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  1. Rondine


    My Ashbone pyro almost died from doing nothing. Guess he had a bad case of burnout
  2. Rondine

    Money Trading.

    Absolutly no go. The moment Money flows for cards... EA will put this whole projekt down. They don´t care if the DEVs sell Cards ord Players, they did forbid it and thats about it. + Do you really wan´t Pay2Win, Chinease Farmers and Multiaccount Hackers to flood the market?
  3. thanks for the feedback, i did make the towers... since in comparision they are very few that are even cosiderted good
  4. Since i did see quiet a lot of new players and the question "What should i play??". I did a little chart for the 4 Core Faktions. Shoutout to: Ultrakool, Limuts, Shred and kikispas for helping
  5. Rondine

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    When the Server is simply full, you get a according message that too many players are online and you should try later. But seems the Server, or more the Web-linked login Server has died.
  6. Rondine

    Best boosters in simulator

    Haha... he loves me too
  7. Rondine


    granted, but the sun will burn out. I wish i had more motivation for my rpgmaker game i make...
  8. Rondine

    Best Anime moment

    DBZ Father-Son Kamehameha vs Perfect Cell
  9. Working Version of the Card creator https://battleforge-card-creator.firebaseapp.com/#/
  10. Rondine

    Open Stress Test Information

    We can still kick his ass in 1v1
  11. Rondine

    Open Stress Test Information

    as hard as his words pains me. They can´t just blacklist People for staying there opinion. That would be wrong and a step in the wrong direction. Lets just Keep the blacklist for folk that Insult, post inapropiat Content and hackers/Spammers. Sure he may Anger you by his comments... and this is mostly his Goal anyway. So just do the normal part and don´t fuel the conversation.
  12. Rondine

    Multiple Accounts

    Still not allowed and bannable... so no smurfing. Sorry
  13. Rondine

    Multiple Accounts

    First.. Multi Accounting is forbidden and will lead to a Ban. Second: Why would you Need more accounts? You have deckslots as far as i remember... so you can have X different decks for PVP

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