I try to log in. "Your client has lost the connection to the server" Any solutions? Thank you
  10. None of the above has worked for me. Anything else? Is updating my windows will do the trick? kind of tired of it lol
  11. Up Anybody? Please, can't seem to find the answer
  12. I did, and it installed now so I guess that's good, but there's another error now. And im opening it with the updater, before you say it
  13. Did not work, same message Could it be tied up to a windows update?
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