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  1. @xs0ulLessI'm looking at your recommendations and they are off.. The decks you showed have way too many flaws. This is a standard rPvE 9 BloodHorn deck: This is a standard rPvE 9 Batariel deck (you can play with the order of the orbs): yeah both of them are very meta, but they are the best of what I can offer to you.
  2. Yeah true, also add the deck and the home address of the player, so you can come and take something else, because you know.. it's frustrating you don't have it.
  3. You're welcome to share all of your replays too.
  4. Great idea! Just remove all the OP cards: Decomposer, FoF, Cultist Master, Shrine of War, The Incredible Mo, Wheel of Gifts, Mine, Eruption, Surge of Light, Regrowth, LSS, Unholy Hero, Giant Wyrm, Green Peace, Oink, Frenetic, Infect, Thunderstorm, Equilibrium, Bloodhorn, Batariel, Enlightenment, Life Weaving, Mark of the Keeper, Mana Wing, Fallen Skyelf, Amii Monument, Mutating Frenzy, Nether Warp, Ice Barrier and all the buildings in the game since you can block with them in speedruns.. and you will end up playing with 5 cards. Go ahead and remove everything. Removing cards w
  5. My name is taken, so I had to use DieToPlayBF.
  6. Yes, it's mainly for 9, for 10 you would need to swap some cards depending on the map.
  7. I'm no expert myself, but I currently use this deck for rPvE.
  8. I'm not sure if extracting the DirectX into bafo folder can do any harm, but i don't think you need to do it. Also i would recommend disabling the anti virus/firewall.
  9. Try installing DirectX 9 manually, and it should work.
  10. Agree, however frost has some disadvantages in certain maps because no swift units T1.
  11. LET ME PLAY!

    1. Ultrakool



    2. Thug Life
    3. anonyme0273


      Just please don't die here, it is not worth to DieToPlay

  12. With all the PvE posts I can't wait when the game will be out.
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