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  1. The requirements are simple. Availability. Willing to put time into the runs. Creative. True to the team. Good mechanics in-game to execute the ideas. EDIT: + Have a mic for discord.
  2. Okay let's rephrase it again so you understand. I simply told you that there was no official announcement about the balancing discord, with a working invite, FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME OF THE SERVER.
  3. Why are you calling yourself, what I never said. I simply told you that there was no official announcement about the balancing discord, with a working invite. And I was correct, so where is the problem?
  4. "Generally you could find the invite link for the balancing discord by either scrolling up for a minute in the discord #announcements or searching "balancing discord in: announcements" on our discord." That's the link that was broken btw. I checked it up yesterday, and it was still broken. It was fixed today btw.
  5. He (OP) was looking at the change from the PvE perspective, so giving him the "There is a group of very experienced PvP experts that discuss the changes with each other before they announce it" is kinda off. There is a reason everyone is annoyed by the lack of PvE representatives in the balancing decisions, this is 1 example of it.
  6. This is the kind of things I wanted to make sure never happened, and that's why I express my opinions so vocally and most of the time probably in an annoying way. I already ruined my reputation but I still prefer it over a ruined game.
  7. How on earth did you interpretant of everything we wrote - this. We literally told you that the gold system should be adjusted. I'm honestly very done with defending every single day against people who barely even read what I write.
  8. who is stopping you from playing it? There is a guy called Fimion, who is always playing a non speedrun version of it, join him.
  9. Just reread everything in this discussion. TLDR for you: Remove the Gold XP rewards for playing 3 min Bad Harvests, and boom no more issues.
  10. ^This. Many people mix the card with map issues.
  11. I said many times, MOST people don't want those changes and you kept telling me i'm wrong. Now you have facts in front of you, and I guess i'm still wrong. There are just not enough valid options for new strategies to appear, but you can always prove me wrong, until then I will just disagree with you.
  12. The issue for me is that there are no alternative strategies for this maps. You just go the noob way and spam WW. People think oh yeah there will be new strategies for those maps, but in fact there are just no other options right now. Buffing unused stuff is the good decision, but doing it while nerfing the "OP" stuff just nullifies it.
  13. What is the last day to submit the replay?
  14. Wow, I didn't know I had that many records before the game was closed. 15/26. Where did you even get that? I want more of that stuff.
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