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  1. We are not trying to demotivate you, and we appreciate the effort. However, ignoring any constructive criticism given and continuing to repeat the same mistakes, is a wrong path to take. I stopped playing this game, just because I got demotivated so hard by the developers, and I assume the same thing happened to many others.
  2. If the patch contains a nerf that makes it impossible to compete for the all-time, it's the only reasonable thing to do. Why would you not reset a time which literally can't be beaten due to card changes. For example, if AoC gets nerfed, you would have to reset the convoy time since it would be literally impossible to try and compete for that specific time. At the moment, the most problematic map is probably Slave Master, but I would argue that resetting the rPvE would also make quite a bit of sense, since going SoW with double shadow orb is very standard and now after the change it's
  3. It was stated that any changes to the game will be followed with a full leaderboard reset, as it should.
  4. The right thing is to reset.
  5. Why are the leaderboards not reset if so many changes went live?
  6. While a lot of changes were to the positive, one could argue that buffing a card in a bad state with whatever is going to make a good change in the end. The issue from my perspective is that some cards are bound to be nerfed from the get-go, so no matter what argument will come along the way and how bad the decision is, it will still be executed. There also seems to be a habit of promising alternative new released cards to fill the gap for the nerfed ones, but the issue with that is, it takes years to release them after the nerf was already done. Why not first release the alternative
  7. Asking and listening are two different words. You can open any amount of threads and pretend to care about community feedback and in the end proceed to your plan all along.
  8. Which could be easily solved by changing the gold reward for the time spent on the map. "Fixing" speedrunner tricks doesn't have any effect on the way normal players play, it's just spending time and resources to give certain players the middle finger. I will not continue to discuss this though since I'm not allowed to express my opinion anymore on the balancing of the game.
  9. I'm glad more and more people begin to notice that. We've been telling this for years now.
  10. The creator of the post is me
  11. This^, but aren't you guys bored of the same default decks? t1 fire > shadow phoenix > double shadow for frenetic spells and infect t1 shadow > resource booster > double shadow for frenetic spells and infect Hopefully it's going to change soon, and not by nerfing the current combos but rather adding more good and strong cards.
  12. I agree with what you said, that's why I'm saying maybe it's time to look for some t1 changes if fire is so dominant. By that, I don't mean to nerf fire t1.
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