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  1. I smell FarRock figuring in this a little bit. We are talking about twitch afterall :)
  2. From my point of view this is just another aspect of the game considered to be used as a tactic. And not only for 'dancers. Its generally an advantage players can take during duels (or possibly some PvE maps) :P Definitelly not a bug nor an abuse. Its fine - there are ways to deal with it anyway. :)
  3. Oops

    viability of cards

    [quote='Eirias' pid='11099' dateline='1438225590'] [quote='ndclub' pid='10966' dateline='1438197163'] This subject is very close to my heart. I think if we can run a test server and constantly test and retune cards it would be a priceless resource - one that I would love to pour time into. To concerns about not knowing how players will use cards once it goes public I think this fear comes from the pace of EA changes. If they screwed up it would be minimum 2 months later of terror before any fix occurs. There is nothing stopping us for patching as we go far more often. In my visi
  4. A very very very long article tho :) :P
  5. Very nice list of guides, but i would add Chibiterasu's one as well :P Here is it : http://bfreborn.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=457
  6. [quote='WotdeFack' pid='10228' dateline='1438035048'] Potato doesnt need reason. Potato is life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksnAbKL__oM [/quote] Is it you in that video ? :D
  7. [quote='ladadoos' pid='9061' dateline='1437648569'] [quote='Pigslord' pid='9032' dateline='1437619996'] Interesting, any information on the amount of entry level cards in the market? Or how the prices will be set? [/quote] As far as I know, they still don't know how the prices will be set/amount of entry cards in the market. Only thing we really know is that they will put cards in AH with prices they think are right. [/quote] There is a tool called *rarity desirability value* which shows you detailed worth of cards on a huge scale. One is on battleforge wiki for example :P
  8. Oops

    Interesting Card

    And still no 69 referrences ? :kappa: What...
  9. Girl power for shadow (shadow mages QQ) Any swift unit for frost
  10. Legacy Reforge is a *brand new game* anyway. It is related to old battleforge , but its not the same. They have still a long way to go till they finish it.
  11. [quote='ndclub' pid='9178' dateline='1437681183'] TEXAS [/quote] WoW :) I think you are first one from there here tho :D
  12. [quote='Ultrakool' pid='8689' dateline='1437517188'] I got another change: All different editions will be in the same booster. Now as for the source, I'm not sure, he might have said it in the podcast, I might have heard it around here, but I'm pretty sure the info is legit. [/quote] It will work exactly like you've stated my friend :)
  13. Maybe some trivial units like sunstriders/windweavers or forsaken :P
  14. [quote='Treim' pid='7767' dateline='1437326902'] [quote='Oops' pid='7763' dateline='1437326402'] [quote='Treim' pid='7738' dateline='1437323767'] [quote='HODOR' pid='7574' dateline='1437295153'] "its 100% predictable which of them will be the 'right' one" im guessing the wrong one never spawns anything, is that correct? could add a lil more info on the right and wrong one, so everyone understands the difference. nice guide tho! [/quote] Added few sentences to spawn buildings and added the whole 1 player rpve part [/quote] Will you record more pve / pvp videos aft
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